Oakland Ghost ship fire is a tragic day in house music history

You know the more i hear about this absolute tragedy in Oakland at the Ghost Ship wherehouse, i can not help but compare the party on friday night to one of the parties we had back in the day of early underground rave parties.  Not only would and did we do parties in places like this we also broke into abandoned wherehouses, turned on a generator or 3 and powered up.   This tragedy could have very easily happened to us at our parties any number of times.

There was an incident back in the early 90’s where a hillside caught fire on private land at a party in Livermore.  Thank heavens the promoters of this party were not only conscience but also on the ball by having a water truck on site and acting quickly. I remember that fire. (see videos below) It didnt last long and it didn’t get  very big, but i do remember it  being scary all the same.  The thoughts of the whole hillside going up in flames and us getting trapped crossed my mind a few times that night.



There was also a party that i went to in the early 90’s that was at the Fashion Center in San Francisco.  It was in the basement and i remember someone letting out the contents out of a fire extinguisher.  I remember that you could not breathe.  You just wanted to get out of there and find some air.  No one could see where an exit was with all the smoke from the smoke machine and people smoking and the fire extinguisher contents.  It was just like thick white smoke that you could not breathe.  It was terrifying.  I was lucky i was able to remember what color lights were near an exit.  But people did not know where to go.  There was nowhere to run.  Luckily that situation ended without any injuries.  We were lucky no one was trampled.

So when i hear about this absolute tragedy it hits very close to home.  I feel we all got very lucky that there was nothing like this that we ever had to contend with when we were throwing parties in a similar fashion.

My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of this fire.  They predict that the count of victims may be over 100 people to parish.  It is unthinkable.  All young people just starting their lives who just wanted to go and enjoy some good house music.  It is an extremely sad day in house music.

I dont know exactly how this is going to change the way people put parties together but i guarantee that there will be changes.  We can say goodbye to any spaces with code violations which unfortunately means probably greater loss of artists and musicians and bohemians to the fabric of our communities and will force more gentrification within the bay which is also a tragedy.

I will say thank you to the people who put on all of the parties that i attended as a young person.  And that they had been more aware of safety than i was clearly aware of.  If this had happened back in my day, it would have practically ended all of the house music parties on the spot.  The rave movement would have ended before it started.

House music usually heals.  But on this dark week, it killed. 😦


**my prayers and hope goes out to all the family and friends and loved ones of the victims of the Ghost Ship Party.  You are all in my thoughts!


Listen up people… One of ours is missing!!

As i was hiking in the park today I came across this notice. This is pretty serious for us in our neighborhood so people keep your eyes peeled let’s hope we find this missing kid!!!

This is the reason I walked half the length of the city tonight!

I had the longest Mass transit experience of my entire life today. It started this morning with the bus ride from Visitacion Valley to Bernal Heights. After that I had to go from Bernal Heights to North Beach.

There are several different routes that I could’ve taken however I wanted the smoothest most comfortable ride route… So I went with the KT third Street railcar.

Oh my gosh what a mistake that was! I should’ve known it when the driver of the 24 which took me to the third Street light rail wouldn’t allow me to get on because my transfer had expired.

When we got to Evans,this is what stopped us dead in our tracks. We were all forced to get off the train. We ended up walking most of the way to n. beach, Because it kept any trains going beyond the point of the accident.

All in all my one-way trip from Bernal Heights to North Beach took me over two hours and 15 minutes!

I did however make a friend named Larry who walked with me the entire way we had a good time & I think it was all worth it. However that doesn’t mean I ever want to do it again!

Now in regards to this accident this is a triple offense, take a look at the pictures below… First… Notice how far the trucks right tire has crossed over the crosswalk. Then, look at how close the truck cut that turn next to the muni. And finally the final insulating blow…




There is a no left turn sign in the intersection! Triple fail that sent people to the hospital. That truck needs to have his commercial license revoked I think!

And finally I snuck a secret smoke break shot of my new friend Larry. It was so much more fun with him and I making our slow way across town! Thanks Larry!!




Now I am exhausted and need a joint & some rest for my poor feet!



The randomness of big city living…

From atop Bernal Hill at the

I live in San Francisco.  San francisco although small in size is definitely what i would still consider a big city.  Yes it has a dense population Yes it is a civic and international destination.  And yes… randomness like this does still (for the time being) still occur.

Let me set the scene for you… We (our household) has two issues we are dealing with in regards to harassment.

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to add to yesterdays police blotter from Atherton Ca… the thread… Just about the funniest thing i have ever read.

This is a long thread that i had to copy from reddit to be able to share with you, however, it is such entertainment, i was pushed over the edge of my yes decision to post it.  If your mind works anything like mine, then this will give you several SEVERAL good hard (possible hours) of laughs!!  I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!  Oh Atherton…….

(to be able to read this in a more cohesive format, go to reddit’s link here: http://www.reddit.com/r/firstworldproblems/comments/18gsc4/police_blotter_for_atherton_ca_where_the_median/ )

[–]Freakazette 244 points 1 day ago

Some of these are even better if you read the ones right next to them. Like, the actual real crime makes some of these more ridiculous.

[–]Dustin- 241 points 1 day ago

Man stabbed in San Jose, injuries not life threatening.

In other news, a woman reassured a police officer that she knew her way home. Continue reading

Crime in Atherton. Grab some tissues… You are in for a bumpy ride!


If you happen to live in Atherton Ca. which happens to be the states 4th most expensive zip code (median home price is 4.9 million!), then it is no huge surprise that you have even less than first world problems.  You have maybe half world problems.  And when there is a problem… Who do you call?  The police of course.  Boy if i were a Santa Clara county deputy i really would love to be assigned this beat!  But only if i still had my patience and a serious sense of humor!


(To see the original article on the SFist, follow this link…


This was just too funny to pass up sharing with you all.  I have lived in the Bay area my whole life, growing up deep in the Santa Cruz mountains.  My dad’s business was over the hill and so we had friends over there.  I have always been familiar with Atherton.  I think my parents had friends that lived there (keeping in mind that this was in the 70’s & 80’s when it was really rich but the whole bay was much less populated than it is now).

In fact, life was much less complicated than it is now.  And much more connected.  Now days, fear is fed to us along with the ideals that beauty rules along with sex (however, it can not be talked about) and consumerism.

