Incase you have not heard… and you want something trippy to show around the water-cooler…

I saw this story on goldfish that had been dumped into Lake Tahoe.  These goldfish started out small in a bowl in someone’s household who thought it would be a good idea to dump them in the lake (NOTE*** this is NOT a good idea.  Native species are in danger of being eliminated from the invasive non-natives taking the natives food or outright eating the natives.  Right now the biggest threat is the big mouth carp in Lake Tahoe.).

People did not think goldfish could last through the winters in the lake due to the fact that it gets so cold with the snow coming right down to the banks of the lake.

Apparently they were wrong from the looks of it…

Giant goldfish in Lake Tahoe… ARE YOU SERIOUS???

goldfish in Lake Tahoe…Makes one wonder if they are tasty?!

Lake Tahoe goldfish

Lake Tahoe goldfish

Lake Tahoe goldfish









Guess What? Its our birthday and we are 1 years old! Happy anniversary blog*!*!*


I can not believe 365 whole days have passed since the day that i decided to start this blog.  I have to thank my dear and for leading me into the brilliant and hilarious and informative creative genius that inspired me to begin this art experiment.

When i started this blog, it did not have a real direction or purpose. (I dont know if it has a purpose now other than it being my current creative outlet and a very satisfying activity to be able to exercise my right to my own free speech without being sensored in any way (for now!).

I have always been a talker.  I think it is genetic because my mom is a BIG talker and even was a politician so i think it naturally runs in the blood.  But i also like to talk and always seem to have an opinion.  I am not trying to push my beliefs onto you, but i really do like the idea of being able to open up a conversation with total strangers that are based all over the world.  You, my beloved blog followers are representing many different parts of the globe.  It just goes to show, that issues that are important to me over here on the west coast of California can be related with in a place on the opposite side of the world.  There is not so much difference or separation as our media and governments and churches would like us to think.

Just for you to get an idea of what you all have helped me to accomplish in this year of my blog…

  • as of 2:58am on Nov. 17 2012, i have received 59,107 individual views on 417 postings. (my goal was 50,000 but dang i wish i had made it to 60,000 so that way i can figure i get about 5000 each month.  Now it is 4??? a month and i suck at math so i just dont do it. 🙂  But 59 thousand is not too bad for a  little girl who just babbles online!  Thank you!

Now, i would like to share some of the things that have occurred over this past 52 weeks.  A lot has transpired.  Probably no more than any other average year, but this year, i have markers so i can actually really see what has gone down.

We will start with the farewells….  I lost both friend, family and pet this year.  My Grandma passed away along with my friends Big Ben, John Paizon & Lentle.  Our kitty of 16 years; Tiki and our little Beta fish Tyrone passed as well.  However  I have gained a new Beta named Finochio and saved King Arthur from the clutches of death by less than an hour.  He is now my new family and so lovely!

My little baby Arthur!

I had 2 reunions, a family reunion and a 20 year High School reunion that both were great!

I have begun a daily intense exercise program and cleaned up my diet a bit (less sugar and trying to avoid fried at all costs!  Why then i ask is the fried food the tastiest food?)

I rode the farthest on a bicycle in SF ever (around 30 miles) in one night for the 20 year anniversary of Critical Mass.   As well as attended the 20 year anniversary of my friends awesome party by Wicked Sound Systems (yes… i used to be into early 90’s San Francisco house music scene and it was INCREDIBLE!!).

I also used for the first time and then again 2 more times (totaling 3x) , rideshares.  I really had a good experience with all three in fact and would highly recommend anyone trying it as a cheap, and environmentally friendly way to travel without having to deal with airport security!  Plus, you get to talk to people you may never meet otherwise.  I have enjoyed the ride sharing experience a lot and it is nice that there is a mode of transportation that actually has positive connotations associated with it.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series and we found out that we are losing the SF 49ers to Santa Clara (Booo!).

I also cleared up some of my credit.

Not too bad in a single year!

But… Now for the most important message of my anniversary blog… My thanks to you, my readers.  You make writing for you so special to me.  I absolutely love that you feel comfortable leaving your comments as well as share some things about yourselves in those comments.  I love that we have an international conversation here even though one would never know it just by reading what you wrote.  I basically love you all, my blog followers and readers.  You make this oh so worth while.

While i would like to say that it doesnt matter if anyone is reading what i am posting, it makes it so much more, more… well… EVERYTHING to have you here along for this journey with me.

You all are my originals.  The first to be a part of my blog experience.  This i find very special and cool and i thank each and every one of you that took the time out of your life to share in what i have to share with you let alone leave feedback.  You all have made this first year of my blog an incredible experience and i am really looking forward to seeing what is going to be on topic for the next year.

