Friday night… From the 80’s to now… What you did not know or have forgotten….

Old Romanian made phone

As i was just sitting here dealing with someone who seems to be very flakey, i started going into flashbacks of what it USED to be like to date or make plans with someone.

For those of you too young to remember, society did not always have very socially friendly ways of communicating.  No cordless let alone cel phones, no answering machines or voice mail, Not even redial!  Can you believe that redial was something that was invented SINCE i was born?!!  Unbelievable!!

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that technology gets fully integrated into our lives now within a couple of months.  Sometimes a couple of weeks.  Keeping this in mind, and considering the fact that i am only 38, it just goes to show you how fast technology has become so much a part of our lives… well… lets just say, i would not like to see the younger generation deal with a massive power outage!  They would not know where to go and what to do or even how to contact their friends because no phone numbers these days have to be memorized. Continue reading

A drive back in time to 1992 Central Freeway in San Francisco. Pun intended.


I remember back in the day, you could get from the Haight to Broadway St. or Mission Rock in like 5 minutes. I voted 2 x for the funds to retrofit it. I dont know where the first or second set of funds ever went considering that it passed 2x, they tore it down. I think i would have to ask good ole Willie Brown first and about how much all of those hats cost! Hmmmm.