I dont think that in the days i was a kid that people living in Atherton were this incapable and terrified of… well… Anything that they might happen to come across.  I suppose that is reserved for our curent generations of frightened stiff un-functioned twits living in their walled manses afraid of the world and clearly delusionally entitled.

I would not like to see these people cope in a natural disaster where you are forced to rely on your friends and neighbors.  If this was survival of the fittest, these people would NOT survive.

It is funny but also just kinda sad, dont cha think?


Christopher Dorner Manhunt… Something seems fishy….

Christopher Dormer Manhunt... Something seems fishy....I dont know where i have been for the last couple days with news beyond San Francisco so, it is just today that i go onto ABC’s news site and started reading about this Dorner guy.

If you are as in the dark as i was, i am talking about former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

Dorner went on what they are calling a rampage killing in total 3 people (with 2 being the daughter & fiance of Police Captain as well as shooting at 3 other cops, 1 of which died), however, only tying up an old man whom he stole a car from.  He had written a manifesto (you can read it here… http://gawker.com/5982438), which connected him to the slain victims.

HOWEVER If my sniffer is correct… which it many many times is, there is just something that is not right about this whole situation. Continue reading

Inside (and in site) the mind of a former heroin addict and gang member… What are these muggers M.O. and motivation?

Not a gang… just a group….

I am sure that you (San Francisco) have heard about the rash of muggings going on in Bernal Heights.  We held our first Bernal Safety neighborhood meeting tonight at Bernal Community Center to get together and exchange information and discuss ideas to help us all stay safe.  The meeting was filled with a lot of information and ideas/suggestions most of which i am sure will be well outlined on http://www.bernalwood.wordpress.com by morning (if not, i will write a post in the morning with the update, because tonight, i want to give you this inside scoop).

After the meeting, i went home and got a call from a friend.  We began talking about what was going on and i gave him the basic low down.  This friend of mine did not used to be the way he is today and he tells me matter of fact that i would NOT have liked him at ALL if i would have met him back then.  Not many people did.

Back then, my friend was a bad heroin addict and was a legitimate gang member.  He had a bad habit and was not unfamiliar with violence and crime.  This is some of the things he says he feels about these perps.  Mind you, these are just his insights and opinions not the iron truth about the perpetrators.  However knowing him, he is probably pretty close to right on target….  Let the information begin….

  • The first thing that he told me was that they are probably taking the money to flip it to buy drugs to flip that to make bigger money.  Most likely there is a drug connection.
  • He is really insistant on this one… they are most likely NOT affiliated with a gang.  In the gangs, blacks and hispanics do not inter-mingle.  In fact, there is a lot of bad blood between the two races in the gangs. So he thinks that they are NOT gang affiliated but just 3 guys that most likely are….
  • Living here and are probably NATIVE San Francisco-ers.  They know this city and the neighborhood too well.  The nooks and crannies.  That tells that they have spent a lot of years tooling around the city streets and feel right at home here on main OR small streets.
  • They probably live near Bernal… possibly in the lower lying lands.  Most likely in a rougher neighborhood where illegal activity and violence are an every day thing for them to see since they were small.  This is their world and their lifestyle.  Crime is what pays when getting a job out there is virtually impossible (especially if you dropped out of high school or come from an impoverished neighborhood that does not show opportunities to its youth the way wealthy and affluent neighborhoods seem to.. (and even those neighborhoods kids are having a hard time not to mention the adults).
  • He said that he really doubts that they want to shoot and kill anyone.  They dont want to increase the incarceration time involved with a murder if caught.  The violence or threat of violence does enough.  They still accomplish their goal.  If they wanted to kill somebody they would have by now.   I questioned this since they most likely are the same ones that shot the guy in the hand at 30th and mission last week and pistol whipped a victim.  But he remains very insistant on this not being the case.  He says not because they have feelings about taking a life but because the consequences involved if caught.  (that makes more sense).
  • My friend said that his options to come up if he was dope sick and needed drugs was either to steal it or to sell his body.  He chose the first but he said

    “I did what i needed to do when i was dope sick on heroine.  Robbing people was an easy way for me to do that. “

  • They are probably living in a very poor native neighborhood where crime is an every day happening.  It is a way of life.  Poverty and drug abuse and violence is a way of life.  They are probably living in or near the projects and most likely have an (at least one) abusive parent(s). 

There you have it folks.  From the mouth of someone who (seriously regrets his actions as a youth) has lived it first hand.

It is also something to think about… People can change.  People can make better lives and choices for themselves.  People are often just a product of their environment and until we have walked a day in someone else’s shoes, we really could not know what it is like to have to live their life.  Anyone can make a change for the better in their lives.  I personally know someone who managed the impossible and did so. He corrects me and says he is still IN the process of DOING so.

I say… good for him!

By the way.  I am so glad that i still live in a true old school mentality of neighborhoods.  It feels like it used to.  I love the fact that we are all working together.  Strength in numbers and knowledge is power.  You are AWESOME BERNAL!!

South Bernal ladies… Be aware! Armed muggings in primetime off of Cortland Ave. (2 incidents in the last 3 days within 3 blocks) **UPDATED!

2 muggings off and on Cortland Ave. in the last 3 days.


We have a description of a vehicle thanks to neighbor and victim Miranda.  Here is her words for you to hear and be on the watch for!  Once again, thanks Miranda…

MirandaJan 27, 4:32 pm

“I am a victim from november and from one it sounds like onr of the originals. I will be there tonight and i really hope there are police officers there.”

…That there is the neighborhood meeting tonight (Sunday) at 7:30 at Martha Brothers Coffee which is on the corner of Cortland & Ellsworth.  Hope they catch them soon!



Ladies (and gentlemen too!), We need to be extra careful when walking in the neighborhood right now.  The last two nights there have been 2 incidents where ladies were held up at gunpoint and robbed.

The scary thing about these robberies is that they both happened at around 8:30-8:45pm! This is prime time people.   Practically still daylight!

The first incident happened two nights ago (tuesday) at about 8:30pm, a group of four ladies were walking on Cortland Ave. and were held up at gunpoint around in front of Taco Los Altos.  They were approached by 3 young adults (2 hispanics and 1 black males) were reported to have gotten out of a car (i am sorry, i do not know the make and model).  The ladies were held up and had their money and cel phones and purses taken from them.

