Open letter to the residents of the city of Oakland….

English: The of . Français : Temple mormon d'O...

English: The of . Français : Temple mormon d’Oakland, en Californie (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that things are starting to change over there for you in Oakland.  Rents are rising and the vacancies are less.  There are more people moving to Oakland because the locals are being forced out of places like mostly San Francisco due to the new sweetheart deals our douche-bag mayor arranged to bring in new tech firms and along with them over 50,000 new soul-less, uncultured, ass-brained tech workers.

This topic of gentrification has been one i have been writing about for a while now and is probably the issue that weighs down on me more than any other. It is such a heavy subject that i actually see it changing the way i see society and my general outlook on people in general. It is making me a little bit discriminating towards certain new crowds. And i know that there are probably a few cool ones in all of that gentrification… but i hate you regardless… i know… it is wrong….

Anyway, i am sure that we are freaking out Oakland the same way we have been getting freaked out here in SF. The only thing that i can say to Oakland is this… You have a lot of room over there for a little bit of growth. I do not think it should get filled up totally though! The lucky thing that oakland gets that SF gets left cold on is this…

The coolest neighbors from SF are the ones that are moving into your town. The ones that love diversity and neighborhood participation. They are our artists, musicians, writers, moms, hard workers, activists and general neighborhood ambassador types. Not the type of ambassador that has tainted the city with their “now that this is MY neighborhood, i want this and this and this and this to change”. No, it is the ones that appreciate that their block represents 9 different cultures and a 90 year age span. It is the ones that like it when there are bbq’s and block parties and saying hello to you. It is not this new of entitled assholes who think that you should not live somewhere you can not afford to live, not understanding that it was not too expensive a few years ago and in fact, it wasnt until you actually got here you uncultured bigoted tech turd.

You are getting the people that helped to MAKE this city such a cool place. Remember the place that once was that had music and street fairs and nudity? Yeah. That place.

Things ARE changing. That, we can do nothing about. It is happening whether we like it or not. Prices WILL be increasing with increased demand (and knowing what people were willing to pay here is going to whet the greedy whistle of the LL’s in Oakland).

However, you Oakland actually have a chance of not only remaining a cool city that you actually would want to live in, but it could become a SUPER COOL town that surpasses the coolness of that neither one of us could achieve on our own.

I know it seems like it will be bad because change is scary. But wait until the new transplants define themselves as true douche’s, like the new SF influx has done before you completely lose faith in living in a cool place like i have had to come to terms with here.

SF is through. Done in. Ir-reversably (at least for now until the next quake comes!) fucked up. Its soul is being lost as we speak. I do not (and sure as hell hope not) hope this is the fate of you. Just be glad that your new locals are locals!

Sunset behind San Francisco, California from M...

Sunset behind San Francisco, California from Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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