This rash of pharmacy robberies is going to be bad for all of us.

which drugs are good and which are BAAD?

As i have been sitting here watching our local news, my ears are pricked by the name of my brothers former place of employment having been robbed again this week.  This is the second time this year.

A rash of armed robberies have been plaguing San Francisco pharmacies amongst many other US cities.  In San Francisco, usually the pharmacy hit is a smaller neighborhood business and not a Rite-Aid or hospital.

This is particularly alarming for me for a couple reasons.

The first is the obvious one.  My brother’s safety.  He is a compound pharmacist and has a much smaller business that is not particularly a foot traffic type business.  But he also shares a floor with a bank and i KNOW that they have really REALLY secured the building in general.  But still i do worry.  Especially because my brother worked at this pharmacy which now happens to be just a few blocks from were i live, for a LONG time.  It was like a family of co-workers when he worked there.  I am glad it did not happen way back then!

The other thing  that concerns me is something that i heard on tv tonight.  I personally do not know how this quote could possibly true but who knows.  Just sounds way wrong to me.. You tell me…

Perscription drug overdoses killed more people in America last year than vehicular deaths did.

How is that even possible… unless they are including doctor error and hospital errors.  Do you know ANYONE who even knows anyone that has died because they were on workman’s comp and were getting narcotics prescribed to them at such a huge quantity that they were able to OD?  I sure dont!  I do not know anyone that has been prescribed any narcotics besides my dad who is quite ill.  They will hook them up with an IV in the ER but tell them to use Tylenol as soon as they were discharged.

One person i know had a really bad accident on his motorcycle on the Bay Bridge (almost killing himself!) and putting himself into the hospital for 6 weeks.  He was still in a load of pain when they did discharged (it took about 10 months for him to really recover) and he was only told to take Advil.  …ADVIL?!? Are you serious??  This guy had to have staples and rods installed into his femur and you are not going to prescribe him ANY painkillers?  Is not what they are made for??!!

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

It is not too different from the mentality of the new culture of doctors who are now really not encouraged to prescribe any benzo of any kind if possible.  Because they are addictive, and the insurance companies are changing the culture of the mindset of medical professionals to the point where people who need the drugs that are made for what problem they have, are not getting them because a fear of addiction.

Yet, at the same time they are prescribing anti-depression drugs like tic-tac’s in multiples.  Currently i believe i am prescribed 5 different anti-depressants… 3 of them not even for depression but for abdominal pain and migraines.

They are tossing those around like candy and there is no endplan for those in sight.  It has been over a decade of continuous scripts of anti-depressives.  And if one ever has to get off of them, then, you can not tell me that there are not severe physical withdrawl symptoms.  (I had to experience this nightmare when my former Dr. suddenly died and i was accidentally overlooked when they were making notification phone calls.).

So in my mind, i have always pondered… Other than the fact that one can be felt that day and one can be felt in a couple weeks, both benzo’s and antidepressants leave you with withdrawls when taken off (i would say anti’s were way worse!) and you have to take them… maybe for the rest of your life,  what is the difference?

You are going to have to purchase these drugs and be on them forever so isnt that an addiction?

People who desperately need the proper drug prescribed to them are not getting the help that these drugs are specifically made for and instead turn to alcohol and street drugs to try and find the relief that they wont receive from the actual doctor because the doctor sees that they have used or abused these other things in the past.  …Well… DUH!!  Of course they turned to other substances because if it was not that, then it possibly would have been death.

Why is our culture such a total hypocrite when it comes to drugs.  It is fine to drink yourself into a grave and take a prescription or many and get loaded every day and that is fine… OH WAIT.. that NOW is not fine either… Just the alcohol…. but if that prescription drug is purchased on a sidewalk instead of inside a shop, it is all bad.  Very confusing.  Very hypocritical if you ask me.

Or, we could go that much deeper into the debate about who has a right to say what is allowed to be consumed within the body.

Being a child of the 70’s, i was raised in a very liberal town and thought that that desire for personal freedoms and right to chose and not let corporations rule our each and every choice in our lives would stay around as a cultural thing for a long time.  It felt like we were just finally getting more open minded and independent as thinkers and responsible as thinkers too.

Footloose (soundtrack)

Footloose (soundtrack)

Boy am i turning out to be wrong.  I tell you, we all laughed in 1984 when Footloose came out and we all laughed BECAUSE they had to go outside of their county to throw a dance.  CANT DANCE??  WTF??  What ass-backwards crevice of society could be that uptight to not allow dancing!  Preposterous!!

However, if the insurance companies feel that the claims for injury while dancing or the businesses surrounding a place that provides dancing complains loud enough or whatever their excuses may be… i am sad to say,  that it really would not surprise me these days, if one day dancing is not allowed either.

My point here being…  Where is the logic and independent thinking and decision making aspects of society going so fast?  That was my favorite part of our modern society and it is already just a memory.  I think we may be d’evolutution-ize-ing. 😦

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