So, in short… WE DID IT!! HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVERYBODY!!  And from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!

our SF Giants are truly our Halloween super stars and the MLB World Series Champions in a complete sweep! GO GIANTS!!

SF Giants 2012 World Series Champions!

Today i wake up the fan of the 2012 World Series Champions in sweet San Francisco.  When we won in 2010, the city was electric.  We had waited over 50 years to win the championship and it was the first win since their move out of New York.  We had waited DECADES for that win and for those of us that have been lifetime Giants fans from the days when their record was not so strong and you had to freeze your behind off while paying $16 for bleacher seats at Candlestick Park to the super plush brand new winning record playing at SBC Park, the win was long overdue so, needless to say, that was very exciting!

However, here we are in 2012.  Just 3 seasons apart so the buzz of the 2010 win was still fresh and on (at least my) mind still.  Felt like it just happened yesterday.  But then i remember that last season, we lost Buster Posey to an injury early on in the season and we had not acquired several of our teams outstanding players yet to bring us to today… The perfect team.  The team of winning misfits.  I feel a little bit like the Giants represent what San Francisco used to be like more than it seems to be like today with their oddball characters and support through the diversity.

A well deserved moment of victory between Buster Posey and Sergio Romo.

Today, EVEN without Brian Wilson as one of our secret (not so) weapons, our San Francisco Giants 2012 postseason team may be the most epic eclectic group of talent that exists in baseball today.  From our MVP and one of the fan proclaimed mascots of our Panda (Pablo Sandoval), to Marco Scutero’s coming on strong when we needed him to and , of course the most epic all around player and maybe the league’s best catcher they’ve ever had Buster Posey, to the super intense Angel Pagan and super fast Gregor Blanco, to our new oddball and inspirational addition to our team Hunter Pence, and our local boy Brandon Crawford, …to our amazing pitching staff.  Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Adfelt, Voglesong, the VERY deserving Barry Zito and the most awesome Wilson replacement closer Sergio Romo.  (Maybe it was the power of those dimples that made each close like lightning).  Regardless it was the perfect storm of come behind kids to world champ sweepers.

It is interesting that the Detroit Lions swept the NY Yankees and then we swept Detroit.  We were on a roll that no one could stop.  We fixed our glitch of being able to win post season at home and we were able to hold off any chance the Lions had of catching up by playing such tight baseball.

It was such an exciting post season, from the come from behind win with the Reds to the absolute tromping of Detroit, it was definitely the fan’s dream season.  It should be an AMAZING team next year with Wilson back on the roster and Milkey out of restriction.  I personally can not wait to watch.

Mattresses set on fire on Mission Street

I know this type of win often leads to mass hysteria and sometimes self destruction of their own winning city.  I never understood why this extreme happiness ends up in vandalism and destruction of their own city.  But, that is of course, what happened last night in the Mission.  Mattresses were set on fire (again!), city streets were flooded with people and shut down, and i even heard that they had a bus in SOMA that had a single passenger inside, where people had surrounded it and were on the roof jumping up and down and people around it pushing it from side to side.  It must have been utterly terrifying!  Why would we do this to another possible Giants fan and at least a SF visitor or resident?  We vandalized our small businesses and generally trashed our city.  So i guess there are a lot of rebel idiots left in San Francisco unless they (probably) came in as a bridge and tunnelers.  That would make more sense for outsiders to get wasted and trash NOT their city.  Regardless, i wish the citizens and fans in SF could try and show as much class and grace as our players and manager Bruce Bochy always do.  We need to work a little bit harder to show the same level of class as the team that incited that reaction in the future if you ask me.

vandalism on Mission St.

That is what i love and have always loved about our SF teams (both the 9ers and the Giants.  (We will see how the 9ers fair after their dodgy steal to Santa Clara and all their new big revenue increases in our boring but rich and jealous neighbors to the south.)

And, i have to give big props to the Detroit Tigers who put on a good series even though they never were able to get a footing.  Their GM interviewed after the loss spoke with more generosity, humility and class to the point that i felt that we were playing the right team.  Both teams were and are class acts and both deserved to be in the world series.  Detroit although did not win, did play a damn good season and will also be a team to watch again next year.

Regardless, SF Giants pride is brimming here in SF.  We can’t seem to win a World Series  game at home, but we don’t care here in San Francisco!  We await the victory parade which will take place on Halloween morning at 11:00 am.  It sure makes a last minute  Halloween costume of being a giants fan an easy one! 😉 (We could just say that we came strait from the parade.)  However, i have a feeling that because these two events happen on the same day, we may see a new creative angle on the costumes that will grace our town. (for instance, a friend of mine is planning to be an orange Darth Vader with a SF Giants flag as the cape.  Dont steal the idea SF or i will not share these secrets in the future! ;).

