And you think it sucks here for us girls!…


As i have been trying to rack my brain all afternoon trying to think of what i wanted to share with you today… It has been painful and pretty unfruitful. Thank goodness for me, i prepare for days just like this, and i dig deep into the vault of most insane most incredible most coolest things and sometimes some really cute things too. (i am a sucker for cross species friendship… beware. you have been warned!)

Anyway, this is a video of a news story that came out a few years ago back in 2008, but just 4 years later, is not THAT long ago. I have a feeling not too much has changed.

So all you ladies in the house, unless you are from Russia of course!… Be thankful for where you have to exist because i sure would not want to be a single mom or professional woman in that country!!

Happy Saturday!


What has happened to the SF Bay Guardian?? I think it has been hijacked by the NIMBY elite!


As i was reading this weeks edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, after the first story i read about the Haight’s recycling center (Reduce, Reuse, Replace May 30-June 5, 2012) i read on.  Out of the next 5 articles i read, 4 of them were not written about the city or reviewed by someone even in the city!  Lets start with Wall Up, Joints Down.  This is about a pot shop in GERMANY!  WTF?!  

Then i went on to read L.E. Leone’s Fit As A Fig article.  This is an article that is talking about things that they did on their birthday in NEW YORK!  About 2/3 of the way through it goes on to its restaurant review..  Word for word here… “Oh, hey, this reminds me about Blue Fig on Valencia St….  WTF??!!  Bad form to write about a vacation and a 4000 mile away restaurant review.  Why did they not get a fill in for the vacationing writers??  

Now onto Deep Dish by MARKE B.  It is in the Arts+Culture+nightlife section, but it is so bizarre.  They are hinting at the fact that they are talking about the windy city.  It has been windy here, so it was possible, but, no… they WERE talking about Chicago.  The article has nothing to do with anything.  It would make for a better blog post for a creative writer… NOT good for a SAN FRANCISCO LOCAL RAG! 

And Finally.  I KNOW i know!! that our paper for the people has been hijacked because they are voting YES on prop 29!!!   This is the most corrupt proposition since PG&E did their counter 2 props to try and confuse voters from voting for public power.  THIS ONLY TAKES A LOT OF CA. RESIDENTS MONEY AND PUTS IT INTO THE POCKETS OF ALREADY SUPER RICH ASSHOLES THAT ARE PLANNING ON TAKING IT OUT OF STATE TO USE.  THEY SAY IT GOES TO CANCER RESEARCH BUT NO CANCER TREATMENT!!  AND it can not be audited or changed for 15 years!  This is another political money grab from the societal villans with another sin tax.  


Let me say something about sin taxes.  You may find a sin that you are opposed to and you vilify it and make the sinner a villan for doing what they want (which in turn usually only hurts themselves if at all).  Be careful about casting stones.  Your vice (and everyone has something that they rely on that if society choses to do an anti PR campaign against is going to put you into the villan role too.)  It is a dicy thing to be doing to our fellow neighbors if you want there still to be legal crack (caffine, sugar) and your extra value meals etc.  Tomorrow, they could be the thing that is killing every toddler and YOU are helping the demise of society.  No one likes to be made an outcast of society because they have a bad habit.  We all have them, some are more visible than others and some are way more destructive.  I would rather have a smoker live next door any day than have to live next to a guy who beats up his wife.  Just because they guy who is a beater doesn’t get exposed, you look to him as a pillar of society while the poor quiet smoker poet is cast to the hallows.  There is something very dangerous and ignorant to think that people who have lives that could include addiction should have their savings extorted to some bastards because they drugged this person early on and they are fully clinically addicted.  If you want to hate on smoking, outlaw cigarettes, and their tobacco companies.  Do not vilify the victims of the tobacco companies after the companies themselves victimized them in the first place.  Why is this so hard to see?  Well, it wont be if and when it happens to you with one of your most desired vices!


A sad but needed outcome in the Sierra LaMar case


UPDATE** An arrest has been made last night in the disappearance of Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar.

It has been over 2 months since LaMar went missing on her way to school.  Although a body has not been found yet, they have charged Antolin Garcia-Torres with kidnapping and murder.  

Law enforcement has been watching Antolin Garcia-Torres since March after finding forensic evidence pointing to him in her bag that contained her clothes neatly folded along with her medication.  They impounded his car several weeks ago as well.  

Antolin Garcia-Torres is a 21 year old Morgan Hill resident.  They think that there is no connection between him and LaMar and that this was a random stranger abduction.  Law enforcement has also linked Antolin Garcia-Torres to 3 other assaults on women/girls in the Morgan Hill area although police remain tight lipped about who these other victims are.

Searches still go on to find the remains of Sierra Lamar.  Extensive searches have been conducted in the local waterways in the last 8-9 weeks.  They have yet to come up with any remains and the perp. has not cooperated so far revealing any of this information.

