Private home, public art at Dick and Jane’s Spot

ELLENSBURG — Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg gives new meaning to the term “public art.”

For more than 27 years, artists Jane Orleman and Dick Elliott gave a unique and whimsical art treatment to the outside of their home on North Pearl Street. It’s a collection of art by some 40 artists and a way to display some of their own work. Continue reading

This is just too cool not to show you! AND it is invented by a neighbor who lives just a couple streets down!


Bernal is kicking out some serious talent here. By the time you are finished watching this video, you are going to be thinking just what i did after i saw it… I WANT ONE!! Keep your eyes peeled. The only thing better than good design… Is local good design! Now you have been illuminated! (bad pun i know and am sorry! 🙂

Seems to be an anomaly to be spending my delayed flight with a bunch of pencils!

In this day of technology, we don’t do many manual things to pass time besides reading & sleeping & eating. After not having my computer for so long, the first thing I did was pull it open. That worked until I just got another delay notice. Time to find my gate & visit the loo. After changing out of my wet (from getting caught in the rain earlier) clothes and freshening up, I found my gate… And it was packed! I found this table kinda in the middle but at the same time out of the way. For this stretch, I wanted to DO something! (Anything to alleviate the urge to want to smoke!). So, I pulled out a drawing l started a couple days ago. Our dear reader Katykins suggested that I take a picture of some of the stuff I have been working on. So, I give u a 2 in 1. My drawing (unfinished!) AND the airport! Hope u all have a fantastic. Holiday!!





One of the reasons i love San Francisco but especially Bernal Heights….


Stencil of SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.

Stencil of SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.

Graffiti PURPOSELY PLACED on a home on the west slope of Bernal. I believe that our neighborhood has either 3 or 4 of these stencils up. They are done by an artist from Oakland (aka the old sf!)… Hopefully Wilson will have completely recovered from the Tommy Johns surgery and he is impressing Bocce a LOT… enough for us to offer him a competitive contract. Because at this point, Mr. Wilson is a free agent. How could we lose the beard that we all should fear?? What will i wear on game day??!! Dilemmas! Oh well, i am going to enjoy my bearded misfit champion team with Brian Wilson a part of the mismatched symphony of players and hope for the best!

I stumbled across this clever art series showcasing “urban architecture gone terribly wrong”

Thank you to Architizer website for allowing me to share their article!

In quite possibly the best illustration of “accidents waiting to happen” ever, German artist Robert Rickhoff has created a new photo series that questions public space in a humorous—and sometimes disturbing—way. See more!


Titled “Out of Place,” Rickhoff’s series underscores the importance of architecture and urban planning by presenting impractical and dangerous situations, such as a playground slide facing a road or a speed bump in a railroad track. Don’t worry: these are not real-life scenes (although that certainly would make the images more compelling). Rickhoff digitally manipulates photos from various urban and suburban locales.

At first glance, many of the photos appear to be rather banal. It’s only upon closer inspection that viewers realize something is amiss. Whether they suggest skateboarding in the street or playing volleyball in the center of the Autobahn, Rickhoff’s images depict how idiotic urban design could actually be. We only hope these scenarios don’t actually exist somewhere on this crazy planet!

Images courtesy of Robert Rickhoff

[via designboom]

Dreams can actually come true in Detroit! Just look what a few dollars can buy you! You wont believe your eyes!!!

I want you to take a look at these pictures and then guess how much this mansion is asking on the market in Detroit….

649 Van Dyke Place, Detroit

649 Van Dyke Place, Detroit

(you can see all of the other pictures that were not able to be copied to this post over on’s detroit site.  Use this link…

…ARE YOU READY?  ok.. here goes.. take a seat or hold on to something tight…
This house.. no Mansion.. is selling for a whopping $One Hundred and Fourty-Five Thousand Dollars!!!

You can not even get a Studio in the Tenderloin here in SF for that much!!  It makes me light in the head just thinking about it!


