Private home, public art at Dick and Jane’s Spot

ELLENSBURG — Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg gives new meaning to the term “public art.”

For more than 27 years, artists Jane Orleman and Dick Elliott gave a unique and whimsical art treatment to the outside of their home on North Pearl Street. It’s a collection of art by some 40 artists and a way to display some of their own work. Continue reading


Seems to be an anomaly to be spending my delayed flight with a bunch of pencils!

In this day of technology, we don’t do many manual things to pass time besides reading & sleeping & eating. After not having my computer for so long, the first thing I did was pull it open. That worked until I just got another delay notice. Time to find my gate & visit the loo. After changing out of my wet (from getting caught in the rain earlier) clothes and freshening up, I found my gate… And it was packed! I found this table kinda in the middle but at the same time out of the way. For this stretch, I wanted to DO something! (Anything to alleviate the urge to want to smoke!). So, I pulled out a drawing l started a couple days ago. Our dear reader Katykins suggested that I take a picture of some of the stuff I have been working on. So, I give u a 2 in 1. My drawing (unfinished!) AND the airport! Hope u all have a fantastic. Holiday!!





I stumbled across this clever art series showcasing “urban architecture gone terribly wrong”

Thank you to Architizer website for allowing me to share their article!

In quite possibly the best illustration of “accidents waiting to happen” ever, German artist Robert Rickhoff has created a new photo series that questions public space in a humorous—and sometimes disturbing—way. See more!


Titled “Out of Place,” Rickhoff’s series underscores the importance of architecture and urban planning by presenting impractical and dangerous situations, such as a playground slide facing a road or a speed bump in a railroad track. Don’t worry: these are not real-life scenes (although that certainly would make the images more compelling). Rickhoff digitally manipulates photos from various urban and suburban locales.

At first glance, many of the photos appear to be rather banal. It’s only upon closer inspection that viewers realize something is amiss. Whether they suggest skateboarding in the street or playing volleyball in the center of the Autobahn, Rickhoff’s images depict how idiotic urban design could actually be. We only hope these scenarios don’t actually exist somewhere on this crazy planet!

Images courtesy of Robert Rickhoff

[via designboom]

I can’t wait until in like 20 years, this shirt will be one hilarious novelty!


Until then, I will wear it to clean house! :). Note* I found and did not, repeat, DID NOT buy it! 😉

I have been watching addicting tv online… here’s the recap!

Oh my gosh.  I just finished my trifecta of stressful travel/trips that took place between May and August (my grandma’s memorial, a family reunion and my 20 year high school reunion).  I tend to have MAJOR anxiety trying to leave to travel.  Once i am gone, it is usually fine (except when i went to Europe for 2 monthes in the 90’s… That one took almost 3 days of postponing my flight due to my severe separation anxiety towards leaving my pet and i was very traumatized and depressed all through the trip  I am very glad i did it though!  Even if i was not in the ideal mindset but i digress….).  In fact, i really enjoy traveling, but it is very stressful for me to do due to the pre-travel process.  Like everything in life, (even the hardest most un-fun activity like moving) can actually get easier with each time.  Especially when dealing with flying security hoopla since 9/11, packing and preparing to go through the gauntlet of security lines, searches, specific packing and all the god damn cary on luggage that has to be used instead of just checking the dang thing and then having to leave my little fluffy family and the worry of their care…it gets my anxiety all stirred up on code orange! Interestingly enough, one of the least stressful trips i took, i used rideshare both there and back and it was actually pretty cool and very efficient… saving the planet!  Anyway, Since i have been back, i have been trying to not gear up with my new tasks, goals and responsibilities for the future, and just focus on my mental health and put together the rest of my plan up until Dec. 21, 2012 (i said a few years ago that i was going to not worry too much and just focus on art and being happy and not feel pressure to get moving on in life until the so called end of the world as we know it on Dec. 21.  If we do not Appocolopise, then i will need to really get on it!) So i have just been taking a week or two doing not a whole lot but hiking and cleaning and a lot of watching tv series that i do not get on my antenna tv (i REFUSE to pay for cable again. Especially to Comcast!!  My roku box is just fine, i just wish Netflix would upload more frequently… grr.) Lately i have been finding that I watch great, curent stuff from network and cable tv, that gets updated i think maybe like 2x a day on a site i highly recommend called I have watched some of the following: Awkward– LOVE IT!  really funny!  I know it is from something like ABC Family channel,  but it is really funny and well done.  High recommendation! (and another family channel one more i believe geared towards teens called…) Jane by design– cute.  Maybe it takes me back to my high school days but it is also pretty well done.  Kinda cheesy for a guy i would guess though.  It is about a girl in high school who gets a job at a fashion house by accident and is living a somewhat double life.  Cute characters, funny and well acted). Project Runway– This is season 10.  Last episode really made me dislike one of the designers who i thought may have a chance at winning it all after hearing his callused cruelness to his real girl client.  You just never ever call a woman large over and over!!  But regardless, the talent is definitely there this season.  Never a show to disappoint if you like seeing really tough creative challenges!

