Bad fences, a not so ideal door and a super dog!!

So, while out on my daily workout, I came upon some interesting things….

First: Bad fences. There were two of those…




Then, there was this house with two gates on their home… The second gate is not in such an ideal spot dontcha think? I would have a very hard time reaching my key in there to get that sucker open! I suppose that would be good.


And finally… Superdog. This little half-pint of solid muscle literally rocketed straight up this vertical cliff all the way to the top! I was amazed how strong this pooch was! I would not want to meet him in the wrong mood I tell you!




Well, there you have it folks! Another exciting workout in the wilds of San Francisco!!


Photo walk in Bernal Heights East and south sides

Yesterday, although the winds were strong, the sun kept the gusting breeze a cool breath not a cold blow! I started at the top of the hill and read a book that I just started called The Age of Gold by, H.W. Brands.

After about a half an hour I decided it was time to walk. I was trying to figure out where the warmest and least gusty route might be.

So I started out heading east. I then investigated the east slope and moved around to the south slope. It was warm and beautiful!! Very quaint! I mean… Who ever thought there were green tree lined streets in busy metropolis San Francisco!!

I hope you enjoy these photos that I snapped along the way!

































An open letter to my neighborhood…


Dear Neighbors,

I write you today to ask for your understanding. You see, I live in the house that you can’t stand.

You know the one.  The blithe on the block.

We dont look unusually bad in appearance (not particularly good either but it is on the corner and is 100 years old so, its design is generally not too offending plus, we are a dirty color of white so we dont really stand out except if you begin to look closely.  That cheap1960’s want-to-be wood grained paneling that is broken in places and entirely painted white… probably in the 60’s!, doesn’t exactly look regal i know).

No it is not our appearance that is so offending.  It is us. Continue reading

This is just too cool not to show you! AND it is invented by a neighbor who lives just a couple streets down!


Bernal is kicking out some serious talent here. By the time you are finished watching this video, you are going to be thinking just what i did after i saw it… I WANT ONE!! Keep your eyes peeled. The only thing better than good design… Is local good design! Now you have been illuminated! (bad pun i know and am sorry! 🙂

I would like (those that are unfamiliar) to introduce you properly to my little neighborhood… Bernal Heights.


One of the best little neighborhoods in the world. I am grateful to have ended up over here. Before here i had lived in the panhandle (now days it is called NOPA) but since as the new name tells you, it has been almost thoroughly gentrified. Not Bernal! Hopefully it never will be! THANKS BERNAL! I love you back!

By the way… Happy Valentines Day All!!

Inside (and in site) the mind of a former heroin addict and gang member… What are these muggers M.O. and motivation?

Not a gang… just a group….

I am sure that you (San Francisco) have heard about the rash of muggings going on in Bernal Heights.  We held our first Bernal Safety neighborhood meeting tonight at Bernal Community Center to get together and exchange information and discuss ideas to help us all stay safe.  The meeting was filled with a lot of information and ideas/suggestions most of which i am sure will be well outlined on by morning (if not, i will write a post in the morning with the update, because tonight, i want to give you this inside scoop).

After the meeting, i went home and got a call from a friend.  We began talking about what was going on and i gave him the basic low down.  This friend of mine did not used to be the way he is today and he tells me matter of fact that i would NOT have liked him at ALL if i would have met him back then.  Not many people did.

Back then, my friend was a bad heroin addict and was a legitimate gang member.  He had a bad habit and was not unfamiliar with violence and crime.  This is some of the things he says he feels about these perps.  Mind you, these are just his insights and opinions not the iron truth about the perpetrators.  However knowing him, he is probably pretty close to right on target….  Let the information begin….