This is a sad day for the family of Sierra LaMar.  However, a huge relief to know that a very dangerous man to any woman has been taken off the streets.  Garcia-Torres was arrested last night at around 6:30pm at his job at Safeway without incident.  He still has claimed innocence since the arrest.  

Hopefully this guy will be put away for life so he is no longer a threat to society via him.


the debate continues… Camel toe or Moose knuckle?

The Camel toe strikes again!

The dreaded camel toe!


This is really funny here this topic because it has been a running joke between myself and one of my former roommates/ current friends.

It has always been to my understanding that a WOMAN wears the camel toe.

The MAN wears the moose knuckle.

However… I have heard the term moose knuckle a lot lately.  Often to describe a women’s camel toe.  I believe that they are just missing the mark with their attempts to be hip to the slang… but others think differently.

For instance, Reader x says…

“Then again, there is this thought on the topic from another reader… “As a woman, I always thought cam toe was part of the reason for wearing tight pants. Just like cleavage is part of the reason for wearing a low-cut top.”


Another reader (we shall call him reader Y) shares with us…

“I’ve seen some toe that looked more like a knuckle personally. There was one time I think I almost went blind from it and told my friend that’s not a cam toe, it’s the whole damn foot!”

hahaha.  That is a good one reader Y!  f-u-n-n-y!

Now to all the ladies out there.  Since this is my forum to host, i am going to start and give a tiny piece of my own advice to you.

The camel toe should be avoided at all times.  And… Ladies, be a pal ok?  Let that friend that may be unaware that they are showing off their labia in silhouette.  They may be totally unaware!

It is just like how no body wants to see a dude in high cut mens short jogging shorts from the 80”s with no underwear, jog past you, as he blinds you with the blaring whiteness of a nut that flys up when he steps down with his left foot!  Same thing,  Leave a little mystery ladies!

Otherwise we all may go prematurely blind!

The only thing i can come to think of as a compromise is maybe a moose toe… If it is really that bad… I like camel foot better tho.

Hahaha.  Tell me what you think.  Is it a body is beautiful thing or is it a Hell No! issue for you?  Join in on the debate!

The Moose Knuckle

Moose Knuckle 2



*note.  This is an unusually raunchy topic for my blog i know, but this is a real issue! And it  needs to be discussed and clarified 😉

I found this in…


I found this in 2008.  It was elevated to status of “Best of Craigslist”.  I got together with my old roommate this week and he reminded me of it.  The computer i had it on, got stolen, so i had him re-send it to me so i can share it with you.  It is seriously one of the funniest things i have EVER read.  It NEVER gets old!  AND it is so ‘right on target’!  I hope you all enjoy a good chuckle like i am just posting it for you.  I wish i knew who this guy was.  I would find him and marry him!  Haha.

