Citrus Vodka, Hazelnut Liquor and Lemons together taste like… what?… Chocolate Cake?!?

Now, i am not a drinker.  At all.  It is not because i do not like the feeling of having a little bit of libations coursing through my veins, lifting the veil of self conscience-ness and feel a little bit looser.  Or the feeling of not needing a 3rd layer of long sleeves to warm me up a bit.

I dont drink because my body does not process it well at all.  In other words, it makes me feel really sick and then almost always, really tired.  ONCE in a while (interestingly enough my body seems to know when this is and i will on those rare days) i’ll maybe have a drink or a glass of wine or two.

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You laugh when i say that my house has a ghost…

Zimmerman portraying a ghost.

Zimmerman portraying a ghost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go ahead and laugh.  And then explain just how my door tonight became locked from the inside when i left the room empty and dead bolted when i left…?

I know we have a ghost here.  It seems that i often seem to have a ghost that resides in my residences.  And my childhood home growing up we even wondered if we had a ghost.

This apt. is by far the most active hauntings than all of the others.  In this house, i finally got haunted by having something (my iphone mind you) fly across the room!  I luckily had a witness there with me so she can confirm that i am not delusional and vice versa.  That time we were the only 2 people in the house.

Usually the ghost likes to play what i like to think of as hide and seek with my stuff.  I have found that if i tell it to put it back right now… it gets found in often an absurdly unbelievable spot (like the middle of my bed or right on the middle of the floor or even in my own lap… AFTER i have stood up and sat back down!).

Tonight though, it managed to lock the other lock in my room that can only be locked from the inside.  Lucky for me i was able to take a bicycle spoke and wrench it back to where i could open the door.  This is the only time i have ever had this happen and it is somewhat disturbing… mostly because my little baby kitty Arthur is in there. but also because… THAT IS MY ROOM!!

I went down and talked to our downstairs neighbor Mary one time  and what she told me, scared the pants off of me.

Mary has lived in the building for over 40 years, raising 3 children here after arriving from Nicaragua.  Mary is the shit!  I really dig Mary.  She is a sweet lady.  However, i speak no spanish and she speaks some english but is much more comfortable in spanish.

Over a conversation lasting about 45 minutes, i got up the nerve to ask her if there was any paranormal incidents here when her boys were living up here.  She told me this…

She said after one of her sons had moved away for college, he had moved back to the house (so he was a grown up by then.).  She said he was upstairs taking a nap when he came bounding down the stairs screaming and crying.  She made a big issue of this because i get the feeling that she was not used to seeing her son in such a state.

She said “What happened?  What is it”??

He went on to tell her that while he was resting, he was levitated.  LEVITATED!!

Now, i have never experienced being levitated but i know that there is enough unexplained phenomenon here that enough people have seen it or had it happen to themselves that i am finally not looking quite so crazy when i come bounding out of my room mumbling …god damn ghost….

It is a curious thing though.  Dont you think?

Have you ever been “haunted” before?  Please share your story!  It is hard to know how wide spread these things are if no one ever talks about them!  Wouldnt that suck for me if i am the only one…  I had never thought of it like that….  uh oh!  😉

Holiday gift giving just isnt what it used to be. Mostly because they have our cash hijacked once we spend it… Even if it is a gift!

itunes gift card

itunes gift card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)


I was having a conversation tonight with a couple of friends about gifts and gift cards as well as exchanges and returns.  After about 5 minutes of discussing the gift card industry and things associated with it (Specifically a gift card i received for christmas early this year.  This was a gift card that came with a gift receipt.)   We started to realize that there was Zero, 0, Zilch. Non, Nada reason for one to be included with the card.

Then we started to realize that with the implementation of Gift Receipts, even if paid for with cash, one can ever only get store credit or an exchange.  With the gift receipt we can never prove that cash was spent on the item because they so graciously leave off form of payment so they can force you to contain the money within their company or store.

Once a gift card is purchased, the money has to go to the store.  You can not change your mind and get any kind of refund anymore.  People used to pay with checks and if you wanted to return something, and you paid by check, they would return to you cash.  Since checks are practically antiquated, the only way to get your money back is to have the original receipt and within that first 7 days, you can free your money in what ever form that you chose to pay with.

