Dear San Francisco recent recruits… Question for you on housing…


Dear San Francisco recent recruits... Question for you on housing...

If you make so much income, why are you really working for your landlord and not yourself? You know that you are being fleeced by your deep pocketed (and lined) landlord. It doesnt really have to cost that much to live in San Francisco but you are willing to give up up to 60% of your income in order to live here which means, you are really working for your landlord who is planning his retirement thanks to you now.

So, if you are making all of this elitist income, which entitles you to be able to call yourselves San Franciscans, WHY ARE YOU RENTING AT ALL???

You are supposed to be the smart ones right? If you were so smart, with interest rates where they are and programs for first time buyers in place, why on earth would you not be working to be paying yourself to be able to call yourself a SFer instead of some international corporation that is your landlord?

The thing that has been going through my mind ever since this new tech migration started moving in… How can these kids afford to be saving anything that they earn? They only eat out and at the hippest joints!. They can pay upwardly of up to 50-60% of their income on rent and the fees associated with hi-rise and condo living (parking, gym, etc.). They (mostly) refuse to use MUNI so only take cabs which by 2015 will not cost less than $5 just to get in.

Where are you saving or investing your income? How do you plan on actually becoming one of these rich people that you are pretending to be?

Real rich people are NOT renters that is for sure! And they have houses that are actually big enough to COOK in!

As well as a place to store all of your fun outdoor sporty equipment so you can stop having to rent a storage unit to house the real stuff in ones life. Hard to live so minimally without any storage or space isnt it? Hard to invest when you can not save. Hard to save when you are throwing all your money away as disposable income.

No wonder the city likes you so much! You come in, make a good wage and turn around and just gladly give it right back.

You all may be ‘smart’ but you do not have much common sense or intelligence. If you did, you would have migrated into this town with a whole different approach and with a knowledge of what their smartest way of integrating would be for both them and for those that they are trying to inter-merge with.

All of other groups in the past that get recruited or just decide to move to SF to work, if they can not find appropriate accommodations, They, in the past have taken a place outside the city until they can find the right place for them. Why is this not an option for you? If some of you had decided to do this, the cost of your rent would not be so overly inflated and you would be able to figure out exactly where in SF or otherwise you fit best thus looking in that area if you chose to come in after getting settled in your new job. This is how things have been done for the ages. What makes you think that instead of that, you can come in and force the market up into the sky so you can find a place right here right now??

I am just wondering, why is it not YOU that has to look outside the city to find a place and not people that have lived here for decades?

Remember the saying… First come first served… YOU are definitely NOT the first! So go serve yourself somewhere where there is availability. Quit being predators upon the local population AND with that awful entitled attitude problem of yours! It makes me truly SICK.

I am just saying….


This is just one random home that is currently for sale in San Francisco… Can you see the change?


Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.28.23 PM
Just incase we need a visual to get an idea of what San Francisco real estate market has been doing in the last couple years, here is a lovely chart thanks to Zillow. I know right now, i am just lucky to still be here! It wont be forever unfortunately. At least according to charts like this (and the rest are all the same…:(.

Let me introduce to the house my ancestors built… 3800 Washington St. San Francisco.


The house is called The Koshland House and is one of San Francisco’s landmark number 95. (
It was built beginning in 1904 and housed many refugees after the earthquake. My ancestors built this house because they were in the process of getting ready to build Emanu-el down the street on Anza. You can see the giant terracota dome of the church in the arial shots here. I try to imagine what it must have been like to have grown up here in San Francisco in the victorian era. Things were so very different back then! It may look glamorous but there were a LOT and i mean A LOT of unwritten societal rules that had to be adhered to or your whole families reputation could be at risk. There was (at least for a woman) a lot of down time too. I think that this is part of the reason for having such large families. That and to help keep the wealth within the family lines as well. There was a lot of 1st 2nd and 3rd cousin marriages within families back then. If they went outside those lines, they stayed within their ethnic culture (mine being Bavarian Jews).

I hope you enjoy it!

