To Rideshare or to Fly… That is the question….!

Cabin of a Virgin America A320

Cabin of a Virgin America A320 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here i lay at my familiar crossroads of travel… Should i fly home or find a rideshare?  There are pluses and minuses to both… Here they are….

positives and negatives of flying…

  1. The swift amount of time it will take to travel from Las Vegas to San Francisco.
  2. I flew out on Virgin America and it was the easiest flight post 9/11 i have taken.  No lines ANYWHERE! and the flight got in early.
  3. Virgin America has a Giants Baseball channel on the onboard tv’s that you can watch!
  4. I would get to see the world from above.
  5. Cost me $250 to get out here when i bought my ticket the day before i had to come. (with 10 day advanced booking it would have been $79 not $211!).
  6. Transportation home from the airport would have to be arranged.
  7. Just damn stressful dealing with homeland security at the airports.


The positives and negatives of Ridesharing

  1. The ease of not having to go through security and adjust how i have to pack. (this is a big one!)
  2. Not having to submit my freedoms to some min. wage worker who has control over my future by homeland security.  (i just read that the Supreme Court ruled for a case that basically says that anyone can be CAVITY SEARCHED without any charges being pressed on them!)
  3. SO MUCH CHEAPER!! (although i am not paying for it, i hate wasting other peoples money!  Unless it is Corporate America’s!!) It would cost me at max $50 to get home as a vehicular passenger.
  4. Get to meet and talk to a total stranger.
  5. Easy drive.  9 hours so can be done in a day.
  6. Get to see the central valley as we drive by.
  7. Can actually sleep possibly on drive home.
  8. Can get all the way home to my front door without having to do a change of transportation.
  9. Do not have a lot of opportunities to be a car rider (or driver for that matter!… I have no car in SF.  You dont need one if you are smart!)
  10. MAY find a driver who is 420 friendly 😉

So, thats the pluses and minuses of my options.  I am going to take whatever i can find and hope that it is not the most stressful way possible for me to travel!  Fingers crossed!!



It is a travel day again for me, but OH SO MUCH BETTER with no airport security!

Ashland Oregon


What a week…..  I just must start with that.  It has been what was aiming up to be the most stressful pre-trip week ever.  However, somehow, this time, it all (knock knock on wood!!) went so surprisingly easy!  Let me just tell you, it is a whole lot easier on my psyche to not have to pack and dress for a flight.

Not having to go through the security with the possibility of  being strip searched is wonderful, but, not as wonderful as being able to take liquids and 2 bags of any weight is even better!

This week i am going to my family reunion up in Ashland Oregon.  I have been really looking forward to it even though i was the only one that (due to living in San Francisco and not needing a car) had to figure out how to get up there by today.

This time i was bound and determine to do whatever it took to not have to ride a greyhound for hours to get there.  And, this time, it actually worked!  What worked you ask?  Craigslist ride share is what worked.  By friday, i had secured a ride (thank you Dusty!) and over the next 3 days, i received another 5 or 6 offers from some that i had emailed from their posts, and some that responded to my own post on Ridejoy.

$20-$30 to get to Oregon?  That seems unbeatable to me!  I could not have done it any cheaper or any more comfortably.  I am also given the chance to get to know an Ashland local during the drive so i should have all of the inside information on the best secret squirrel spots in Ashland.

In this economy of ours, we have to start looking at ways to save money doing those things that we are used to being able to just pay for.  Rideshare was a perfect example of that.  I know it is not ideal for everyone, (those with bikes, babies, dogs, lots of people, your whole family etc.)  but, for a single girl who is on a very limited budget, it gives a way to save some money and a chance to meet some new people. Not to mention a direct path without thousands of intermittent stops making the drive WAY too long!

Hopefully we arrive to Oregon safely and quickly and the rest of the trip (including figuring out a plan back!) goes as smoothly as getting there does!  Knock Knock on wood!

I am bringing up both of my computers so that hopefully i can continue to write a post a day for you all.  I will explain later why there have to be 2… but that is another nightmare story for another time.

Right now it is time to get dressed, zip up my bags and play and brush out my kitty before i leave.  He i think does better than me during our separation.  So i must get extra kitty loving in before putting him in the good care of my old roommate.  He will probably like her better by the time i get back because she has got the long nails to scratch behind the ears with!

Well i had better not waist too much more time here… Time to pack it up and hit the road!

Hope your weekend was as easy as mine and i hope your week is as wonderful as i hope mine to be.

Au Revoir fine readers!