Gosh Dang… I LOVE this place.  Living in San Francisco with the insane prices of, well, EVERYTHING, but especially home prices (even worse, rent prices…), i can not even comprehend a home like this selling for the price listed above.  Sheesh, (hopefully no one will do this), but just the architectural salvage would bring in more than they are asking.  I wish i could buy this beauty and live in it while i watch the city rebuild around me!  Detroit is now the perfect place for a huge artist community to come in and be able to finally create without worrying about how to come up with $2000 a month for a dinky studio apt.  With prices like that, how could an artist actually afford to make art unless they have already made it big?  I think there are big and awesome things in store for Detroit.

It is so sad to see what has happened to a major metropolitan mecca and almost unbelievable!  But i dont think that this city is going to be dead like this forever.  For many many americans (and others), this situation, that has happened to it has allowed dreams that were always only a fantasy, to come true.  There is actually a place now for those dreams to be lived out.  I have so much hope for Detroit, unlike SF.  The hope actually makes me happy and excited!  Sf is almost too far gone to try and grasp it back down to reality!  I wish it werent so far, or i’d take my measly $$ and actually try and become a home owner!
I have faith in you Detroit!  And… You will come back!

Check out these make-up transformations! One of the things i loved most about doing makeup was the transformative aspect. So do these drag queens!








This next one quite scares me!


as does this next one!



This one has a good chance getting a job at Asia SF Restaurant.


I am starting to think i maybe should have posted these picts prettiest to scariest because… Be prepared!  A bit bear is next!

And finely, tiny but mighty!



You have got to see these multi-purpose furniture pieces! They are so clever and space saving!

I just love me a two-for!  These pieces that i found through at are really cool and worth a look!




Just because it is a color wheel, doesn’t mean that it is a good (accurate) color wheel! You would be surprised how many bad ones that are out there.



Just because it is a color wheel, doesn't mean that it is a good (accurate) color wheel!  You would be surprised how many bad ones that are out there.

These are fairly good examples of a decent color wheels.







For the untrained eye, all of these color wheels look, well, like a color wheel does… or maybe we think should look.  However, not all color wheels are alike.  Infact, it is a lot harder to find a really good color wheel than one would think.

It may take actually making a color wheel yourself for one to understand just how tough making a really accurate one can be.

The places that i find get into trouble the most are between the yellow and yellow-green first.  It is really quite difficult to get yellow to step smoothly into green due to it being the lightest color in value on the color scale.

So, not too surprisingly the other place i often find gets botched is in yellow to yellow-orange. Again, it is so easy to just take it from yellow into a much more valued yellow-orange.

Sometimes they do great throughout the whole green to orange section but then comes blue and it goes all choppy again.

In a color wheel, no one color should look largely different in value to either color next to it.  There should be no big steps from one color to another and no big blocks  that stand out apart from the whole wheel.

This is my little lesson on choosing the right color wheel.  You never know when you might need this kind of in depth color wheel knowledge!   Go ahead… show up your friends now that you know what a good color wheel should look like!  It can become a game like it does me… the search for accurate color wheels… Like spotting a dodo bird almost!


My second favorite Sony Bravia Ads. This one is called paint.


Sony Bravia Paint

Sony Bravia Paint

Since today is my birthday AND i re-installed a new system OS, i thought i would celebrate by posting this Sony Bravia add. Not as cool as their paint and their balls adds, but equally as beautiful! I think you all will like this one too. Enjoy!

Eye of a Needle

Ok… This is crazy! The artist must be a very little person with very little hands to be able to make these awesome sculptures in the eye of a needle!!  This takes a very particular mind and pair of eyes and hands to be able to create the below.  It is not me that is for sure! I say  Bravo!


These are great! Really clever photos from German ad campaign. I think you will like these!

This is one of the most creative methods of advertising I’ve ever seen. Jobs and lead creative advertising itself together.



Another genius art idea from Phil Hansen aka


Pretty clever as always. From his frozen wine Amy Winehouse portrait to a kung fu portrait of Bruce Lee using just karate chops to place paint, this guy never stops with his creative endeavors. This time… Pancakes! And such beautiful pancakes too! For any creative foodie who really wants to impress that person that finally stays over and allows you to make them breakfast… You will for sure steal their heart if your delicious food looks this cool!

