The funniest thing I have seen all day!


The funniest thing I have seen all day!

…This is….


A powerful twist to a James Brown classic. It is strong and timeless.


I am not regularly a huge fan of pop music… the cheezieness, the productional values, the general lack of diversity and creativity not to mention talent…. However i am and have always been incredibly moved by incredible vocals. They can take me places other sounds rarely can.

Although this is from about 5 years ago, it is such an awesome performance that translates to empowerment. It is truly empowering to see and hear Christina Aguilera – It’s A Man’s World – Grammys 2007 performance. For those of us women who may be feeling like their spirit has been week lately. This one is for you. It is a stand alone performance that she not only OWNS, but sings the heck out of.

Maybe it will help to recharge your vigor ladies!… Men, enjoy a hot chick who can go toe to toe with the great James Brown!

Here is the Sexy Sax Man with a little Careless Whisper for your gay pride weekend!


If you havent seen the Sexy Sax Man, then your life has not been complete. This is a good video to keep around in a favorites folder, because it never is not funny. It can brighten anyones day!

AND… if you did not get enough in the first video, to dig a little deeper, here is some unreleased footage and behind the scenes to get to know the Sexy Sax Man a little better!

Happy Weekend all!

If you haven’t seen this video… You should! P.S. Watch the drummer!


I was shown this lil video last year by my now x-boyfriend. So, i did get something out of it! Just kidding. I wish him the best.

Anyway, this video is HILARIOUS!! The guys name is actually Steve Moore known as The Mad Drummer.

I crack up every single time i watch that video, but, in all fairness, this guy is Really Good!

And to prove it, here is a video without the awful ensemble!

Top 11 things that I innately know but can not prove…in no particular order….

I was watching a movie called The Red Violin.  While watching it, my brain started thinking about how stringed instruments seem to resinate with our emotions.  It is almost like the pitch of the cello is the same wavelength as the feeling of sorrow etc.

Anyway, from here i started wandering through thought and realized that there are things that i am pretty sure of if not damn well sure of, that one could never prove.  They are just things that happen to be true.  Some of the things I know due to personal experience, some are just innately obviously so.  All and all it still tells me the last one all over again and that is that we just dont know much.

 So, here is my short list… Do you agree?  What is your list?

  1. Music has power.  Music reaches a deeper level in our souls than most other things.

2. Love is the most powerful thing in each of us

3.  Greed is a close CLOSE 2nd.

4.  Some people are born with old souls.

5.  Animals feel complex emotions.  (sorry… i could not just give you one picture of animal love!  I just love the animals too much to chose!)

6.  Some people actually CAN see people’s color auras.  My dad’s friend predicted my grandma’s death after meeting her once about 6 hours before she died.  She told my dad BEFORE she died that she was surrounded in a death aura.  She died 4 hours later.)

7.  Music is linked to memory.  If you need to memorize something, put it to music.  You have a much better chance of keeping it in the memory banks!  For godsake, if you see the words and put a bouncing ball over it as it goes, you will NEVER forget it!  Just ask me… i’d be happy to sing you the Pete Ellis Dodge commercial from the early 80’s!

8.  Dreams, smells and music are the only things that can take you back to a specific time and place for a moment.

9.  color CAN effect your mood.  Paint is the cheapest bang for the buck for house improvement!

10.  We are not supposed to live forever.  Everything is ephermal.

11.  And finally, although we are unlocking a lot of knowledge now with the help of science, our brains have a long way to go!  We are in our infancy when it comes to accessing the brains powers.

Well, what do you think?  come on… Dont be shy!  Please tell me any that were missed on my short list.  They just come to you.  You know these things but dont ever really think about it.  So when one does, write it down!

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Look out! This little one is definitely one to be watching for!


Can you imagine being 10 years old and being able to sing like this??
If i was an industry producer i would be swooping this young girl up! Her name is Noelle and she has only 10 months of singing lessons.
Here is a link to her singing the same song without any lessons at age 9!!

It makes you realize that there are just gifted people out there who have skills in them that one would have to be born with to be that talented that young!

The world of Synesthesia… Quite an amazing phenomenon!

When i was deep in art classes at SF City College about a 8 or 9 years ago, I took this fantastic class on Color.  I had been waiting patiently on this class which was up at the main campus (all of my other classes were down at Fort Mason campus) but, i wanted to take this class so bad i took it and my ceramics class up there 2 days a week and went to the other side of town the other two.

In this class i learned oh so much.  Fascinating stuff about light and pigment and color and vision and all kinds of other things.  A really interesting class to say the least.  At the end of the semester, we were assigned to do a oral with visuals presentation about color of some nature.  It was a really cool thing to see how many different topics 28 people chose.  Everything to the history of auto paint to mine, the drama of makeup.

One of the presentations was on a phenomenon i had never heard of and it got me!  It stuck me in that place of curiosity that sticks with me for many many years.  It was this amazing thing called Synesthesia.  It is a disorder (i hate using that word because it makes it seem like there is something inherently wrong with them which there is not. It is just different.)   It is a phenomenon where peoples sense wires are crossed so one may hear color or taste shapes.

The person doing the presentation said at the end that she had read the book and had no room for another so she was donating it to any of us who may want it.  I WANTED IT!  I luckily somehow got the right number or the long straw or however it worked out, i dont remember exactly, but i got the book.  The book was called The man who tasted shapes.

I happened to be talking to a friend about this topic and decided to let the scientists and doctors explain what almost a dozen years helped me to forget (the little details which are really needed when trying to explain something as complex as synesthesia.

And full circle i came when i found out that the one video i chose was an interview with that very same doctor that wrote that book all those years back.  A lot more i have just found out has been discovered about this condition which makes it even more fascinating to me.


Footnote: It is kinda interesting to know that it is widely agreed that Waisly Kandinsky, the abstract painter, was most assuredly a synesthete.

Anyway, i will let the doctor explain it to you best. with this video.  Pretty interesting i say!

Death, Dying, Aging and Youth… Let these old guys teach us a very important lesson!

Life is so ephemeral.  It slips by so fast!  We look up and we are long past where we feel we actually should be.  A lot closer to death.  Our energy slows down, our bodies heal slower, our vision begins to slip and then the health problems can set in.

In our hearts though, we are just as sensitive, curious, excited,  and afraid.  We also have in our hearts the want to feel the music through our bodies.  I take my hat off to these gentlemen.  They are thoroughly enjoying still kicking it out on the dance floor.

We should all take a note from these smart guys..  There is no better way to let out stresses of our lives than through music and dance.  I always use the concept, doesn’t matter what you look like (or how foolish you may think you look)  If you are having a lot of fun, that is all that counts.  Go on out there and look like an uncoordinated fool.  Who cares.  If you have a smile on your face, you can only help to bring the energy some joy!

This Christmas season get out there and DANCE everybody!!