  • The first thing that he told me was that they are probably taking the money to flip it to buy drugs to flip that to make bigger money.  Most likely there is a drug connection.
  • He is really insistant on this one… they are most likely NOT affiliated with a gang.  In the gangs, blacks and hispanics do not inter-mingle.  In fact, there is a lot of bad blood between the two races in the gangs. So he thinks that they are NOT gang affiliated but just 3 guys that most likely are….
  • Living here and are probably NATIVE San Francisco-ers.  They know this city and the neighborhood too well.  The nooks and crannies.  That tells that they have spent a lot of years tooling around the city streets and feel right at home here on main OR small streets.
  • They probably live near Bernal… possibly in the lower lying lands.  Most likely in a rougher neighborhood where illegal activity and violence are an every day thing for them to see since they were small.  This is their world and their lifestyle.  Crime is what pays when getting a job out there is virtually impossible (especially if you dropped out of high school or come from an impoverished neighborhood that does not show opportunities to its youth the way wealthy and affluent neighborhoods seem to.. (and even those neighborhoods kids are having a hard time not to mention the adults).
  • He said that he really doubts that they want to shoot and kill anyone.  They dont want to increase the incarceration time involved with a murder if caught.  The violence or threat of violence does enough.  They still accomplish their goal.  If they wanted to kill somebody they would have by now.   I questioned this since they most likely are the same ones that shot the guy in the hand at 30th and mission last week and pistol whipped a victim.  But he remains very insistant on this not being the case.  He says not because they have feelings about taking a life but because the consequences involved if caught.  (that makes more sense).
  • My friend said that his options to come up if he was dope sick and needed drugs was either to steal it or to sell his body.  He chose the first but he said

    “I did what i needed to do when i was dope sick on heroine.  Robbing people was an easy way for me to do that. “

  • They are probably living in a very poor native neighborhood where crime is an every day happening.  It is a way of life.  Poverty and drug abuse and violence is a way of life.  They are probably living in or near the projects and most likely have an (at least one) abusive parent(s). 

There you have it folks.  From the mouth of someone who (seriously regrets his actions as a youth) has lived it first hand.

It is also something to think about… People can change.  People can make better lives and choices for themselves.  People are often just a product of their environment and until we have walked a day in someone else’s shoes, we really could not know what it is like to have to live their life.  Anyone can make a change for the better in their lives.  I personally know someone who managed the impossible and did so. He corrects me and says he is still IN the process of DOING so.

I say… good for him!

By the way.  I am so glad that i still live in a true old school mentality of neighborhoods.  It feels like it used to.  I love the fact that we are all working together.  Strength in numbers and knowledge is power.  You are AWESOME BERNAL!!

South Bernal ladies… Be aware! Armed muggings in primetime off of Cortland Ave. (2 incidents in the last 3 days within 3 blocks) **UPDATED!

2 muggings off and on Cortland Ave. in the last 3 days.


We have a description of a vehicle thanks to neighbor and victim Miranda.  Here is her words for you to hear and be on the watch for!  Once again, thanks Miranda…

MirandaJan 27, 4:32 pm

“I am a victim from november and from one it sounds like onr of the originals. I will be there tonight and i really hope there are police officers there.”

…That there is the neighborhood meeting tonight (Sunday) at 7:30 at Martha Brothers Coffee which is on the corner of Cortland & Ellsworth.  Hope they catch them soon!



Ladies (and gentlemen too!), We need to be extra careful when walking in the neighborhood right now.  The last two nights there have been 2 incidents where ladies were held up at gunpoint and robbed.

The scary thing about these robberies is that they both happened at around 8:30-8:45pm! This is prime time people.   Practically still daylight!

The first incident happened two nights ago (tuesday) at about 8:30pm, a group of four ladies were walking on Cortland Ave. and were held up at gunpoint around in front of Taco Los Altos.  They were approached by 3 young adults (2 hispanics and 1 black males) were reported to have gotten out of a car (i am sorry, i do not know the make and model).  The ladies were held up and had their money and cel phones and purses taken from them.

Be Safe!

