This is a post from one of the great blogs i follow. It is so very true and something each one of us should take and look how it applies to our lives. It is time to evolve into the power of our brains and our souls. It is time to not follow the guy in front of you right off the plank!


The idea that something might change cause most of us discomfort. The bigger the perceived change the higher or stress levels. It is thus virtually futile to expect your child, partner or for that matter anybody else to change. Some of us live in relative luxury, but still dread the idea that we might be confronted with unexpected change. The amazing thing is that even those that live under horrific conditions experience the same trepidation when the prospect of change is mentioned to them. You have just read the real reason why we fail to improve and upgrade our lives notwithstanding all the books we read, courses and religious services we attend. We might for a few fleeting moments gather some courage and undertake to change, but fall back into our comfort zones when the initial motivation wears off.

The biggest millstone around our necks are the herd mentality that…

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