…Nothing like a little bit of pressure to fill some pretty big shoes! I am just going to let someone else in the family worry about accomplishing that! Instead, i will be the family historian for myself and all of you…. ūüėČ

What would Adolph Sutro think of UCSF cutting down 30,000 out of 45,000 trees that he planted over 100 years ago.

Adolph Sutro: you’re my guy

Adolph Sutro: you’re my guy (Photo credit: phil dokas)

So, the past week or so, ¬†the media reported that UCSF is about to cut down approx. 30,000 out of the 45,000 trees that stand in Mount Sutro forest. ¬†This is a forest of eucalyptus trees that was planted over 100 years ago by Mr. Sutro of Sutro bath‘s fame. ¬†He was the main developer and land owner of these western lands when SF was being built. ¬†He even built himself a railroad line all the way out to the beach where his mansion sat on the bluff above the Cliff House¬†(which he built… several times after each one burned down)¬†in order to bring tourists out to enjoy his baths, the cliff house and the ocean. ¬† Continue reading

Dear new “tech generation” that has just landed in our fair city of San Francisco… and think that major changes need to be made for you…

… I would like to address this to all of you. ¬†You know who you are. ¬†You are incredibly arrogant to believe that you have a right to the really REALLY unbelievable attitude you seem to feel you deserve towards our city and its residents that already live here… ¬†Here is a response to a response from an article¬†that i read in support of these tech assholes who are (to me personally) out of their fucking minds… ¬†Here you go.. I think it explains it pretty well to you all.

This is the problem we have with you all and your point of view….

Ps. ¬†i am a little bit mad.. If you go and read the threads above mine, you can see where this agression lies…. ¬†I do apologize for the tone in this setting for you….

Six Sisters Houses, San Francisco

“What the F*** I mean is who the hell do you think you are to think that you have any right to come into a world class town and abolish its history. ¬†You godam tech narcissists think that the world owes you a world of gratitude and the ability to take whatever you see that you want. ¬†Again, i have to ask you… Who the F*** ARE YOU? … other than some ignorant uneducated in ANY OTHER field than the tech industry egomaniac? ¬†Are you serious here? ¬†You are going to look back (i would normally expect but with you lot, i am just going to hope.) and feel so ashamed. ¬†Ashamed of your shortsightedness, ashamed of your greed, ashamed of your insensitivity and ashamed of your choice to want to destroy history for many generations to come. ¬†You at that point SHOULD feel ASHAMED! ¬†SHAME ON YOU!! ¬†I think it is time for you all to open up some books… real books, ¬†Not some C+ manual. ¬†Take a look (and then… try to..) read some of them. ¬†You will soon learn just how deeply entrenched the REAL (curent or former) SF means to people outside of your little foggy bubble. ¬†Right about now, i bet that most of us “old timers” would actually chose to give up “technology” and go back to the dark ages if it were to mean that we could have our people filled with soul and compassion and diversity back as our neighbors. ¬†I know i would trade you and all of the tech that you so praise in a HEARTBEAT. ¬†I lived once without it and did just fine… i am sure I could survive just fine… Dont so much know how well you all would do though. ¬†Cant wait to find out maybe someday. ¬†When that happens, i am grabbing my popcorn and chair and catching a front row view of your well deserved melt down!! ¬†As well as i am pretty sure quite a few others. ¬†You aint makin any friends here with that f***** up attitude of yours and it needs a re-evaluation… FAST!!”

If you want to read the actual article and ALL of the comments (beware they can get a little agressive. ¬†Clearly this is a passionate topic for all involved)… you can read it here…


Let me know what you think and what side of the coin you chose to fall on ok?  Thank you!!

An open letter to my neighborhood…


Dear Neighbors,

I write you today to ask for your understanding. You see, I live in the house that you can’t stand.

You know the one.  The blithe on the block.

We dont look unusually bad in appearance (not particularly good either but it is on the corner and is 100 years old so, its design is generally not too offending plus, we are a dirty color of white so we dont really stand out except if you begin to look closely. ¬†That cheap1960’s want-to-be wood grained paneling that is broken in places and entirely painted white… probably in the 60’s!, doesn’t exactly look regal i know).

No it is not our appearance that is so offending.  It is us. Continue reading

This rash of pharmacy robberies is going to be bad for all of us.

which drugs are good and which are BAAD?