Tonight they struck again.  As i approached the grocery store to buy some dinner, i saw 2 police officers talking with a young well dressed girl right outside the store.  The girl was well put together but clearly shaken.  I inquired inside and was told that she was held at gunpoint as well just one block from the grocery store one block down Andover at Jarboe.  To add insult to injury, not only did they take her purse and phone, but also took her GROCERIES!!  Can you believe the nerve?!

The Good Life Grocery store on Cortland & Andover St.

A last incident that should be noted. There was another incident this week down at 30th and Mission St.  A guy was stopped by 3 young men at around 4am and was held up at gunpoint.  The guy refused to give up his phone and wallet and in the process was shot by the assailants in the hand.  I do not know if this is the same group of kids that preyed on the ladies the last couple days but it sounds pretty similar.  I wouldnt be surprised if it were the same people doing the strong arming.  They are all currently still at large.

An unnamed worker at The Good Life also told me that another thing that he thought these guys seem to be preying on are possibly intoxicated ladies.  I am not sure why he believed this and didnt press him to explain why.  I wish i had though to ask about the vehicle involved but i will look into it and get back to you all with updated information.

Dont be a hero! Be safe!!

Keep your eyes peeled ladies.  If you get stopped by a robber with a weapon, GIVE THEM YOUR ITEMS THEY ARE REQUESTING!  Your stuff can be replaced.  Your life can not!  Walk in well lit places and if at all possible, take one of the one way streets going the opposite way so you can see anyone who is coming toward you.  Put a lock on your phone.  Download a phone tracking/retrieving app (i have findmyiphone and its free!) maybe cary pepper spray and keep your eyes open.

These kids are going to be caught.  Possibly soon.  They are possibly minors and possibly do not have a record so it may take a little longer than one would expect for an adult but these kids are so bold and brazen and prolific that it is just a matter of time before they are caught.  Just keep your eyes and ears open and you are aware of your surroundings.  AND BE SAFE!


As it turns out, while witnessing the aftermath of victem number 1 last night, those brazen bastards actually strong arm robbed TWO more times just less than THREE blocks from where the fucking COPS WERE!!  Not only that but after visiting the comments in Bernalwood ( It looks like these have been possibly been going on since November and also over in Potrero and Glen Park neighborhoods which makes sense since they are two of our neighboring neighborhoods.  Bottom line folks… If you are just going to the store, only carry what you absolutely need.  Leave the iphone and the whole wallet at home if you are smart.  That way at least they wont get our whole lives in one fell swoop.  Be safe Bernal!  AND KEEP YOUR EYES & EARS OPEN AND OBSERVING YOUR BLOCK!!

Seems to be an anomaly to be spending my delayed flight with a bunch of pencils!

In this day of technology, we don’t do many manual things to pass time besides reading & sleeping & eating. After not having my computer for so long, the first thing I did was pull it open. That worked until I just got another delay notice. Time to find my gate & visit the loo. After changing out of my wet (from getting caught in the rain earlier) clothes and freshening up, I found my gate… And it was packed! I found this table kinda in the middle but at the same time out of the way. For this stretch, I wanted to DO something! (Anything to alleviate the urge to want to smoke!). So, I pulled out a drawing l started a couple days ago. Our dear reader Katykins suggested that I take a picture of some of the stuff I have been working on. So, I give u a 2 in 1. My drawing (unfinished!) AND the airport! Hope u all have a fantastic. Holiday!!





One of the reasons i love San Francisco but especially Bernal Heights….


Stencil of SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.

Stencil of SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.

Graffiti PURPOSELY PLACED on a home on the west slope of Bernal. I believe that our neighborhood has either 3 or 4 of these stencils up. They are done by an artist from Oakland (aka the old sf!)… Hopefully Wilson will have completely recovered from the Tommy Johns surgery and he is impressing Bocce a LOT… enough for us to offer him a competitive contract. Because at this point, Mr. Wilson is a free agent. How could we lose the beard that we all should fear?? What will i wear on game day??!! Dilemmas! Oh well, i am going to enjoy my bearded misfit champion team with Brian Wilson a part of the mismatched symphony of players and hope for the best!

