Incase you havent seen this AND havent gotten your fill of hilarious… this is for you!


I came across this video one day randomly when i was looking on Youtube. I have a feeling that this may be an old viral great, but i had never seen it and i was rolling on the ground. I give that guy a clap for 1. his truly stylish atire (is it Sunday??) and 2. for his true unaware-ness of how truly bad this commercial is. It wins in the ‘so bad it is good’ category. I hope you enjoy it!


Are some holidays and events socially media intertwined more than others?

Watching the big game on two huge screens in K...

Watching the big game on two huge screens in Klaus!!! #superbowl (Photo credit: Eweinhoffer)

I was just sitting here on my bed watching painfully our 9ers play without fire in their bellies and losing badly at the Superbowl.  My computer sits on my lap and i am checking my local blog sites (, & the  I decide to go to my blog stats page to see if my theory held up.

My theory was that stats for visits for my posts would be low, just like they were Christmas day.

My Christmas day prediction was wrong and today’s Super Bowl day prediction on visits was also wrong.

christmas in austin

My prediction on Xmas was that there would be a lot of people online viewing blogs and social media sites.  They weren’t.  They in retrospect were of course with family and probably in a food-semi coma.  NOT online.

My prediction for today was similar to what the actual xmas outcome was.  I assumed that people would be at Superbowl parties and at bars across the USA, getting drunk and basically only connecting to the big screen TV and possibly their sattellite that connects to their big screen TV.


But i was wrong again.  Views are high on Superbowl Sunday.  Views are low on Christmas.  So, Superbowl Sunday is a social media intertwined event and Christmas is not.  I wonder what the 4th of July will be….

Is being alone a bad thing… my consensus… not usually….

For someone who has a whole lot of great friends and a wonderful family and is very social, I just cant seem to understand why i end up spending so much of my time alone.  I am by myself a LOT of the time.  It is not per say by choice, but it just happens to end up that way.  It always has.

Now compared to some people, i am constantly surrounded by people.  These make up my roommates, my neighbors and friends etc.  But i find that they rarely come here to see me.  They enjoy seeing me when they are here and they make an effort of coming all the way to my house, but once they are here, they always end up spending their time with the others here in the house.  It is everyone else that goes out on excursions.  It is me that goes walking alone.

It has kinda always been this way.  I have been a very social person since i was a toddler.  I crave human interaction and find it fascinating to watch people and their interactions with life.

So, let me recap for myself.  I am a social person, i have a lot of people that care about me

I have been watching addicting tv online… here’s the recap!

Oh my gosh.  I just finished my trifecta of stressful travel/trips that took place between May and August (my grandma’s memorial, a family reunion and my 20 year high school reunion).  I tend to have MAJOR anxiety trying to leave to travel.  Once i am gone, it is usually fine (except when i went to Europe for 2 monthes in the 90’s… That one took almost 3 days of postponing my flight due to my severe separation anxiety towards leaving my pet and i was very traumatized and depressed all through the trip  I am very glad i did it though!  Even if i was not in the ideal mindset but i digress….).  In fact, i really enjoy traveling, but it is very stressful for me to do due to the pre-travel process.  Like everything in life, (even the hardest most un-fun activity like moving) can actually get easier with each time.  Especially when dealing with flying security hoopla since 9/11, packing and preparing to go through the gauntlet of security lines, searches, specific packing and all the god damn cary on luggage that has to be used instead of just checking the dang thing and then having to leave my little fluffy family and the worry of their care…it gets my anxiety all stirred up on code orange! Interestingly enough, one of the least stressful trips i took, i used rideshare both there and back and it was actually pretty cool and very efficient… saving the planet!  Anyway, Since i have been back, i have been trying to not gear up with my new tasks, goals and responsibilities for the future, and just focus on my mental health and put together the rest of my plan up until Dec. 21, 2012 (i said a few years ago that i was going to not worry too much and just focus on art and being happy and not feel pressure to get moving on in life until the so called end of the world as we know it on Dec. 21.  If we do not Appocolopise, then i will need to really get on it!) So i have just been taking a week or two doing not a whole lot but hiking and cleaning and a lot of watching tv series that i do not get on my antenna tv (i REFUSE to pay for cable again. Especially to Comcast!!  My roku box is just fine, i just wish Netflix would upload more frequently… grr.) Lately i have been finding that I watch great, curent stuff from network and cable tv, that gets updated i think maybe like 2x a day on a site i highly recommend called I have watched some of the following: Awkward– LOVE IT!  really funny!  I know it is from something like ABC Family channel,  but it is really funny and well done.  High recommendation! (and another family channel one more i believe geared towards teens called…) Jane by design– cute.  Maybe it takes me back to my high school days but it is also pretty well done.  Kinda cheesy for a guy i would guess though.  It is about a girl in high school who gets a job at a fashion house by accident and is living a somewhat double life.  Cute characters, funny and well acted). Project Runway– This is season 10.  Last episode really made me dislike one of the designers who i thought may have a chance at winning it all after hearing his callused cruelness to his real girl client.  You just never ever call a woman large over and over!!  But regardless, the talent is definitely there this season.  Never a show to disappoint if you like seeing really tough creative challenges!