As i have been sitting here watching our local news, my ears are pricked by the name of my brothers former place of employment having been robbed again this week.  This is the second time this year.

A rash of armed robberies have been plaguing San Francisco pharmacies amongst many other US cities.  In San Francisco, usually the pharmacy hit is a smaller neighborhood business and not a Rite-Aid or hospital.

This is particularly alarming for me for a couple reasons. Continue reading

The randomness of big city living…

From atop Bernal Hill at the

I live in San Francisco. ¬†San francisco although small in size is definitely what i would still consider a big city. ¬†Yes it has a dense population Yes it is a civic and international destination. ¬†And yes… randomness like this does still (for the time being) still occur.

Let me set the scene for you… We (our household) has two issues we are dealing with in regards to harassment.

Continue reading

I have an idea for relief for this SF housing crisis….

Modern Apartment at 1000 N. Lasalle

Modern Apartment at 1000 N. Lasalle (Photo credit: PPMChicago-Alex)

Views over Plaza Catalu√Īya. Modern apartment f...

Views over Plaza Catalu√Īya. Modern apartment for sale in Barcelona|LFS3064 (Photo credit: lucasfoxbcn)

I dont know why some smart little city near sf (maybe like foster city over on the bay side or somewhere like that…) does not decide that they are going to invest in a portion of town and build luxury living (renting) and luxury dining for this part. ¬†Clearly we need another place that these tech workers would consider living other than the city or there will be nothing but only tech and advertising highly paid kids living in the city. ¬†They are young and quite wealthy (at least bringing in large paychecks) and want the lifestyle of luxury and modernity and hip swank. Continue reading

The funniest thing I have seen all day!


The funniest thing I have seen all day!

…This is….

to add to yesterdays police blotter from Atherton Ca… the thread… Just about the funniest thing i have ever read.

This is a long thread that i had to copy from reddit to be able to share with you, however, it is such entertainment, i was pushed over the edge of my yes decision to post it. ¬†If your mind works anything like mine, then this will give you several SEVERAL good hard (possible hours) of laughs!! ¬†I hope you enjoy it as much as i did! ¬†Oh Atherton…….

(to be able to read this in a more cohesive format, go to reddit’s link here:¬† )

[‚Äď]Freakazette¬†244 points¬†1 day¬†ago

Some of these are even better if you read the ones right next to them. Like, the actual real crime makes some of these more ridiculous.

[‚Äď]Dustin-¬†241 points¬†1 day¬†ago

Man stabbed in San Jose, injuries not life threatening.

In other news, a woman reassured a police officer that she knew her way home. Continue reading

This is just too cool not to show you! AND it is invented by a neighbor who lives just a couple streets down!


Bernal is kicking out some serious talent here. By the time you are finished watching this video, you are going to be thinking just what i did after i saw it… I WANT ONE!! Keep your eyes peeled. The only thing better than good design… Is local good design! Now you have been illuminated! (bad pun i know and am sorry! ūüôā

Crime in Atherton. Grab some tissues… You are in for a bumpy ride!


If you happen to live in Atherton Ca. which happens to be the states 4th most expensive zip code (median home price is 4.9 million!), then it is no huge surprise that you have even less than first world problems. ¬†You have maybe half world problems. ¬†And when there is a problem… Who do you call? ¬†The police of course. ¬†Boy if i were a Santa Clara county deputy i really would love to be assigned this beat! ¬†But only if i still had my patience and a serious sense of humor!


(To see the original article on the SFist, follow this link…

This was just too funny to pass up sharing with you all. ¬†I have lived in the Bay area my whole life, growing up deep in the Santa Cruz mountains. ¬†My dad’s business was over the hill and so we had friends over there. ¬†I have always been familiar with Atherton. ¬†I think my parents had friends that lived there (keeping in mind that this was in the 70’s & 80’s when it was really rich but the whole bay was much less populated than it is now).

In fact, life was much less complicated than it is now.  And much more connected.  Now days, fear is fed to us along with the ideals that beauty rules along with sex (however, it can not be talked about) and consumerism.