Then we started to think about how many BILLION$ and BILLION$ of dollar$ that are floating out there in our wallets, our pockets, the dumpster, the sidewalk, the cushions of the couch etc.  with a small remainder of credit on that very gift card that will NEVER be used.  Just think about the amount of money that is generated on that odd remainder!  That is technically our money still.  But it is already with the company so they really are making a double double double profit.  Profit from the initial gift card purchase and then the mark ups when spent on the items and then the unspent remainder.  All benefiting the company and the company alone.

I remember years back when we didnt like something that we got, we could go back with the tags in place within the seven days and we could get some money.  Nordstrom did this for MANY MANY years to many returners (and scammers) appreciation.

Now i think about how much money is going one way never to be able to come back if it is something we dont want these days.

Now I  can definitely see the benefit of these gift card trading (buy and sell) sites as well as places like ebay and amazon to be able to resell your brand new perfectly unused unwanted item to retrieve some cash said item.

All in all, they are fleecing us dry by the looks of it in a lot of ways, that are less obvious than higher interest rates and inflation.  There are the fees and the 1 way money flow… out of our pockets & into theirs.  It is pretty scandalous and we dont even see it or realize it happening or at least the bigger impact of what these policies truly mean for them stealing our money.

So on this year of gift giving… Do your loved ones a favor… Just give them CASH for godsake!  It is a different time than it used to be.  It is no longer seen as lazy or tacky to give cash.  It is only what we work our whole lives for!  Cash=freedom so you are actually giving them the feeling of freedom when cash is given!

People are not judged by how much they spend, but on what they spend. Give your loved one the right to chose where that hard earned money should be spent.  That way, A. the change stays with them and B. they will have a receipt showing that they paid cash incase they change their mind when they get home.  The bottom line is you are at least giving the windfall to the one you are giving to and not some financial corporation for them to take over the free world with!

Plus.. Cash is pretty!

My big vacuum dilema. (Vacuum has got to be one of the worst spelled english words EVER!)

Shark pet perfect hand vacuum

So, i have a friend, and in all good faith, he was trying to help me out by giving me a hand and cleaning up a corner of my room (i had a cold and the trash can was a few feet away.. It seemed to create a tutu of missed trash around the dang can.  I am NOT ever trying out for the WNBA.  Dont worry.  But it was with my left hand in all fairness, but i digress….).  Mind you, this friend took it upon himself to chose to become useful.  I had not asked and in fact i was not even in the room at the time.

Anyway… bless his soul… he tried to do me a solid, however in the process, he managed to throw out the filter to my little (awesome) hand held shark vacuum.  To add insult to injury, he didnt fill me in and in fact, he may not have even known that it was in there, but i in turn, began vacuuming using it with NO filter.  Whatever was being sucked in was being shot right out the side at me.  I heard the motor make a couple not so friendly noises too while taking in the dirt.

Thus leaves me this dilema.  Do i try and find a new filter for the vacuum or do i buy a whole new vacuum?  It shouldn’t be a huge deal for the average person, but i live on a very fixed income being on disability so any $60 has to be well planned and necessary and will usually be sacrificing something else that is  needed.  So, i have to be very thoughtful when it comes to expenditures like this.

However, in the vacuum’s defense, it has been this little trooper that has kept my room the cleanest room in the house and it doesnt kill my back to vacuum.  In fact i have taken a sort of pleasure out of its cheap and easy return.  Kinda like paint… The biggest bang for the buck in construction!  So, to help me to keep the #1 position of awesomeness in the house by having a room people can actually walk barefoot in, i think that this is a qualified emergency necessity expenditure.

So, i found the filter.  The problem is is that i have to buy THREE!  Which makes it over half of the cost of a whole new vacuum.  In a year and a half, i have fastidiously taken a toothbrush (dont worry… i dedicated one to it specifically!) and after every emptying, i would brush the dust out so that it was actually still WHITE when it was disposed of!  In other words, i took good care of it and it had a long life left. …So, what on earth would i do with 3?  The filters i am sure would out last the vacuum!  And we cant forget that the motor has possibly been compromised by the lack of filter that should always be protecting it.  Not to mention that i broke the pet hair attachment months ago (dont ask me how!) so that is not in use either.

