The randomness of big city living…

From atop Bernal Hill at the

I live in San Francisco.  San francisco although small in size is definitely what i would still consider a big city.  Yes it has a dense population Yes it is a civic and international destination.  And yes… randomness like this does still (for the time being) still occur.

Let me set the scene for you… We (our household) has two issues we are dealing with in regards to harassment.

The first is our former roommate’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend… lets just call him John Joahnson.  This guy is pure evil and totally paranoid.  Every time him and our former roommate break up, he automatically thinks that she has come to our house and we are hiding her.  This is one of the places that she can hide because we have an active restraining order on him.  But, except for the incident which finally led to the restraining order, we have not hid her and infact did not even know she was in town.


We are almost POSITIVE it is him because the first time happened last year at about 4am after the night of Halloween,  We (acutually, i can not believe it myself, but i slept through it!) woke up to the SF Fire Department debating on our back porch about breaking in the door.  They got a call saying that we had a stove fire.  We did not.  It was a bit traumatizing to say the least.  This also just happened to coincide with our former roommate and him breaking up at about 2:00am that same night.

We then went all through the new year without incident.  …Until last Saturday that is.

At about 2pm, we find ourselves under a barrage of fire personel here to extinguish our kitchen fire once again.  Once again, it did not take them time to assess the situation being of no threat of fire and left.

After last weeks incident, i decided that it was time to call the cops and this time make a report.   I hate that a city who’s resources are already stretched so thin, that they would have to waste so much manpower on something that is redundant.  However, i think it was time to start a legit paper trail documenting the fact that we are not the ones calling and that the person that we think is, would be legally be charged with harassment under the stay away order.   It would probably put him in jail for 100 days and fine him $1000 and possibly city fees too (hopefully!).

Now let me introduce you to harasser number 2.  This one is just due to unfortunate proximity and the lack of good judgement when it comes to my roommate’s girlfriend befriending people.

We have a neighbor who lives approx. 1/2-3/4  blocks away.  She is about equal from our house to the corner than to the corner to her house down the hill.  We are not on the same street and can not see each others house but we are not very far away AT ALL (unfortunately).

This neighbor has a severe drug problem.  The rumors are that it is an alcohol and PCP problem.  She is straight up insane.  And the angel dust i believe makes her completely paranoid, delusional and agressive.

The last 2 days before today, our neighbor tried to kick in the door.  We live in a 107 year old building that is a wood framed 3 story house on a corner.  She literally was able to shift the entire house with these kicks/blows to the door.  5 or 6 of them rattled the windows and made the whole building shake.  It sounded like a bomb going off.   It was CRAZY!

So i go down stairs and find her fleeing with her boyfriend (also wasted) and I tell her not to come back.  She was accusing someone (who in fact that “someone” is still has not been voiced) stole her computer.  We do not go to her house.  We had no idea she had a computer.  We had nothing at all to do with her losing her computer.  (I should also tell you that she just walked into our house last week when someone left the door unlocked.  She was convinced that her boyfriend and our roommate’s girlfriend were getting it on.  They weren’t).

So… so far, pretty exciting for random city living, right?  So, how on the face of the planet did the two harassers manage to attack at the very same time!? Just pure luck that is how.

Fade in.. about 7:45 am.  Sunday (yesterday) morning.  The house is silent.  Everyone asleep but me.  I had been up for about an hour doing some early morning writing and spending some time with kitty.  (*footnote: i just randomly began audio taping my lame ass roommates remedial arguments the night before, and forgot about it.  I have now audio in real time of the entire night’s events which comes in handy trying to decipher wether the two incidents were connected.  They weren’t.  The sirens actually started before the knocking.).

I hear hard knocking downstairs.  This is knocking that i do not recognize.  (Isnt it interesting that we can identify a person simply from how they knock on the door.  It is very personal.)  It is early.  The rest of the house is asleep.  I do not plan on getting the door.

Unfortunately for us, the knocking then became huge kicks.  About 6 of them.  Again, the whole building shook.  But at almost the exact same time, i start hearing the sirens.  They are thick and they are layered and they are coming closer and closer.

San Francisco Fire Department

San Francisco Fire Department (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

…Yep, someone called (for no reason) the SFFD saying we had a fire in our kitchen.  AGAIN!!!

By this time, i knew that i needed to get out there and talk to these personel and see if we can get to the bottom of this.  I spoke to one truckload of firemen/women and then the chief drove up and they said that i should go and speak with him.   I explain that we had to make an incident report last week because we needed to begin a paper trail but this was the third time this had happened.  While i was explaining who i thought was responsible, i mention that someone just tried to kick in our door so now i was not 100% sure.

Just at that moment, i see our neighbor walking out of our front steps.  She then begins to walk the opposite direction (and seriously uphill!) away from the house (and hers).  I go “there.  that is the person who tried to kick in my door.” and proceded to give them a visual id.  She walked up and around and down the other side of the block and then crossed the street heading back towards her own house.  They call for the police to come and meet with me and then say  that they are going to go find her.  The fire dept. clearly was not as familiar with our neighbor… but boy  those cops were!

And, in the end, they did find her several hours later and took her into custody on a 51-50 which requires a 72 hour observation hold.  This is the first time i have ever seen anyone actually get arrested for 51-50.  It is quite difficult.  One must fit a very specific set of parameters for them to be deemed 51-50.  Apparently our neighbor is all too familiar with it.  we now get 3 days at the least of quiet.  YEA!

straight jacket

straight jacket (Photo credit: funkypancake)

Not only that, but, now the fire chief is aware of these false reports and he seemed mote interested in getting them to stop than our PD seemed to be (understandingly).

So our ironic Sunday morning of harassment actually got one of the harassers locked up by the other harasser, and that harasser has a lot more heat on him.  I am actually wanting him to call one more time so they put some of their investigators on it.  I would LOVE to be able to watch harasser #1 go to jail too!  He deserves it as much as she did if not way more!

And this is just another day in the life in the big city.  Gotta just roll with the punches and sit back with your popcorn and watch the chaos unfold around you!

Have a great week everyone!


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