And… THIS is why texting can be harmful to ones health. And i was only walking!

So, if one can do this to themselves while just walking on a normal (downhill to give me some sense of not total humiliation!  Well.  No.  It is totally humiliation no matter how i try and see it!), then imagine what kind of hurt one could do texting while driving!  Let this be a public service announcement.  Dont text and be moving!

the perils of texting and walking.  Photo taken last night.


This is day 2. Oh yeah.. i forgot to mention that my iphone took a big brunt of the fall. Thank god for AppleCare!!

8 thoughts on “And… THIS is why texting can be harmful to ones health. And i was only walking!

  1. Emelie!!!! OUCH! Wow, that is a bad experience – hope you’re alright?! I was at a training session for my new job the other day. I almost fell over because of a stupid flipchart board… I didn’t know it had a frame. Thought it just had legs. So the bit that ran across the floor tripped me up. I managed not to fall but the story has already been related by the trainer about three times since… man. Sometimes it’s best just to laugh at yourself (I know I was). But when you’ve hurt yourself as badly as you have, it’s harder to do. Be careful, missus! 🙂

    • No way! I either hope NO ONE saw it or I wish SOMEONE tapped it so i could have seen it 3rd person. It must have looked HELLA FUNNY!! The funniest thing is, is that A. The day before, i had knocked my phone off of our deck (3 stories up) and that initially shattered the screen. B. i literally came away with not so much as 1 fingernail missing a few layers of nail and polish, but no skin torn on that finger, the pointer got skinned but about the size of a pea and the nail polish on that finger… untouched. C. I had almost no visible proof of the injury until last night. & D. The only other part of me hurt was my right palm but there was no skin torn. My wrist hurt for a bit the first night until i iced it. The first pict. shows that stage of the bruise. I was super sore the first night and iced it too. It hurt like crazy the first day and maybe into yesterday but today, it doesnt hurt at all. It just looks AWESOME!!! I wish i could have seen it! I ended up having to do like a backward summersault to get to a point where my legs were in a place i could stand. When i finally came to a stop, my legs were above my head facing towards someone’s front door and on the first step. It must have looked so funny. I wish i could have seen it myself. I love laughing at myself when i do stupid stuff like this. One of these days, i will find someone who caught one of my accidents on tape. That will be priceless! I really am one excellent faller! Just ask my friend Natural.. He gave me my first skateboard lesson. He said i did awesome at it, the funny thing is, to this day, i do not know how to stop. So, i just leap off and do a couple summersaults and pray that the board doesnt go into traffic! Not the ideal way to stop a skateboard, but i have never been hurt yet on one! Dont worry. It looks so much worse than it feels! I am ok. I am glad you are too! We’re such dorks!! 😉

      • Your skateboarding technique sounds totally awesome! I am so not brave enough to do that! A few years back my man bought me a pair of in-line skates because I’d never had rollerboots or blades as a child. At first I would only go out with him, in his quiet street, while it was dark! Basically, I don’t have the confidence to just go for it or to not worry about falling. I probably need(ed) to fall over on them more often so it would be less of a big deal…

        You have to laugh! That’s the best thing to do in life. I always laugh at myself – although I often cringe for a long time (even years!) afterwards! I’m glad you’re getting better and I totally know what you mean about thinking bruises are impressive! 🙂

        • I am somewhat skilled at falling. I competitively roller skated (artistic… just like ice skating but with quads. It was hard but fun!) throughout my youth into my teens. That is probably why being on wheels was not as unnerving for me.. HOWEVER… I do NOT have my ankles of steel anymore (holy god my ankles were strong as a kid!) and have been used to being on solid ground for so many years that it is still scary. I am NOT a skateboarder. I think i would have had to gotten used to the feeling of it earlier on for me to really feel comfy skating now. I dont even feel super comfy on roller skates these days, because i only skated in a rink. NO OFFROADING! It would damage my expensive and somewhat soft wheels back in the days so it was a no-no. I tried to skate down about 4 blocks to watch bay to breakers a few years back and due to the uneven pavement and the ups and downs of the driveways, i didnt even make it across the street after 1 block before turning back. I suppose those were the activities of my youth! However, some lessons stick and for me, (luckily), falling was one of those! 🙂

          • This is SUPER COOL! I can’t skate to save myself. I’m useless and it is totally a lack of confidence/fear of falling. And it hurts when you fall on your backside, regardless of how much padding (natural or otherwise) you have back there! I am in awe of you, Emelie! 🙂

            Just out of interest, as a SF dweller, have you read the ‘Tales of the City’ series? My friend adores them, I’ve read a couple and wasn’t overly fussed. Just interested to hear a local’s take on it. Never saw the televised series but I’ve heard it’s great. 🙂

          • Oh yes. Rent the first series of tales of the city! The Endup bar that is in the movie (is not located at the location they projected it to be) i spent a large portion of my 20’s at and is a landmark in San Francisco. The movie is right on target. I totally related with it being a fag hag. Armistead Maupin just moved out of SF this year, but until then, he was a total SF local and he wrote like one. The book and the movie are almost identical. Well worth the time!

          • That’s fantastic! I shall definitely give them another go as I trust your judgement. I love it when you read about or see recognisable places in texts. That gives me a real buzz! 🙂 Plus Olympia Dukakis – she is a firecracker! 🙂

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