Well, after this long verbal brain thought, on paper, i think it is saying to just replace the whole dang thing.  And dont upgrade!  (that is often where i get into trouble.. i say i am just going to replace this and then there is that one that is just a little bit better for an additional $xx.)

So thank you all.  You have officially come along on one of Emelie’s problem solving thought processes.  It was boring as hell wasnt it?  lol!

But, if you have any thoughts of your own on my dilema, please comment!  I am still rolling it around in my head so one good point from someone could possibly tip the scales!



I can’t wait until in like 20 years, this shirt will be one hilarious novelty!


Until then, I will wear it to clean house! :). Note* I found and did not, repeat, DID NOT buy it! 😉

This bathroom was just too funny to pass up sharing it with you!

We have this cute little shop down on Cortland St. that is a used kids clothing store.  In the very back of one side (they are in side by side storefronts that make up the store), they sell used womens clothes.   I love shopping in this secret little gem of ours but i never try anything on.  It is so cheap i just figure if it doesnt fit right i will just donate it back.

Anyway, one day i decided i had to see if these pants fit.  They were with stretch and i did not know if they would make it all the way around.  When i went into the bathroom, this is what i saw…

…With hand sanitizer and money for our tip jar!


Note.  Sign says please do not put paper in the toilet.  The water for the sink didnt work, BUT they did have hand sanitizer instead so everything is okay!  I also love the tip container.  I would put money on the fact that they put the money in to make people think it is the right thing to do….  I was cracking up!  Broken sink, broken toilet, hand sanitizer and a tip jar!  Perfect!

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Weekly Photo Challenge 1/4/2012: Arrange

I actually did a post about how crazy it is that some poor minimum wage retail worker actually spends their quiet shop time (or maybe that is another employee’s lone job!) laying out each and every gummy fish and worm so that they are arranged in a very she-she type display!  I bet their candy aint cheap if you are paying for someone to do this!


Roommate chronicles…a character study. Study 1.

  I love and hate having roommates.  I have lived alone.  When i was about 21 i lived by myself in a studio for about 5 years.  This period of time also ran parallell to a period of time where I was suffering from MAJOR depression with anxiety, mourning and suicides, not to mention exposure to the “real world”.  It did not go that well for me.  Living without roommates left me isolated and unmotivated to do anything.  

  I am the kind of person who has always liked people.  I was raised to TCB (take care of business) and treat others with consideration and respect.  It always has seemed to be easier for me to do for others before doing for myself.  I dont know if i enjoyed being able to feel useful which is easier to see through someone else or i deep down felt like i didnt deserve it.  I dont know yet.  Therapy hasn’t revealed the answer to me yet….

  Anyway, i know what it is like to live alone, but boy oh boy do i know what it is like to live with roommates.  I have had oh so many characters for my roommates over the years. Over the next several days, i am going to give you a character study of a former roommate i have lived with.  There are many more that the group that i am going to give you here, but i have always wanted to do this and actually started a roommate character study but my computer got stolen and i hadnt backed it up so this time it is going to be backed up into cyberland!  I am also not including any of my former roommates names.  If they read this, i assume that most of  them would be able to recognize themselves in it, but it is nothing that is untrue.  I know that different perspectives are going to see things differently, but this is my perspective and it is true as to how i see and saw it.  I hope you enjoy!



I one time lived with 3 other girls.  4 of us total. 3 girls with the master tenant being this  extremely passive agressive chick who lived as if she were on some reality show, never coming out of her room without full hair and makeup.  Her house (our house i suppose  but didnt feel like it!) was so “staged” that one day i came home to find every single outlet in the common part of our house has a “plug in” air freshener in it.  It was so bad that it sent a friend of mime that came by to see me into a massive allergic reaction to the point where i think she went to the ER to be able to breathe.  She never could enter my house again.  we would sit on my stoop instead.