Be Safe!

Tonight they struck again.  As i approached the grocery store to buy some dinner, i saw 2 police officers talking with a young well dressed girl right outside the store.  The girl was well put together but clearly shaken.  I inquired inside and was told that she was held at gunpoint as well just one block from the grocery store one block down Andover at Jarboe.  To add insult to injury, not only did they take her purse and phone, but also took her GROCERIES!!  Can you believe the nerve?!

The Good Life Grocery store on Cortland & Andover St.

A last incident that should be noted. There was another incident this week down at 30th and Mission St.  A guy was stopped by 3 young men at around 4am and was held up at gunpoint.  The guy refused to give up his phone and wallet and in the process was shot by the assailants in the hand.  I do not know if this is the same group of kids that preyed on the ladies the last couple days but it sounds pretty similar.  I wouldnt be surprised if it were the same people doing the strong arming.  They are all currently still at large.

An unnamed worker at The Good Life also told me that another thing that he thought these guys seem to be preying on are possibly intoxicated ladies.  I am not sure why he believed this and didnt press him to explain why.  I wish i had though to ask about the vehicle involved but i will look into it and get back to you all with updated information.

Dont be a hero! Be safe!!

Keep your eyes peeled ladies.  If you get stopped by a robber with a weapon, GIVE THEM YOUR ITEMS THEY ARE REQUESTING!  Your stuff can be replaced.  Your life can not!  Walk in well lit places and if at all possible, take one of the one way streets going the opposite way so you can see anyone who is coming toward you.  Put a lock on your phone.  Download a phone tracking/retrieving app (i have findmyiphone and its free!) maybe cary pepper spray and keep your eyes open.

These kids are going to be caught.  Possibly soon.  They are possibly minors and possibly do not have a record so it may take a little longer than one would expect for an adult but these kids are so bold and brazen and prolific that it is just a matter of time before they are caught.  Just keep your eyes and ears open and you are aware of your surroundings.  AND BE SAFE!


As it turns out, while witnessing the aftermath of victem number 1 last night, those brazen bastards actually strong arm robbed TWO more times just less than THREE blocks from where the fucking COPS WERE!!  Not only that but after visiting the comments in Bernalwood (http://bernalwood.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/wave-of-muggings-continues-near-cortland-avenue/) It looks like these have been possibly been going on since November and also over in Potrero and Glen Park neighborhoods which makes sense since they are two of our neighboring neighborhoods.  Bottom line folks… If you are just going to the store, only carry what you absolutely need.  Leave the iphone and the whole wallet at home if you are smart.  That way at least they wont get our whole lives in one fell swoop.  Be safe Bernal!  AND KEEP YOUR EYES & EARS OPEN AND OBSERVING YOUR BLOCK!!

I stumbled across this clever art series showcasing “urban architecture gone terribly wrong”

Thank you to Architizer website for allowing me to share their article!

In quite possibly the best illustration of “accidents waiting to happen” ever, German artist Robert Rickhoff has created a new photo series that questions public space in a humorous—and sometimes disturbing—way. See more!


Titled “Out of Place,” Rickhoff’s series underscores the importance of architecture and urban planning by presenting impractical and dangerous situations, such as a playground slide facing a road or a speed bump in a railroad track. Don’t worry: these are not real-life scenes (although that certainly would make the images more compelling). Rickhoff digitally manipulates photos from various urban and suburban locales.

At first glance, many of the photos appear to be rather banal. It’s only upon closer inspection that viewers realize something is amiss. Whether they suggest skateboarding in the street or playing volleyball in the center of the Autobahn, Rickhoff’s images depict how idiotic urban design could actually be. We only hope these scenarios don’t actually exist somewhere on this crazy planet!

Images courtesy of Robert Rickhoff

[via designboom]

Supervisors reinstate Mirkarimi, rejecting Lee’s interpretation of official misconduct | SF Politics OH HELL YEA!!!

Supervisors reinstate Mirkarimi, rejecting Lee’s interpretation of official misconduct | SF Politics.

This is the first victory for the old progressive SF since our awful and horrid mayor ED LEE took (stole) office!

See folks.  No matter how much political witch hunting and lies and public pushing of their agenda, the truth still rules the law!  I think greedy Ed Lee fucked himself up by lying on the stand when asked if he tried to talk him into stepping down and he said no because he not only asked Ross, but a couple other sups.  including Aaron Peskin who said he would not lie and take the stand if called.

This is the beginning of the end for our fucked up mayor Ed Lee.  I hope at least.  He deserves to be recalled!  What a waist of tax payer money!!

And… THIS is why texting can be harmful to ones health. And i was only walking!

So, if one can do this to themselves while just walking on a normal (downhill to give me some sense of not total humiliation!  Well.  No.  It is totally humiliation no matter how i try and see it!), then imagine what kind of hurt one could do texting while driving!  Let this be a public service announcement.  Dont text and be moving!

the perils of texting and walking.  Photo taken last night.


This is day 2. Oh yeah.. i forgot to mention that my iphone took a big brunt of the fall. Thank god for AppleCare!!

An open letter to San Francisco Supervisors. This vote against Mirkarimi will show if you have been bought off too. We are watching!

San Francisco has been a part of me since before i was ever born.  I came here at least every month as a child and teen because my grandma lived here and we were pretty much her only family.  My parents met while my dad was working at Perry’s the first year they opened in the 1960’s while my mom, she worked at The Cooperage.  And not only that!  I am also an ancestor of Levi Strauss, Sigmund Stern and Daniel Koshland Sr. and Jr. as well as the Haas’s.

My ancestors helped build this city that has been my home ever since i could get away after graduating high school down in Santa Cruz.  I have lived here in San Francisco myself now approaching two decades.  It was always home.  There was never any question.  It was the place i could be me and feel inspired not shunned.

What made this town so different was its modern, diverse, and accepting, progressive mindset.  It was like a little european city right here in America.  Free thinking, individual, intelligent, independent and accepting of all and anything no matter if it was not just like you or me.  It had this sense of class and worldly-ness about it.  It was beautiful in physical aspects but also in its symbiotic diversity.  I was so fucking proud to have had the path that lead me to this place that i have been researching this town just to know it as well as i possibly can ever since.