Here is a photo hike around Bernal Hill at sunset with San Francisco looking oh so beautiful!

The bright flood light on the horizon is Candlestick park.

You for a rare change can see Mt. Diablo off on the left horizon.

This cute pair i stumbled upon, Ryan & Cassandra, who were driving the coolest 1970’s Mopeds!

One of their Mopeds parked on Bernal Heights Blvd.

Not only is this cool moped called “Swinger” but even more stylish, it is made by JC Penny’s!

The city beyond.

Downtown with the Bay bridge on the right.

The Eiffel Tower of San Francisco… Sutro Tower!

See the sky? It is fighting between day and night.

almost straight ahead (unable to be seen her but it is there!) the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mighty Sutro Tower atop Mt. Sutro (aka Twin Peeks)

Night has won the fight and the lights of the city have come on, but it is still somewhat light. I love this 5 minutes of the day!

And as soon as it comes, the light of day is gone and night is upon us. Looking at Sutro Tower from Holly Park, one of the oldest parks in the city.

I walk around my neighborhood almost every day so you all have seen some photos from this location.  The fantastic thing is that it has 360 degree views of San Francisco and it is filled with the nature.  Life could be worse!  I love you San Francisco!

My day started with a break down and ended with a boom and collapse!

The evil bookcase that attacked me tonight!

I knew today was going to be a challenge when i posted on FB that this had been a rough day and it was only 1:05pm.  It was a tough morning because my depression has been on pretty strong for the past 2-3 days.  I have not been holding it down too gracefully…. I blame the disease!

Mid day actually went pretty well.  Got stuff done, sat in the sunshine, listened to music and read, vacumed my room, cleaned the kitty box and fish bowl, did some writing and talked with my roommates.  Pretty ok.

Just when i thought i was home free…

the shit starts falling from above… literally!

I had a shelf in my bookcase that had lost its little plug stop thing and it was teetering towards the back left corner.  I had removed about 2/3 rds of its contents and had somehow found places to put all those books (i had no idea what i was in for in t-30 seconds!

My entire bookcase collapsed in consecutive shelf fails (just like the twin towers without the squibs!) without warning.  Every book (that did not fall on me!) had to be pulled or dug out from behind and between and on the sides and carefully removed from teetering shelves (without 1 might i add falling into the… phew… clean litter box who’s home is on the first floor of said case.) .

I did not know i had so many fricking books at this one apartment.  I still have most of my books in storage from my last move and i got rid of my entire collection after working at a bookstore for over a year (it was either books or my records… records won!)  i believe i have to say now that i may be addicted to buying books.

(My poor thumb.)

To say the least, it was an unexpected HUGE project that occurred just about the time i was going to take a bath, eat dinner and go to bed.  I guess this is one way to be forced into some major spring cleaning! (i just dont know how both thumbs got smashed in almost the same place while my hands were in very different places! Hmmm…

Well, 2 hours later, a pained back, a trip to the corner store for boxes and some sorting, stacking and boxing and i can sit down on my bed again!  Phew!  I was wondering if i was going to be sleeping on a fresh bed of books tonight.  Tomorrow… part two of the clean up and hopefully the full repair of the bookcase!  It has got to be a better day tomorrow!  It is a half moon after all tonight!  Those nights are always my equivalent full moon… (i am a cancer and this is just something that has become so regular and obvious that i am aware that my half is your full.)

I will say though.  I have some pretty cool ass books!  And i know how to read!  Yippee!


Can you name the steepest street in San Francisco? I bet you are wrong!!