 That goes more towards the need people to see me as keeping a super clean house.  She bought every single kind of massively wasteful, un-environmentally sound, toxic disposable cleaning product know to man.  Growing up in a very green aware environment, i had a big problem with this one.  From the Swiffer everything to Clorox Clean-ups to everything in between.  We had a double long closet that took up a whole wall that was all cleaning supplies… disposable cleaning supplies.  


To give you an example of her passive aggressiveness, let me tell you this story of the missing coffee supplies. I back then was making coffee every morning.  I had a french press that i would usually take to my room so i refill my cup when needed.  The other things i needed to make coffee was a clear glass square air locked mid sized canister that was filled with sugar and had a spoon that stayed in it, a ceramic plate/ tile/ tray thing that i made just for my dirty spoon for my coffee, and a coffee bean grinder.  They sat way back on the right in the far corner of the counter not bothering anything or one.  Not a lot of cooking was going on at this time because we all were busy and were getting used to living together.  I came home one day about a month and a half or so of living there to not find ANYWHERE.  I looked for f… days (two and a half to be exact) for my coffee making stuff.  It sucks without any coffee like that!  I had looked everywhere i could possibly think of…. Nowhere.  Wanna know where i finally found it?  I found my clear glass canister of sugar , coffee grinder and ceramic tray, … in the oven.  We had a HUGE long skinny kitchen.  LOTS of counter space.  In one little place at the very end of about 12 linear feet of counter top was too much… CLUTTER!!!  So instead of putting them in a cabinet, or the fridge, or under the sink, she put them in the oven.  That way we have glass epoxied to the sides of our oven with burnt sugar.  It took me 2.5 days to finally find it.  Thank god i didnt find it the hard way, by having the sugar explode with glass fragments all over the oven.


  Its funny because I heard later, that she actually DID try out for American Idol when they did auditions here in San Francisco several years ago.  She did not make it.   But,  i would pay a lot of money to see that audition and the feedback i tell you!


Phew.  So glad i dont live with her anymore!

I came across this cute posting about makeup storage… it led me to write about my experience as a professional makeup artist and what worked for me.


I came across this cute blog posting,

which had the little tiny Phrase “What do you think?”.  This is regarding makeup storage.  Clearly i felt i had more to say than even I realized and so…

This was my response…  

I find that you will thank yourself for having everything consolidated so you know what you have to work with. I did makeup in San Francisco for over a decade until i took a turn to fine art. I learned a lot about makeup, how to handle it (all those little different shaped pots and compacts), what was needed and what just cluttered my kits and threw me off my vision etc. I learned the hard but probably most natural way. I adore makeup and can not resist buying new things that would catch my eye or were seasonal. I would spend a lot of money on makeup. And would end up with tons of it everywhere.

I found that there were certain staples in my kit that i needed every job. I needed tints to be able to custom match any foundation or powder. I needed a good spectrum of shadows and colors to chose from. In the end, what i found is that less is usually more.

It was a really smart thing for me to make all my (say for instant eye shadows or lipsticks) together in one or two pallets. In the begining i could not afford to purchase an entire kit of say MAC Makeup which after you get established as a makeup artist and apply, (If you get approved you receive 40% off (when i started it was free, now there is a $40 anual fee) so you can really actually afford to stock your kit with their fantastic paints.) before this i took a piece of thin wood board and velcro dots and attached my individual pots onto one board so when you are working you can see and quickly and easily access your makeup. Taking a look at what your choices are always somewhat defined what i chose to use, along with my mood and of course the desired effect of the look we (the photographer and i) were trying to make.

I found there were things that it turned out that just never got used. It either didnt wear well or apply well or the color just didnt work,. I held on to these in the beginning fearing that i might just need this at some point. You dont. If you havent used or wanted to use it in a year, put it into the deeper storage drawer or like i usually did was give it to a friend.