I dont think that in the days i was a kid that people living in Atherton were this incapable and terrified of… well… Anything that they might happen to come across. ¬†I suppose that is reserved for our curent generations of frightened stiff un-functioned twits living in their walled manses afraid of the world and clearly delusionally entitled.

I would not like to see these people cope in a natural disaster where you are forced to rely on your friends and neighbors.  If this was survival of the fittest, these people would NOT survive.

It is funny but also just kinda sad, dont cha think?


I would like (those that are unfamiliar) to introduce you properly to my little neighborhood… Bernal Heights.


One of the best little neighborhoods in the world. I am grateful to have ended up over here. Before here i had lived in the panhandle (now days it is called NOPA) but since as the new name tells you, it has been almost thoroughly gentrified. Not Bernal! Hopefully it never will be! THANKS BERNAL! I love you back!

By the way… Happy Valentines Day All!!

Friday night… From the 80’s to now… What you did not know or have forgotten….

Old Romanian made phone

As i was just sitting here dealing with someone who seems to be very flakey, i started going into flashbacks of what it USED to be like to date or make plans with someone.

For those of you too young to remember, society did not always have very socially friendly ways of communicating.  No cordless let alone cel phones, no answering machines or voice mail, Not even redial!  Can you believe that redial was something that was invented SINCE i was born?!!  Unbelievable!!

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that technology gets fully integrated into our lives now within a couple of months. ¬†Sometimes a couple of weeks. ¬†Keeping this in mind, and considering the fact that i am only 38, it just goes to show you how fast technology has become so much a part of our lives… well… lets just say, i would not like to see the younger generation deal with a massive power outage! ¬†They would not know where to go and what to do or even how to contact their friends because no phone numbers these days have to be memorized. Continue reading

Christopher Dorner Manhunt‚Ķ Something seems fishy‚Ķ.

Christopher Dormer Manhunt... Something seems fishy....I dont know where i have been for the last couple days with news beyond San Francisco so, it is just today that i go onto ABC’s news site and started reading about this Dorner guy.

If you are as in the dark as i was, i am talking about former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

Dorner went on what they are calling a rampage killing in total 3 people (with 2 being the daughter & fiance of Police Captain as well as shooting at 3 other cops, 1 of which died), however, only tying up an old man whom he stole a car from. ¬†He had written a manifesto (you can read it here…¬†, which connected him to the slain victims.

HOWEVER¬†If my sniffer is correct… which it many many times is, there is just something that is not right about this whole situation. Continue reading

Bernal… The best little neighborhood in all the world!

Who would have ever thought that there was still a last vestige of old guard here in a San Francisco neighborhood?? ¬†Well, there is a small neighborhood in the south eastern portion of San Francisco that still has it goin’ on!

This is my own neighborhood of Bernal Heights in San Francisco.

When we started experiencing a crime spree taking place in the form of scary and agressive armed muggings on our little streets here, we, as a neighborhood and united front, banded together and QUICK!

First there was an impromptu meeting (arranged just the night before) that took place on the steps of the BH Library and lasted for about an hour.  (i was unfortunately not in attendance of this meeting because i learned of it the following day.)

The next meeting that took place happened 3 days later at the BHCC (Martha Bros. was closed so we moved down to the BHCC). ¬†This meeting had just under 50 people attending on a Sunday night. ¬†This meeting was by far the most informative and helpful, but it also allowed us to plan to have another BIG meeting with our new Police Captain Tim Flavley, some of SFPD Ingleside stations finest, the Sisters of Perpetual Motion and 3 yes, count them THREE of San Francisco’s supervisors (Campos, Avalos, and Weiner).

By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were all wanting to attend this meeting.

So many Bernal Heights residents showed up, that there was reportedly 100 more turned away at the door due to being at max capacity.  There were people in the balcony, on the stairs, the patio was opened up and people went out there (could not see, but probably could hear) and people were sitting in the isles and on the floor in every crevice possible to sit.  The sups even gave up their chairs at the front looking back at the room due to the HUGE turnout.

So, in less than a week (5 days to be exact), we as a community, were able to make 3 impromptu safety meetings with the high ups at the last.

