She has got some great tips in here… all i have used except the misspelling… i only did that accidently. (haha and they are showing me that accidently is spelled wrong but so is every other way i am trying to spell it… ironic?! ūüôā


This shit is IMPORTANT!!!

wonder girls

Where can a single gal in San Francisco find hot men these days?

After some vacation in Los Angeles with my girlfriends, I came back with one single obsession ‚Äď guess what it was (no, it wasn‚Äôt to become a movie star or perfect my tan, although that was on my mind too) but to find the equivalent of LA men in San Francisco. And I‚Äôm talking strictly in a superficial, physical kind of way. I mean, come on, who doesn‚Äôt like to marvel at a perfect body or a dreamy figure? It made me understand why men sometimes stare at women with this hungry look on their faces. Why couldn‚Äôt we do the same? And in LA, boy were we spoiled. Appearance being sort of a religion there, every walking person was like eye-candy.
So if you‚Äôre not looking for ‚Äúthe one‚ÄĚ, and just want to enjoy‚Ķ

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Another day on the red chert hill if bernal! Isn’t the light beautiful?

A little over a month ago, I woke up one morning and had this total click into different way of life. I started hiking a couple of miles up and down the steep hills of San Francisco’s bernal heights. Where I live (about 350 vertical feet up from sea level in not quite 3 blocks, and another 150 for the next two which get me up to Barnal heights blvd that goes around the hill (if you walk the loop it is .02mi. Short of a mile. Shoot, I can easily go a mile just going the couple blocks to the bank or store on cortland (depending on how much isle strolling I do and what path I take. So, the other day, I was doing my hike up and around the rock and the light was just magic. It was an incredibly beautiful day over the weekend with the Americas Cup at sail at the opposite end of sf. It is just to prove to the world that sometimes one should think of stepping out of the gym and into the world. The payoff’s are so good that you can actually forget that your legs are burning and actually feel a little piece of the universe coming back into you!




This also was the day we buried our beta fish Tyrone. Fitting I thought. Angelic almost!




I have been watching addicting tv online… here’s the recap!

Oh my gosh. ¬†I just finished my trifecta of stressful travel/trips that took place between May and August (my grandma’s memorial, a family reunion and my 20 year high school reunion). ¬†I tend to have MAJOR anxiety trying to leave to travel. ¬†Once i am gone, it is usually fine (except when i went to Europe for 2 monthes in the 90’s… That one took almost 3 days of postponing my flight due to my severe separation anxiety towards leaving my pet and i was very traumatized and depressed all through the trip ¬†I am very glad i did it though! ¬†Even if i was not in the ideal mindset but i digress….). ¬†In fact, i really enjoy traveling, but it is very stressful for me to do due to the pre-travel process. ¬†Like everything in life, (even the hardest most un-fun activity like moving) can actually get easier with each time. ¬†Especially when dealing with flying security hoopla since 9/11, packing and preparing to go through the gauntlet of security lines, searches, specific packing and all the god damn cary on luggage that has to be used instead of just checking the dang thing and then having to leave my little fluffy family and the worry of their care…it gets my anxiety all stirred up on code orange! Interestingly enough, one of the least stressful trips i took, i used rideshare both there and back and it was actually pretty cool and very efficient… saving the planet! ¬†Anyway, Since i have been back, i have been trying to not gear up with my new tasks, goals and responsibilities for the future, and just focus on my mental health and put together the rest of my plan up until Dec. 21, 2012 (i said a few years ago that i was going to not worry too much and just focus on art and being happy and not feel pressure to get moving on in life until the so called end of the world as we know it on Dec. 21. ¬†If we do not Appocolopise, then i will need to really get on it!) So i have just been taking a week or two doing not a whole lot but hiking and cleaning and a lot of watching tv series that i do not get on my antenna tv (i REFUSE to pay for cable again. Especially to Comcast!! ¬†My roku box is just fine, i just wish Netflix would upload more frequently… grr.) Lately i have been finding that I watch great, curent stuff from network and cable tv, that gets updated i think maybe like 2x a day on a site i highly recommend called I have watched some of the following: Awkward– LOVE IT! ¬†really funny! ¬†I know it is from something like ABC Family channel, ¬†but it is really funny and well done. ¬†High recommendation! (and another family channel one more i believe geared towards teens called…) Jane by design– cute. ¬†Maybe it takes me back to my high school days but it is also pretty well done. ¬†Kinda cheesy for a guy i would guess though. ¬†It is about a girl in high school who gets a job at a fashion house by accident and is living a somewhat double life. ¬†Cute characters, funny and well acted). Project Runway– This is season 10. ¬†Last episode really made me dislike one of the designers who i thought may have a chance at winning it all after hearing his callused cruelness to his real girl client. ¬†You just never ever call a woman large over and over!! ¬†But regardless, the talent is definitely there this season. ¬†Never a show to disappoint if you like seeing really tough creative challenges!