My secret total adoration of artist Barry McGee is out of the bag now i guess…



We have a local SF artist by the name of Barry McGee who is one of the godamn coolest artists i can think of. I have this secret crush on him or his work or his attitude or something. He is just so fucking amazingly talented and so down to earth and true. He is an authentic street graffiti artist as well as an Art Institute of San Francisco (the oldest art school west of the Mississippi!) grads and now is one of their highly regarded alumni. I would give my little pinky to be able to watch him in action. I believe that creativity just flows through those highly trained eyes and hands.

His story is of success but also tragedy due to his loss of his (also super talented and AI trained artist) Margret Kilgallen with whom was married to and just had baby, to a quick acting cancer in 2001. She was only 34 years old.

Margaret Kilgallen

Thankfully Barry McGee forages on with the new role as parent but with success surrounding his every step.

I heart you Barry McGee!

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FM 100 Color Hue Test

This is one of the proudest moments i have had in a long time.  It has been a few years since i scored 100 on any test.  I did this tese a few years ago and was sure i had aced it.  Wrong!  It is much harder than it looks.  However, several years later and with more study and focus, i finally proved to myself that color or the eye for it really is one of my gifts. (not exactly lucrative but it is better than nothing!) …Now if i just knew how to parlez having a 100% correct eye for color (out of 100 points i got 100 points) into a more $$ stable profession than fine artist, that would suite my geriatric years a lot better!  


Anyway, take the test!  It only takes a few minutes and it is fun.  Plus, you may learn something about your own vision that you were unaware of too.

To finish up my celebration of color… Here is the first one for day two of the Sony Bravia adds.


Not only are these adds a feast for the mind. Like getting your color fix as a drug feeds the brain, so does color! But, the production that goes into these adds is incredible!

Sony decided that they wanted to go a totally different route than the other TV manufacturers were doing to advertise the vividness of color on their Bravia tv. All of the commercials in this series are actual. No CGI no animation.

I believe that is what i love so much about these… they are clever, beautiful and just plain cool….

I leave you to the Sony Bravia Pyramid add. Enjoy!

The most beautiful color commercial i have EVER seen! Watch it! Cant feel too bad after!


For those of you that know / follow me, you may have discovered just how obsessed with color i am. I always said that i am not a very good drawer, i am a good color pusher when it comes to art.

Well, ladies and gents… I bring you the most luscious, brain watering display of color i have yet to find. I watch this Sony commercial a lot. It never gets old or dulls in effect. It is like eating cake… Never tired of eating cake!

Well, welcome to some mind cake. Hope you enjoy!

Look out! This little one is definitely one to be watching for!


Can you imagine being 10 years old and being able to sing like this??
If i was an industry producer i would be swooping this young girl up! Her name is Noelle and she has only 10 months of singing lessons.
Here is a link to her singing the same song without any lessons at age 9!!

It makes you realize that there are just gifted people out there who have skills in them that one would have to be born with to be that talented that young!

One of the most AMAZING artists of our time!


I would like to introduce you to yet another FABULOUS artist!  His name is Phil Hansen and his website is and on his page.

He is one of these artists that not only has incredible skill (and i mean INCREDIBLE!) but he also really thinks about the content and its context.  I would not go so far to say he is political, but he does make comments on society by his choice of subject.

He also has such an amazing ability to create by thinking outside the box.  I spent a whole day a while back just watching all of his videos.  It is great that there is something like youtube because otherwise, we would never get a chance to see a lot of the works because they are not made to last, just like this one that i am going to show you.  However, the ending is so fitting to Amy Winehouse‘s life.  It is a really beautiful yet sad ending just like with her life.

Phil did this piece BEFORE Amy Winehouse died, but after, he thought he should upload the video as a tribute. He can do anything with anything and i urge you to check out some of his other works on Youtube because you can truly not appreciate how talented this guy is until you see that he can karate chop a picture of Bruce Lee to peeing in the snow a picture of Lassie.

