Mrs. Clinton… This is what happens when you manipulate yourself into winning the primary.

(…Assuming Donald Trump WINS the presidency in 2016….)


I can only imagine what Hillary Clinton’s camp is thinking right now.  This is an election that i think she assumed would be an easy win.  Afterall… that Trump guy is crazy!  Right?

Well.. Maybe Donald Trump IS crazy.  Mabye he is a pathological narcissist.  Maybe Donald Trump is a sexist and a biggot.  But maybe the people of the United States would rather roll the dice with him than end up with someone who already has manipulated this election to be able to make it to the finals.

Had the democratic party actually LISTENED to their people instead of listening to who was giving the biggest payoff, and had Bernie Sanders win the primary like the American people wanted… We would NOT be in this unbelievable situation now.

Bernie Sanders

This election should always have been between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  (Bernie would have swept the floor with Trump I would  put money on it.)  …But because Mrs. Clinton and her career politician moves, the entire democratic party is going to lose NOT ONLY President but also the Senate and Congress and the Supreme Court! Now i think if the big boys at the top behind Mrs. Clinton’s election would have taken their heads out of their asses and voted with the mindset of the people they are SUPPOSED to represent we would not be facing 4 years of Donald Trump running our country into a capitalist’s dream but have actual intelligence in the lead office with Bernie running the show.   But alas… The people had to be the ones to send the message and unfortunately Mrs. Clinton’s camp made sure that Bernie was nowhere around when that time came and the people had to vote Trump cause they did not like the way Clinton corruptly does business.

Let us take this time and this upset in American Politics to really review why we are still using the system that is in place now.  We need to remove not only Super Delegates but also the Electoral College.  It is antiquated and does not clearly represent the people wishes.  This is 2016.  Why can the peoples popular vote not count as the votes for the country?  I believe this country keeps it the way it is because it is very confusing and technically makes it so the American public does not have a voice.  Only electoral college and super delegate’s have the power to be heard.  We are told our vote counts but really it doesn’t. And it SHOULD!!!

I am thoroughly disgusted by politics all the way around at this time. The one chance that the big wig’s up there in charge could have showed the people that they were being heard, they go ahead and throw the election just to get their croney to be able to “keep her place as the next president”.  Well the people didn’t want Hillary Clinton in office, and they would not listen, so instead the American people had no choice but to vote for the other candidate.


I am so angry with how Americans are STILL getting scammed by their own politicians who are suppose to be representing THEM!  We need to repeal Citizens United which was passed in 2010. We need to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which ruled to allow unlimited political spending by corporations.  This ruling said that it would be unconstitutional for limits to be placed on corporations because it would “limit how they could communicate, thus limiting their First Amendment rights”.  And until that happens, it is only big money that is going to have much voice in our future elections… and we all know that it isn’t the people who have the power of big money.  It is the corporations who have that luxury.

Before i shut up… let me take a minute and say that i think we should really think about what is happening to our country and our political system.  I don’t feel like anyone really thinks that good candidates were given as an option after Bernie was bamboozled out.  What is the future of America going to do if we can not be heard through our votes?  Isnt it time for us as Americans start revamping the failing voting system that is 200+ years old?

Well tonight i think America was heard.  Heard loud and clear.  We are SICK of career corruption with politicians.  We need to clean up house and rebuild it behind glass where the whole system is open for scrutiny.  We need Sunshine type ordinances put in place to make the entire game of politics have to face oversight and transparency by the people who pay their salaries.  …It seems all we have now is an industry that makes it legal to be a criminal.  I know that corruption is going to always go hand in hand with politics but we can keep it to a limit.  Make our politicians know we are watching them.

Mr (dare i say President) Trump,  PLEASE dont screw us! (ALL of us!!)  (if you are indeed the winner which i should state that as of now only 89% has been tabulated but Trump leads with 244 electoral votes to Clinton’s 215).

Now as for Mrs Clinton.  My suggestion to you is to make Bill give you a foot rub and pour you a nice hot bubble bath so you can finally relax and get a good night sleep.  You can sleep in too…  seems tomorrow, you might have the day off … and the day after… and the day after that…. It will give you plenty of time to reflect on where you went wrong.