I found this GREAT article (here is the original link… about San Francisco’s true steepest streets!  I know we are known for our steep streets, partly because my grandma lived on Jones at Clay my whole live and going over california every single time proved a rush! (almost as much as going up on the roof of her building and pushing the buttons in the elevator!).

Now almost 20 years later, i find myself living on the steep slopes of Bernal Heights.  Now, i started this exercise thing a couple months ago by walking every day around the steep streets of bernal and around the rock.  I have intimate knowledge of these steep hills as i find myself losing a lung trying to get up these SUPER steep grades.  So much to the point that in about 7 weeks, i have lost 9 lbs by walking 2-3 miles a day 6 days a week.  

I am getting stronger but do not ever see a marathon on my future!  I just enjoy being out in my beautiful town breathing the cool sea air and catching views of the whole bay.  Life while hiking, aint too bad i tell you!…  Enjoy!


The Steeps Of San Francisco

In Search Of The City’s Steepest Street


A Steep San Francisco Street

A Steep San Francisco Street

Ask a San Franciscan about the City’s steepest streets, and four out of five times, he’ll say something like “Great for scaring the bejeezus out of tourists!”

Or, sweat beading upon his brow, he might recount that Damp Morning when he drove his Manual Transmission up the Impossible Grade, and was forced to stop, just below the top! In frantic pantomime, he’ll pull the emergency brake and disengage the clutch. Crane his neck to peer anxiously at the car sniffing his downhill bumper. Bulge his eyes. Gun the engine. Pop the clutch. Release the brakes. Lay down some rubber with a piercing squeal. Float his steed slowly onto the flat. Wave the smoke from his eyes. Pump his arms in brief celebration. And finally, grouse about that sadistic driving instructor who got him into the pickle in the first place. What a jerk!

Flush with the desire to frighten out-of-town guests, or to take the aforementioned test of motoring skill, you’ll need a suitable road with hill. Google the “steepest streets in San Francisco” and you’ll find this:


The Steepest Streets in the City, Purportedly
1. (tie) Filbert between Leavenworth and Hyde (31.5% grade)
1. (tie) 22nd between Church and Vicksburg (31.5% grade)
3. Jones between Union and Filbert (29% grade)
4. Duboce between Buena Vista and Alpine (27.9% grade)
5. Jones between Green and Union (26% grade)
6. Webster between Vallejo and Broadway (26% grade)
7. Duboce between Alpine and Divisadero (25% grade)
8. Jones between Pine and California (24.8 grade)
9. Fillmore between Vallejo and Broadway (24% grade)
Source: San Francisco Bureau Of Engineering.

Impressive? Most certainly. However, might I register a beef, please?

The grade measurements look okay, but the locations overlap the traditional haunts of hipsters and sightseers, seemingly to the exclusion of the rest of town. Hills dot the entirety of the City, so a similarly-steep street must lurk elsewhere within its 49 square miles. Right?

At the exact moment of that realization, my inner Chivalrous Knight rose from slumber, knowing that he must canvas every corner of San Francisco, no matter how nondescript or unpleasant, for its steepest thoroughfares – if for no other reason than the Defense Of Equitability and Advancement Of Knowledge.

A Map!

Frisco encompasses some 1,400 miles of paved roads, so the first step was to narrow my search. Combining the National Elevation Dataset’s 1/3-second data with the Open Street Maps grid, I created the following map of the City, with streets colored by slope:

A map of San Francisco with streets colored by slope.

A map of San Francisco with streets colored by slope.

Despite the map’s warts – and a geography geek will find more than a few – it served its purpose: to pinpoint areas of interest. After scouring the associated topos, I’d assembled a dozen candidate intersections, ripe for inspection.

The next day, I loaded my crude surveying rig – a level and builder’s square – into the car, checked the brakes, changed the oil, kissed my wife and kids goodbye, mumbled a prayer toSaint Christopher, and embarked upon the Steepest Search.

