Do they seriously think that we all would believe that the Blue Angels won’t fly because the military is TOO POOR???

English: Hillsboro, Ore. (Aug. 15, 2004) - The...

One big word for that… BULLSHIT!!!

I mean seriously, how stupid do they think we are?  If the greed mongers that control the world did not want to give the bay area an air show this year at fleet week, couldn’t they at least have come up with a believable reason why??

I mean, come on!  Who would buy that the US Military is under funded??  NO ONE!

I personally think that the Blue Angels is probably the Navy’s best recruitment activity that they have got.   I personally cringe when thinking about having to work for our military and fed. government… except for that one half a week a year when i get to see what the outcome of that military career could be.  I can only imagine what it sets into motion in a little 6 year old boy when seeing and F16 speeding overhead and doing meticulous aerial maneuvers low above a beautiful city like San Francisco!

The Blue Angels performing at San Francisco Fl...

The Blue Angels performing at San Francisco Fleet Week 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are forgetting the same thing that NASA did.  That a HUGE reason for these awesome public displays of our most impressive vehicles is, to cast their profession in a really attractive light, for the next generations to see and get inspired by and possibly work towards.

When i was a kid, most boys wanted to be an astronaut or a fire fighter or president.  I wonder how many little kids these days even think that astronaut is an actively open job position.

I guess that our next wars are probably going to need more video game controller skills and not real life pilot skills.  I suppose that will save some lives but that then turns the future of our airspace a lot darker and much less free.

Blue Angels

Blue Angels (Photo credit: Studio H (Chris))

I mean it would really suck if some crazy person in china builds a little solar powered drone type remote controlled device and put a big ole bomb on it and let the trade winds help to whisk it across the pacific to where BOOM!!  Right when you and your neighborhood is just sitting down for dinner.

The future is going to get a lot more intrusive and dictating then it ever EVER has been so far.

We just need to look at this time as the last of the golden years of personal privacy and freedom.  And probably the last of any really cool air show in the bay area!


P.S. Military.. this is a message for you.  Dont make yourself look so stupid by assuming that the public has no common sense.  We know that the military is FAR FROM POOR!!  You can at LEAST think of a more creative excuse for why we do not get to keep an over 30 year tradition alive.  Just save us that stupid excuse that you are TOO POOR?!?!  Shame on you!!

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