Image Detail

Coffee C*nt @ Royal Grounds

Reply to: 
Date: 2007-05-08, 3:01PM 

You came into Royal Grounds, Russian Hill 
You are the 30ish, 5’5″, 120#, “Blonde” girl with the spackled foundation and knock-off bronze-metallic Prada bag. You were on your cell, blabbing with an artificial “Laguna Beach” accent and blissfully absorbing the “attention” of everyone else in the joint. You’ve been in line for about eight minutes. 
I’d like to inform you of a few things: 
1. We are not staring at you because you are hot or cool, or interesting. We (read: everyone else in the joint) are trying make you burst into flames by focusing our searing hatred toward your shellacked mary-jane wedges. Believe me, most of us could care less about your insipid desperation to appear cool. We care much more about you leaving. Now. 
2. Royal Grounds does not serve “venti latte’s”. You’ve gotten all dizzy and come to the wrong place. You’re looking for McDonald’s, or Jenny Craig, or Fresh Choice. Stupid twat.
3. Make a decision before you get to the front of the line, bitch. I know… you’ve got low blood sugar so its haaaaard to decide, but settling on a fat-free muffin and a low-fat latte shouldn’t take one hundred twelve seconds at the counter. Especially since you’ve been in line for eight minutes saying, “I knoooow. Ohmigod, I KNOOOWWWW! Really? I know…”. Its not like you’ve been on hold with Comcast. You’re in line for coffee at 7:55am. Die. Now. Or at least spontaneously bleed or do something interesting and painful like a seizure. 
4. Leave a freaking tip. That little jar isn’t there to TAKE CHANGE FROM. If you need change for the bus, simply ASK the nice gal behind the counter. Don’t dig around in her tip jar for quarters while drawling about losing your Muni Pass to your feeble-minded phone-mate. We all know you lost your Muni Pass along with the tattered remnants of your shriveled dignity at the Royal Joke last night at 1:12am. It is just at the end of Bonita Street under that pile of wadded Kleenex. You know, near where you woke up, skank. 
5. Get your fucking bag off my table! Damn, now you’ve done it. You’ve taken me from focused disgust to personal rage. Just because I’m seated at the table next to the no-calorie sweeteners doesn’t mean I want your greasy, cum-stained whore-sack on my paper; nudging my coffee and getting dangerously close to contaminating my bagel. Not even an “excuse me” or a “do you mind/”. In fact, I might have let it pass with simple hatred had you bothered to engage some semblance of decency. But, there you go, no concern for my space or belongings. 
6. It was not an accident that my coffee “fell” onto your feet while you were adding the Spleda to your beverage. I purposely removed the lid. I carefully planned knocking it “just so” in hopes of getting at least one of your feet covered in scalding bean juice. Did that burn a little? Don’t worry about the shoes. Pleather cleans up nicely. The sugar should get nice and sticky soon. Kind of like your thighs and tits felt before you used a handi-wipe on them this morning when you came to. 
7. It was funny to watch you drop your phone into the bus-tray, prance on your little feet, and protest with “Ohmigod! Ohmigod!” while everyone else took delight in your suffering. Did you believe me to be sincere when I said, “Oh, wow. That must hurt.” Notice how I didn’t apologize? Of course you didn’t. 
8. Yes, I purposely chose that moment to get up and leave. I definitely meant to bump you ever so slightly with the table and knock your bag to the floor with my laptop and paper. I admit it: I wanted to cause you as much inconvenience as possible without actually breaking any laws. 
9. The people behind you in line were purposefully rude in pushing around you to get lids, sugar, cream and stuff. They grinned when they observed my work. They wryly smiled. They hate you as much as I do. Probably as much as your mother did when she dropped you off at the orphanage. 
10. Even though I had significantly slowed the pace of everyone’s day, there wasn’t a bit of anger directed at me. Rather, there was joy, gratefulness, even one woman who mouthed, “Awesome”. You are disgusting and unwelcome. Move away. Get crippled. Go blind. Just leave. 

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Typical walk to go to the store…. Welcome to my neighborhood of Bernal Heights.

I decided that i would take some photo’s of what i see when i walk to the store.  It is about 8-10 blocks away and down a huge hill to get to.  So i take my time when at all possible.

One of the first things i come across upon my descent is one of my more favorite houses… the “red house” as i call it.  It sits on a strange triangular piece of property which makes this house a little unusual.  And totally adorable!

You can see the red house and its strange property shape here by looking straight ahead beyond the bushes and shurbs.  There is a walkway on both sides of the house and i am about to show you the left walkway next.

…shortcut stairs to Virginia Street.

This is the view from the middle of the path on the way down.  Notice our beautiful Mount Sutro lounging in a little fog….



After going down, one has to come back up.

And this is now where i introduce you to my little park… the Eugenia Steps….  These steps are great because, first, they are wonderfully cared for by a caring neighbor who takes pride in his work (birdie told me that there was nothing but weeds until he had gotten ahold of it.  Now it is really clean and well tended!  Thank you sir!)  We start at the bottom looking up in this first photo

Now we are looking down the steps from closer to the top.  This is probably about 300 ft. rise from the store at the bottom.

…and because we are so far up there now, it affords us some beautiful views and a place to sit and enjoy them! Yea!

…looking west….

looking north towards the mission.

and on to the last little leg of the steps….

and one last departing shot while the branches of the trees swing apart in the wind long enough to get a photo….

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my route to the store at the bottom of the hill.  It being so beautiful sure helps the pain of walking up almost 400 feet straight up.  Keeps one from needing a thigh master though!

Here is my little taste of San Francisco from way up there and there.

I would not be posting this post if it were not for my diligent neighborly comrades over at and  They have been so generous and wise to post these two videos.  I thought since i watched the clips within 20 minutes of each others tweets, it must be telling me silently to post the two and make it a theme day!

I really haven’t posted too much on San Francisco, although it is not just a city i live in to me.  I will go into the details of me learning of my lineage to one of the iconic founders of this beautiful town and the learning adventure it has sent me upon that is still in full study mode even today.

This city is filled with amazing, crazy, bizarre, heart warming, heart breaking stories.  It always has been.  It seems as time goes on, it is becoming more and more behaved with each decade that passes.  It sure makes it fun for me to be able to go back and learn about my ancestors while so much insanity and debachary existed.  Makes me feel a little less like a black sheep and more like right at home!  I love you San Francisco!


flying high above Delores Park. *notice the new childrens play structure in the center as well as a beautiful crash landing!*


This is our mascot of SF.  It may not be the Eiffel Tower but, you’d be surprised… It can really grow on you.  Like that really ugly guy that ends up becoming so endearing that he becomes adorable. Kinda like that.  Anyway, here is our beloved mascot… Sutro Tower.

