What does San Francisco need to help fight its rash of bicycle thefts…? This could be it!…

Since San Francisco is now clearly turning into a town of big corporate sponsors and a high earning population… AND is really in its prime for its curent ‘bike culture, together  makes for a perfect storm for bicycle thefts.   Continue reading


If you want to know which SF neighborhood you would fit into…?


Tor Weeks Bikes of San Francisco

Then just check out this awesome poster Tor Weeks called Bikes of SF. And… boy it is dead on! And hilarious.

Now this is my kind of disaster video! I just love people who go exploring urban settings on bikes!

These guys have got balls of steel to be riding in waist deep water, but they seemed to have gotten some of the best footage of the storm DURING the storm! Thank god they got the footage without electrocution! Enjoy it, they did it for all of us and we thank them!

Oh what a night! Critical Mass at 20 years old. San Francisco.

Critical Mass SF 20 years


Tonight was AMAZING!! For all those that know me, know how difficult time I have been having with the changes in the city and general selling out / gentrification of my dear town. Well, all, tonight I was able to finally feel some relief and actual general bliss and total happiness!

Maybe it is the approx. 20 miles I have peddled in and across and back of SF tonight. Could be just exercise high, or it could be the awesomeness that was the people and partakers (that means you two cars on market that were stopped with doors open and music blarin and them dancing while watching a parade of at LEAST 6000 bicycles stop them in their tracks!).

The 2 roommates that went with me were lost right away. It it did t matter. It was not individuals riding but one giant breathing entity that worked with thank you’s, non verbal commands and general dignity of class. The old kind. The kind u cant buy!

Tonight I felt the flicker of the SF I fell in love with growing up but specifically, 20 years ago in this town. It gives me hope that our true spirit still lies within!

On a final note, i do have to say that a little piece of me does feel good taking our place on the roads and making those cars have to wait.  They never see bikes as an equal person in transport on the roads.  They are bigger so they are more important.  Not so on Critical Mass nights.  So, you get 29 or 30 days a month and we get 1 evening.  Seems fair enough.

Angry guy at Critical Mass 20


A fun photo tour of some silly and clever bikes. Bicycles are the coolest!

Enjoy a few pictures i stumbled upon, with bicycles as the anchor.


EnBike Circle

Bike Fence

Bike made for 5!

No comment needed.

Clever concept, hard to ride though….

A DOUBLE penny farling!

Comb bike rack

parent and child penny farling!

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Who says you have to spend 50+k on your wedding? This is the sweetest in true SF style.


Although i love watching shows like My fair wedding and Say yes to the dress, I personally can not invision any type of over the top or church wedding. The most i have envisioned was maybe eloping with a couple friends to Vegas or even better Reno! I could not imagine spending 5-6k on a dress and another 1/2 that on a cake. It not just comes down to the stress of planning something so huge, but i can not justify spending that stupid kind of money on something that is so elaborate and lasts one sweet day, (and i also think that the more production, the bigger jinx for the success for the marriage. It makes more sense to do some large celebration after 10 successful years of marriage not before the tough stuff actually starts!)

However, there are some simple things that are romantic and make for a special occasion that i do like the idea of that do not to seem in fashion. A tiny wedding with friends and family. A good meal and good dessert. Pretty flowers. A wonderful honeymoon weekend…. You get the idea. I do not want to be married i City Hall or at some super expensive resort. I dont know where i would want to get wed if not an elopement but i do know what i do not want.

Then i came across this little video. I think out of all of the cable weddings that i have seen and even the actual weddings that i have been to, this is the MOST TOTALLY ROMANTIC WEDDING I have ever watched. I am proud to have these clever in love folks claiming the city as their home too.

Maybe we should start taking a cue from them. I think that their wedding is not going to be something that they will ever forget! It is so romantic, especially with the parents on bikes too! It is such a touching love story and i do not even know what the love story is. I am just going to stop talking and let you all just watch and enjoy!!

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Hit and run of bicyclist in Berkeley caught on tape.


How fucked up is this asshole driver. Its not like there wasn’t enough road or that the bike went into traffic. Just some moron probably changing the cd or something stupid!