Who is BluePearlGirl?

Who is Bluepearlgirl?

Hello.  My real name is Emelie.  I am an artist in San Francisco.  I started out my early life deep in the Santa Cruz mountains.  I left Santa Cruz shortly after graduating High School and moved up to the city.  I resided over in 94117 for the majority of the 16 years that i have been here minus the last two in which i came here to Bernal Heights (aka Bernalwood).  I work in a number of mediums usually depending on the space i have to work in.  In SF that can vary greatly!  I look forward to sharing my thoughts, observations and photos with you all.  Hopefully at the very least i will give you a little chuckle once and a while.  Thank you for stopping and reading my little blog.

Sincerely to you all!

Emelie (aka, Bluepearlgirl)

To see some of my artwork, please check out http://www.artwanted.com/emelie

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47 thoughts on “Who is BluePearlGirl?

  1. Just drop by to say hello and to ask one question…
    someone likes few my posts with same gravatar as you have but with different wordpress address, is that your second account or somebody else trying be you? This is the link http://ekoshland.wordpress.com/

    • This was me. Sorry for the late reply and confusion. I somehow started 2 but killed the accidental one. If I replied to this I apologize. Going through phone app comments. Doesn’t read as clearly as desktop site. Have a great week!

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  3. great blog..!! i am a new blogging enthusiast..!!and you seems to be a good inspiration..!! thank you.

    • Thank you! That is really nice. I am actually a new blogger too. I started my blog last November. So i learn as i go. I should have maybe streamlined the content a little better but it is hard because i post about things all over the place. I am a very scattered but fun blog! Please come back anytime!

    • That is so cool. Thank you!! I think that it is awesome, that A. You found me, and B. You enjoy reading my blog.
      It has been a really surprisingly satisfying medium than i expected it to be. I am more used for art to be something with less direct mass feedback and interaction on the conversation. For that reason i am really liking being able to have my art be more interpretable and easier to access in this medium. It has been a lot of fun! And again, i thank you! Glad to have you on board! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I love writing and sharing the strange things that interest me. Maybe it is that human need to connect or maybe i just want to know how far off the mark my thoughts are, but this blog has been a lot of fun for me! I am so glad that you are enjoying it too!! Please come back any time and add your 2 cents… afterall, everyone likes being heard! 🙂

    • Anna, thank you so much!! I really appreciate your kind words. This past month has been so tough for me because I have been without my computer. It is the holidays and there are so many photo ops that I am missing. It’s driving me crazy! Now I am just waiting for a part to arrive and then hopefully I will back up and online to entertain and inform you all again soon! Again, thanks for taking your time out of your life to say such nice things to me. It really means a lot!! 🙂

      • Look forward to checking them out as soon as you’ll be able to post them, then -I say it with all my heart 🙂 Wish you the happiest holidays possible!

  4. Thanks for reading my story about San Francisco in 1946, I haven’t been there since 1958. I have a story in preparation for my blog about building a cable liner across the Golden Gate that caused a conflict with the Southern Pacific railroad and it’s ferry boats.

    • Wow! I cant wait to read about that! I love talking to people who can remember SF when…. There seem to be less and less of them more and more. San Fran. did not enter my life until after 1974 when i was born, but through my grandma and my parents and my ancestors (levi’s) i have accumulated a lot more history than a many but nothing can beat a true old timer! I love talking about the strange and beautiful events that took place here. Many of them never made it into the history books and are fantastic stories!!

  5. Nice to meet you Emelie, your art and photography are really nice!

    Thanks for sharing, it’s nice too meet you 🙂

    Take care!


  6. Why do you not have a category option, Emelie? It would be easier that way to see what your blog has to offer. Just saying. Hugs from Ralphie.

    • I thought it did. I am loose when assigning categories though. I never know what i am going to write and where it will fit into. I will try and make this a more important step when i write my posts. I think i am afraid that i am going to end up with like 2000 categories though!…. Thanks for the feedback! I will utilize it.

