I believe that the two scientists who discovered this are with UCSF here in the city! BRAVO SCIENTISTS!!


Its better to hear it from someone who actually knows about the case… RIP Aaron Swartz!

Unhandled Exception

I did not know Aaron Swartz, unless you count having copies of a person’s entire digital life on your forensics server as knowing him. I did once meet his father, an intelligent and dedicated man who was clearly pouring his life into defending his son. My deepest condolences go out to him and the rest of Aaron’s family during what must be the hardest time of their lives.

If the good that men do is oft interred with their bones, so be it, but in the meantime I feel a responsibility to correct some of the erroneous information being posted as comments to otherwise informative discussions at Reddit, Hacker News and Boing Boing. Apparently some people feel the need to self-aggrandize by opining on the guilt of the recently departed, and I wanted to take this chance to speak on behalf of a man who can no…

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Since my 9ers ARE playing Green Bay tonight at 8:00pm… I thought i would re-blog this for me if not for all of you!


These are the results of the NFL playoffs to date with a bracket of the games leading to the super bowl.  My team “Pittsburgh Steelers” did not make it this year so I watch for the love of the sport without care of who wins and loses.


Results of games played to date .

Saturday, January 5 4:30 PM Houston 19, Cincinatti 13 NBC
Saturday, January 5 8:00 PM Green Bay 24, Minnesota 10 NBC
Sunday, January 6 1:00 PM Baltimore 24, Indianapolis 9 CBS
Sunday, January 6 4:30 PM Seattle 24, Washington 14 FOX
Saturday, January 12 4:30 PM Baltimore@Denver CBS
Saturday, January 12 8:00 PM Green Bay@San Francisco FOX
Sunday, January 13 1:00 PM Seattle@Atlanta FOX
Sunday, January 13 4:30 PM Houston@New England CBS
Sunday, January 20 3:00 PM TBA CBS or FOX
6:30 PM TBA CBS or…

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In 26 years, Aaron Swartz had more guts and made a change that we all have to be thankful for. Sad that it was cut short.


You may not know the name Aaron Swartz, but i guarantee that you can be thanking him and a number of others for a multi year battle keeping our beloved internet from being censored.

You may remember a while ago when many websites chose to go black for 24 hours in protest to the bill up in front of congress that at that time they were calling SOPA. It did not pass thanks to the grassroots work that Aaron and his friends did. They managed to do the imposible… Stop a bill that was unopposed from passing in congress.

Anyway, it is so sad to report that Aaron took his life. He was facing a 35 year prison sentence that he was to be reporting into soon. Maybe that was the reason. His family said that he had also always suffered from depression. This doesn’t surprise me. Often brilliant people pay the price on the inside. Regardless to why he took his life. He did so much in the short time he was here.

Take a look at this really nice article that was written about him on the SFist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fgh2dFngFsg

Other bills will come again he reminded us, so it is up to us to continue to fight for the freedom of speech within the digital realm.

It is too bad we lost a genius like Aaron. But we thank him for all he did do while he was here. He lived a life to be proud of!