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Tell me this is not the wrong-est tweet EVER!! I am so disturbed by it. I hope it is a joke?!

CASTING: I need a 3 or 4 yr old who can smoke cigarettes WITHOUT coughing or crying for webseries. No pay/Food/3 night shoots. RT.

SO WWWWWWWWWRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite artists. He does the most AMAZING things with paper! His name is Richard Sweeney.

I have been following this artist named Richard Sweeney for a really long time (in fact his work has been my iphone’s wallpaper for years!).  He is my FAVORITE paper artist that is currently working today.  He has an architectural influence in all of his works.  Although his works can be small when he choses, I find that it is usually worked in a large scale. (just to keep my fingerprints off anything like this would be a tough task, let alone making it so large! His work is so flawless, innovative and beautiful!

I discovered while taking a sculpture class and working in hydrocal (kinda between plaster and concrete but white like plaster but stronger like concrete.), how beautiful a white form can be.  Especially when photograph.  The lines and shadows of the piece make the most amazing visual form with the shadows being as much a part of it as the light is.  I think Mr. Sweeney really gets this concept too.  The complex simplicity of his works are so stunning.  They look so flawless that it almost appears easy until you think  about how much time and preparation.  Or to try just folding basic origami or cutting paper, one quickly finds that it is anything but!

He continues to surprise me with his innovation of the simplest forms and scale of his work.   Every time i go to see his images,  i just kinda get lost in his amazing work. Although he does not work exclusively in paper (ceramic, ply wood, metal etc)  I think he is going to go down in history as one of the premier artists that works in the medium of paper, of our time.  But, by then, who knows what medium he will be manipulating!  I cant wait to be able to watch and see though.  Enjoy!



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Macondray Lane

Macondray Lane (Photo credit: rockcreek)

Macondray Lane

Macondray Lane (Photo credit: jrover)

Macondray Lane
Macondray Lane (Photo credit: sabel)

(link) This is like the little perfect dream home on the ‘tales of the city’ street

Gosh how perfect this little home snuggled into Macondray lane in San Francisco.  You know… the one that Mrs.Madrigal lived on!

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Hit and run of bicyclist in Berkeley caught on tape.


How fucked up is this asshole driver. Its not like there wasn’t enough road or that the bike went into traffic. Just some moron probably changing the cd or something stupid!

Busted! 45 Mug Shots of Famous Musicians | Loaded | an blog

This is great!  Follow the link to see some unexpected mug shots from the great genre of music!  Thanks!

via Busted! 45 Mug Shots of Famous Musicians | Loaded | an blog.

prince mugshot... the good old days!

In homage to SF's own...

Amazing lightening strikes the City of San francisco

We can thank our friends at the for this story.  I personally turned off the tv, opened up the drapes and kitty and i watched the show.  It was close and loud, but my little terrified rescue kitty stuck it out like a little unfearless friend!  (i love you Arthur!  meow!)

Amazing Photos: Lightning Strikes San Francisco

David Jones snapped the first incredible photo here that shows lightning striking the city during tonight’s tumultuous storm. (Did your building shake as well? Ours sure did. He snapped the pic from his residence at The Paramount in downtown San Francisco. Amazing.

Since we are on the topic of cults vs. religion… I pose you this question….

is religion and cult thinking ass backwards?

I know that by writing this, i am asking for a lot of abuse due to the fact that i am pretty sure that my views are in the minority.  This being a controversial subject matter i do know that i may be opening a huge can of whoop ass on me.  …But what is the point of having the ability to freely think and speak if one doesn’t use their platform at hand.  (i think that this luxury will not be ours forever due to censorship, so i am taking advantage of the fact that i can start this conversation with you all!)

Also.  I want you all to know that this is ONLY my opinion.  Just because i feel this way in regards to religion, does not mean that i am making any kind of judgement on anyone else.  That is one of the greatest things about living in this day and age.  We can see and believe different things and still respect one another, understanding that it is ok to believe different things and still live in unity.  I am by no means saying that because i feel this way, and you dont, i am looking at you with disapproving eyes.  I hope that although this topic will be controversal, we can respect one another and our possibly different views.  Lets see how open minded we can be to an idea that is most likely so different from the one that is opposite ours.

OK… On to the topic… Cults vs. Religion…Whats the difference?

I read a book a couple months ago written by a woman who escaped Jonestown just a few months before the horrible mass suicide.  It was her escape and deposition (that she shared with the media thus receiving a lot of notice) that finally pushed Senator Leo Ryan from Ca. to gather a group of friends and families of the cult.  There had been mixed word on wether or not there was abuse and malnourishment going on as well as no ability to leave.   It is what put the murders and mass-suicide into action by them going down to Jonestown to see for themselves.   Things obviously did not go so well with over 900 deaths accuring.