High Grade

Most people naturally describe steepness with an angle. However, road builders speak ingrade, the ratio of vertical rise to horizontal run, expressed as a percentage, allowing them to quickly perform useful calculations without resorting to Troublesome Trigonometry. Angle and grade are not synonymous: for example, a slope that rises one foot per two feet of run is about 27 degrees from level, but has a grade of 50%. With that in mind, let’s continue!

My first target was 10th Avenue above Quintara, a straight shot to the top of Forest Hill. On approach, it looked mighty indeed, and measurements showed 4.75 inches of rise per 20 inches of run: a respectable, but not record-shattering 24% grade. The subsequent procession of streets – on Mount Sutro, below Twin Peaks, in Diamond Heights – clocked in likewise: at 23%, 24%, and 25%, but nothing steeper!

A century ago, when San Franciscans began swapping their goat-drawn carriages for automobiles, some wise authority must have decided that these new-fangled mechanical animals could not safely climb more than one foot in four. And issued a proclamation: no new street shall exceed 25-Percent!


In support of that theory, the Parade of One-In-Four Grades continued for two more hours, until abruptly terminated by this extremely-steep ribbon of pavement atop Frisco’s Sunnyside:

The 400 block of Baden

The 400 block of Baden

Was it a public street? The local postman didn’t think so, but the city signage, as the dead-end 400 block of Baden, indicated otherwise. However, it was stubby, one lane wide, textured like a lava flow, and if it wasn’t a driveway, it certainly ended at one.

Baden’s lumpiness raised a pertinent question: how to determine the maximum grade? Consider too short a stretch, and potholes, bumps, and gutters skew the numbers. Too long, and the flats drown out the steeps. My eminently-practical compromise defines maximum grade as the most you can tilt your car, axle to axle, driving the road while keeping the wheels on the pavement and avoiding damage.

Measured accordingly, upper Baden topped out at 34 percent: worthy of breaking out the champagne, if it were a bonafide street other than by technicality!


In the Hollywood Adaptation of the Steepest Search, I had reached the dark part of the script, wherein Circumstance tests my Mettle. Sure, I’d assembled the Twenty-Five-Percent Collection and discovered a Heavily-Tilted Single Lane Road With Asterisk. But, despite my best efforts, a full-fledged specimen of truly extreme slope eluded me!

Frustration cast a smug grin in my direction, and I winked back, for I had an Ace Up My Sleeve: Bernal Heights!

In any sane city, a superlative hill like Bernal would have been left completely bare. However, San Francisco was crazy before the 1906 temblor, and a basket case afterwards. Bernal escaped the brunt of the damage, so, to house refugees and the workers who would rebuild the city, the powers-that-be hastily completed and populated its network of narrow streets. These charismatic thoroughfares persist to this day: arranged in a grid here, a jumble there, with dipsy doodles everywhere! Given the chance, don’t miss the staccato ramps and flats of Prospect Avenue. Or, to experience the sensation of being One Hair Shy Of Tumbling Off The Edge Of The World, drive Elsie Street from Virginia to Coso!

Bernal oozes good, funky karma, so poetically, upon its northern flanks, I found Redemption.


At first, I didn’t know whether to believe it or not. Could this be an illusion? A dream? I rubbed my eyes, pinched myself, and looked again. Still, it persisted: Ripley Street, a beautiful, continuous grade, paved in the tell-tale concrete, jutting bravely skyward! With the hallmark, mandatory parking perpendicular to the slope, lest the ever-tugging hand of Mother Gravity transform one’s hapless vehicle into two-thousand-pound Battering Ram Of Rolling Carnage.

Thiebaud's "Ripley Street Ridge"

Thiebaud’s “Ripley Street Ridge”

I jumped from my auto, ran hurriedly to mid-grade, and took a measurement: 31.5 percent! The same pitch as Filbert and 22nd Streets, but with longer sustain, and drivable both ways!