SSI Disability revoked asks the question…

I have a friend who was awarded SSI Disability a couple of years ago because she suffers from pretty debilitating clinical depression and generalized anxiety.   She received a letter a few months ago stating that her benefits were going to be under review.  This did not surprise me due to the state of the economy and how butchered funding towards social services has gotten.

She has been disabled technically since her early twenties but really started getting professional help in the early 2000’s.  Her depression was severe enough to (according to the Certified Vocational Specialist) be “almost entirely unemployable” due to the amount of days that would be called in sick and the randomness of those days.  No employeer would want to deal with someone calling in sick on and off and not being able to set any work schedule that could be absolutely relied on all the time.  It would be impossible because she never knew when the bouts of depression would hit.  When they did, she can not even get out of bed let alone function in any productive environment (unless it contains a lot of sleeping and crying).

This does not however mean that she is a mess 100% of the time.  When not depressed, she is quite engaging and very bright, cognitive and intelligent.  In fact she is usually the one that friends go to to ask for advice because she has the most level and informed head on her shoulders.  She knows when the depression is going on and sometimes even why, however, her cognivity is not so strong to be able to overtake the depression with logic.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  She is at the mercy of her disability regardless how intelligent and stable minded she is when it is not at play.

She researched online and by asking professionals if there was any risk of these benefits might be at risk of being revoked, and she got an abounding no, because she was not able to attain any work over that 18 months, she continued seeking professional help (even adding a therapist due to the depression getting worse), as well as upping the dosage of medications over this period of time.

She was sent to a “doctors appointment” that was scheduled by SSI that had her do basic  learning as well as mostly memory tests.  She thought it was something like she did in Jr. High when she was tested for learning disabilities minus the math.

She was told at the end of the appointment that she did “well above average” with the tests.  She got nervous and was assured by the therapist that there were a  many intelligent people in the world that suffered from mental disabilities and not to worry.

BOY was she wrong.  Not only did they not bother to look at the notes all of her doctors submitted that have been seeing her regularly.  Or the fact that she has been prescribed increased dosage in her medication and added another mental health doctor.  Nor the original judgement.  They went solely on this one test that said… “well she can think and understand and organize thought and interact with people so that must negate the depression.” So they told her that they were going to revoke her benefits because she was not disabled anymore.

She now is about to go through the process of appealing this revocation.  It really does not seem fair that after 3 long years of applying and appealing to finally see a federal disability judge and have them rule in her favor, to now have to have an employee of disability be the one who decides if they were wrong by revoking.  If they uphold their revocation, then she has to appeal to the Supreme Court of her state.  At least at that time, it is not going to be a partial employee to the SSI system making this decision, but another federal judge.  However,  receiving this news has thrown her back into the mental mine field of suicidal thoughts and regular long severe bouts of depression.

I think that they are trying to ‘shake the tree’ so to speak and see where they can avoid having to give money, but is it that being cognitive cancels out suffering depression and difficulty in finding and maintaining gainful employment due to this fact?

It just does not seem fair to me.  She is not faking it and i am concerned that she seriously thinks about how much easier it would be to just not be here anymore.  How could they not even look at the legal decision ruled by a federal judge that landed her benefits in the first place?

The world we are living in, here in America has truly been hijacked by greed and Corporations.  I say get out NOW while there is still a chance or there is going to be nothing but a high class and a slave class with unsafe infrastructure and rioting crime. No healthcare and education that is teaching nothing but ignorance (see posting a few days earlier titled “Pun intended…”).

In the last 15 years i have seen what was the land of freedom and economic opportunity has turned into.  It is now a place that you can watch the picked fences falling before your eyes.  No one can get a job because they have all been outsourced yet at the same time, inflation has gone up like they are playing with monopoly money.  Every time that we have inflation, the banks make a profit off of this.  I have a feeling that because of this, by 2020 it is going to be about $2700 for a cup of coffee and $50 million for a starter home.  Why is it we just sit and watch our utopia be hijacked by greed and government?  What is worth fighting for these days?  And what kind of future are the youth going to have to survive in?  Unless bankrolled, or REALLY above average intelligent applicable in a relevant profiting industry, they are going to have no choice but to survive however they can and that usually means crime.

It is crazy to watch a first world country/#1 world power collapse into a 2nd world country in less than one generation.  It is such a waste of what so many worked so hard to build and so unfair to those that are not the corruption that greedily caused it!  It truly makes me sick and very afraid.

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