San Francisco City Hall lit in orange in honor of becoming the World Series Champions of 2012! 10,000 people descended upon Civic Center plaza to watch and celebrate the SF Giants final game of 2012.

It will be a SUPER holiday on Wednesday October 31, 2012.  A holiday that is as perfect of a storm as Hurricane Sandy may turn out to be.  Only not in a scary way, but in a joyous and cosmic way, having our Halloween team be honored on Halloween!  We were not always the Halloween team because in 1989, we were in the world series in the middle of October instead of the end of October (remember that day with the battle of the bay that the earth shook?)  We think that the season had to be extended because teams had been added over the years making the season a little bit longer.

Our San Francisco Giants deserve all of the love and honor they have coming to them on Wednesday.  They are a GREAT team!  I personally think the best team we EVER have had.  In part because we are the team of the misfits that came together to create a force that was good enough to win it all.

CONGRATULATIONS SF GIANTS!! YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CITY OH SO PROUD YET AGAIN!  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!   We cant wait to see what we can do next year, but now, a well deserved rest i have a feeling is needed.

Until next season…. We are current WORLD CHAMPIONS yet AGAIN!!  WOO HOO! WAY TO GO GIANTS!

Incase you dont believe the word on the street… Just check this out! Real sign for parking around SBC Park where the Giants are playing in the World Series.



Can you believe your eyes???  $120 to PARK??  That is INSANE!!!!

Here is a photo hike around Bernal Hill at sunset with San Francisco looking oh so beautiful!

The bright flood light on the horizon is Candlestick park.

You for a rare change can see Mt. Diablo off on the left horizon.

This cute pair i stumbled upon, Ryan & Cassandra, who were driving the coolest 1970’s Mopeds!

One of their Mopeds parked on Bernal Heights Blvd.

Not only is this cool moped called “Swinger” but even more stylish, it is made by JC Penny’s!

The city beyond.

Downtown with the Bay bridge on the right.

The Eiffel Tower of San Francisco… Sutro Tower!

See the sky? It is fighting between day and night.

almost straight ahead (unable to be seen her but it is there!) the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mighty Sutro Tower atop Mt. Sutro (aka Twin Peeks)

Night has won the fight and the lights of the city have come on, but it is still somewhat light. I love this 5 minutes of the day!

And as soon as it comes, the light of day is gone and night is upon us. Looking at Sutro Tower from Holly Park, one of the oldest parks in the city.

I walk around my neighborhood almost every day so you all have seen some photos from this location.  The fantastic thing is that it has 360 degree views of San Francisco and it is filled with the nature.  Life could be worse!  I love you San Francisco!

The sky was on fire tonight with even a double rainbow!

San Francisco was host tonight to the most electric rainbow i have ever laid eyes on!  In fact it was a double rainbow!  I did not know that that was actually anything other than ice cream!  It looked like it was on fire.  I have not seen a weather event bring more people out of their houses to witness.  They were everywhere… at least the smart ones were!  It was just spectacular!  I hope you enjoy!








San Francisco was host tonight to the most electric rainbow i have ever laid eyes on!  In fact it was a double rainbow!  I did not know that that was actually anything other than ice cream!  It looked like it was on fire.  I have not seen a weather event bring more people out of their houses to witness.  They were everywhere… at least the smart ones were!  It was just spectacular!  I hope you enjoy!

If you have not seen the most EPIC stunt driving in San Francisco, EVER… Then meet Ken Block.

This video has stirred conversation about it throughout several different groups of friends of mine that are totally unrelated.  That means in my world… “chatter”.  And anything that has got this kind of chatter in my life, deserves to be shared.  What you are about to see is simply incredible!  Topics of conversation about this video has ranged from how one can actually drift like that, to what time of the day they must have shot it to get the permits to close those roads, to how much insurance had to be had in order to make this happen.  Regardless of the chatter, it is an AWESOME thing to watch.  This guy has gotten himself some serious SKILLS!!  Ken Block… You truly are one hell of a driver!  Thank you for not destroying our city like so many others without your skills have!

Newest ponder, where on earth does one hone skills like these?  Probably grew up in snow! 😉

Enjoy!  I am again!


if the video did not post, follow the link, it will not lead you astray!

When you feel silly getting all dressed up to impress the one you are seeking attention from, you are not alone!

I often like to see examples of animals doing animal things.  And knowing that the reason they are doing it is a universal drive we all do.  Then i like to see how much of us (humans) really are still just animals.  There may be more plastic and paint in our species, but it happens all the same.  Beauty is beautiful whatever species you are, and for some strange reason, every single one of us are drawn to beauty.  Maybe we are not the only ones.  I personally think that no one can ever EVER do it better than Mother Nature and this is my example.  Birds of paridise… aint no joke!  So f@*^%ing beautiful!  I think they know it too ;).