I sit here with anger, shame and fear in my heart after seeing the representatives of my fair wonderland bow to the political pressure that this conservative hijacking has laid on.  Shame on you!  You work for us.  I know that your future career moves and possibilities is i am sure important, but you have sold out and sold us down the river to big money and political wranglings.  When exactly did we swap out the leaders of our people who knew what was right and what was WAY WRONG for those that are willing to go against the want of their own people or the government bylaws?

You know it, I know it and a lot of other long term or just saine and aware people know it… that this is a witch hunt.  To get out a progressive who would actually hold some power so that you can cash in on the selling out of this city.  You should be feeling a little twitch in the base of your abdomen when you read this because you know it is the truth and you know it is YOUR selling out that is doing long term detrimental harm to us all.

I lived in 94117 for about 14 of the last 2 decades and let me tell you.  We LOVED having Ross Mirkarimi as our district rep.  He was out in the neighborhood all the time.  He was approachable and always had time to talk with anyone who wanted to talk with him even if he was having a coffee or going somewhere.  He IS a great leader who TRULY CARES FOR SAN FRANCISCO.  Or at least what we all thought San Francisco was.

You all alone, are solely responsible for tearing a family apart.  Both parties were forcibly separated for political reasons.  That is far more abuse than any single piece of this actual situation.  You should feel sick.  You should feel the shame.  You should know that with every dollar of OUR money that you spend and or make, make you are a fraud.

You have one more chance to make things right.  One last vote to allow Ross Mirkarimi to keep his well earned job.  You know that the guidelines for having him removed have not been met.  If there is one progressive left out there with deep pockets to back him, he could take it all the way to the top courts in this state and would win and you know it.  Prove to us, YOUR REAL BOSSES, the CITIZENS, that you still have a kernel of credibility and gusto and vote for what WE WANT AND VOTED FOR!!  You have no right to take away our vote.  You rendered the citizens vote worthless and the reprocussions of that reach farther than you or even your generation could possibly know.  Do NOT hand over this last piece of utopia to those who are truly evil because greed is their motivation!  Please!  Please let our votes be heard!

Please do not vote Ross Mirkarimi out of office!  Dont break the hearts and souls of your people.  Show us why San Francisco is so great!  …Or show us that there is nothing left here.  Nothing.  No soul, no voice, no pride. Nothing.

Please dont break the dreams for many by giving in to this coup!  I beg you!

Thank you for listening.  I am counting on you to think for yourself and vote with your conscience in clear view.  Every move you make is going to determine wether you are a worthy leader or a fraud.  We are watching very carefully.  This is your only chance at salvaging any possible reputation you may have with us, the citizens who know this town and KNOW what you are actually so far, getting away with, is a SHAM!

The vote of the people has got to be worth something to you all.  It is afterall what you needed in order to be in this position that you are now in.  If you take away our vote and the power and credibility of our vote, please think about how many generations that are still to come that you are taking from.  This is not just about the now, not about Ross Mirkirami.  This is about the basic foundation that created this country to be what we all think (or thought) it was.  The free vote of the people.

I understand how on a national scale, the power of the people has little power, but in our very own neighborhoods, it is crucial!  It is the only way to have a composed functioning metropolis.  This is so important i just do not know what else i could try to say in order to impress this to you.

Please DO NOT VOTE TO REMOVE ROSS MIRKARIMI FROM OFFICE.  If that is what was to happen, you would have to be then knowingly not going by the legal guidelines to do so.  So you would be making up the laws as you go and that is NOT democracy!

We will wait and watch and pray that we still have the city we all love so much and not another plastictopia.

Thank you for your time!


Emelie Koshland

Busted! 45 Mug Shots of Famous Musicians | Loaded | an SFGate.com blog

This is great!  Follow the link to see some unexpected mug shots from the great genre of music!  Thanks SFGate.com.blog!

via Busted! 45 Mug Shots of Famous Musicians | Loaded | an SFGate.com blog.

prince mugshot... the good old days!

In homage to SF's own...

Since we are on the topic of cults vs. religion… I pose you this question….

is religion and cult thinking ass backwards?

I know that by writing this, i am asking for a lot of abuse due to the fact that i am pretty sure that my views are in the minority.  This being a controversial subject matter i do know that i may be opening a huge can of whoop ass on me.  …But what is the point of having the ability to freely think and speak if one doesn’t use their platform at hand.  (i think that this luxury will not be ours forever due to censorship, so i am taking advantage of the fact that i can start this conversation with you all!)

Also.  I want you all to know that this is ONLY my opinion.  Just because i feel this way in regards to religion, does not mean that i am making any kind of judgement on anyone else.  That is one of the greatest things about living in this day and age.  We can see and believe different things and still respect one another, understanding that it is ok to believe different things and still live in unity.  I am by no means saying that because i feel this way, and you dont, i am looking at you with disapproving eyes.  I hope that although this topic will be controversal, we can respect one another and our possibly different views.  Lets see how open minded we can be to an idea that is most likely so different from the one that is opposite ours.

OK… On to the topic… Cults vs. Religion…Whats the difference?

I read a book a couple months ago written by a woman who escaped Jonestown just a few months before the horrible mass suicide.  It was her escape and deposition (that she shared with the media thus receiving a lot of notice) that finally pushed Senator Leo Ryan from Ca. to gather a group of friends and families of the cult.  There had been mixed word on wether or not there was abuse and malnourishment going on as well as no ability to leave.   It is what put the murders and mass-suicide into action by them going down to Jonestown to see for themselves.   Things obviously did not go so well with over 900 deaths accuring.

I used to live a couple blocks from the former Peoples Temple church.  By that time, Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple had been long gone.  I would try and imagine what it was like to have such an active community locale right next door to Fillmore West.  The Fillmore is still being used by artists but that is the only real interesting draw now on that block.. I am trying to remember, but i dont even know if the church is still standing or not.  I do remember that there was a vacant lot on the block that the post office now has acquired and expanded into.  They may have torn it down.  I think they did.  I would have remembered seeing it i know it.

