Now this is my kind of disaster video! I just love people who go exploring urban settings on bikes!

These guys have got balls of steel to be riding in waist deep water, but they seemed to have gotten some of the best footage of the storm DURING the storm! Thank god they got the footage without electrocution! Enjoy it, they did it for all of us and we thank them!


I heard something very disturbing on the news this afternoon… Check this out….

  I was cleaning out my vacuum today and had the news going on in the background.  Now i noticed this interesting fact back in the 1990’s and that is is that if the news uses key words in phrases they hear a lot and are kinda conditioned, they will hear what is being said even if it makes absolutely no sense… and not notice that the words do not match up.  Basically we tend to kinda multitask listen and as long as everything seems to be in order and sounding usual, then, it should be taken as word even if there is no possible way for it to be so….  People hear but do not think.  

I think our media outlets takes certain advantages of this fact and in turn actually conditions us to not be alarmed (or more likely to be VERY alarmed!) and without paying real attention to the meaning of these words, they get comfortable with them.  That way it is already in their brain bank and without even any mental review.  They hope that most of us are doing this half listening because we hear what they emphasize unless we are actually paying attention ( i really think this is not the case when words are read which is why it is so sad and scary to think of no independent newspapers!).

Anyway, back to what i heard them say today off the cuff but with the usual amount of urgent alarm we have been programed to be expecting for the last 20 years.  

I heard the news anchor here in San Francisco say that (and i did not hear this wrong!) that Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana declared a state of emergency in PREPARATION of hurricane Isaac’s approach.  Now this was like the noon news or something because about 20 min. later, i heard the actual weather report and they had declassified the hurricane to a class 1 and said that it had not come together with as much velocity as they had expected it to do by that phase.  Now, that does not mean that there will not be another hurricane hitting any one of those states OR that anyone should forget Katrina and not take the possibility seriously… but in preparation of the hurricane?  When a state files for state of emergency, it is really a political/financial thing that opens up FEMA funding and resources to the state.  I can understand why each one of our states feels like we are in a state of emergency with our bad roads and crappy schools, and would love some federal funding unexpectedly come in especially on an election year.  

Those politicians are probably paying themselves back for having to change all of those republican convention travels and all of those newly shortened speech.  Speechwriters, i am assuming, are not exactly cheap.  ESPECIALLY for a politician!  

Anyway, i was just wondering if anyone else here in the US noticed this strange first.  Things are really revealing themselves here.  We are not in control anymore and it is in a sense a 1% free for all while humanity falls back into the controlled dark ages.  IT SUCKS!