Brittian and Ireland’s Next top model– What can i say… after over 10 years of working as a makeup artist in SF, i can not help but to go back to my familiar ground. ¬†The photo shoots are really first class productions too (as well as the styling!) and like Project Runway, they keep the BS, of the interpersonal relationships down to a more reasonable amount and focus most of the show on the actual work that they are trying to produce.

The X factor USA, Australia and Brittian– What can i say… I love me some X factor! ¬†I find it interesting seeing the differences in each show airing at the same time. ¬†I think Brittian may have the most talent for some reason but America’s has not begun to air until Sept so… ¬†we will see this year. ¬†It is probably different each season depending on who auditions…Duh, but the talent seems to be amazingly high this year. ¬†It is to wine what ¬†a good year is. So you think you can dance– This is the only one that i actually make a point to watch on TV (wed. nights!). ¬†I love SYTYCD! ¬†I always have. ¬†Like Top Model and P. R. it too has some of the most amazing talented people creating amazing dances for some unbelievable dancers! ¬†Never a bad show. ¬†(My brother who is not a big tv person even loves the show. ¬†He made me a cd with every episode with all of the comments edited out for godsake! ¬†I personally kinda like the feedback but it is cool to see just hour after hour of straight dance!). Workaholics– Dang funny show! ¬†If you dont appreciate the humor and talent of Mike Judge and Bevis and Butthead, you may not like this, but i personally think it is pretty dang funny! ¬†About a group of 3 guys that work in an office building and basically fuck off all the time. ¬†*note… helps if you too are stoned while watching to make the most of this comedy.:) Hotel Hell– That prolific Gordon Ramsey! ¬†He must never sleep the amount that man works! ¬†No wonder he has no time for pleasantries! ¬†But there is something seriously cathartic to hear someone with such high standards that knows what the heck they are talking about read somebody. ¬†I think i like this show because i can relate with the short fused short lipped attitude and tough love type get it done mentality. ¬†I live with 3 guys that are all a pain in my ass and have in no choice to me, made me have to be the house hammer. ¬†Somebody has got to keep it sane around here! ¬†Anyway, it is always a good beginning, middle and end coming out happy that makes this show always satisfying. ¬† … stay tuned for my review of the list of my humiliatingly guilty pleasures of crap tv!!¬†…these are the ones that you dont want to be caught watching or you will take the route of denial!

I heard something very disturbing on the news this afternoon… Check this out….

¬† I was cleaning out my vacuum today and had the news going on in the background. ¬†Now i noticed this interesting fact back in the 1990’s and that is is that if the news uses key words in phrases they hear a lot and are kinda conditioned, they will hear what is being said even if it makes absolutely no sense… and not notice that the words do not match up. ¬†Basically we tend to kinda multitask listen and as long as everything seems to be in order and sounding usual, then, it should be taken as word even if there is no possible way for it to be so…. ¬†People hear but do not think. ¬†

I think our media outlets takes certain advantages of this fact and in turn actually conditions us to not be alarmed (or more likely to be VERY alarmed!) and without paying real attention to the meaning of these words, they get comfortable with them.  That way it is already in their brain bank and without even any mental review.  They hope that most of us are doing this half listening because we hear what they emphasize unless we are actually paying attention ( i really think this is not the case when words are read which is why it is so sad and scary to think of no independent newspapers!).

Anyway, back to what i heard them say today off the cuff but with the usual amount of urgent alarm we have been programed to be expecting for the last 20 years.  

I heard the news anchor here in San Francisco say that (and i did not hear this wrong!) that Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana declared a state of emergency in PREPARATION of hurricane Isaac’s approach. ¬†Now this was like the noon news or something because about 20 min. later, i heard the actual weather report and they had declassified the hurricane to a class 1 and said that it had not come together with as much velocity as they had expected it to do by that phase. ¬†Now, that does not mean that there will not be another hurricane hitting any one of those states OR that anyone should forget Katrina and not take the possibility seriously… but in preparation of the hurricane? ¬†When a state files for state of emergency, it is really a political/financial thing that opens up FEMA funding and resources to the state. ¬†I can understand why each one of our states feels like we are in a state of emergency with our bad roads and crappy schools, and would love some federal funding unexpectedly come in especially on an election year. ¬†

Those politicians are probably paying themselves back for having to change all of those republican convention travels and all of those newly shortened speech.  Speechwriters, i am assuming, are not exactly cheap.  ESPECIALLY for a politician!  

Anyway, i was just wondering if anyone else here in the US noticed this strange first.  Things are really revealing themselves here.  We are not in control anymore and it is in a sense a 1% free for all while humanity falls back into the controlled dark ages.  IT SUCKS!