Years and years later i still work like a makeup artist but just only on mostly myself and not even every day… But… my kit is maybe paired down to match only my own skin tone, but I would grab just that and maybe another bag for things like q-tips and lashes etc. that are not needed for home beautifying. I have 4 pallets of eyeshadow, 2 large (3″x6″ or so) that hold15 pots in each, 1 Nars and 1 Laura Mercier. All but one of them are nutralls and then a few individual compacts that have either a fantastic color (ie:Nars Santorini and Habanera) and another that has simply black and white. I have about 3 blushes, , concealers, powders, mascaras (about 3), 3 pencils (taupe, brown and white. these are used for all lips, eyes, and brows depending on the look.) If i want a specific colored liner i always use shadow and wet it if it is needed to be liquid. I find you have much more control over the color, intensity and placement if using powder. You also have the luxury of then picking the brush that will be able to accomplish what your desired effect is going for.

When i really got good, i started learning about color theory. It may seem to most a simple subject, but it is something i could probably study for a lifetime and still be learning it can really be complex.

After i got good with custom blends (which is what i would have to do almost every time when i had a hodge podge of misc. makeup to chose from, i decided to go and get pigments. Lip pigments i got were Red, Yellow, White, Pearl and Black. I did not end up getting the blue because i was doing pretty much editorial hi fashion or natural looks and blue was just not needed, but also because Mac’s lip pigment in black has a lot of blue in it. It is clearly a blue based black and was able to do all of the beautiful lilacs and lavenders with that. Then i got a lip balm, a chap stick and some Mac LipGlass and that would allow me to make every single color i ever could possibly think of needing. I got rid of every tube of lipstick shortly after.

I found that with three colors, white and black and texture, you can make everything (except for maybe mascara) to just what you want.

I became more time efficient and felt much more focused. I no longer had to stress over not having anything that is gonna work for this person and this look. Yet at the same time, i could actually cary in one decent sized bag my entire workstation including hair styling and towels and drapes etc (tip: next time you are at a public bathroom, grab a couple seat covers and fold them up and stick them in your kit. They make great impromptu drapes to keep your models clothes clean. I know it looks a little silly but it works!)

I wish you luck with your future ventures if you continue to chose makeup art as a career. Just make sure you always still enjoy doing it! When it is no longer fun, change before you hate it. Or at least that is maybe just what i did. But i didnt ever want there to be anything negative associated with beloved MAKEUP!

I hope i am able to share some of the fond memories of my years of makeup and hopefully pass on some of the tricks that took a lot of trial and error to figure out, but enjoyed every minute (mostly!) of it!

Thanks for asking!

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A clarification of my blog. What it is about, and where it is headed in 2012.

I have been doing some 2012 new thinking lately.  A few things are creating this need to reflect upon my life and what it is all about not to mention this blog.

I started this blog as a neighborhood blog and posted on relavent things that i was interested in (Art and design and craft and clever things.)  It quickly became an outlet for an extreem and sudden loss of my roommates kitty  (who was mine by this time because she had adopted me almost immediately upon moving in 2 years prior and my roommate rarely came home).  She was 19 so it was her time, but it was an incredibly sudden and violent death.  VERY traumatizing.  It all happened over about 20 minutes of horrific body spasms and drooling a lot of blood.  The most heart wrenching yeowling in body writhing pain right on my bed in front of me.  My roommate happened to be home at the time (OH THANK GOD!!) and we were all crying and screaming and telling her it was ok to let go and that we loved her.)  She died in my roommates arms.  Just where she should have because she was born not breathing and he breathed for her and she came to life and so i guess one could say it was full circle.  Regardless, it was HORRIBLE to have had to watch.  I was devastated as was everyone who witnessed it.

My blog now had turned into a healing and honoring device that helped me create closure with the loss.  I also got my new little kitty Arthur 2 days after Tiki died.  The loss of her life allowed me to save little Arthur who was slated to be put to death the following day at 3pm.  I picked him up at 1pm.  He was so terrified but has really come so far in just 3 short months.  He now sleeps and hangs out on not under the bed and now has even let several people other than myself pet him.  Every day or two i have a new breakthrough with him it seems.  It is really rewarding.  And as he becomes more comfortable he shows more and more of his personality.  He is hilarious.  A true character.  More to come on this in the future, but i must get back to my original point.