I think to myself about the times being a lot different but not too different from now to the point that there is a lot of REALLY underfunded/unsupported community services  that even today, could really be used and quite needed.  As well as a lot of disenfranchised people feeling lost and not liking this consumeristic society that America has become.  The fact that anyone, any race or gender or socio-economic background was welcome, i think would have made them look really progressive.  I dont personally know if i could have sat through all that preaching but, the concept is viable even now.

I started looking online for people’s opinions regarding what the difference between an organized religion and a cult are.  I found several different points of views on this question.  The christians were the most adamant about there being a huge difference between Religion and Cults.  They almost took offense to someone even asking the question.

People tend to see Religion as positive and Cults as negative.  Some have even gone so far to say that a cult will ask you for a lot of your money.  Doesn’t the church pass around a collection plate?  I just didnt buy their argument.  Instead, this is probably the best thing i read and runs along the same lines as the way i feel about the topic….

Taken from Yahoo answers, a reader states their opinion as this…

“The only real difference between cult and religion is how long it has existed. All religions are cults when new, but eventually they more or less become assimilated with the cultures and societies around them and are now “religions”.

So basically, all religions start out life as a cult, end up a religion, and die out when new cults take their place.

It’s survival of the fittest in the religion world too.”

I have to say spot on.  I know that there will be a lot of people that take offense to this thought but it is how a lot of people feel… including me.

Now, just because i am not affiliated with any organized religion, this does not mean that i do not believe in a higher power.  This also does not mean that i have no value system or morals.  I just do not need some church to be the one to instill these into me. My parents did it with the help of mother nature.  Religion always concerned me by the ability to abuse their power, and the fact that so many people over time have died in the name of religion.  The other thing i dont like is the idea that we ourselves are not smart enough to be able to guide our lives through our own paths without a playbook to follow the directions of.  It would make me feel like one of the sheep.  I know people need SOMETHING to believe in and it is sometimes a lot easier to believe a supernatural story than believe in one’s self.  I do also have to note that it bothers me that if i ever state the term “god” means that i must be refering to Jesus Christ.  When i say God, i am actually refering to Mother Nature.  She is my god.  I think she oversees the whole universe too.  I think Jesus Christ must have been an incredible speaker with a lot of chrisma and taking people who feel disenfranchised to join his cause.  …But that IS how most cult leaders are seen by their disciples.  Jesus WOULD have been a cult leader back in his time.

Now there is so much money, power and followers throughout the world, Christianity is seen as a main-stream religion, but it is far from the only religion.  And when anyone says God, Christians always think that that MUST mean their dear Jesus.  I think this is ignorant and rude.  What if you are Hindi, or a Taoist or Muslim or Buddhist?  They have gods that they believe in that is not the Father, the son and the holy spirit.  Some of them have many gods in fact.  Organized religion is in theory to do good, but the greed and power corruption i believe ends up usually taking hold using the guise of the good doings that they base their teachings on.

For me personally, any one entity that powerful is a dangerous thing which has the ability to do dirty things with the power to cover it up.  It also has the power of pressured group think.  I think these 2 things are really dangerous.  So for me personally, i’d rather see my god as the mother of the earth, the universe and everything within rather than a really chrismatic human we think is supernatural (if he even existed.  It is a possibility that there was never a such man named Jesus Christ.  There is no concrete proof of this and all writings about him came many years after his so called death.)

Church and Cults are basically creating a community.  Both entities have the ability to let greed and power lead them due to fear of losing all the devoted.  I have heard things about Mormonism and  Scientology making it very hard to leave the “church”.  Sometimes even tracking them down and dragging them back or banishing them from their friends and family and everyone they know.

If your religious thinkings are so strong, there should be no problem with maintaining your flock.  If a member decides that they want something different for their lives (which eventually someone will), let them go because there will be more joining as well.  But i think these “churches” see it as once you are mine, you will remain mine at all costs!

I know that i have insulted a lot of you and i want to apologize for this.  It is not my intention at all, but religion is a prevalent piece of curent society and i think i have a right to say what i feel as especially since I have to listen to all of the “god” talk that permeates my every day life.  Nobody is worried about the fact that my beliefs are being imposed on by assuming that everyone must me christian.  No one sees that there are a lot of people out there that do NOT believe in the supernatural story of christanity as well as catholocism, and Jewish religions.

There has been more death, bloodshed and abuse thanks to the untouchable-ness of organized religion.  I chose to believe what i believe and believe that organized religion/cults are dangerous and not for me.  This i know is not the popular belief but i think that there are more people thinking this than you would imagine.  I think that cults are built out of the need to belong and the need to have a guided path of belief laid out for them.

I wish that everyone could see that even without cults and religion, we would still create community and have morals.  I will never in my lifetime see this kind of utopia, i know this.  But it would sure be cool.  If i HAD to be religious back in the day, gnostics would be the group i would most likely join because they believed that by learning and increasing the knowledge within ourselves, we are honoring God by using what she gave us to its fullest.  I like this concept.  Expand our brains and our experiences and we are using as much as we can that are are our gifts from God.  Thats it!

No memorizing scripture that is redundant to curent society.  I think maybe cults have figured out that their teaching needs to fit into the times.  Learning social protocol from 1700 years ago may be slightly outdated in ideas.  And this being, i think that there will be a bigger pull away from organized religion with this newest technologic generation.  The church better think hard and jam up into the modern world if they expect to remain relevant.  Getting up to go to church on a sunday morning will not happen if the most recent release of Halo has just been purchased i promise!

If you want to remain, you have to evolve and adapt.  I do not think that organized religion thinks that they have to do this.  It has worked this far…. But just because they have not had to overhaul their belief acceptance, does not mean that it never has to happen.  If it does not, it will be trying to out teach social media.  And social media will probably win.

I know that this is long and windy.  I am sorry for that.  I just wanted to ask you readers what you think about this concept.  Is religion SO different from a cult?  What makes you feel the need to live with religion?  Do you believe what your religion states?  Have you been born into it and now it is your community or is it really that you believe the teachings?  In what way does religion serve your life?  Do you think you would be totally lost without it and would you still be able to live life with moral dignity without someone telling you that you have to?

Because i am not A-typical religious, these things make me curious.  Maybe by sharing, you can help enlighten me about why so many people need this so badly in their lives.  I can not judge what i do not know so please do not think that this post is bashing and judging.  It is not.  Its just a modern conversation about faith and what that intails.  I am so lucky to live at a time that allows us the ability to talk about our beliefs. And as long as you are not hurting anyone and it benefits you, i believe it is a good thing.  Its just not so much for me.