I used to live a couple blocks from the former Peoples Temple church.  By that time, Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple had been long gone.  I would try and imagine what it was like to have such an active community locale right next door to Fillmore West.  The Fillmore is still being used by artists but that is the only real interesting draw now on that block.. I am trying to remember, but i dont even know if the church is still standing or not.  I do remember that there was a vacant lot on the block that the post office now has acquired and expanded into.  They may have torn it down.  I think they did.  I would have remembered seeing it i know it.

I think to myself about the times being a lot different but not too different from now to the point that there is a lot of REALLY underfunded/unsupported community services  that even today, could really be used and quite needed.  As well as a lot of disenfranchised people feeling lost and not liking this consumeristic society that America has become.  The fact that anyone, any race or gender or socio-economic background was welcome, i think would have made them look really progressive.  I dont personally know if i could have sat through all that preaching but, the concept is viable even now.

I started looking online for people’s opinions regarding what the difference between an organized religion and a cult are.  I found several different points of views on this question.  The christians were the most adamant about there being a huge difference between Religion and Cults.  They almost took offense to someone even asking the question.

People tend to see Religion as positive and Cults as negative.  Some have even gone so far to say that a cult will ask you for a lot of your money.  Doesn’t the church pass around a collection plate?  I just didnt buy their argument.  Instead, this is probably the best thing i read and runs along the same lines as the way i feel about the topic….

Taken from Yahoo answers, a reader states their opinion as this…

“The only real difference between cult and religion is how long it has existed. All religions are cults when new, but eventually they more or less become assimilated with the cultures and societies around them and are now “religions”.

So basically, all religions start out life as a cult, end up a religion, and die out when new cults take their place.

It’s survival of the fittest in the religion world too.”

I have to say spot on.  I know that there will be a lot of people that take offense to this thought but it is how a lot of people feel… including me.

Now, just because i am not affiliated with any organized religion, this does not mean that i do not believe in a higher power.  This also does not mean that i have no value system or morals.  I just do not need some church to be the one to instill these into me. My parents did it with the help of mother nature.  Religion always concerned me by the ability to abuse their power, and the fact that so many people over time have died in the name of religion.  The other thing i dont like is the idea that we ourselves are not smart enough to be able to guide our lives through our own paths without a playbook to follow the directions of.  It would make me feel like one of the sheep.  I know people need SOMETHING to believe in and it is sometimes a lot easier to believe a supernatural story than believe in one’s self.  I do also have to note that it bothers me that if i ever state the term “god” means that i must be refering to Jesus Christ.  When i say God, i am actually refering to Mother Nature.  She is my god.  I think she oversees the whole universe too.  I think Jesus Christ must have been an incredible speaker with a lot of chrisma and taking people who feel disenfranchised to join his cause.  …But that IS how most cult leaders are seen by their disciples.  Jesus WOULD have been a cult leader back in his time.

Now there is so much money, power and followers throughout the world, Christianity is seen as a main-stream religion, but it is far from the only religion.  And when anyone says God, Christians always think that that MUST mean their dear Jesus.  I think this is ignorant and rude.  What if you are Hindi, or a Taoist or Muslim or Buddhist?  They have gods that they believe in that is not the Father, the son and the holy spirit.  Some of them have many gods in fact.  Organized religion is in theory to do good, but the greed and power corruption i believe ends up usually taking hold using the guise of the good doings that they base their teachings on.

For me personally, any one entity that powerful is a dangerous thing which has the ability to do dirty things with the power to cover it up.  It also has the power of pressured group think.  I think these 2 things are really dangerous.  So for me personally, i’d rather see my god as the mother of the earth, the universe and everything within rather than a really chrismatic human we think is supernatural (if he even existed.  It is a possibility that there was never a such man named Jesus Christ.  There is no concrete proof of this and all writings about him came many years after his so called death.)

Church and Cults are basically creating a community.  Both entities have the ability to let greed and power lead them due to fear of losing all the devoted.  I have heard things about Mormonism and  Scientology making it very hard to leave the “church”.  Sometimes even tracking them down and dragging them back or banishing them from their friends and family and everyone they know.

If your religious thinkings are so strong, there should be no problem with maintaining your flock.  If a member decides that they want something different for their lives (which eventually someone will), let them go because there will be more joining as well.  But i think these “churches” see it as once you are mine, you will remain mine at all costs!

I know that i have insulted a lot of you and i want to apologize for this.  It is not my intention at all, but religion is a prevalent piece of curent society and i think i have a right to say what i feel as especially since I have to listen to all of the “god” talk that permeates my every day life.  Nobody is worried about the fact that my beliefs are being imposed on by assuming that everyone must me christian.  No one sees that there are a lot of people out there that do NOT believe in the supernatural story of christanity as well as catholocism, and Jewish religions.

