Super bowl L (50) in Santa Clara! Be ready to SERIOUSLY shell out some cash to ever see the 49ers in Santa Clara!!

New Niner stadium in Santa Clara

Now that Super Bowl 50 or “L” will be held at the San Francisco 49ers new stadium,  Levi’s Stadium, in Santa Clara (that by the way, is ahead of schedule and will be the new stadium after this last season at Candlestick), fans should expect to pay a lot more for a ticket than one at the stick!


The last days of Candlestick are here.  If you are a working class person who happens to be a 49er fan (as i am!), i suggest you try getting a ticket to see a game this season!  Because, when the 9ers move to Santa Clara for their 2014 season, you better BELIEVE that ticket prices are going to go up… WAY UP!!

Tickets are already quite expensive for NFL games.  I could see 4-5 Giants baseball games for the price of 1 49er ticket, and that is for the cold mean Stick!

You know that the high cost of building of the new stadium in Santa Clara is surely going to be reflected in the new ticket prices.  I dont know exactly what one ticket for one game is going to be, but to give you an idea of what i am talking about when i say, in the near future, seeing football live is only going to be an activity for the wealthy and for corporate america….  A season ticket for the 50 yard line is going to run you a cool $60,000. a year!

That is more money than a lot of people bring in for a yearly wage!  Who do you know who has Sixty-Thousand Dollars to spend on football?!  Now, dont get me wrong… i think it would be incredible to be able to attend one let alone a whole season of the Niners at their new stadium, but i will never make it to a single game seeing what kind of money they plan on charging.   That is a lot of money to throw away on entertainment in this economy!

What do you think?  Would you spend $60,000 to see a year of football in Santa Clara?  Do you think that football is starting to become an elite-est sport with the influx of new stadiums?  Are you sad to see the stick being abandoned?  Do you think the general crowd and fanbase will change with a new city and new prices?

I suppose this is just stuff we will have to wait to see about.  In the meantime, GO NINERS!!  Make this last one a great one!!  At the cold and windy stadium that your old fans have come to love / hate!  Do it most of all for the city that has been your home for many many years and are some of the most dedicated fans of all footballdom!.  We are so sorry to know that we lost you playing in our town, but we still love our team.  …Even if it means we will be watching you now only on tv!  Enjoy it Santa Clara!  You may have the stadium… but they are still SAN FRANCISCO 49ers and that will NEVER CHANGE!!  Thank god!

new Santa Clara Stadium being built.

new 49er stadium in Santa Clara.


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