What started this topic was a post by

THE GPS WISDOM FILES.  You should check it out here…


and i will add a couple more links about cults here….

This last video i really like.  He sums it up for me really well.  What do you think?

How could this happen to one that had it all? Meenakshi Thapar bollywood actress beheaded by co-workers after kidnapping

The body was found of beautiful Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar.  She was kidnapped by two of her co-stars of previous film Heroine, after hearing her talk on set about her family having wealth (which was not entirely accurate having come from middle class family).  Her family paid off part of the ransom to her kidnappers and they still killed her, strangling and beheading her.

Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti Surin were caught after having her mobile phone and SIM card on them.  After they confessed to the murder and lead authorities to her body.

They orchestrated the kidnapping by asking her to accompany them on a trip to Gorakhpur, a small town close to India’s border with Nepal and known for its Buddhist temples, where they held her hostage and sent a message a message to her family demanding  1,500,000-rupee (approximately $28,000) but Thapar’s mother only paid 60,000 rupees (just over $1,000).  They threatened to drug her and force her into pornography if the ransom was not paid.

Authorities found her headless body in a small water tank but have not yet found her head which they said they threw out of a moving train they were taking back to capital city of Mumbai.  Her torso was found and recovered Surin’s house in Allahabad on Wednesday.  The head has not yet been found.

I find this crime so unsettlingly horrific and tragic.  This young 26 year old actress had the world at her fingertips, finally coming up on more substantial parts for her to act in.  Her beauty so apparent and her life so viciously taken… for what?  GREED!

Now this is a prime example of why i believe greed is the most evil and poisonous threat to humanity.  It can lead people to do the most unspeakable things on the planet.  Nothing comes in the way of greed that it is not willing to chop down.  Even a human life.  It is the epidemic that is permeating the fall of western civilization.  The only thing that can match its strength is love and it is going to be a battle royal to see which will prevail.  Do not give into greed.  Instead give love.  It in turn will provide you with all those things you think greed will help you attain.

It is one sick day when two random people think that this is the way to get what they want!  Do they not have a level of conscience to them to not let this hardcore factor to their thinking allow them to be able to cary out a beheading?  This boggles my mind.

It is tragic in any place at any time for a family to lose a member this way.  No one has the right to take another person’s life.  If your greed runs this deep, you may as well take your own life because evil has truly corrupted your soul and you are nothing but a blithe to humankind.

Thank heavens this couple was caught because they deserve their comings from the world.  I hope they have to suffer slowly for the rest of their existence to feel a tiny piece of the fear and pain that they were able to invoke in their poor helpless victim and those that loved her.  This story happens to many others around the world, but because she was so beautiful and in the public eye, it is a real stand out case.  It just shows us to be glad for what we have and sometimes having everything can be a dangerous thing.

My thoughts are with her loved ones as are many all around the world.  May this not happen again (but unfortunately it will…. until greed is vanquished which i doubt will ever happen since it is a human trait.  Dont let it poison your mind.  You have the ability to control the level it has over you but only you can do this.  If not checked, it caused nothing but tragic results.  It is the root of pure evil!)

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I am so perturbed by missing Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar’s mother Marlene.

When I first heard the news release about Sierra LaMar’s disappearance, i initially thought that she had been taken by some sick serial psychopath similar to the fate of poor Petaluma teen, abducted from her own bedroom, Polly Klaus.

I unfortunately believe that the result of their fate is one in the same, but i am starting to become more and more disturbed by Sierra’s mothers statements, demeanor and especially interview with Nancy Grace… check it out and you will see what i am talking about….

I had been noticing something that has been bothering me before seeing this interview… and it is almost ALWAYS a sign that deception is afoot.  That is those crocodile tears.  There is a sniff and a kinda wipe to the cheek, but not one speck of moisture emitting from those eyeballs.  No redness to the face, no puffy eyes.  No emotion.  At least not the kind of emotion that i think any mother who truly does not know where, what & who has their child!

I have always thought that this is the worst thing one could possibly have happen to them.  The not knowing is, i believe, worse than knowing that your child is dead.  No closure is the ultimate worst thing one can have to go through.  I do not have any children, however (i know i know this sounds so pathetic but he was my family!) when my cat went missing for a week when i was in my early 20’s, it was excruciating thing to endure.  I was given a tiny glimpse of the type of anguished anxiety that is present 24 hours a day until that loved one is found.  After flyer-ing and checking the shelters and asking neighbors and re-flyer-ing, there is nothing else one can do but hope and pray that you get your loved one back.

Where is that stress in Marlene Lamar?  What i do see is someone who is way too calm,  WAY too defensive of her boyfriend Rick Gardiner period and her constant diversion of any possibility of any suspicions or questioning of her live in boyfriend.  As well as already speaking in past tense when talking about Sierra and right from the very beginning.  She lived on a dead end street and the search dogs said her scent went dead at the end of the driveway.  Very unsettling.

There are a LOT of red flags about this case, i feel,  the more i looked at it.  I am no criminologist, but am definitely a person with a bit of an obsession with studying human behavior.  I tend to get really interested in a case when it strikes a nerve as something smelling fishy.  It is tuna time here!

Poor Sierra.  I think that law enforcement (as well as the mother. The dad has no stink meter that was going off at all.  He seemed very honest and disturbed by the nightmare he is going through with not knowing where his little girl is.) knows that she is dead.  L E clearly have a lot more information than they would ever report to the press, but the fact that they are searching for Sierra in the local perk ponds and bodies of water near to the home, it tends to lead me to think that they are looking for her not for possible discarded evidence (ie: missing shoes or other items).  They are looking for her body.  They dont want to come right out and say it like that but otherwise, why would they be spending so much time and money on these water ways?

I think this mystery will be solved.  I do not see there being a happy ending unfortunately. although i will always be hopeful!  I am too much a realist for this to be my deluded belief.

It is so sad for such a beautiful and seemingly smart (although a lot street) girl to be taken at the young age of 15.  She had so much going for her and her whole life ahead of her. It is just such a waist.  My heart really goes out to her friends.  Not only did they have one of their friends disappear, but they have to now be a little bit paranoid about the circumstances.

