Citizens of San Francisco, Dont be fooled! Vote NO ON C!!!

This whole bullshit they are trying to sell us is truly one of the greediest propositions on the ballot this year. They want US to fund THEM building some cheaply built cheaply constructed but Expensive to buy homes for San Francisco.  If i am not wrong, the housing market is doing pretty well in SF, but it has quite a bit of availability still.  Instead they are using the hysteria of the rental market and trying to get you to give them your money so they can get more rich and more people will then move into this already packed city.  This is not Tokyo or Shanghai.

In fact, Dear San Francisco Citizens, i believe that this year, there should not be a yes vote for anything that wants our money.  They can just sit on it for 6 more months and let us see where the economy is then.  It will be an important message to be spoken… That every time there is an election, they will not automatically make the dough that they are trying to trick us into thinking that we need so desperately off of a trickely written ballott mesure.  We are paying so much now, where is our money going?  They show us that first before they get anymore… because i dont see new schools or low income assistance or dental or vision care for the poor.  Just where is this $ gone??

By the way, i noticed something this week that leaves me in disbelief.  I can truly not believe that that our fucking city officials allowed… The view of the  TRANSAMERICA BLDG. got COVERED UP BY UGLY ASS HIGH RISES!!  When approaching SF from the south (as in around Hospital Curve), coming from the airport etc, you can not see our SF landmark anymore!  Can you believe it??

Coming into SF from the south is the most common way to get to the city.  Very limited people actually come from marin to enter SF considering.  So, instead of lowering the height on the hi-rises that went up around Transamerica, or allowing a little window of viewing so it can be seen on approach to SF, they just blocked it right out.  Now the only way to see our SF icon is… are you surprised… from the rich residences and the north waterfront.  Just goes to show, they care so little about the regular people here in SF that we dont even deserve to see our landmark anymore.  Just sad.ImageSee the big brown bldg that sticks way up there on the right?  Thats the bofa bldg. Our tallest in SF.  Transamerica is just to its right.  Right behind those ugly boring cheaply constructed glass towers.  BOO ON YOU CITY HALL!  Now we have to wait for an act of god to fix it!

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Hello. My actual name is Emelie. I am an artist in San Francisco. I started out my early life deep in the Santa Cruz mountains. I left Santa Cruz shortly after graduating High School in 1992 and moved up to the city. I have been in sf ever since and more specifically Bernal Hts. since 2009. I work in a number of mediums usually depending on the space i have to work in. In SF that can vary greatly! I look forward to sharing my thoughts, observations and photos with you all. Hopefully at the very least i will give you a little chuckle once and a while. Thank you for stopping and reading my little blog. I encourage all who stops by to leave comments. I will read them all and appreciate the time you spend with me! Sincerely to you all! Emelie (aka, Bluepearlgirl) To see some of my artwork, please check out ........... Another blogger Mskatiekins sums my blog up pretty well... here is what she said.... "BluePearlGirl’sWorld – This is one diverse blog. This sassy gal tackles big issues as well as posting funny and uplifting little pick-me-ups. I’d love to learn more about you and your art/creativity!"

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