There has been more death, bloodshed and abuse thanks to the untouchable-ness of organized religion.  I chose to believe what i believe and believe that organized religion/cults are dangerous and not for me.  This i know is not the popular belief but i think that there are more people thinking this than you would imagine.  I think that cults are built out of the need to belong and the need to have a guided path of belief laid out for them.

I wish that everyone could see that even without cults and religion, we would still create community and have morals.  I will never in my lifetime see this kind of utopia, i know this.  But it would sure be cool.  If i HAD to be religious back in the day, gnostics would be the group i would most likely join because they believed that by learning and increasing the knowledge within ourselves, we are honoring God by using what she gave us to its fullest.  I like this concept.  Expand our brains and our experiences and we are using as much as we can that are are our gifts from God.  Thats it!

No memorizing scripture that is redundant to curent society.  I think maybe cults have figured out that their teaching needs to fit into the times.  Learning social protocol from 1700 years ago may be slightly outdated in ideas.  And this being, i think that there will be a bigger pull away from organized religion with this newest technologic generation.  The church better think hard and jam up into the modern world if they expect to remain relevant.  Getting up to go to church on a sunday morning will not happen if the most recent release of Halo has just been purchased i promise!

If you want to remain, you have to evolve and adapt.  I do not think that organized religion thinks that they have to do this.  It has worked this far…. But just because they have not had to overhaul their belief acceptance, does not mean that it never has to happen.  If it does not, it will be trying to out teach social media.  And social media will probably win.

I know that this is long and windy.  I am sorry for that.  I just wanted to ask you readers what you think about this concept.  Is religion SO different from a cult?  What makes you feel the need to live with religion?  Do you believe what your religion states?  Have you been born into it and now it is your community or is it really that you believe the teachings?  In what way does religion serve your life?  Do you think you would be totally lost without it and would you still be able to live life with moral dignity without someone telling you that you have to?

Because i am not A-typical religious, these things make me curious.  Maybe by sharing, you can help enlighten me about why so many people need this so badly in their lives.  I can not judge what i do not know so please do not think that this post is bashing and judging.  It is not.  Its just a modern conversation about faith and what that intails.  I am so lucky to live at a time that allows us the ability to talk about our beliefs. And as long as you are not hurting anyone and it benefits you, i believe it is a good thing.  Its just not so much for me.

What started this topic was a post by

THE GPS WISDOM FILES.  You should check it out here…

and i will add a couple more links about cults here….

This last video i really like.  He sums it up for me really well.  What do you think?


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Zeena standing at the edge of the Grunewaldsee in Berlin. Portrait By Florian Büttner

Even by the standards of New Agey, cult-friendly LA, Zeena Schreck had a bizarre and abusive upbringing at the hands of parents who made the devil more famous than he’s ever been. Zeena is the daughter of Church of Satan (CoS) founders Anton LaVey and Diane Hegarty, as well as the recipient of its first baptism.

By 13, she had been completely indoctrinated by the CoS, received death threats regularly, and was pregnant. She went on to be ordained the CoS’s high priestess and spokesperson just as Reagan-era yuppies began to completely freak over tales of children being sacrificed in the woods by her congregation.

Against all odds, Zeena managed to rebel against the self-absorbed zealots who raised her and left the church in 1990 with her husband, Nikolas Schreck. In 2002, the couple founded the Sethian Liberation Movement, a religious body that allows people to learn and practice magic without answering to an oppressive sect and helps free ex-cult members from their troubled pasts. Somehow, she’s managed to turn her life of chaos into one of spiritual peace, and while I can’t say for sure whether she has magical powers, several times during our interview she seemed to anticipate exactly what I was going to ask her.

VICE: Do you remember the first days of Satanism or was that before your time? 
Zeena Schreck: My father was experimenting with various gimmicks: holding Friday-night lectures he referred to as the “magic circle,” hosting burlesque shows with strippers dressed up as witches and vampires, but nothing that was necessarily “Satanic.” He had a pet lion he would take around with him on the streets of San Francisco, so he really was doing whatever he could to market himself locally. It wasn’t until a publicist wrote a story about him that referred to him as the “first priest of Satan” that he got the idea he could start his own religion. It was very similar to the way L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology, and the same way all of these cults spring up in California. My mother was mortified because she just wanted to be like the Addams Family, but it all took off so quickly and spun very much out of his control.

Did you interact with his initial followers? What were they like?
He had followers who took things very seriously and genuinely believed in this entity Satan and not so much in Anton LaVey’s idea of Satanism. As it turns out, he wasn’t very knowledgeable on the subject and, in essence, created a postmodern version of Satanism as he went along. It was a manifestation of his ego.

Did he fully know what he was getting into?  
He was very confused, and as a result, so are the inheritors of the church. He’s been accused of being a con man—which is accurate—but he wasn’t a very efficient one. He was lazy and never planned for the future or looked after his family because that is the nature of LaVeyan Satanism: Get what you can, live only in the here and now, care only about yourself, and get other people to care for you. It’s like you’re one big infant.