You dont see community activism and support from neighbor to neighbor like this very often.  It was just incredible to see.  And with all of the forcing out of old time residents, mostly due something called GREED carried out as Ellis Act evictions (and extremely high rents here in SF averaging on $3000 a month),  It helped to show me that there are still some parts of that old San Francisco guard that remain.  The old SF embodied in a single neighborhood here in 2013 in San Francisco.

I have needed a little recharging of my faith in what i used to know and so fell in love with here in the city. ¬†The love and demand for diversity, the support of our neighbors and a community feeling, people not judging others by how much money they make, wether they rent or own, their ethnicity or sexual orientation, their hobbies or their age etc. People just loving that as people we can all live here together not judging each other and be very happy. We all have the same commonality… We are neighbors and we love our neighborhood.

With the economic and ethnic white washing that is happing at a rapid pace in San Francisco,  It makes me able to live in the bliss of how things used to be here for just a little bit longer.  I needed it.  I was getting so depressed and stressed out about this attitude of the new elitist influx of ignorant and selfish tech salaried crowd, coming in here and telling all of us locals that we do not deserve to be here because we can not afford it any longer.

I know as a renter that as soon as i have to move out of the place i am at now, i will be just another long term resident who has called SF home for most of their lives making the exodus to most likely Oakland or who knows where.

But for the time being i am going to thank my lucky stars and amazing neighbors of my little neighborhood called Bernal Heights, for making our neighborhood a real community… still… for a little bit longer, while we all can still be here.

(note, the meeting started 10-15 minutes after these photos were taken. ¬†The room by the time it started… would have to be imagined to be doubled with people… packed literally to the rafters!

Neighborhood meeting at Bernal Heights Community Center (BHCC)

Neighborhood meeting at Bernal Heights Community Center (BHCC)





I am seeing this time and the unknown amount of future that lies before me as some of the last golden years i have while calling San Francisco my home.

I am really so excited that i am able to add this Bernal community and your love and regard for our neighbor/&/hood.  It is really going to be a beautiful memory for me to be able to recall when (hopefully) i grow old.

Who knows what the future has in store for the little city by the bay or me or any of you.  But lets just enjoy right now.  It is the end of an era and it is something that should be savored by every second!

Winfield St. San Francisco

Winfield St. San Francisco


Question to readers… Do you think it is the end of an era? ¬†What is it that you chose to savor and cherish right now?? ¬†Please comment and share in the conversation! ¬†This is what helps it to be now!! ūüôā



Oh how things have changed for me… (from High School to House music… some of the things that influenced who i became….)

I have not always been the person you may see me as today. ¬†As a girl growing up I was much sweeter and sentimental and isolated. ¬†I suppose that is because i lived in a well grounded, well loved and well disciplined family out in the redwoods with little to influence me into bad things other than maybe being defiant or talking back. ¬†But, when you get grounded and can not watch tv or talk on the phone and live near no friends or civilization, (keep in mind that this was in the days of no computers, cel phones or hand held devices let alone more than 4 channels to watch on tv… no cable) one tends to stay in line pretty much. ¬†Plus i always wanted my parents to be proud of me and i felt terrible if they were ever disappointed in me. ¬†Psychological manipulation! ¬†Boy it sure worked like a charm on my brother and me.


I lived in this lush dark wonderland for the first 14 years of my life.  By the time i had gotten to Junior High, i had gone my entire k-6 education in the same school and the last 2 years with the same teacher! (Hi Ms. Daniels!).


I had tried out at the end of 6th grade to be a cheerleader in 7th grade.  I made the squad so that pretty much kept me busy after school after we moved into the big house in 8th grade.


I think i may have been the last generation of kids that lived their high school years closer to the way the movies in the 80’s portrayed. ¬†To give you an idea of how different things were back then, the first year i was in high school, we had a smoking section ON CAMPUS! ¬†The next year, they said they (the smokers) had to go down the trail to smoke. ¬†I only walked down the trail a couple times because my car was usually on the other side of campus since i lived a 20 minute drive from school. ¬†The trail was a side cut down into town, with no room for cars to pull over or park. ¬†I never felt weird going down the trail. ¬†I had friends down there too. ¬†I had friends in the library, in the Ag dept. ¬†In the quad, in the doughnut, and in the art room.