It is something that is not easy to understand or come to grips with ever and if they are smart, they would talk to a greif counselor as soon as possible or it could end up undermining their lives as adults.   This happened  with me when i did not talk to somebody after my best friend took her life when we were 19.  I regret thinking that i did not need to talk to somebody about it and that it would not effect me down the road.  It  did let me tell you!  And it does not go away until you eventually do, so it is gonna have to happen at some point.  May as well learn what to expect in the future stages of grieving and how it will manifest its self down the road.

Remember, knowledge is power and the truth WILL set you free!  Do not be afraid to seek it out and own it!

Sierra LaMar, you will remain in our hearts  and in the press until there is resolve to your disappearance.

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SSI Disability revoked asks the question…

I have a friend who was awarded SSI Disability a couple of years ago because she suffers from pretty debilitating clinical depression and generalized anxiety.   She received a letter a few months ago stating that her benefits were going to be under review.  This did not surprise me due to the state of the economy and how butchered funding towards social services has gotten.

She has been disabled technically since her early twenties but really started getting professional help in the early 2000’s.  Her depression was severe enough to (according to the Certified Vocational Specialist) be “almost entirely unemployable” due to the amount of days that would be called in sick and the randomness of those days.  No employeer would want to deal with someone calling in sick on and off and not being able to set any work schedule that could be absolutely relied on all the time.  It would be impossible because she never knew when the bouts of depression would hit.  When they did, she can not even get out of bed let alone function in any productive environment (unless it contains a lot of sleeping and crying).

This does not however mean that she is a mess 100% of the time.  When not depressed, she is quite engaging and very bright, cognitive and intelligent.  In fact she is usually the one that friends go to to ask for advice because she has the most level and informed head on her shoulders.  She knows when the depression is going on and sometimes even why, however, her cognivity is not so strong to be able to overtake the depression with logic.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  She is at the mercy of her disability regardless how intelligent and stable minded she is when it is not at play.

She researched online and by asking professionals if there was any risk of these benefits might be at risk of being revoked, and she got an abounding no, because she was not able to attain any work over that 18 months, she continued seeking professional help (even adding a therapist due to the depression getting worse), as well as upping the dosage of medications over this period of time.

She was sent to a “doctors appointment” that was scheduled by SSI that had her do basic  learning as well as mostly memory tests.  She thought it was something like she did in Jr. High when she was tested for learning disabilities minus the math.

She was told at the end of the appointment that she did “well above average” with the tests.  She got nervous and was assured by the therapist that there were a  many intelligent people in the world that suffered from mental disabilities and not to worry.

BOY was she wrong.  Not only did they not bother to look at the notes all of her doctors submitted that have been seeing her regularly.  Or the fact that she has been prescribed increased dosage in her medication and added another mental health doctor.  Nor the original judgement.  They went solely on this one test that said… “well she can think and understand and organize thought and interact with people so that must negate the depression.” So they told her that they were going to revoke her benefits because she was not disabled anymore.

She now is about to go through the process of appealing this revocation.  It really does not seem fair that after 3 long years of applying and appealing to finally see a federal disability judge and have them rule in her favor, to now have to have an employee of disability be the one who decides if they were wrong by revoking.  If they uphold their revocation, then she has to appeal to the Supreme Court of her state.  At least at that time, it is not going to be a partial employee to the SSI system making this decision, but another federal judge.  However,  receiving this news has thrown her back into the mental mine field of suicidal thoughts and regular long severe bouts of depression.

I think that they are trying to ‘shake the tree’ so to speak and see where they can avoid having to give money, but is it that being cognitive cancels out suffering depression and difficulty in finding and maintaining gainful employment due to this fact?

It just does not seem fair to me.  She is not faking it and i am concerned that she seriously thinks about how much easier it would be to just not be here anymore.  How could they not even look at the legal decision ruled by a federal judge that landed her benefits in the first place?

The world we are living in, here in America has truly been hijacked by greed and Corporations.  I say get out NOW while there is still a chance or there is going to be nothing but a high class and a slave class with unsafe infrastructure and rioting crime. No healthcare and education that is teaching nothing but ignorance (see posting a few days earlier titled “Pun intended…”).

In the last 15 years i have seen what was the land of freedom and economic opportunity has turned into.  It is now a place that you can watch the picked fences falling before your eyes.  No one can get a job because they have all been outsourced yet at the same time, inflation has gone up like they are playing with monopoly money.  Every time that we have inflation, the banks make a profit off of this.  I have a feeling that because of this, by 2020 it is going to be about $2700 for a cup of coffee and $50 million for a starter home.  Why is it we just sit and watch our utopia be hijacked by greed and government?  What is worth fighting for these days?  And what kind of future are the youth going to have to survive in?  Unless bankrolled, or REALLY above average intelligent applicable in a relevant profiting industry, they are going to have no choice but to survive however they can and that usually means crime.

It is crazy to watch a first world country/#1 world power collapse into a 2nd world country in less than one generation.  It is such a waste of what so many worked so hard to build and so unfair to those that are not the corruption that greedily caused it!  It truly makes me sick and very afraid.

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Our Sheriff has been witch hunted by the conservatives that took over SF city govt.

This is my plea to our dear citizens of San Francisco.  Please take a closer look at this case for outing Ross Mirkirimi our newly elected sheriff.  This was not a shock to me that they would try something like this.

After the election i was talking with some friends about the outcome of our new city government officials.  I found it VERY peculiar that almost every post EXCEPT our sheriff’s election went to the most conservative candidate.  San Francisco has not nor has ever been conservative.  Unless there are seriously not any true local residents that go back farther than 6 or 8 years and everyone that used to live in SF has left….  I know it has become much more gentrified in San Francisco within the last 18 years, but to remove the deep seeded neighborhood activism and liberal stances i dont think would happen.  At least not this fast.

What makes this city so awesome is the residents abilities to think for themselves.  Not to be sheep.  Not to believe everything you hear even twice!  I hear the chatter in the streets but none of it on the news.  Everyone, EVERYONE I have talked to about this case has said it is extremely strange.  How is it that the wife doesnt want to press charges, or even testify yet, the case revolves around her.  Have you EVER heard of a district attorney filing a restraining order for ANYONE other than themselves??  NEVER!  I did not even know it could be done personally.