Eye of a Needle

Ok… This is crazy! The artist must be a very little person with very little hands to be able to make these awesome sculptures in the eye of a needle!!  This takes a very particular mind and pair of eyes and hands to be able to create the below.  It is not me that is for sure! I say  Bravo!


The most beautiful color commercial i have EVER seen! Watch it! Cant feel too bad after!


For those of you that know / follow me, you may have discovered just how obsessed with color i am. I always said that i am not a very good drawer, i am a good color pusher when it comes to art.

Well, ladies and gents… I bring you the most luscious, brain watering display of color i have yet to find. I watch this Sony commercial a lot. It never gets old or dulls in effect. It is like eating cake… Never tired of eating cake!

Well, welcome to some mind cake. Hope you enjoy!

Wow. Another BEAUTIFUL lil film!!


This little gem is well worth the time! I did not realize it was a Disney production until the end. I was surprised. It is so good, if it happens to be a full length film, i might pay the 10 bucks to see it.

You are going to want this table… believe me! You have never seen anything quite so cool!


I came across this video a couple years ago and i still want this dang table. It is GENIUS! And it can be adjusted by even a poor weekling girl like me! Get me this table and some Resource Furniture and i am seriously in business!

The truly magical Magic Eraser. …I am not usually one to plug items, but this is something to behold!

This is the magic that is the legendary Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.  This product is truly a remarkable little piece of technology.  I had heard about these “Magic Erasers” way back about 7 or 8 years ago from a friend who cleans houses for a living.  I had not been overly impressed by the advances in cleaning products thus far and heeded little notice.

Mr. Clean Magic eraser.

That was until my roommates who are both men and not the neatest guys (this picture i am going to show you is A. Yes… Disgusting, but also in all fairness, B. due in part to the fact that this roommate is a bike mechanic with regularly dirty hands. (still no excuse in my book, but whatever….) and i had scheduled an inspection from the landlord.  Clearly we hadnt done “spring cleaning” in a while, but this door was the worst.  I went to Lowes and stocked up on every cleaning supply we would need to tackle this job.  One of them being 4 boxes  of magic erasers.  1 box for each and 2 for me :).

This is what the door started like… be prepared!…

…Can you believe that filth?  I told you pretty gross.  Now mind you, i have my own work cut out for me, but i decided to give  Roommate’s door 3 minutes of my and my ME’s time.  All it took was a tiny bit of elbow greece and a little bowl of water.  In less than the given 3 minutes, …This is what i was able to do…

At this point, i was fascinated!  I had to know how this magic worked.  I was sure that there must be some sulfuric acid or something in this little sponge.  Something that could whisper filth like that into a little bowl of filthy water.  There was no smells of any kind of chemicals and you just need to use it with water.  I knew it had to be something awful contaminating bad chemicals back into our water supplies through ground fill drainage.  It had to be something that had to be unhealthy to breathe and the pets to be around… Something.

To my absolute astonishment and amazement this little sponge’s secret weapon is how the fiber structure in the sponge are arranged.   No cleaning solvent needed, just water, maybe if you really wanted to go for it you could use a little light soapy water, but i just used plain water (and rubber gloves) and this marvel of modern science.

Just some of the uses for this little gem are according to the Mr. Clean Website:

tile | vinyl | drywall | stainless steel | laminate | plastic | painted wood | painted metal | synthetic leather | glass | porcelain | sealed granite | other

I have also found a rather awesome use for the Magic Eraser… Crispy white sneakers!


Dont they look brand new again?  AND Non Toxic!

The only complaint that i have and they seem to be working on, but is also part of its genius construction, is that they seem to crumble apart quickly.  If you have anything with any texture to it, it will really tear it to shreds and if not, it will dissolve and break down.  I see that they are working on fixing this enate quality that goes with its genius, but i tell you, I used the 1st generation M.E. and then used the newer tougher M.E. and the newer one really held up a lot better (the first photo shows the tougher ones.  The earlier ones were just rectangular squares with no line impressions.)  As i was on the Mr. Clean website, (  I also found that they have expanded their line to include kitchen, bath, and a mop.  They also have a multi pack which i would like to try soon and do the true Magic test!

I hope that you take a chance and find that dreaded tough cleaning thing that you have been oh so avoiding… and just see how much easier that horrible cleaning task ended up being!   It is one of my favorite new things of the 21st century.

Pretty awesome time lapse photography. Go around the world and never have to leave your chair!

<p><a href=”″>Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse</a> from <a href=””>Kien Lam</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>