Everyone was friends with everyone. ¬†There was little divide by color. ¬†More by the sport (or activity but since it was a great weathered surf town, sports were everywhere) you chose to associate yourself with… Football player, Surfer, Drama crowd, Basket ball guys, WATER POLO guys (gosh i loved the water polo guys!!), cheerleader, student council etc. ¬†But it was ok to cross mix. ¬†We all mingled. ¬†if people did not get along, they did not on personal grounds not because they were mexican or in band.


We were able to come and go on and off campus at will.  You could drive to lunch downtown or you could walk down to the mini mart across the street and down from the school.  You did not ever even think about someone coming to school with a gun and kids were not having sex in 3rd grade.  Not even 5th grade as far as my school went. (we all would have known!  Trust me! It was school news if someone was seen kissing sans tounge!)  We went roller skating on the weekend and went to school dances and pep rallies.  We stayed late to make posters or watch swim team practice.  We had REALLY good teachers and faculty for the most part.  They were intelligent and challenging and loved their jobs and cared.  And we showed up!   We did the work for the most part as well.  We liked and knew each other and it was cool.


The year after i graduated, i had heard that the school had gotten a lot rougher. ¬†They had a closed school policy and there were a lot of fights at lunch time… one time there were 10 fights one lunch, 6 of them being between two girls! ¬†Woah! ¬†that would have never happened while i was at school.


(i am third from the bottom second from the left.)

By the time i was in Jr. High, i had become one of those that would rather not make waves than rock the boat.  It was just easier to just agree to do something that i thought was boring then make a big stink.  I did not know how to say no either.  People knew this and really used it to their advantage.  This started as a pattern very early on.

Grad Night Party. 1992

Grad Night Party. 1992


By the time i had graduated, i was already practically more in SF than i was at home. ¬†I was a raver. ¬†Now this was the early 1990’s in San Francisco and there was something that was incredible that happened there at that time so i will never be ashamed of saying that i was a raver in the early 90’s.


I was not wearing day-glo paint on my face and blowing whistles and sucking on lolly pops. ¬†I was hiking over rock and sand to dance under the full moon on the beach on the coast of California. ¬†I was going to map point parties that would take several maps and destinations/hand off/ exchanges for new map point parties. I went to weekly’s on Thursday nights. I would go and hear the Hardkiss Brothers play in the basement of Coctails which is now Asia SF on the corner of 9th and Howard St. ¬†The basement club was called The Pit and its ceiling rained sweat on you. ¬†It was gross but amazing too.


I would go to Townsend and King Street and Big Heart City, Trocadero, DV8 and . as well as DNA Lounge (where they would lay grass out in front of the club on Sunday mornings for people to hang out on), and of course the EndUp. ¬†There were many others places and parties…(The Gathering, Bulletproof boat parties,Comeunity, Wicked, Love Garage, Groove kitchen, Pleasuredome, Martini Fridays, Spundae, ¬†Equinox, Osmosis, Universe… the list goes on and on and on). ¬†It was amazing.. Kinda like our own little version of our Woodstalk. ¬†So, to me, drugs were something that were experimented with not pushed on street corners and to little kids. ¬†It was fun and enlightening and i would have to say that that was maybe the best times in my life.


The music and the acceptance of diversity and warmpth from strangers was an amazing thing.  Truly it was the music though that brought us all together, and has remained powerful enough to have kept a lot of us all still connected.


I digress. ¬†Fast forward 20 years and i have come around 180 degrees. ¬†I definitely know how to say no now. ¬†In fact, i will probably be the first and the loudest to say “Hell NO!! ¬†Have you gone lost your mind??” ¬†I know how to defend myself and others around me. ¬†Sometimes it feels like i am the only one who will stand up for someone. ¬†People dont want to get involved these days for the most part it seems. ¬†Which to some extent is smart, but if someone is being unfairly picked on or if some one is unfairly attacking someone eles i have no problem stepping in and telling them to lay off.