The far left that is doing a good job of taking over our fair city, has taken what i would regard as yes, Mr. Sheriff, a personal matter, and made it a huge ordeal just to slander Mr. Mirkarimi’s reputation in order to get him out of the only office that has still some power outside city hall.

I do not condone what happened.  He did behave badly, but THIS… THIS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE is more abusive to anyone’s civil rights and personal rights than him brusing his wife on the arm.  He did not hit her, he did not slap her, he did not lock her in their home, he didnt take away her communication devices.  He grabbed her too hard while in an argument.  This is not right, but it not anywhere close to bad enough to have to go to jail for or even worse… resign.

Hold on tight for all of us on the right Mr. Mirkarimi!!   You represented me for years in 94117, please dont let them take the best city government official we’ve got taken away!  Dont let them prop 8 you!!  We all support you!



sutroeve (Photo credit: bluepearlgirl)

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Books are my curent fascination… funny that i should find this beautiful piece of film/art!

When i was in my mid 20’s i worked in a bookstore in San Franicsco for a year.  This was one of the MOST labor intensive job i have ever had (to give you an idea, i lost 40 lbs in that year just shelving, moving and walking with all those books.  our bookstore was 2 large floors too.).  It was, as far as all the jobs that were just “side” jobs, meaning out of my career field (at that time it was makeup), it was far and away the most interesting, most memorable, and most satisfying (not the paycheck but i didnt care at that time.) job i have ever had.

So, when i saw this on youtube, i instantly appreciated the work as well as adored the beauty this husband and wife artist team (with the help of over a dozen volunteers working every night, all night, for a few weeks in a Toronto bookstore) created.  It is beautiful, fun, artistic, clever and clean.  I wish i could say i made something so worthy of an Oscar!  Bravo.  Enjoy!

ps.  a footnote that i just thought great, is that, everything seen in this film is actually for sale at Type bookstore in Toronto, where this was filmed.

Mission Rapist charged with amongst other charges, Attempted Murder.

mission rapist Fred Dozier, 32 of San Francisco

This rapist that has been terrorizing women in the Mission District for the last year is getting charged with no small crime.  The list of some of the charges looks to be…

  1. Assault
  2. Rape
  3. Attempted Murder
  4. Burglary
  5. Kidnapping
  6. Forced oral copulation
  7. Rape with a foreign object

He faces a couple hundred years in prison.  He deserves every one he gets.  This man is a sick SICK predator!  He is only 32 years old so lets hope that he gets all that he is up for.

These attacks seemed especially brutal says police and witnesses of the scene.  There was reported excessive amounts of blood on the sidewalk at the Fair Oaks crime scene and he broke one of his victims necks in the rape.  They did not release a whole lot of details regarding the specifics of the attacks, but now you an idea why this sick pervert is being charged with so many possible years of incarceration.

Lets cross our fingers that this monster gets the book thrown at him and puts him away for the rest of his natural life!

There is a community meeting tonight to discuss the safety of this area.

My personal prayers go out to the victims of this outrageous crime who did not deserve to have this twisted piece of shit to destroy their lives.  I wish you some solace with the knowledge that he is unable to victimize any other poor woman.

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Mission Street rapist has been caught!

Thank you to whoever it was that called in the tip that got this monster arrested!  BRAVO!!  I can now breathe a sigh of relief walking around town now.   Police are asking anyone with any further knowledge to please contact SFPD.


FYI here is the update for Big Ben’s funeral….

Big Ben at Moultrie St.

For those of us who have been wondering when and where we can find the information regarding Big Ben’s funeral, here are the details…

Date: 1/10/2012

Time: 11:00am

Where: Second Union Church; 749 Page st. San Francisco.

I and everyone who was a friend of Big Ben’s will be there to pay our respects.  Please pass this on to anyone who you think would need to know.  See you there on not so nice circumstances.  Rest peacefully Ben!

MY new years resolution is…Make a Home Earthquake Kit | | Totally Unprepared

I was born and raised in this fine bay area of ours.  Way back in 1989, i was living in Scotts Valley in Santa Cruz County.  I was at swim practice when the Loma Preita earthquake of 89′ hit.  I was about 8 miles from the epicenter.  I KNOW earthquakes.  I know how lucky i was back then, to have had a pantry full of canned goods, a big deck and a bbq, Coleman camping equipment including a stove and lights,  sleeping bags, and pet food right at hand.  Our house did not fare too badly (unlike 2 friends of ours who lost their whole homes when they slid off their foundations which were on steep grades.)  Our house kinda became the block depot.  We all congregated around the pool and pretty much stayed outside for the most part for the first couple days due to our nerves and the after shocks.

I have lived 22 years since that day earthquake damage free.  I know this is not going to last forever, but when it is too late, it is TOO LATE!  It doesnt hurt me a bit to pull a few things here and a few there as i come across them and begin to build a survival kit.  I will be thanking myself if we do end up having another big earth event (after seeing Japan’s tsunami, anything is possible and even more reason to!) and if we dont, i dont have to have any of the worry that i am unprepared.

Bottom line, it only takes a tiny bit of effort and a few minutes and it IS my New Years resolution for 2012 and it should be one of yours too!



Make a Home Earthquake Kit | | Totally Unprepared.

PG&E i consider the anti-christ here in California… A quick poll about power and football…

Look out ladies!! There is a BRUTAL rapist still on the loose!

There is a monster among us preying on the ladies walking through the mission.  He has attacked on 24th st., potrero and 25th as well as fair oaks.  And dont think you are safe as long as the sun is up.  The last attack happened at 6:30 am to a woman walking to 24th st. bart.

These attacks are especially brutal as well.  Neighbors reported puddles of blood on the ground as well as one victim with a broken neck who is now in the hospital.  Word says that it doesnt matter if you try and fight back or not to effect the degree of brutality he inflicts.  He attacks from behind and beats then rapes and robs his victim.

There is video from a neighbor’s security camera but unfortunately when he comes into the light, he turns away from the camera.

There is also a sketch of the perp.

Police released an updated sketch of the suspect.

Please contact the police if you have ANY information that can help bring this evil man to justice and allow our neighborhood to feel safe again.