I highly encourage you to take a minute and enjoy the creative stylings of Mr. Phil Hansen or “Phil in the circle”.




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Photography by Emelie Koshland


It has been several years since i have watched this video that i made back in the late 2005-2006ish. Some things that these photos contain are San Francisco, some of the quirky things i see here, Highway 1 at devils slide before the last big slide, Pacifica, Infineon Raceway in Sonoma (that is my dad), Tiburon, Capitola, and 2 token Portland, Or. (snow), the De Young Museum (both the pre opening.. thats my dad walking away in the one. He is on the wall of donors too!) and the 48 hour public re-opening that went all day and night and day and night) as well as Dale Chihuly’s amazing glass retrospective, and my garden, and probably other things that i can not remember. I hope you like it! Most of these were taken on a little canon digital camera or my cel phone. No retouching unless it was sideways! 🙂

There are a lot of things that are wrong in this BART train impromptu dance performance! Ha!


First… Of the three ladies, there is one that is CLEARLY still in training. She (in the black pants) not only has two different colored sox and only sox on, but she is still learning about the words grace and elegance.

The second in abilities i would have to give it to the one with the boots on. She clearly has more skills and talent than her mismatched sock friend, but it seems a little odd that she came wearing a tutu! Like this was the big performance she got dressed up for!

Finally, The performer with the best chance of being a prime time dancer (pole? I didnt say it! It could be a circus with a pole!) is wearing a HELMET!! Probably in case of an untimely Bart emergency stop, she will not receive any severe head trauma, but i bet it is incase people riding bart start herdeling bottles and books and lunch bags at her while she is giving a spread eagle crotch shot split at the back half of the train.

Regardless, at least they were quiet and did not send around a collection helmet! Things could have been worse (although not for the poor uncoordinated chick in the black pants who Oh So wishes she was a headliner like her helmeted & tutu’d friends!)


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FoundSf has helped me bring you another few more interesting words regarding culture in SF and the world in general.


Image:Cdc no tenant is safe bbalteration.jpg

California Dept. of Corrections’ altered billboard, 1990s.

Martha Senger, a Goodman Building stalwart, describes briefly the history of small artist residential hotels in San Francisco.

In his book The Philosophy of Social Ecology anarchist philosopher Murray Bookchin wrote:

“The terrible tragedy of the present social era is not only that it is polluting the environment but also that it is simplifying natural eco-communities, social relationships, and even the human psyche. The pulverization of the natural world is being followed by the pulverization of the social world and the psychological.”

In the growing recognition that the world ecological crisis is rooted in runaway industrialization, which itself is rooted in the reductionist-materialist mindset that established the modern era, various thinkers are looking to pre-modern and tribal cultures for healthier constructs. Constructs whose economies are integral aspects of multidimensional lifestyles. Lifestyles whose rewards are intrinsic rather than extrinsic, with notions of growth that are equated with aesthetic and spiritual satisfactions rather than material expansion. In short, the kind of organic growth that emerges from within, rather than from without.

This is about such a culture, but rather than being distant in time or place, it exists today in our urban midst, although constantly having to reinvent itself as its underground and illegal environments are continually turned to more profitable uses. A cell within the counterculture, it is the artists’ living and working cooperative.

some beautiful (art) studios… (although being an artist, i KNOW these places look nothing like a real studio.. WAY too clean!

 This is a post NOT written by me.  I have to thank Alison Nastasi for this great compilation and posting!

Beautiful and Uniquely Designed Art Studios

by . Posted on 8:00 pm Tuesday May 8, 2012

An artist’s studio is the site of invention and an influential environment where form and function are of equal importance. My Modern Met’s post about one uniquely designed studio on rocky Fogo Island fueled our creative juices. The photos inspired us to search out other incredible art studios around the globe that emphasis beautiful design, integrate nature, or just wowed us with their interesting use of space. Each one becomes a work of art in and of itself. See them all past the break. If you know about an amazing studio, please fill us in below.

Squish Studio

On the offshore Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is Squish Studio — a gorgeous workspace jutting from the scenic, rocky coastline. Saunders Architecture gave the studio solar panels — something that becomes particularly beautiful at night as they light up the structure like a lighthouse — a compost toilet, and other eco-friendly touches.