Can you imagine this? Cost of living in San Francisco in 1904….


Thanks to the people over at San Francisco History website, i found this article on the cost of living in 1904. ¬†It is interesting to read, partly because as i go through the same thought kept going through my head… ¬†This woman could totally be writing for her blog…. ¬†Haha. ¬†I suppose that thoughts expressed will hopefully be thoughts expressed right from the writers mouth. ¬†That is, if you can find one that has not been sold out and totally corporate-ified. ¬†For me personally, my math skills are so bad, that i did not even try to figure out the percentage that costs have gone up in 106 years but it is more than x10 and x10. ¬†It is really quite incredible if you think about it. ¬†I really think back then, you got much more of what you were paying for and not all of the packaging, advertising and insurance costs. ¬†I think it would have been really a hard working existence back then, but it also would have been really exciting and really cool! ¬†Probably pretty dusty and in winter muddy though! ¬† I hope you enjoy going back in time to the era of my great grandparents….

San Francisco History
Cost of Living

Some Facts About the Cost of Living in San Francisco.

By Evangeline Adams.

Can a family of four live on $14 a week in San Francisco? Yes, they can and do‚ÄĒhundreds of them. They may not often have porterhouse steak nor wear tailor-made gowns costing from $75 to $100, or swallowtail coats for social functions; but that need not mean that they do not have plenty of good meat and are not becomingly dressed.

And right here let me say‚ÄĒseeing that the subject of dress has come up‚ÄĒthat the workingman’s wife has often quite the advantage of her sisters who have more money to spend on clothes, in that she numbers among her friends the actual makers of the beautiful shirt-waist suits, shirt waists, skirts, collars, hats, etc. that fill the shop windows. A lady who claims many friends among these apprentice girls said to me just the other day: “I have such a beautiful new stamine dress and it didn’t cost anything to speak of. My friends made it for me. One friend made the skirt, another made the waist and another the collar, and I don’t know when I have had a dress that I liked more.” And in this way friends make for friends, often with no charge at all, and never with anything more than what would seem a nominal price to those of us who pay the prevailing high price for such work.


It is a very difficult matter to find out how people spend their money in any particular except in the matter of rent. They are always quite ready to tell you what rent they pay and shake their heads over the high prices, or, in a very few instances, chuckle over the fine bargain they have been smart enough to find. But when it comes to telling how much they spend on food‚ÄĒhow much on clothes‚ÄĒhow much goes into the savings bank for the proverbial “rainy day”‚ÄĒthey either do not know or will not tell.

For instance, the family of four‚ÄĒthree grown people and a child going to school‚ÄĒpay $8 rent for a three-room flat and $32 per month for food, light and fuel, making living expenses $40. The housekeeper is a good manager and they live well on that amount. But what they spend on clothes and pleasure, we have no idea, because we do not know their income. And so I might quote the expenditure for a number of families‚ÄĒjust so far and no farther.


The July bulletin of the National Bureau of Labor gives the result of the expense accounts of over 2500 families living in industrial centers, selected at random from thirty-three states. Taking $14 as the weekly income, the average expenditure would be about as follows:


This would leave for other expenses $5.4964. The estimated amount for clothes would equal $1.9658‚ÄĒnearly $2 a week.

The other expenses included:
Principal and interest on mortgage on home.
Fees for labor and other organizations.
Furniture and utensils.
Books and newspapers.
Sickness and death.
Other purposes.

Comparing with the average of five workingmen’s families in good employment in Prussia (Daily Consular Reports, Department of Commerce and Labor, No. 2033) we find:

Rent (three rooms, per week)
Food (four persons)
Clothing and all other expenses

Again comparing with the average of five Saxon families. (Same consular report):

Rent (three rooms, per week)
Food (four people)
Clothing, etc.

[Note: the last total should have been $5.7214.]

It will be seen that the Saxon and Prussian pay a little less for rent, light and fuel; less than half as much as the American for food; and about as much for clothes and all other expenses as the American pays for clothes alone. And let me add‚ÄĒeveryone of the ten Prussian and Saxon families put something in the bank each week.


Then came the question: Are these averages true of San Francisco and vicinity? And it was this that I set myself to find out.

I found the rent in San Francisco to run from $7 to $17 for a small flat of from three to four rooms, sometimes with and sometimes without a bathroom. Those who had cheap rents paid car fare as a rule, although this was not necessarily true. The rooms were light and with the same proportion of them sunny as in higher priced flats. These houses are usually on side streets and alleys and the plumbing is good, but not the most modern.

