My day started with a break down and ended with a boom and collapse!

The evil bookcase that attacked me tonight!

I knew today was going to be a challenge when i posted on FB that this had been a rough day and it was only 1:05pm.  It was a tough morning because my depression has been on pretty strong for the past 2-3 days.  I have not been holding it down too gracefully…. I blame the disease!

Mid day actually went pretty well.  Got stuff done, sat in the sunshine, listened to music and read, vacumed my room, cleaned the kitty box and fish bowl, did some writing and talked with my roommates.  Pretty ok.

Just when i thought i was home free…

the shit starts falling from above… literally!

I had a shelf in my bookcase that had lost its little plug stop thing and it was teetering towards the back left corner.  I had removed about 2/3 rds of its contents and had somehow found places to put all those books (i had no idea what i was in for in t-30 seconds!

My entire bookcase collapsed in consecutive shelf fails (just like the twin towers without the squibs!) without warning.  Every book (that did not fall on me!) had to be pulled or dug out from behind and between and on the sides and carefully removed from teetering shelves (without 1 might i add falling into the… phew… clean litter box who’s home is on the first floor of said case.) .

I did not know i had so many fricking books at this one apartment.  I still have most of my books in storage from my last move and i got rid of my entire collection after working at a bookstore for over a year (it was either books or my records… records won!)  i believe i have to say now that i may be addicted to buying books.

(My poor thumb.)

To say the least, it was an unexpected HUGE project that occurred just about the time i was going to take a bath, eat dinner and go to bed.  I guess this is one way to be forced into some major spring cleaning! (i just dont know how both thumbs got smashed in almost the same place while my hands were in very different places! Hmmm…

Well, 2 hours later, a pained back, a trip to the corner store for boxes and some sorting, stacking and boxing and i can sit down on my bed again!  Phew!  I was wondering if i was going to be sleeping on a fresh bed of books tonight.  Tomorrow… part two of the clean up and hopefully the full repair of the bookcase!  It has got to be a better day tomorrow!  It is a half moon after all tonight!  Those nights are always my equivalent full moon… (i am a cancer and this is just something that has become so regular and obvious that i am aware that my half is your full.)

I will say though.  I have some pretty cool ass books!  And i know how to read!  Yippee!



Oh what a comeback!


Oh what a comeback!

I see a lot of these, but this one has just such an air of quick-wit -stick-it-to-em- comeback, i just had to share. Stupid, yes. Funny, for sure!

San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento (and many in between), dont forget to keep your eyes on the sky for a once in a lifetime viewing event tomorrow (thurs. 8/20/12)!


Do not disregard it when you hear some loud low flying airplane outside tomorrow San Francisco!  You need to LOOK UP!!  You get the opportunity to  see one of NASA’s planes with the Space Shuttle Endeavor piggy-backed in a once time in history flying over head to give us one last chance to see her before she gets flown to  to be a part of their permanent exhibit at the LA Air and Space Museum. Get those camera phones ready!!

A little bit late i know, but i still must introduce our newest family member… Introducing…

Finochio!  In true old school fashion of true San Francisco of days past.  He reminded us of the amazing dragqueens at the old classic Finochio’s.  He is so beautiful!  He is a little guy too!  He i think would be the type of fish that would eat any other fish in the bowl (or at least fight the hell out of it!)  We have to only put his “exercise mirror” in his bowl for 5 or 10 minutes a couple times a day.  I dont want him to give him a type A, heart attack candidate type anxiety issues.  He did not sleep for almost 3 days straight the first day i brought him home because i dont think he had ever seen a mirror.  It was a magnified mirror i realized finally and figured he might be on High Alert!! all the time which would be very stressful too… thinking that a fish bigger than you was mimic-ing every move… I’d be aftaid to sleep too!

Anyway, because of his many different colors in different light, i give you Finochio!  (they are all the same fish…just different light:

Finochio our new fish!

…Also Fincohio!