On the topic of Ripley, the Internet Dot Com is more-or-less mum, with one notable exception: renowned painter Thiebaud’s evocative, spot-on, and sought-after Ripley Street Ridge, recently sold at auction for a cool $1,022,500.

More coarsely, if San Francisco’s other steep streets are Boys, Ripley is The Daddy: a broad-shouldered, dominating 400-foot stretch of peeling tires, boiling radiators, and grinding brake pads! Lose control on lesser inclines, and via the proper application of wits, reflexes, hedges, curbs, side streets, and other cars, you just might be able to negotiate a Happy Ending. But screw with Ripley, and you will certainly endure a most Severe Punishment upon the Bottom!

Nevada and Prentiss

Finally satisfied by my discoveries, I headed home to dine with family. Alas, in transit, slightly below Bernal’s rim boulevard, I lost my bearings. The steering wheel of fate guided me into a vaguely-rural area – so steep that half of its lots are vacant.

There, I encountered Nevada, a stripe of loose, dirty asphalt that cascades downhill at a lunch-tossing 36 percent. If you have a heart condition, serious back problems, frequent motion sickness, or are under 48 inches tall, do not attempt to drive it, for a local resident informs me that unlucky motorists lock up in fear and/or careen by on a weekly basis.

Thirty seconds after gingerly exiting Nevada, I rendezvoused with a sassy, petite, curved, concrete street by the name of Prentiss:

Prentiss Street above Powhattan

Prentiss Street above Powhattan

Drive downhill along the inside edge of the turn, and your car will briefly tilt at an astounding 37% grade. Hubba hubba!

Congratulations, Prentiss Street between Chapman and Powhattan, for you have officially earned the title of San Francisco’s Steepest. You soundly trounce your Californian competition, and cross the finish line nose to nose with Pittsburgh’s Canton Avenue, tied as the two most-tilted urban thoroughfares in the world!

New And Improved

Now, with that and some other discoveries in hand, let’s finish the job. Fire the pyrotechnics in five, four, three, two, one…

The Steepest Streets In San Francisco, For Real
1. Prentiss between Chapman and Powhattan (37% grade)
2. Nevada above Chapman (36% grade)
3. Baden above Mangels (34% grade) *
4. Ripley between Peralta and Alabama (31.5% grade)
5. Filbert between Hyde and Leavenworth (31.5% grade)
6. 22nd between Vicksburg and Church (31.5% grade)
7. 24th between Grand View and Fountain (30% grade)
8. Kearny above Broadway (30% grade) **
9. Holyoke between Karen and Woolsey (30% grade)
10. 25th above Grand View (30% grade)
11. Jones between Union and Filbert (29% grade)
12. Dwight above Goettingen (29% grade)
13. Folsom between Chapman and Powhattan (29% grade)

Source: Stephen Von Worley.
Notes: Ties are broken by the length of maximum slope.
* Crude, single lane pseudo-street, 
** Grade unconfirmed.

Mission Accomplished. Inner Chivalrous Knight, time for beddie bye!

Please do read the sequel: More Steeps Of San Francisco!

At 38 years old and One fish can still create One Thousand tears! (this can’t be normal is it? Who cares! I loved my damn fish!)

He was a part of my family… Me, my kitty Arthur and Tyrone.  Now i guess Arthur and I must go on alone.  At least Tyrone had a much better end of his life but i also fear that i may have killed him because i just cleaned his home yesterday and he was ok.  When i received Tyrone, he had been living in a Dixie cup and had been being fed oatmeal!  After getting him into a proper fish apartment, with proper food, he almost doubled in size!  Tyrone was a TOUGH FISH and a survivor big time!  At least i know that i made the last half a year of his life a much better existence with clean water and food and play.  I would talk to Tyrone every day to say hello and i think he knew we were his new family. (Arthur sure did!  Whenever he heard me talking to Tyrone, he would come out into the kitchen and give me this look like.. “you better not be talking sweet to some other animal!”  But i think he got used to Tyrone being part of our family too. Anyway, I just dont know and will never know if it was something in my doing with the cleaning of his water yesterday, and can not go back in time if it was my fault.  All i can do is mourn the loss of a little fish spirit that brought me and so many others a little bit of joy.