  7. Hi Emelie
    I just read your blog about the Bulletproof Boat Parties. I’m glad you enjoyed them so much as I’m the Kevin jenkins you mentioned in it. Just want to shed some light on the history of them. It was Eddie and Gail O’Callaghan that opened the Bulletproof clothing store and started the Boat Party at the same time in 1991. I moved out to San Francisco from England in !992 and met Eddie and Gail early in 1993 and soon after that became a partner with Eddie on the Boat Party and Gail owned the store. In 1998 Eddie and Gail sold the store to Maria and moved to England and I carried on promoting the Boat Party selling the tickets as we had always done from the store. As you said, Maria sold the store in 2001 and the last Boat Party was New Years Eve 2002 and I returned to England in March 2003. It’s funny, I was just on the phone chatting to Eddie and we were reminiscing about the old days and we went on line and found your blog with the video that our friend Ron Ison made. The first girl you see with camera was my girlfriend Marsha. That video is from about 93-94. Me and Eddie had just talked about the lazers and visuals on Alcatraz and then we read about it in your blog. The first time we did that in 94, the captain actually docked on Alcatraz and we did a full computer visual and lazer show on one huge wall of the prison. I don’t know if you remember but Skippy the lazer guy would often have the arcade alien characters like Galaxians projected on the prison because it was where the “aliens” were held during the war. Did you ever see the lazer dolphins following the boat? They were pretty special. So thanks for the blog and bringing me a little piece of the old San Francisco magic.


    • Wow Kevin! To start, THANK YOU! Thank you for A. clearing up my foggy memory of Bulletproof’s (both the clothing store and the boatparty!) history and B. (i would have to say the most important!) DECIDING TO THROW THE MOST AWESOME PARTIES THAT EVER SAILED! I do remember the lasers on Alcatraz as well as when they were projected onto the support columns of the Golden Gate Bridge. I unfortunately never saw or noticed the dolphins. That sounds very cool and very on par with the whole rest of the night that those parties afforded! You probably know me as i do you.. if not by interaction by face. The way i see it and saw it then is that we were lucky enough and creative and ambitious to have created our own little 90’s version of Woodstock. You just had to be at the right place and the right time and recognize what was going on (which i do not think was a hard thing to do!). I remember one time on the boat looking at the GG. Bridge with lasers and i think maybe Darren or Simon Dk on the turntable up there and my dad and his best friend roaming around the boat somewhere, thinking to myself this is one of those apex experiences that life lives for. Life just didnt get any better than that! I knew it right then and i know it to still be true now. God if i could only freeze time and live that time as full i would be truly the happiest girl on the planet! I thank you Kevin as well as hundreds of others just like me lucky to have experienced something so awesome that corporate big wigs are STILL trying to figure out the recipe! You made happen not for profit or position or ego or gain, but for San Francisco and for House Music! Times were perfection and i hold these memories more dear than just about anything else i have. Thank You again Kevin and Eddie and Maria and Ron and Marsha and Gail! (i think i actually do remember Gail amazing as that is!). You are the makers of some very cherished experiences some of us could ever hope for! Just one question… Can we start it up again? The Sunset Boat Party that they just announced sold out SO fast! It shows that there still ARE some of us here that NEED some amazing music and FANTASTIC people to share that music with still. Where are we to go to shake our now aging grooves at? We need to see what the scene is like now. I know it will be different, and that people have families and responsibilities now, but we still do need something with some real soul to sink our teeth into once in a blue moon! Here is to the past and to the future and to seal the deal, i just was shown a link to this track which really takes me back to love garage days, but still.. just dont get more real than this one! Much Respect!

      BTW.. i am the one that was bbsiting lulu’s baby’s while you were all at the weird fest. You do know me, but probably need to see me to know…. 😉

      And, btw, do you mind if i post your response along with my post? I want to be sure and get the correct history out to the masses!?

  8. Hi Emelie
    I am also Blue Pearl Girl!! I was just wondering how you chose your name? I have been running a cookie business until recently under this name but have just moved from that in to photography! I was about to set up another blog (currently finishing a travel blog from a recent holiday) when I stumbled across your blog! Are you still actively blogging?

    • i am karen. it is a small world isnt it! lol I have used this moniker since either 1993 or 1994. It was when i got my first email address and i needed a name. What i did was a blind record pull and what came up was Blue Pearl.. Naked in the rain/Can you feel the passion 12″. I have used bluepearlgirl ever since. I just started blogging again after a little time away. Congratulations on your cookie business!! That sounds awesome!! Best of luck to you Karen! Hope it all works out great for you!


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