Dreams can actually come true in Detroit! Just look what a few dollars can buy you! You wont believe your eyes!!!

I want you to take a look at these pictures and then guess how much this mansion is asking on the market in Detroit….

649 Van Dyke Place, Detroit

649 Van Dyke Place, Detroit

(you can see all of the other pictures that were not able to be copied to this post over on Curbed.com’s detroit site.  Use this link… http://detroit.curbed.com/archives/2012/02/interoir-reveal-van-dyke-mansion.php).

…ARE YOU READY?  ok.. here goes.. take a seat or hold on to something tight…
This house.. no Mansion.. is selling for a whopping $One Hundred and Fourty-Five Thousand Dollars!!!

You can not even get a Studio in the Tenderloin here in SF for that much!!  It makes me light in the head just thinking about it!


Gosh Dang… I LOVE this place.  Living in San Francisco with the insane prices of, well, EVERYTHING, but especially home prices (even worse, rent prices…), i can not even comprehend a home like this selling for the price listed above.  Sheesh, (hopefully no one will do this), but just the architectural salvage would bring in more than they are asking.  I wish i could buy this beauty and live in it while i watch the city rebuild around me!  Detroit is now the perfect place for a huge artist community to come in and be able to finally create without worrying about how to come up with $2000 a month for a dinky studio apt.  With prices like that, how could an artist actually afford to make art unless they have already made it big?  I think there are big and awesome things in store for Detroit.

It is so sad to see what has happened to a major metropolitan mecca and almost unbelievable!  But i dont think that this city is going to be dead like this forever.  For many many americans (and others), this situation, that has happened to it has allowed dreams that were always only a fantasy, to come true.  There is actually a place now for those dreams to be lived out.  I have so much hope for Detroit, unlike SF.  The hope actually makes me happy and excited!  Sf is almost too far gone to try and grasp it back down to reality!  I wish it werent so far, or i’d take my measly $$ and actually try and become a home owner!
I have faith in you Detroit!  And… You will come back!


4 thoughts on “Dreams can actually come true in Detroit! Just look what a few dollars can buy you! You wont believe your eyes!!!

  1. Wow! I’m pretty sure we could club together and buy that! Wow! 145K? That is such a steal… I wonder if I’ll ever be able to afford my own place… Fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. This really makes me want to uproot and move to Detroit. This home would still cost around $1,000,000 here in the south even in it’s current shape. Detroit really must be a terrible place to live.

    • I dont think it is a terrible place to live (maybe the last 7 years were pretty hard) but i really think that it is the only place in america today that there are reachable opportunities there… So long as you are not in a business that relies on the public for your $$, unless you can afford to sit on it for a few more years. It has not come back yet, but it is finally on its way. Here in SF, that home would be selling anywhere from 12mil. to 25million dollars! That is so crazy!!!

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