I went to a great little store opening tonight down the street so i could check it out and do a posting on it (watch for it.  I am going to go back and do some photographing without all of the people there to showcase this cool shop that sells electric bycicles)  I asked someone who the owner was to get permission to take a few photos.  I explained to him that i wrote a little blog.  I may have even said neighborhood blog, but i realize that i have moved from writing and posting really relavent things to me, i had begun using it in a similar way to facebook.  It was a depository of reposted blogs that i thought were interesting with a few personally written blogs intermixed.  I think i needed to do this because not only was i mourning the death of our kitty but also two friends and an ended relationship of a year.  I was really stressed out, scattered and depressed.  The blog although was not my own writings as much, kept me still looking for things that impacted me in a profound enough way to believe it worthy of rebloging or posting.

There is nothing wrong with doing this.  It creates a depository of relavent entertainment to the times pertaining to my life.  A snapshot of culture from my perspective so to say.  But when i started to think about it, i realized that there was no real common thread to my blog.  I hadnt been writing as much about my city and neighborhood.  It was and is kinda all over the place.

I may not correct this 100% but i think it is time for me to really figure out what this blog of mine is all about.  Is it a sort of therapy?  Is it a modern culture statement?  Is it a design and art/craft showcase?  Is it a way to have a voice in this ever failing time?  I dont know, but i promise this to all of you sweet people who have followed the hodge podge of interests posted here so far, that I am going to start really writing again here.  In a sense it is going to also be part online journal.  A way for me to think aloud.

This works well in two ways.  First, i will not ever have to worry about another house fire putting my journals at risk or a move losing them, and second, i can write a lot more before my hands begin going numb while typing than writing.  I will still keep journals.  That will never leave me, but i am going to trust in the readers that they will accept my writing as a thank you to them listening to my thoughts.

It will also continue to be a neighborhood blog as well as a city blog.  However,  i havent wanted to start getting too upset and angry in my observations, and lately, that has been the thoughts associated with things that i see happening in this (once) GREAT! and now Good city of San Francisco (see posting on Sherif Ross Mirkirimi’s political witch hunt).  So i am going to write what i am pondering and what i feel and what i see around me and what i discover, and who i am.

I just thought that of this leap year with the Mayan calendar ending and all, i would begin to clarify my direction hopefully to both you all and to myself.

I look forward to seeing whats in store for us!  I hope you are too.

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Great Gift Idea of the Day #70



A great gift for the rebellious artist friend or merry mixologist family member – the Graffiti Cocktail Shaker from Unique Vintage.  This cocktail shaker disguised as a spray paint can is creative, cool and a total conversation piece at any party.  Shake well before using and the drinks will be The fine print instruction that reads, “Shake well before using” has never been more spot-on! Make this gift extra special by giving a graffiti card from Fine Art America.

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Jeremy Kool’s Paper Fox Project, with illustration from Mike Manalac.

A few months ago I became aware of Jeremy Kool in Melbourne, Australia.  He’s a clever animator and 3-D modeller who’s stylish, animated creations, appear to make origami sculptures come to life.  Here are some of the characters.

With the help of his sister, who’s writes children’s stories, they’re in the process of creating a children’s interactive adventure book in app form, for iPad and Android tablets.  Cleverly he asked people to sponsor his ideas to make the project happen and in return the sponsors got beautiful prints of the characters for their walls.  Here’s the main attraction in his papery landscape.

Already I think it looks amazing and feels so fresh.  More Characters here.

The response to the fund-raising went so well that Jeremy has been able to enlist the help of an environment concept artist Mike Manalac, to help provide the Fox and characters with some amazing landscapes to run…

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Epic Origami


When complex mathematical algorithms meet traditional Japanese paper folding you create the potential for engineering design innovation.  By linking core sciences with artistic practice it is possible to devise methods to save lives and explore the universe as outlined by this specific example.  Although the delicate shapes created by origami appear artistic they are, at their foundation, formed from a strong layer of math.  Incredible shapes and designs can be created beyond a simple animal shape or a paper airplane.  Engineers currently use algorithms use in origami to determine the best way to fold airbags for optimum deployment and astronomers use them to compute the optimum configurations of space telescope lenses.

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The truly magical Magic Eraser. …I am not usually one to plug items, but this is something to behold!