Tower Studio

We might be joining Team Saunders soon if the architectural firm keeps creating beautifully designed studios such as the Tower Studio, also located on Fogo Island like the aforementioned Squish Studio. The angular, twisted exterior is completely windowless (but gets plenty of interior sun thanks to a massive skylight) and black, and can only be reached by hike. Three levels tall and featuring inclined surfaces — making it appear as though a mad German expressionist created it — the studio features all the same eco-savvy tools as Squish. Be sure to visit Bridge and Long studios also from Saunders Architecture to imagine further creative possibilities.

Shipping Container Studio

Most people generally don’t think of shipping containers as attractive structures, but MB Architecture does and has created a functional, but inviting workspace. Aiming to blend the boxy studio with the surrounding environment, the architects kept things simple and clean — allowing white walls to act as enormous blank canvases highlighted by ample natural light.

Image credit: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

Greek Studio

Boeotia, Greece boasts a dome-shaped workspace, complete with sculpture gallery, balcony, storage area, and cantilevered concrete steps that can also serve as an exhibit area. Inspired by the “spirit of the Greek landscape,” A31 Architecture wanted to create something that felt timeless — recalling antiquity and modernism. Unique construction considerations — including the sun’s trajectory — make the art warehouse a truly special place for one local painter/sculptor.

Airstream Studio

We’re big fans of mobile everything, and repurposed Airstream trailers are near the top of the list. One artist transformed her iconic recreational vehicle, updating the 1963 trailer for art’s sake. The furniture and décor pays homage to the vintage Airstream, but doesn’t sacrifice workspace for style.

Image credit: Undine Pröhl

Bridge Studio

Safdie Rabines Architects wanted to minimize the impact their beautiful structure would have on the natural environment, so they created an actual “bridge” that connects the two-person workspace to an adjacent house. Perched atop a canyon, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors create openness while providing a killer view of the San Diego area.

Image credit: Ole Hein and Poul Høilund D. Cruise

Stable Studio

Looking at one Denmark stable from the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the space is a haven for artists. Copenhagen firm Svendborg Architects have built the workspace inside an existing stable, preserving the structural walls and roofline. One half of the gabled interior is fitted entirely with mirrors in order to reflect things into the studio via the skylights on the other side of the pitched roof. It’s a progressive way to transform an old farmhouse, respecting the surrounding environment.

Painting Studio

One artist’s studio looks like the house that Ikea built, and we approve. The brightly lit painting workspace contains a large storage area, its own workshop, a garage, and a garden shed. You’d never guess the sleek, modern studio was located in the burbs of Melbourne.

Carport Studio

Architects Edwards Moore designed this translucent fiberglass carport studio in Melbourne. The simple, lovely design has a clean façade, allowing it to seamlessly blend with the adjacent first floor, art deco-style apartment. The workspace features porthole windows, a shower/wet area, and canoe storage (jealous!), among other amenities.

Portland Studio

Dangermond Keane Architecture wanted to “capture and add warmth to the silver Oregon daylight,” which judging from episodes of Portlandia does seem to need a little sunny oomph. This Portland painter’s studio is a single-person structure, and the stylish design doesn’t detract from its intimacy.

Forest Studio

If you’ve ever dreamed about quietly working away in the middle of the forest like Snow White, then behold one New York artist’s studio surrounded by trees and silence. A transparent roof allows you to daydream while painting, and the interior design is minimal, putting the emphasis on your work.

Ivy Studio

This ivy-covered workspace looks like it sprouted in the garden on its own. It recently won an Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects for its impressive marrying of organic and modern. The old garden shed was fitted with an exterior metal frame for the ivy to cling to, and the results are utterly charming.

No. 19 Studio

Kortknie Stuhlmacher Architecten of Rotterdam collaborated with artists BikvanderPol for a municipal art program in Utrecht. The mobile studio “doesn’t aim at being a piece of art in itself, but mainly offers a practical and affordable place to stay.” The massive structure maximizes space and function, allowing its inhabitants to divide the long interior however they please. Don’t worry, the behemoth structure is safe for transport and is permitted on public roads. We dig the studio’s dungeon-like trapdoor opening.