Brittian and Ireland’s Next top model– What can i say… after over 10 years of working as a makeup artist in SF, i can not help but to go back to my familiar ground.  The photo shoots are really first class productions too (as well as the styling!) and like Project Runway, they keep the BS, of the interpersonal relationships down to a more reasonable amount and focus most of the show on the actual work that they are trying to produce.

The X factor USA, Australia and Brittian– What can i say… I love me some X factor!  I find it interesting seeing the differences in each show airing at the same time.  I think Brittian may have the most talent for some reason but America’s has not begun to air until Sept so…  we will see this year.  It is probably different each season depending on who auditions…Duh, but the talent seems to be amazingly high this year.  It is to wine what  a good year is. So you think you can dance– This is the only one that i actually make a point to watch on TV (wed. nights!).  I love SYTYCD!  I always have.  Like Top Model and P. R. it too has some of the most amazing talented people creating amazing dances for some unbelievable dancers!  Never a bad show.  (My brother who is not a big tv person even loves the show.  He made me a cd with every episode with all of the comments edited out for godsake!  I personally kinda like the feedback but it is cool to see just hour after hour of straight dance!). Workaholics– Dang funny show!  If you dont appreciate the humor and talent of Mike Judge and Bevis and Butthead, you may not like this, but i personally think it is pretty dang funny!  About a group of 3 guys that work in an office building and basically fuck off all the time.  *note… helps if you too are stoned while watching to make the most of this comedy.:) Hotel Hell– That prolific Gordon Ramsey!  He must never sleep the amount that man works!  No wonder he has no time for pleasantries!  But there is something seriously cathartic to hear someone with such high standards that knows what the heck they are talking about read somebody.  I think i like this show because i can relate with the short fused short lipped attitude and tough love type get it done mentality.  I live with 3 guys that are all a pain in my ass and have in no choice to me, made me have to be the house hammer.  Somebody has got to keep it sane around here!  Anyway, it is always a good beginning, middle and end coming out happy that makes this show always satisfying.   … stay tuned for my review of the list of my humiliatingly guilty pleasures of crap tv!! …these are the ones that you dont want to be caught watching or you will take the route of denial!

My second favorite Sony Bravia Ads. This one is called paint.


Sony Bravia Paint

Sony Bravia Paint

Since today is my birthday AND i re-installed a new system OS, i thought i would celebrate by posting this Sony Bravia add. Not as cool as their paint and their balls adds, but equally as beautiful! I think you all will like this one too. Enjoy!

Eye of a Needle

Ok… This is crazy! The artist must be a very little person with very little hands to be able to make these awesome sculptures in the eye of a needle!!  This takes a very particular mind and pair of eyes and hands to be able to create the below.  It is not me that is for sure! I say  Bravo!


One of the most AMAZING artists of our time!


I would like to introduce you to yet another FABULOUS artist!  His name is Phil Hansen and his website is and on his page.