What was it like living under a roof owned by a guy who was responsible for a national freak-out over Satanic practices? 
We were not liked in our neighborhood, as our presence created a lot of disharmony. He attracted a lot of psychopaths who’d leave threatening answering-machine messages that we had no choice but to listen to day and night. I’ve gotten over most of the traumas of my childhood, including when I was 11 and had to transcribe these messages for the SFPD describing in great detail how I’d be killed and raped. I was also trained to take down the license plate of any car that sat out front for too long because vandals would throw eggs and bombs and shoot bullets at the house. The sound of a car engine still gets to me this day—the sound that always preceded an attack—Satanism was not a beloved thing.

Did your parents warn you about the difficulties you would undoubtedly face as their child? 
I had to defend myself because my parents wouldn’t get out of bed to defend me. They had other people caring for me since they were too wrapped up in their own problems and fought constantly. This mentality—along with our dysfunctional relationships and my father’s violence, fear, and paranoia—were the forces behind his teachings.

Zeena, age three, at her Satanic baptism, 1967. 

What lead you to become the CoS’s spokeswoman?
In the 80s, Christian fundamentalists started using the church as their scapegoat, the group they could point a finger at as being responsible for these secret cattle mutilations, child abductions, and crazy government-related conspiracy theories they were hearing about in the news. I panicked, feeling as though they were attacking my religion and my father, so I contacted him and asked what his plans were to address the situation. I learned that he had no plans because he no longer had anyone to help him, and there really wasn’t a Church of Satan anymore. All of the members from the 60s and 70s no longer participated; they were just names on a mailing list. I decided I’d act as its temporary spokeswoman in order to show everyone that we really did exist. Somehow one year turned into five, and my fighting actually ended up helping to form new memberships within the church again.

Reading over those old interviews, I thought you handled yourself pretty well.
My father, who was too sickly and frightened to ever do his own PR, was happy to have me handle things, but he and the remaining members of the church provided no realistic support when I needed it. He lived in a dream world where absolutely nothing to do with social issues was of any importance. We were the targets of a nationwide witch hunt, and all he wanted was for me to talk about Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

LaVeyan Satanism wasn’t particularly rooted in spirituality, so I find it curious that you veered toward black magic. Did it fill a void for you that was left empty in the CoS? 
I always had a natural inclination toward magic. A lot of the people who were attracted to the church considered themselves witches and warlocks in the traditional sense, so I learned a lot from them. When I became pregnant at 13, I began learning meditation since I had to find a way of getting through labor; I had to be awake during the [C-section] surgery. It was mind over matter, and I saw this as a form of magic. Had I not experienced that kind of fear and brainpower at such a young age, it wouldn’t have inspired me to pursue my spiritual side and push myself deeper.

Was there a specific moment when you decided that everything your father had taught you was a lie, or was it more of a gradual realization? 
It was much later on, likely due to the intervention of the god Seth, who awakens through harsh disillusionment or scorn or through the shattering of everything that you thought was real being torn from you. I thought, “How could my parents have done this to me for so long assuming I’d never find out? How could they lie to me about my identity and religion and the things I went to fight the public for them about that made me look like a fool?”

Many CoS members, including your husband, Nikolas, left when you resigned as high priestess. Was your departure based on ideological differences with the church’s tenets?
I feel you should be able to learn anything without having to join an organization, so I began teaching black magic independently from the church. Consequently, a lot of the people I taught who were part of the CoS also saw what was happening behind the scenes and became just as disenchanted as I had.

Zeena’s last meeting with her father, Anton LaVey, shortly before resigning from her post as high priestess of the Church of Satan, 1990. Photo by A. Wyatt Mann

Zeena relaxing in her Hollywood home on her coffin/bed, 1988. Photo by Max Kobal 

Was there any backlash from the remaining churchgoers?
Their harassment was part of the reason we left. Like most cults that are based on protecting the founder’s image, they do their best to attack anyone who says anything negative about their views or reveals the truth about them. So after we left, we said goodbye to the US and moved to Europe to focus on creative ventures, such as [experimental band] Radio Werewolf, which was part of the Werewolf Order, which was more of an environmentally inclined magical movement.

And after that you joined the Temple of Set [ToS]. Were you wary of joining another organization, even if it was more flexible than the CoS? 
I waited a long time and didn’t just move from one group to the next. While I was residing in Vienna, I visited a museum where a Sethian altar lives. It was there that I had a very profound experience that enabled me to clearly see the course for my future. Still, I thought, “I’m not a joiner.” I really should have listened to myself, but I did it anyway. I wrote a letter of reconciliation to the founder, Michael Aquino, who was formerly part of the CoS, since I assumed he’d had a similar religious experience with the real entity of Seth before starting the group. It wasn’t until I became more involved that I realized it was an Anton LaVey fan club. Aquino didn’t know anything about comparative religions, couldn’t argue theology or Egyptian cosmology… I kept thinking, “Maybe he’s being coy; we’ll eventually get to know his secrets,” and that never happened. It was my father’s legacy, another abusive and corruptive group, and not at all what I was interested in.

