This may be an old Honda ad, but boy oh boy is it an awesome video!

Honda Accord commercial that may be at least in the top 10 all time ads of all time!


Sony Bravia commercial. All hand done stop motion.


Here is one of the last Sony Bravia commercials that i am going to post.. Maybe not the very last but we are winding down. I am also including in this posting the link to the making of this add. The behind the scenes allows one to see just how awesome these commercials are!


To finish up my celebration of color… Here is the first one for day two of the Sony Bravia adds.


Not only are these adds a feast for the mind. Like getting your color fix as a drug feeds the brain, so does color! But, the production that goes into these adds is incredible!

Sony decided that they wanted to go a totally different route than the other TV manufacturers were doing to advertise the vividness of color on their Bravia tv. All of the commercials in this series are actual. No CGI no animation.

I believe that is what i love so much about these… they are clever, beautiful and just plain cool….

I leave you to the Sony Bravia Pyramid add. Enjoy!

Awesome roller skating commercial! Takes me back to my kid years!


This commercial for Roller Kingdom in Reno is so funny! I used to competitively roller skated my whole child hood (think singles ice skating but with quad skates. It was NOT EASY!) I think how strong my ankles were back when i was 10. Strong enough to get me off the ground and around 1 or 2 revolutions!