Ultra Modern Studio

Architects B+U, LLP’s art studio looks like it landed from outer space, but the ultra sleek and modern workspace is located in Los Angeles. On a hillside, the structure was built onto an existing single story house and is flexible enough to be easily transformed into a guesthouse (complete with wine cellar, jacuzzi, and more decks than any human being really needs). The curved steel might look out of place initially, but the firm explains their intent:

“The main design emphasis was a variety of trajectories that explored different movements and paths through the trees and the landscape, preserving the existing oak trees and minimizing modifications to the ground. The trajectories became the circulation path that in the areas of the studio and the cellar formed spatial enclosures, but mostly articulated as a trail through the thriving landscape.”

Tree House Studio

Hidden in the forests of Scotland, this tree house art studio is accessible by way of a bridge and wooden pathway, constructed to match the workspace. Part of the studio was built from the trees cut down to make space for it, aiming to minimize waste. Large windows and simple design make it an inspiring place for creative collaboration, as commissioned by the London Fieldworks art association.

Modern Tree House Studio

Rockefeller Partners Architects’ is a modern interpretation of a tree house, inspired by the branch-like steel pylons the art studio (and part-time sanctuary) is built on. The design shapes itself around the contours of the trunk — an homage to its California surroundings. Wood features prominently throughout the studio’s design, which features a fireplace and private outdoor shower for when things get really messy.

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Everybody should own some Resource Furniture pieces! You can expand even the smallest spaces.


I bet my lifesaver that you will be shocked and taken aback by the beauty and cleverness of these space saving pieces of furniture. Myself personally, having lived in San Francisco, have been salivating over these pieces for a long time. One of them could double my usable space!

An adorable little film from Charles and Ray Eames.

Thanks to our friends over at the, I wanted to share this wonderful piece by the Eames.  Beyond furniture, Charles and Ray Eames were prolific in a lot of other mediums from miniteures to films to animation etc.  Here is a piece of hand drawn animation.

“The Expanding Airport” by Charles and Ray Eames is a 1958 educational animation about the novel design of Washington Dulles International Airport, the country’s first airport designed to accommodate jet aircraft. The film coincided with the beginning of the airport’s construction—the airport would go on to open in 1962.

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I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite artists. He does the most AMAZING things with paper! His name is Richard Sweeney.

I have been following this artist named Richard Sweeney for a really long time (in fact his work has been my iphone’s wallpaper for years!).  He is my FAVORITE paper artist that is currently working today.  He has an architectural influence in all of his works.  Although his works can be small when he choses, I find that it is usually worked in a large scale. (just to keep my fingerprints off anything like this would be a tough task, let alone making it so large! His work is so flawless, innovative and beautiful!

I discovered while taking a sculpture class and working in hydrocal (kinda between plaster and concrete but white like plaster but stronger like concrete.), how beautiful a white form can be.  Especially when photograph.  The lines and shadows of the piece make the most amazing visual form with the shadows being as much a part of it as the light is.  I think Mr. Sweeney really gets this concept too.  The complex simplicity of his works are so stunning.  They look so flawless that it almost appears easy until you think  about how much time and preparation.  Or to try just folding basic origami or cutting paper, one quickly finds that it is anything but!

He continues to surprise me with his innovation of the simplest forms and scale of his work.   Every time i go to see his images,  i just kinda get lost in his amazing work. Although he does not work exclusively in paper (ceramic, ply wood, metal etc)  I think he is going to go down in history as one of the premier artists that works in the medium of paper, of our time.  But, by then, who knows what medium he will be manipulating!  I cant wait to be able to watch and see though.  Enjoy!



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Richard C. Elliott: Artist of our time.

