How many parts of us lay dormant for maybe years to be one day awaken?

Is it just me or does this happen to other people too?  I have a feeling it does.  It happens like maybe one or two times a decade… where i will be living within a particular set of emotions.  They seem to be wide ranging and diverse, but… alas… they are just the ones that have been chosen by my brain to do the job of living.  It is the safe set.  Sometimes not a healthy set, but it is a functional set.

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I will let you down…




I will let you down.

I wont be around.

I will watch your empire fall.

See you knocked out back against the wall.


Dont invest in me.

I am nothing cant you see?

I am a pile on the ground.

Damaged goods just sitting around.


Take yourself away.  

Far far away.

As far as you can stay.

Just now go.  Go away.


I am nothing for you in your world.

Just trust me…

I am not the girl.



Written before a major breakup.  Found in journal.