I suppose i have come so full circle that my nickname in the house is “The Hammer”! ¬†Hahaha. ¬†That is so funny to me i tell you. ¬†The Hammer!? ¬†Who ever would have thunk! ¬†Not me if you had paid me back in the day.


My bottom line here people, you can change and you do change as you get older.  You slip into bad habits and you break out of others.  You figure out who you really are and realize that that was not who you thought you were going to be.  You become ok with yourself and you start being able to use your experiences to help you to avoid doing it again the same way.


You get over those things that you used to procrastinate so, because you realize that it takes up so much more energy stressing over trying to forget about it (but not) than actually just getting up and doing it.  Your learn to appreciate some bigger things in life and thus life gets smaller and simpler.  You dont feel the need for the same amount of attention from loads of strangers.  You just want attention from those that you love.  You enjoy time. You realize what time is and how if you have your health and your family and food and a roof then the rest is just toppings.  You learn to want to enjoy life on simpler terms.

Photo with no makeup is proof that i have grown up!

Photo with no makeup is proof that i have grown up!

Yet you still love your good house music!! …and always will!

If you want to know which SF neighborhood you would fit into…?


Tor Weeks Bikes of San Francisco

Then just check out this awesome poster Tor Weeks called Bikes of SF. And… boy it is dead on! And hilarious.

This is really a interesting concept. Read my response and you will get my life tip #1 (this really applies to people over the age of 30!)


The first step is to Stop Trying to ‚ÄúLose‚ÄĚ Weight. Research clearly shows that over 95% of people who manage to ‚Äúlose‚ÄĚ weight will gain it all back, and most of them will end up weighing more than when they started.

What you really want is to permanently RELEASE your excess weight ‚Äď not LOSE it. Think about it! When you lose something, what happens? You go looking for it.

If you ‚Äúlost‚ÄĚ your wallet or your purse you‚Äôd go looking for it, wouldn‚Äôt you? As you will see, your Subconscious Mind is literal and it knows if you lose something you will consciously or unconsciously try to find it.

What you are about to learn is how to RELEASE the excess weight from your life, once and for all ‚Äď so you never have to ‚Äúlose‚ÄĚ it again!

Sound good so far? Then read on…

Has This Ever Happened…

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My view from my bed will be so empty without seeing The Stick framed so perfectly through the house on the left and the tree on the right. Sad.

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) ‚Äď After more than half a century of sports, music and civic history ‚Äď San Francisco‚Äôs legendary Candlestick Park is nearing the end.

Plans call for the 52-year old stadium to be imploded after next year’s football season.

In its place, developers plan to build a new shopping mall and condos as the 49ers move south to their new stadium in Santa Clara for the 2014 season.

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San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department will waste no time in bringing the 60s-era relic down soon after the clock runs out on the last game of the 2013. season.

‚ÄúNo one wants a vacant stadium,‚ÄĚ said Rec and Parks director Phil Ginsburg.¬†‚ÄúCandlestick has outlived its useful life.‚ÄĚ

Although it was built for the San Francisco Giants, it was home to some of the most memorable 49er moments as well after the stadium was…

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Are some holidays and events socially media intertwined more than others?

Watching the big game on two huge screens in K...

Watching the big game on two huge screens in Klaus!!! #superbowl (Photo credit: Eweinhoffer)

I was just sitting here on my bed watching painfully our 9ers play without fire in their bellies and losing badly at the Superbowl.  My computer sits on my lap and i am checking my local blog sites (, & the  I decide to go to my blog stats page to see if my theory held up.

My theory was that stats for visits for my posts would be low, just like they were Christmas day.

My Christmas day prediction was wrong and today’s Super Bowl day prediction on visits was also wrong.

christmas in austin

My prediction on Xmas was that there would be a lot of people online viewing blogs and social media sites. ¬†They weren’t. ¬†They in retrospect were of course with family and probably in a food-semi coma. ¬†NOT online.

My prediction for today was similar to what the actual xmas outcome was.  I assumed that people would be at Superbowl parties and at bars across the USA, getting drunk and basically only connecting to the big screen TV and possibly their sattellite that connects to their big screen TV.