Brittian and Ireland’s Next top model– What can i say… after over 10 years of working as a makeup artist in SF, i can not help but to go back to my familiar ground.  The photo shoots are really first class productions too (as well as the styling!) and like Project Runway, they keep the BS, of the interpersonal relationships down to a more reasonable amount and focus most of the show on the actual work that they are trying to produce.

The X factor USA, Australia and Brittian– What can i say… I love me some X factor!  I find it interesting seeing the differences in each show airing at the same time.  I think Brittian may have the most talent for some reason but America’s has not begun to air until Sept so…  we will see this year.  It is probably different each season depending on who auditions…Duh, but the talent seems to be amazingly high this year.  It is to wine what  a good year is. So you think you can dance– This is the only one that i actually make a point to watch on TV (wed. nights!).  I love SYTYCD!  I always have.  Like Top Model and P. R. it too has some of the most amazing talented people creating amazing dances for some unbelievable dancers!  Never a bad show.  (My brother who is not a big tv person even loves the show.  He made me a cd with every episode with all of the comments edited out for godsake!  I personally kinda like the feedback but it is cool to see just hour after hour of straight dance!). Workaholics– Dang funny show!  If you dont appreciate the humor and talent of Mike Judge and Bevis and Butthead, you may not like this, but i personally think it is pretty dang funny!  About a group of 3 guys that work in an office building and basically fuck off all the time.  *note… helps if you too are stoned while watching to make the most of this comedy.:) Hotel Hell– That prolific Gordon Ramsey!  He must never sleep the amount that man works!  No wonder he has no time for pleasantries!  But there is something seriously cathartic to hear someone with such high standards that knows what the heck they are talking about read somebody.  I think i like this show because i can relate with the short fused short lipped attitude and tough love type get it done mentality.  I live with 3 guys that are all a pain in my ass and have in no choice to me, made me have to be the house hammer.  Somebody has got to keep it sane around here!  Anyway, it is always a good beginning, middle and end coming out happy that makes this show always satisfying.   … stay tuned for my review of the list of my humiliatingly guilty pleasures of crap tv!! …these are the ones that you dont want to be caught watching or you will take the route of denial!

It is time again for The X Factor UK… These are how to do it right!

I started watching The X Factor last year as a faithful patron because my friend’s little brother  and sister (unfortunately Gina was cut after boot camp) were on the show.  Chris Rene actually made it to the finals being cut 3rd.  Anyway, i would watch online and doing so, i also started watching the UK’s concurrent X Factor.  I would watch both of them usually on the same day.  What i discovered you ask?  I discovered that i believe that the UK’s version pulls truly more talent than we have here in the USA.  Maybe it was just the season, maybe it was just that group of people, but i found myself completely caught up in the UK’s and felt almost obligated out of duty in comparison to the USA’s show… (No offense Chris!)

So, when this seasons X Factor UK finally rolled around, i could not wait to watch.  I wanted to see the immense talent show through.  And i was NOT disappointed!  These two young singers are how it is supposed to be done.  With just the first episode of auditions giving up minimally these two some day to be stars, it is gearing up to be one heck of a singing competition.

I know this is really frivolous and in the big picture of life, just entertainment.  But i think that we all could use a little entertainment to brighten up our days.  Keep a watch out because i am most likely going to share the share-worthy contenders and the ones to watch.  I hope you like my first two!


My second favorite Sony Bravia Ads. This one is called paint.


Sony Bravia Paint

Sony Bravia Paint

Since today is my birthday AND i re-installed a new system OS, i thought i would celebrate by posting this Sony Bravia add. Not as cool as their paint and their balls adds, but equally as beautiful! I think you all will like this one too. Enjoy!