An open letter to my neighborhood…


Dear Neighbors,

I write you today to ask for your understanding. You see, I live in the house that you can’t stand.

You know the one.  The blithe on the block.

We dont look unusually bad in appearance (not particularly good either but it is on the corner and is 100 years old so, its design is generally not too offending plus, we are a dirty color of white so we dont really stand out except if you begin to look closely.  That cheap1960’s want-to-be wood grained paneling that is broken in places and entirely painted white… probably in the 60’s!, doesn’t exactly look regal i know).

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The randomness of big city living…

From atop Bernal Hill at the

I live in San Francisco.  San francisco although small in size is definitely what i would still consider a big city.  Yes it has a dense population Yes it is a civic and international destination.  And yes… randomness like this does still (for the time being) still occur.

Let me set the scene for you… We (our household) has two issues we are dealing with in regards to harassment.

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Roommate chronicles…a character study. Study 1.

  I love and hate having roommates.  I have lived alone.  When i was about 21 i lived by myself in a studio for about 5 years.  This period of time also ran parallell to a period of time where I was suffering from MAJOR depression with anxiety, mourning and suicides, not to mention exposure to the “real world”.  It did not go that well for me.  Living without roommates left me isolated and unmotivated to do anything.  

  I am the kind of person who has always liked people.  I was raised to TCB (take care of business) and treat others with consideration and respect.  It always has seemed to be easier for me to do for others before doing for myself.  I dont know if i enjoyed being able to feel useful which is easier to see through someone else or i deep down felt like i didnt deserve it.  I dont know yet.  Therapy hasn’t revealed the answer to me yet….

  Anyway, i know what it is like to live alone, but boy oh boy do i know what it is like to live with roommates.  I have had oh so many characters for my roommates over the years. Over the next several days, i am going to give you a character study of a former roommate i have lived with.  There are many more that the group that i am going to give you here, but i have always wanted to do this and actually started a roommate character study but my computer got stolen and i hadnt backed it up so this time it is going to be backed up into cyberland!  I am also not including any of my former roommates names.  If they read this, i assume that most of  them would be able to recognize themselves in it, but it is nothing that is untrue.  I know that different perspectives are going to see things differently, but this is my perspective and it is true as to how i see and saw it.  I hope you enjoy!



I one time lived with 3 other girls.  4 of us total. 3 girls with the master tenant being this  extremely passive agressive chick who lived as if she were on some reality show, never coming out of her room without full hair and makeup.  Her house (our house i suppose  but didnt feel like it!) was so “staged” that one day i came home to find every single outlet in the common part of our house has a “plug in” air freshener in it.  It was so bad that it sent a friend of mime that came by to see me into a massive allergic reaction to the point where i think she went to the ER to be able to breathe.  She never could enter my house again.  we would sit on my stoop instead.


 That goes more towards the need people to see me as keeping a super clean house.  She bought every single kind of massively wasteful, un-environmentally sound, toxic disposable cleaning product know to man.  Growing up in a very green aware environment, i had a big problem with this one.  From the Swiffer everything to Clorox Clean-ups to everything in between.  We had a double long closet that took up a whole wall that was all cleaning supplies… disposable cleaning supplies.  


To give you an example of her passive aggressiveness, let me tell you this story of the missing coffee supplies. I back then was making coffee every morning.  I had a french press that i would usually take to my room so i refill my cup when needed.  The other things i needed to make coffee was a clear glass square air locked mid sized canister that was filled with sugar and had a spoon that stayed in it, a ceramic plate/ tile/ tray thing that i made just for my dirty spoon for my coffee, and a coffee bean grinder.  They sat way back on the right in the far corner of the counter not bothering anything or one.  Not a lot of cooking was going on at this time because we all were busy and were getting used to living together.  I came home one day about a month and a half or so of living there to not find ANYWHERE.  I looked for f… days (two and a half to be exact) for my coffee making stuff.  It sucks without any coffee like that!  I had looked everywhere i could possibly think of…. Nowhere.  Wanna know where i finally found it?  I found my clear glass canister of sugar , coffee grinder and ceramic tray, … in the oven.  We had a HUGE long skinny kitchen.  LOTS of counter space.  In one little place at the very end of about 12 linear feet of counter top was too much… CLUTTER!!!  So instead of putting them in a cabinet, or the fridge, or under the sink, she put them in the oven.  That way we have glass epoxied to the sides of our oven with burnt sugar.  It took me 2.5 days to finally find it.  Thank god i didnt find it the hard way, by having the sugar explode with glass fragments all over the oven.


  Its funny because I heard later, that she actually DID try out for American Idol when they did auditions here in San Francisco several years ago.  She did not make it.   But,  i would pay a lot of money to see that audition and the feedback i tell you!


Phew.  So glad i dont live with her anymore!