It may seem obvious, but based on your insight, why are so many people attracted to these pseudo-occult groups? 
Nowadays, people are very needy and searching for guidance, so in occultism you can’t jump into anything haphazardly. You should ask yourself, “Do they seem honest and know what they’re talking about?” And if they don’t have all the answers, will they try to find them or direct you to someone who does? But unfortunately, people’s longing for entertainment—to have something interesting to talk about at work on Monday—causes them to subconsciously find themselves enmeshed in these dangerous groups.

When you and Nikolas left the ToS, you founded the Sethian Liberation Movement. What is the main difference between the SLM and the groups you have left behind?  
The SLM exists for personal-enlightenment purposes; it’s tantric in its nature and based on meditation and practices with Seth. We came from a cultlike hierarchal-degree system to organically form this new entity when we saw that a lot of the former members of the ToS, who were of a lower degree, had unresolved anger and hostility issues due to the ways they’d been mistreated. So the SLM came about, along with a sector called Phoenix that helps others resolve painful issues through meditation and spiritual guidance.

What sorts of painful issues?
I teach people worldwide regardless of their beliefs or background: drug addicts, child stars, religion-based cult members from sects like Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, members of Iranian Marxist political groups. I felt the need to help people who have a short-range need for spiritual assistance, and the techniques I teach can aid them in overcoming their problems the same way I did. If I can help plant the seed, my teachings can continue to help later on in life, and even if they eventually end up searching elsewhere for guidance, that’s OK.

Archival images courtesy of Zeena Schreck

How could this happen to one that had it all? Meenakshi Thapar bollywood actress beheaded by co-workers after kidnapping

The body was found of beautiful Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar.  She was kidnapped by two of her co-stars of previous film Heroine, after hearing her talk on set about her family having wealth (which was not entirely accurate having come from middle class family).  Her family paid off part of the ransom to her kidnappers and they still killed her, strangling and beheading her.

Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti Surin were caught after having her mobile phone and SIM card on them.  After they confessed to the murder and lead authorities to her body.

They orchestrated the kidnapping by asking her to accompany them on a trip to Gorakhpur, a small town close to India’s border with Nepal and known for its Buddhist temples, where they held her hostage and sent a message a message to her family demanding  1,500,000-rupee (approximately $28,000) but Thapar’s mother only paid 60,000 rupees (just over $1,000).  They threatened to drug her and force her into pornography if the ransom was not paid.

Authorities found her headless body in a small water tank but have not yet found her head which they said they threw out of a moving train they were taking back to capital city of Mumbai.  Her torso was found and recovered Surin’s house in Allahabad on Wednesday.  The head has not yet been found.

I find this crime so unsettlingly horrific and tragic.  This young 26 year old actress had the world at her fingertips, finally coming up on more substantial parts for her to act in.  Her beauty so apparent and her life so viciously taken… for what?  GREED!

Now this is a prime example of why i believe greed is the most evil and poisonous threat to humanity.  It can lead people to do the most unspeakable things on the planet.  Nothing comes in the way of greed that it is not willing to chop down.  Even a human life.  It is the epidemic that is permeating the fall of western civilization.  The only thing that can match its strength is love and it is going to be a battle royal to see which will prevail.  Do not give into greed.  Instead give love.  It in turn will provide you with all those things you think greed will help you attain.

It is one sick day when two random people think that this is the way to get what they want!  Do they not have a level of conscience to them to not let this hardcore factor to their thinking allow them to be able to cary out a beheading?  This boggles my mind.

It is tragic in any place at any time for a family to lose a member this way.  No one has the right to take another person’s life.  If your greed runs this deep, you may as well take your own life because evil has truly corrupted your soul and you are nothing but a blithe to humankind.

Thank heavens this couple was caught because they deserve their comings from the world.  I hope they have to suffer slowly for the rest of their existence to feel a tiny piece of the fear and pain that they were able to invoke in their poor helpless victim and those that loved her.  This story happens to many others around the world, but because she was so beautiful and in the public eye, it is a real stand out case.  It just shows us to be glad for what we have and sometimes having everything can be a dangerous thing.

My thoughts are with her loved ones as are many all around the world.  May this not happen again (but unfortunately it will…. until greed is vanquished which i doubt will ever happen since it is a human trait.  Dont let it poison your mind.  You have the ability to control the level it has over you but only you can do this.  If not checked, it caused nothing but tragic results.  It is the root of pure evil!)

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