He is one of these artists that not only has incredible skill (and i mean INCREDIBLE!) but he also really thinks about the content and its context.  I would not go so far to say he is political, but he does make comments on society by his choice of subject.

He also has such an amazing ability to create by thinking outside the box.  I spent a whole day a while back just watching all of his videos.  It is great that there is something like youtube because otherwise, we would never get a chance to see a lot of the works because they are not made to last, just like this one that i am going to show you.  However, the ending is so fitting to Amy Winehouse‘s life.  It is a really beautiful yet sad ending just like with her life.

Phil did this piece BEFORE Amy Winehouse died, but after, he thought he should upload the video as a tribute. He can do anything with anything and i urge you to check out some of his other works on Youtube because you can truly not appreciate how talented this guy is until you see that he can karate chop a picture of Bruce Lee to peeing in the snow a picture of Lassie.

I highly encourage you to take a minute and enjoy the creative stylings of Mr. Phil Hansen or “Phil in the circle”.




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I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite artists. He does the most AMAZING things with paper! His name is Richard Sweeney.

I have been following this artist named Richard Sweeney for a really long time (in fact his work has been my iphone’s wallpaper for years!).  He is my FAVORITE paper artist that is currently working today.  He has an architectural influence in all of his works.  Although his works can be small when he choses, I find that it is usually worked in a large scale. (just to keep my fingerprints off anything like this would be a tough task, let alone making it so large! His work is so flawless, innovative and beautiful!

I discovered while taking a sculpture class and working in hydrocal (kinda between plaster and concrete but white like plaster but stronger like concrete.), how beautiful a white form can be.  Especially when photograph.  The lines and shadows of the piece make the most amazing visual form with the shadows being as much a part of it as the light is.  I think Mr. Sweeney really gets this concept too.  The complex simplicity of his works are so stunning.  They look so flawless that it almost appears easy until you think  about how much time and preparation.  Or to try just folding basic origami or cutting paper, one quickly finds that it is anything but!

He continues to surprise me with his innovation of the simplest forms and scale of his work.   Every time i go to see his images,  i just kinda get lost in his amazing work. Although he does not work exclusively in paper (ceramic, ply wood, metal etc)  I think he is going to go down in history as one of the premier artists that works in the medium of paper, of our time.  But, by then, who knows what medium he will be manipulating!  I cant wait to be able to watch and see though.  Enjoy!



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This is both funny and a little bit disturbing…I ask you… a coincidence?

Go back in your mind to last year.  There was about to be a royal wedding!  What was her dress gonna look like?  How formal was the ceremony going to be? Would they kiss on the balcony?

With Williams and Kate’s wedding, we all discovered a very traditional (yet with little touches of modernity added in there for good measure, like instead of a horse drawn carriage to bring Kate to the ceremony, they chose to use those AWESOME cars instead! and of course the 2 kisses!)

Not a one could have predicted this though.  Who would have thought that it could have been so SO similar?  Could something this crazy be a complete accident?  You tell me!

Personally, i think it is not too crazy of a concept to model a royal wedding after Cinderella.  Every little first discovers princesses through Disney and later (if they are lucky), through beauties like Diana and Kate.  It sure makes it that much easier to plan if you have an outline in color already made up for you!  Aah… maybe it is just a fluke….  I just dont know.

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I just realized that i do not think that i have shown one of my paintings to you.

I am a fine artist.  This blog has taken a new lead for the moment but when i think of myself, i think of myself as an artist.  I have studied in a lot of mediums.  Some of them being ceramics, ceramic sculpture, sculpture, color, drawing, painting, print making, mixed media and paper arts etc.

If i am going to be exposing who i am to you… the world, i think it is time for me to share some of my fine art works with you.  It is what i identify with the most so to know it, helps you know me.

