This is how cool San Francisco USED to be! Boy those days were GOOD!! **UPDATE!!

My friends started this company called Bulletproof in San Francisco in the early 1990’s.

Half of the business was run by my friend Maria and her half was a clothing store in the lower Haight that also sold tickets to the other half….

The other 1/2 was Kevin’s thing where he put on and organized the Bulletproof Boat Parties that ran throughout the 1990’s in San Francisco with the store closing in 2001.

There is just no way to put into words how amazing of a party these were. There is nothing like dancing to AMAZING early 90’s house music while shooting lasers off of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island all while the city sparkled in the background.

I knew it at that very moment.

…that things just did not get any better than this!

There NEVER was one single fight or issue (unfortunately the Sunset Boat Party had a tragedy and lost someone on the boat :() But Bulletproof was… well bulletproof to negative vibes or chaos.

Those four hours i spent trying to dance with the roll of the waves in the San Francisco Bay each time, were just about as close to perfect, any single 4 hours ever could or have been.

I hope you get to see through this video just what I mean.

In this day when the San Francisco of the past seems to be blocked and forgotten by the new and young tech influx… I am just so glad that there are a few clips that can take me and those that were there back and to show the ones that were not there, just what San Francisco used to… and still possibly could if things were to change… A LOT. But then again… life only moves forward so i guess i just have to watch and remember!

These are the golden 90’s bay area house music years! And i am so SO glad that I was there!!

The other day, i received this comment from one and only Mr. Kevin Jenkins.  I was most appreciative that he helped clear up some of the foggier earlier points of Bulletproof’s past.  The following comment was generously left by him and i now share it with you….


Hi Emelie
I just read your blog about the Bulletproof Boat Parties. I’m glad you enjoyed them so much as I’m the Kevin jenkins you mentioned in it. Just want to shed some light on the history of them. It was Eddie and Gail O’Callaghan that opened the Bulletproof clothing store and started the Boat Party at the same time in 1991. I moved out to San Francisco from England in !992 and met Eddie and Gail early in 1993 and soon after that became a partner with Eddie on the Boat Party and Gail owned the store. In 1998 Eddie and Gail sold the store to Maria and moved to England and I carried on promoting the Boat Party selling the tickets as we had always done from the store. As you said, Maria sold the store in 2001 and the last Boat Party was New Years Eve 2002 and I returned to England in March 2003. It’s funny, I was just on the phone chatting to Eddie and we were reminiscing about the old days and we went on line and found your blog with the video that our friend Ron Ison made. The first girl you see with camera was my girlfriend Marsha. That video is from about 93-94. Me and Eddie had just talked about the lazers and visuals on Alcatraz and then we read about it in your blog. The first time we did that in 94, the captain actually docked on Alcatraz and we did a full computer visual and lazer show on one huge wall of the prison. I don’t know if you remember but Skippy the lazer guy would often have the arcade alien characters like Galaxians projected on the prison because it was where the “aliens” were held during the war. Did you ever see the lazer dolphins following the boat? They were pretty special. So thanks for the blog and bringing me a little piece of the old San Francisco magic.


…There you have it folks!  Right from the horses mouth!  Some things are just meant to be.  This whole topic is one that WAS!  Thank you Kevin.  from the bottom of my heart to the steppin souls of my feet!


6 thoughts on “This is how cool San Francisco USED to be! Boy those days were GOOD!! **UPDATE!!

  1. Bluepearlgirl: If it’s any consolation, all I have ever heard during my time in San Francisco is how cool it used to be. Today, I hear about how cool it used to be during the first dot-com boom. During the dot-com boom, I heard about how it used to be around 1990 (which incidentally *were* great years). During the Eighties, I heard about cool San Francisco used to be during the Sixties (general consensus: the Seventies were truly bad for our city). All I know is that I have had fun during every era. As Carly Simon sings at the end of “Anticipation,” “These are the good old days.” I hope you make this weekend one of your future good old days. Vonn Scott Bair

    • The 90’s definitely were cool. I think that the 20’s and the 30’s would have been pretty cool too with the jazz age and all. The first dot com wave was only cool to those that just got here. And, as it turns out, the 80’s were cool because it was pretty much the quiet lives of locals here. Not too much drama. The 60’s… enough said. But at least when the times were good in the past, it was not solely based on greed and money. This time it is 100% and that is sad.

  2. With all due respect, there are still parties with that kind of vibe in San Francisco (although maybe not as much on a boat anymore). Even better – they’re more racially diverse than what it looks like in the video. And many are even run and frequented by the ‘tech kids’. Because they also may have taste in music and vibes as well. I hope you open your eyes a bit and see that while different, the magic is still here. And that the ‘tech kids’ are really your scapegoat for some myopic colored nostalgia..

    • I never said that the tech kids are not having parties… probably awesome parties… but they were not like they used to be because there was a huge underground music movement back then. There was this time when everyone no matter what age, sex, race, sexual orientation, beauty, profession etc mattered. The only thing that was important was dancing to this amazing music with others that were just as into it as you were. Anyone could talk to anyone. There was no looking down on someone if they were not wearing the latest and infact a lot of people made their own clothes each week (my friend and i did too!). It wasnt about making any money or trying to network or pat themselves on the back. It was just about being right there right then. It was amazing. It will be hard pressed to find anything quite like it.. woodstock would be the closest or the summer of love in the city. Actually that is a really good comparison. The summer of love even produced “the free store” on haight. it was a much bigger movement than the 90’s house music movement, but the mentality was very similar. This video is not actually of the boat party. It is filmed during the set up of the party. The party technically had not started yet. It would have been packed in there if it had. Boatparties ALWAYS sold out often days before the parties. Anyway. I am just a little lonesome towards the SF that i am a part of. This new tech crowd does know how to live well… no doubt there. But it is a very inclusive set. I do not have very much in common with them and i feel like a lot of other old timers feel this way too. The tech crowd does not want to integrate with the old timers. they want it all new so there is no wonder we feel disconnected.

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