This is the magic that is the legendary Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.  This product is truly a remarkable little piece of technology.  I had heard about these “Magic Erasers” way back about 7 or 8 years ago from a friend who cleans houses for a living.  I had not been overly impressed by the advances in cleaning products thus far and heeded little notice.

Mr. Clean Magic eraser.

That was until my roommates who are both men and not the neatest guys (this picture i am going to show you is A. Yes… Disgusting, but also in all fairness, B. due in part to the fact that this roommate is a bike mechanic with regularly dirty hands. (still no excuse in my book, but whatever….) and i had scheduled an inspection from the landlord.  Clearly we hadnt done “spring cleaning” in a while, but this door was the worst.  I went to Lowes and stocked up on every cleaning supply we would need to tackle this job.  One of them being 4 boxes  of magic erasers.  1 box for each and 2 for me :).

This is what the door started like… be prepared!…

…Can you believe that filth?  I told you pretty gross.  Now mind you, i have my own work cut out for me, but i decided to give  Roommate’s door 3 minutes of my and my ME’s time.  All it took was a tiny bit of elbow greece and a little bowl of water.  In less than the given 3 minutes, …This is what i was able to do…

At this point, i was fascinated!  I had to know how this magic worked.  I was sure that there must be some sulfuric acid or something in this little sponge.  Something that could whisper filth like that into a little bowl of filthy water.  There was no smells of any kind of chemicals and you just need to use it with water.  I knew it had to be something awful contaminating bad chemicals back into our water supplies through ground fill drainage.  It had to be something that had to be unhealthy to breathe and the pets to be around… Something.

To my absolute astonishment and amazement this little sponge’s secret weapon is how the fiber structure in the sponge are arranged.   No cleaning solvent needed, just water, maybe if you really wanted to go for it you could use a little light soapy water, but i just used plain water (and rubber gloves) and this marvel of modern science.

Just some of the uses for this little gem are according to the Mr. Clean Website:

tile | vinyl | drywall | stainless steel | laminate | plastic | painted wood | painted metal | synthetic leather | glass | porcelain | sealed granite | other

I have also found a rather awesome use for the Magic Eraser… Crispy white sneakers!


Dont they look brand new again?  AND Non Toxic!

The only complaint that i have and they seem to be working on, but is also part of its genius construction, is that they seem to crumble apart quickly.  If you have anything with any texture to it, it will really tear it to shreds and if not, it will dissolve and break down.  I see that they are working on fixing this enate quality that goes with its genius, but i tell you, I used the 1st generation M.E. and then used the newer tougher M.E. and the newer one really held up a lot better (the first photo shows the tougher ones.  The earlier ones were just rectangular squares with no line impressions.)  As i was on the Mr. Clean website, (  I also found that they have expanded their line to include kitchen, bath, and a mop.  They also have a multi pack which i would like to try soon and do the true Magic test!

I hope that you take a chance and find that dreaded tough cleaning thing that you have been oh so avoiding… and just see how much easier that horrible cleaning task ended up being!   It is one of my favorite new things of the 21st century.

Book. Lovers. Must. (Watch.)


If you are a book lover, then you must watch this 2012 Oscar Award Winning animated film short, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

(It’s 15 minutes long, but if you ask us, watching the whole thing to the very end is well worth it!)


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WordPresser Documents Her Mission to Overcome Agoraphobia

This is really inspiring to anyone and everyone. Way to go Arlynn and WordPress!

The Blog

For nearly thirty years, ArLynn Presser avoided leaving her neighborhood in Winnetka, Illinois, as she would experience debilitating anxiety and panic attacks when visiting public places and interacting with people outside her home.

But once she turned fifty, the romance writer decided that she was tired of living in isolation, and ready to face her greatest fear. On December 31, 2010 she started a blog at and wrote in her first post, “My New Year’s resolution is to meet every Facebook friend I have.”

And so she spent 2011 visiting friends all over the world (and meeting some for the very first time). Her son Joseph accompanied her on the journey, recording video clips for ArLynn to share on her blog, which she’s been updating regularly since announcing her resolution on New Year’s Eve 2011. By the end of the year she had been to 13 different countries and…

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