I will also give you a little bit of background on what influences my art.  I was a makeup artist for over a decade.  I used to be OBSESSED with beauty.  I didnt and still dont understand it.  It is a real love hate thing, but i loved using makeup as the paint and the face as the canvas.  Kevin Aucoin HUGELY influenced these early years.  His untimely death changed me a little bit.  I lost my idol.  He was the one that took it out of magazines and into fine art.  (check out The art of Makeup, Making Faces or Face Forward).  I also had some really bad tastes in my mouth regarding the dodgy-ness of the beauty industry in SF at the time.   I got tired of busting my balls to get screwed out of $ and prints. I am a 1992 high fashion addict that watched corporate buy up all the great cosmetic brands and turn the industry into a cattle heard.  I was pretty heartbroken.  I wont go into all the reasons i moved out of makeup and into fine arts, but the influences that drove my makeup art, i believe, still transfers into the new mediums.  So much to the point that i have done 2 paintings using cosmetics as their mediums.

But when it comes down to it, i am really just a big color pusher.  I am not great at drawing at all.  fine line work is really tough for me. However with practice, I have found that it does get better.  Color pushing never needs practice. 🙂  It is like going into a candy store.  It is NEVER a bad thing.  There is nothing wrong that you can buy in a candy store.  Candy is great.  Color is just as great.

So, beauty, color, early 90’s high fashion and emotion as well as texture texture can usually be seen in some form in most of my pieces.  However i do try and do pieces that are outside of my comfort zone here and there. Not successfully always, but it is still an important exercise to do i think.

Anyway, here is a few of my pieces.  I hope you like them!


Oil on canvas.

Watercolor and nail laquer on paper

Resin and copper mounted on Redwood.

Hydrocal mounted on redwood.

You can see more of my stuff if you want by following the links below…

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Emelie Koshland’s spring 2012 collection looking for feedback! ;) thanks!

I  am so excited to FINALLY share with you some of my more recently finished pieces of jewelry.  These pieces have a special place in me because of the truly enormous amount of time and work that it takes to complete one of them.  Mind you, i do not forge the copper or hammer it into nice even round wire, but beyond that, i do everything else.

The beads are these pieces main focus.  The process for these (which i think is the funnest part of it all!) is to start with (usually) a piece of translucent polymer clay.  From there they get hand mixed with other polymer clay to create 100% unique beads.  There are not 2 alike.  I make canes sometimes and slice those into discs, (you can see these in the photo of the bracelet at the bottom of the page) which allow for a repeating pattern, but even those are hand tooled and slightly different from each other.

The wire chain is hand made links assembled by hand.  This is probably the hardest part on my hands.  When i am working on assemblage, my hands are usually blistered and cut up.  I do not mind though.  It is exciting to see these creations start to really take form so, on goes a band-aid as well as the show!

The final part is creating the clasp and clear coating the piece.  I used to buy clasps to use on my pieces until i started to see a trend in weak material.  They just didnt hold up so i began making my own clasp.  It works well because it allows a continuity to the piece.

I used to sell these at a gallery here in the Mission District in San francisco but havent in a while (after the inventory started to get thin and needed to do a new collection).  I would love to hear any feedback on wether you think it worth my time to try and sell these again.  Otherwise, i am stocked up for all of the females in my life for all kinds of gift needing holidays.  It is kinda a known thing.  I have been giving gifts like this for many years.  But it is okay as long as your motto is you can never have too much fun durable jewelry!

handmade by Emelie Koshland

bracelet by E. Koshland

supplies that have already been made.

the process of making a necklace with hand made links

e.koshland necklace

bracelet with discs.

OmG! This family is so F*ckin cool!! Get down!

Because i dont speak spanish, i do not know exactly what this says, but it is the credits to the coolest sweetest, dang bad assed video i have maybe ever seen!  Be ready to say Damn they are so dang cute and cool!

all the hoopla over such a beautiful Coke can?

What is the problem with Coke having a white can to help bring awareness to the World Wildlife’s Funds campaign to protect polar bears habitat?  I guess it was too much of a change for our poor brains here in the USA because people kept complaining that they kept thinking it was Diet Coke not regular Coke.

the pulled can

So now, all of those beautiful white cans with cute little silver polar bears on them have been pulled from the shelves.  The new look of regular Coke for the winter looks like this…

The new design.