I will you miss you my tough guy Tyrone!  Thank you for allowing another cross species interaction/ friendship to take place and may you go to a better place… (maybe next time coming back a little higher up on the food chain?).  May you rest with the fishes and in peace!


i will miss you!

Typical walk to go to the store…. Welcome to my neighborhood of Bernal Heights.

I decided that i would take some photo’s of what i see when i walk to the store.  It is about 8-10 blocks away and down a huge hill to get to.  So i take my time when at all possible.

One of the first things i come across upon my descent is one of my more favorite houses… the “red house” as i call it.  It sits on a strange triangular piece of property which makes this house a little unusual.  And totally adorable!

You can see the red house and its strange property shape here by looking straight ahead beyond the bushes and shurbs.  There is a walkway on both sides of the house and i am about to show you the left walkway next.

…shortcut stairs to Virginia Street.

This is the view from the middle of the path on the way down.  Notice our beautiful Mount Sutro lounging in a little fog….



After going down, one has to come back up.

And this is now where i introduce you to my little park… the Eugenia Steps….  These steps are great because, first, they are wonderfully cared for by a caring neighbor who takes pride in his work (birdie told me that there was nothing but weeds until he had gotten ahold of it.  Now it is really clean and well tended!  Thank you sir!)  We start at the bottom looking up in this first photo

Now we are looking down the steps from closer to the top.  This is probably about 300 ft. rise from the store at the bottom.

…and because we are so far up there now, it affords us some beautiful views and a place to sit and enjoy them! Yea!

…looking west….

looking north towards the mission.

and on to the last little leg of the steps….

and one last departing shot while the branches of the trees swing apart in the wind long enough to get a photo….

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my route to the store at the bottom of the hill.  It being so beautiful sure helps the pain of walking up almost 400 feet straight up.  Keeps one from needing a thigh master though!

The sky was on fire tonight.

When I went outside tonight this is what I saw. I think this is the closest thing to what I would consider to look like the sky being on fire.

It was really beautiful!






To dream of the produce isle… Now this is the Good Life!!

That’s right folks.  The Good Life is right here in Bernalwood!  And you too can go to their produce isle to dream like i do!  It just amazes me every time i get to the end of the frozen food isle, stop, look forward and left….  Perfect PERFECT isle and end caps! The most beautiful and might I say amazing foods!  ( The Good Life supports a lot of local organic foods to stock their lovely store with!) …and they always are in the most picture perfect stacks.  I could spend a good chunk of minutes observing the beautiful vegetables and fruits.  It is a great escape!

Once you get closer, you can really see what they have stocked up there.  They don’t have a huge space to display their goodies but the space they have is used so well, i have actually found amongst the staples, some really wild and exotic produce.

So without further ado… I present you, some of the latest things that caught my eye at…


…This one in the center above is a broc0lli!  It sure would impress my friends at my next dinner party!

At our favorite healthy market on Cortland & Andover, the Good Life, I have become somewhat obsessed with their produce/veggy isle/section.   “APPLAUSE”  for you produce meistro!  You keep your section so perfect at any time at all, that i can come and sly like snap these photos of your beautiful and unusual bounty of earth’s goodness….

You should go and see how beautiful it is to eat so healthy.

Now you can say that you know where TO GO to get your faux mustaches!

Hello there San Francisco!  More specifically Bernalwood!  I have to show you the most incredible fake mustache collection i have ever found in the city.  You can find the wall of stash at our lovely neighborhood gift store Heartfelt.  Stop in and be wow’d by the extent of faux stashes!  Maybe it will move you to have a Mustache Themed party!!

mustaches cont.