But i was wrong again. ¬†Views are high on Superbowl Sunday. ¬†Views are low on Christmas. ¬†So, Superbowl Sunday is a social media intertwined event and Christmas is not. ¬†I wonder what the 4th of July will be….

Do people have a right to call 911 for a noise complaint during the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLV logo

Super Bowl XLV logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While watching the game this year, i decided it might be interesting to turn on the SF Police scanner and listen to how much mayhem is afoot.

Police motorcycles line up at the 2006 war pro...

It is not yet to the half and things are pretty tame and i would say on the quiet side.  What has been catching my attention is how many code 415 calls there have been.  Code 415 is a noise complaint.

A noise complaint??  SERIOUSLY??  So, you mean that jack hammers, saws, large machinery and all kinds of other daytime sounds are equally as loud if not louder, and there is not big code 415s then.  Do people have a right to call 911 at 4:30 in the afternoon on a sunday when their team happens to be playing at that very moment in the super bowl?

This whole town has the feeling of it being a holiday.  Just as it did during the Giants run to the World series champions.  NO ONE in San Francisco on this Sunday, could possibly NOT know that the Superbowl is on OR that we are IN IT!!

To me, it seems like an extreme waste of resources on a day where there are going to need all that there is.

What do you think?  Am i a biased Super Bowl fan or an insensitive loud ass chick in general, or does this seem ridiculous to you as well.  I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

P.s.  I also actually heard a call due to a dog barking!  A DOG BARKING??  Are we living in a world that thinks that life is silent or should be?  Now i like my peace and quiet too, but daytime is free game.  If all of those builders etc can jack hammer next to my house for 5 hours straight starting at 7:00 am, cant a dog bark for a few minutes on a sunday afternoon?

Get the real deal on how safe your passwords are….



password-cracking.jpg (Photo credit: CyberHades)

I just found this really interesting information on how long it takes (right now at least.. Keep in mind that things are constantly getting faster so, in say, 6 months one might be able to cut this in like half….) to crack your passwords.

Think about it and if you are smart, you will keep this in mind when you are making passwords for your accounts.

This was pulled from VentureBeat’s blog. You can find the original post here¬†

Ok… Get ready for some useful statistics here!..

Graphic processors allow password-cracking programs to work thousands of times faster than they did just a decade ago.

The LinkedIn breach (mentioned above) should by now make us realize that relying on traditional passwords isn’t enough anymore. Investigation-management software provider I-sight provides the following note on how easy it is to crack your password:


There you have it folks. ¬†Be smart with your private information and make sure you have a really solid password on your accounts. ¬†Now they dont need smart people to figure anything out and do the hard work… They just hit run on an application and wait until it has been cracked.

2012 in review. Thank you dear readers for making my first year of having a blog so spectacular!

First of all, who would have thought that some cheesy article about camel toes would be the most viewed blog post i have written to date… BY A LONG SHOT! ¬†I am not sure what this says about our current society… I dont think it is necessarily something i can be too proud of but it is pretty funny and peculiar. ¬†It just goes to show that raunch sells! ¬†But i am not going to turn this into a camel toe, side boob, moose knuckle, nip slip site… dont worry. ¬†Everything that i write about is something that i have pondering throughout my mind. ¬†I dont think it would be possible to be thinking about sleaze and cheese 24/7 for me at least. ¬†Maybe campy popular culture but not sleaze or celebrities or products or pictures of food. I have too big of an opinion and WAY too big of a mouth to not just talk about the things that actually are of interest to me.

This is going to be the way i write this year too i believe. ¬† It has become very cathartic exercise for me to engage in, and since i fired my therapist last year, it has kinda been my stand in therapy. ¬†And all of you, my readers, are my therapists. ¬†You should be charging me a fee! ¬†(Kidding! ¬†Dont send me a bill because i am perpetually broke and it would only go to collections! ūüėČ

Anyway, thank you all of you… Especially mskatykins,¬†¬†originalapplejunkie,¬†rich,¬†robincoyle, ¬†Don in Massachusetts, &¬†ah0098¬†especially for taking so much time to share with your comments.


Just so you can see what my first year of blogging has produced for me, i happily share my blog’s year in review….

And.. again,  Thank YOU!! xoxo.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 73,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.