(here is a side by side to be fair)

side by side

You tell me.  Which can do you like better?  And just for discussion sake, what do you all think of the new Diet Coke can designed right here in SF?  Quite a departure from the usual, but i think i like it kinda.  What about you?

The new DC can.

Books are my curent fascination… funny that i should find this beautiful piece of film/art!

When i was in my mid 20’s i worked in a bookstore in San Franicsco for a year.  This was one of the MOST labor intensive job i have ever had (to give you an idea, i lost 40 lbs in that year just shelving, moving and walking with all those books.  our bookstore was 2 large floors too.).  It was, as far as all the jobs that were just “side” jobs, meaning out of my career field (at that time it was makeup), it was far and away the most interesting, most memorable, and most satisfying (not the paycheck but i didnt care at that time.) job i have ever had.

So, when i saw this on youtube, i instantly appreciated the work as well as adored the beauty this husband and wife artist team (with the help of over a dozen volunteers working every night, all night, for a few weeks in a Toronto bookstore) created.  It is beautiful, fun, artistic, clever and clean.  I wish i could say i made something so worthy of an Oscar!  Bravo.  Enjoy!

ps.  a footnote that i just thought great, is that, everything seen in this film is actually for sale at Type bookstore in Toronto, where this was filmed.

It is time… I would like to share with you some of my own photography.

I hope you like my slideshow.  All photos were taken as is on a digital point and shoot camera.  NO photoshoping of any kind.  What you get is what you see.  I am just one lucky girl to have such a beautiful canvas to live within!  Enjoy!!  Any comments are surly appreciated by the way… :).

These old Sicilians KNOW style!

These old timers are true, living fashionistas!  Their way of life in the Sicilian town of Agira is filled with color and incredible style that they make their own.  I love this video because it reminds me to add some color to my own life.  A bit of bright  yellow or pink or blue can brighten not just your own day but the day of those around you!

Live life in color and with a little bit of your own style!

One of the more overlooked and under rated sports. Quite in awe myself.

Did you know that Rhythmic Gymnastics is and has been an Olympic sport since (at least since 1984 when i went and saw them there, but, they could have been a trial exhibition sport.  There were a lot of them that year.)   I dont think they get the credit for their strength, control and beauty that they deserve.  Here is a great example.  Perfection.

Pretty awesome time lapse photography. Go around the world and never have to leave your chair!

<p><a href=”″>Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse</a> from <a href=””>Kien Lam</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Burning man short… Now these are my people!

This is an excellently done short film based on Dr. Seuss’s poem “Oh, The places you will go!”.  This is one of the best examples of how my generation is oh so young at heart.  I am not the desert type thus never venturing to Burning Man, but these ARE my tribe.  Every one of them look familiar wether i know them or not.  I know what these guys are all about and this short film captures it perfectly!  Creative, Silly, Bizarre, Witty, Progressive, Free and Beautiful!

Turning that ugly table into beauty!

Whoever says that that old little table or dresser needs to be thrown away just because the top is all raggedy and torn up with water rings and missing finish?  In just an afternoon along with…

  1. An outdated datebook with full color images.
  2. An old ugly piece of wooden furniture.
  3. Sand Paper.
  4. Modge Podge.
  5. A paint brush.
  6. A cup of water
  7. And scissors.

The first thing you are going to do is spend an hour or two cutting the date book apart.  Cut out the artwork from the daily calendar.  Cut them clean and in a linear pattern (i used rectangles).

Next, go through your new stack of cut artwork finding the ones that work best together.  I usually go by a color story rather than an image theme, but the choice is yours.

Then you will want to sand the top of the table making sure all lifting sealant has been removed and it is sanded down to be able to have a solid foundation for adhering.

Wipe table free of saw dust.

Starting in a corner, take your Modge Podge and dilute it a little bit with water and apply it to the table.  Also apply the Modge Podge to the back of the artwork.  Lay wet on wet.  Taking your brush with undiluted Modge Podge, paint the top of the piece of art applying from the center out, removing air pockets with the brush as you apply.