Richard C. Elliott (to our family; Dick) is my uncle.  He and his wife Jane Orlemon are (/were… Dick lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and we miss him dearly!) artists that moved to Ellensburg Washington and began with some friends, a really rich artist community in the late 70’s.  Both Dick and Jane are successful artists.  Very different in style and scope but both 100% pure artists.  I will be doing my post on Jane soon… Watch for it!  But this post is about Dick.

Let me tell you a little bit about why my uncle Dick meant so much to me and still does even though he is no longer here.   Both of my parents love me dearly and accept me as a creative spirit, but, it took some years to convince them that i had no choice but to be an artist.  They thought it could be a hobby but nobody makes a living at being an artist so i needed to pursue more employable lines than art.  Dick told me otherwise.  Right when i would be questioning my decisions most it seemed.  He understood that sometimes one doesn’t have the choice to not be an artist and figuring out a way to make it work is the job.  Thus, Dick and Jane both were my mentors and role models as working artists themselves.

You may not be as familiar with Richard C. Elliott’s work by name, but if you have been in Washington, Chicago, Denver, New York and many other places, you may have seen his work.  Dick was commissioned to do large scale art in public places and not as much in galleries.

Dick was one of the most amazing charcoal portrait artists i have ever seen.  The problem was, he hated doing them. They were too restrictive and he was too much of a perfectionist.  He found his medium with… of all things… reflectors.  Now dont snub your nose just yet.  He used roadside reflectors in basic colors, sometimes as many as 5 layers deep to create geometric patterns.  I see a lot of north pacific coast Native American influences in his work, but i also know that he was interested in pattern in culture and researched this with many cultures and time periods.  It is just best to allow you to see his gift to us yourself to do his work justice.  His website is still maintained by Jane who is flourishing still even without her partner in art, life and love.  It is definitely worth a look!

I hope you enjoy this little clip showcasing some of his work.  I am proud to be able to share it with you!

Oh yeah… Yes.  They actually had 2 dogs named spot at different times ;).

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I just realized that i do not think that i have shown one of my paintings to you.

I am a fine artist.  This blog has taken a new lead for the moment but when i think of myself, i think of myself as an artist.  I have studied in a lot of mediums.  Some of them being ceramics, ceramic sculpture, sculpture, color, drawing, painting, print making, mixed media and paper arts etc.

If i am going to be exposing who i am to you… the world, i think it is time for me to share some of my fine art works with you.  It is what i identify with the most so to know it, helps you know me.

I will also give you a little bit of background on what influences my art.  I was a makeup artist for over a decade.  I used to be OBSESSED with beauty.  I didnt and still dont understand it.  It is a real love hate thing, but i loved using makeup as the paint and the face as the canvas.  Kevin Aucoin HUGELY influenced these early years.  His untimely death changed me a little bit.  I lost my idol.  He was the one that took it out of magazines and into fine art.  (check out The art of Makeup, Making Faces or Face Forward).  I also had some really bad tastes in my mouth regarding the dodgy-ness of the beauty industry in SF at the time.   I got tired of busting my balls to get screwed out of $ and prints. I am a 1992 high fashion addict that watched corporate buy up all the great cosmetic brands and turn the industry into a cattle heard.  I was pretty heartbroken.  I wont go into all the reasons i moved out of makeup and into fine arts, but the influences that drove my makeup art, i believe, still transfers into the new mediums.  So much to the point that i have done 2 paintings using cosmetics as their mediums.

But when it comes down to it, i am really just a big color pusher.  I am not great at drawing at all.  fine line work is really tough for me. However with practice, I have found that it does get better.  Color pushing never needs practice. 🙂  It is like going into a candy store.  It is NEVER a bad thing.  There is nothing wrong that you can buy in a candy store.  Candy is great.  Color is just as great.

So, beauty, color, early 90’s high fashion and emotion as well as texture texture can usually be seen in some form in most of my pieces.  However i do try and do pieces that are outside of my comfort zone here and there. Not successfully always, but it is still an important exercise to do i think.

Anyway, here is a few of my pieces.  I hope you like them!


Oil on canvas.

Watercolor and nail laquer on paper

Resin and copper mounted on Redwood.

Hydrocal mounted on redwood.

You can see more of my stuff if you want by following the links below…

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