Continue until you have all pieces down and top is covered.  Let completely dry.

Apply another coat of Modge Podge over the whole table to seal it.

and… Voila!  You can turn this…

into… this!

Finished table.

A new year, a new piece of jewelry for me to make…

I started back about 5 or 6 years ago making some jewelry when i had to drop out of school and move down to my dad’s house for a year due to a apt. fire.  While living down there in the south bay, i was going stir crazy.  I could not do sculpture, ceramics, print making, or any other really messy heavy equipment involved arts due to the lack of space.  I started discovering the joys of polymer clay.

I am a true color girl.  I LOVE color.  I like the way they react with one another, i like how they make us feel, i like how, kinda like music, can either make or break a mood.

I began making some jewelry using copper wire (that is sealed so not to tarnish) because i could afford it along with polymer clay.  The degree of complexity one can do with polymer clay is immense (sorta how ceramics is).  It may be a form of plastic and you may be able to cure it in a 220 degree oven, but it does not lack the difficulty i crave.  There are a lot of little things that got improved or adjusted over the years.  The beads are still not totally round, the links are not exactally the same size, etc, but i really think that that is what i LOVE about these pieces.  They are truly one of a kind.  They are TOTALLY hand made.  They are made with true passion and care.  AND they are just cool.

I have decided to post one of my pieces for you to see and see a little of the process.  I hope you like it!  If you do, please let me know and leave a comment.  Thanks everyone!  Happy new year!

Gift Wrapping: package #1

One of the things i have ALWAYS always gone out of my way to do, because i have always been drawn to it… is gift wrapping.  My gift may not always be the most expensive or the most exciting, but i promise that i always take a second to wrap it with style.  Sometimes this means making due with what you have, sometimes you chose to do something you have a vision of… but mostly it is making due with what is accessible, left over, or can get creative enough to make work.  But even when i worked in retail, i ALWAYS ended up wrapping everyone’s gifts.  It was fun.  It still is.

For this package, i wanted it to look pretty and kinda cool.  it is for my niece.  I had some boxes that i had received from MAC cosmetics so i used one of those, some tissue paper that i got for free from a local gift shop that i had asked for when i had bought something else earlier. (it is always a great idea to ask for a little bit of free tissue paper if you buy something in a gift store.  Tell them you plan on wrapping it at home and just want the tissue to wrap it in. You will love how you receive a very different variety of papers which can come in handy as it did here tonight!)

  • All you need is…
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick
  • a piece of holiday paper to cover shipping label on box
  • transparent tape
  • decorative tissue paper
  • ribbons
  • bell

Lets begin ok?

Okay… first step…

the supplies you will need.

step 2... cover mailing label on box.

Step 3... Wrap box in beautiful paper or tissue paper like here.

Step 4... ribbon... where do i start!

…Just a little note about ribbon.  I highly recommend that you go to a fabric or craft store to get your ribbon.  Fabric ribbon really makes a package feel elegant and it is reusable.  You can get little spools of ribbon for (sometimes less) as much as you would pay for a yard of the displayed bolts.  There are always remainders or these like the spools above which are made to be sold in the spool for really cheap.  Some of those i paid a dollar for others $1.50.  They last for a long time and can be used for other applications as needed.   Well worth a $10 investment!  By the way, i have had these for at least 5 years and i am finally using the last of them up… they are fantastic to have on hand period.  With fancy ribbon, you can use packing paper, news paper or butcher paper and they will look fantastic!

Step 5... Attach bell

Finished package #1

And that is it, aside from a tag but i will probably make a card for her instead… i will post it when i have it finished.

Happy Giving!!

This is one of the best color tests i have ever seen… or done!

I came upon this color test online.

It is quite a bit longer than the other ones i have used in the past.  I really thought i got 100% but not even I pulled that.  I came close though with a 7 out of 99.  A score i can live with but would have rather gotten 0 since i pride myself on my color training.  Try it and tell us what score you achieved!