I found a washerwoman and three children who had kept an expense account for the months of June and July, 1902. This woman had two children of her own and they were so well taken care of that the ladies of the Associated Charities felt justified in placing a child to board with her. Her two month’s account averages as follows:

Groceries (per week)
Fruit and vegetables

The above includes light, but not fuel. They lived near the bay and the children picked up drift wood. Milk was included in the groceries.

Consulting the bulletin of the Bureau of Labor again, I found that the retail prices of food have decreased 5 per cent since 1902, so that this woman and the three children can still live on the same amount in the same way assuming that the conditions are the same in San Francisco and vicinity as in other parts of the United States.


But can a family of four live on $14 a week and be happy? In the short time of my search, I could not find a family who were living on just that amount and were willing to say so and tell how it was done.

So I asked my mother to weigh everything that we ate and to keep also a record of the number of people at each meal. I found that during eleven days the equivalent of 165 meals had been served to one person.

There had been used:

pounds flour.
pounds sago and rice.
pounds bread.
pounds sugar, honey and molasses.
2 3/4
pounds coffee.
7 7/8
pounds eggs.
17 1/3
pounds meat.
3 1/4
pounds fat (butter, olive oil and fat).
pounds fruit.
19 1/2
pounds potatoes.
6 1/2
pounds green vegetables.

I live where prices are the highest for everything. So I made some inquiries as to prices on Market street and south of Market street, between Third and Sixth. I give a few items of what I found:

On Market South of Market
25-30c (same weight)
5c each
2 for 5c
1 loaf 10c
6 for 25c (same size)
6 or 7 for 10c
10 for 10c
2 heads for 5c
3 heads for 5c

Using the cheaper prices where I knew them and the average price on Market street where I was in doubt, I made the following expense account, per week:

Rent ($15 per week))
Light (from bulletin)
Fuel (our own acct. from one stove
capable of warming three rooms)
Cost of housing and food
For clothes and other expenses

[Note: the total for cost of housing and food should have been 8.709852.]


Comparing the average cost of living for the United States with my estimated cost for San Francisco, I find that we pay almost twice as much for rent as the average workeman in the United States and a little less for food, the other items remaining much the same.

Again consulting the bulletin, I find that the cost of food in the Western states is perceptibly lower than in any other group of states. Perhaps I should state that those 165 meals which are the basis of my estimate were fed to hungry and hearty people, who during that time did not happen to have any of the nourishing foods that go a long way, such as beans, split peas, cheese, dried fish, cracked wheat, dried fruit, etc. so that I am confident that the estimate is high enough.

Glancing over the expense account for the past two years for the clothes of a large family of ladies, I find (not counting their work, and they do considerable) that the labor is two-thirds of the cost. The wife of the workingman can make her money go over twice as far, on account of her many friends engaged in industrial work. Putting that together with the difference in the price of food which I found within a few blocks, we begin to see how the workingman’s wife can make her money go so much farther than other ladies can.

Taking a last glance at the bulletin, I find that in 1903 wages were 16.3 higher than the average between 1890 and 1899, and that the retail price of food was only 10.3 per cent higher than the average for the same time, thus making an increase in the purchasing power of money of 5.4 per cent. The entire cost of living has advanced somewhat less than the cost of food, however, because there are certain fixed items which change only very slowly.

I found also that 34.3 per cent more persons were employed in 1903 than in 1894. Verifying that statement for San Francisco, I was told by workers in the various charitable organizations that they had not been called upon for assistance in the past two years by any skilled laborer, and almost never by an able-bodied man who was willing to work. And as for supplying the demand for women and children, they had not been able to come anywhere near doing so.

Judging from all these facts, a family of four can live on $14 in San Francisco and spend some money for fun.

I think i have helped unlock to the key to my unease of the gentrification of San Francisco… Again!..




A conversation with one of my roommates led us to talking about the infamous after-hours nightclub / gay bar pioneer in SF, The Endup. ¬†(It has quite the story ending with a fight for power after the third brother of the founder challenged the former club manager for the estate after his two first brothers passed away, one from AIDS and the next from a shooting accident. ¬†I have not gotten that far in my research to tell you what happend there…. The Endup was turned over to brother 3 because of mismanagement of the moneys and some shady unpaid bills type history, which enraged the manager which kinda made him go kinda crazy to the point that he shot the brother in the back and then committed suicide after a 10 hour stand off with police two weeks later….anyway…) The Endup is a legend and thankfully to historical landmark distinction will be for years to come. ¬†It is the one place they are gonna have a heck of a time getting rid of! ¬†It is true SF fabric.

Of course in normal fashion, my roommate and i got into a good healthy discussion (argument) that i was not buying (one of my roommates has a vivid creative mind and memory!) and decided to try and fact check him (which is a regular activity for me and i hate to brag, but i am 98 out of 100 times right, or at least proving he is wrong actually usually.)

This in turn led me back down memory lane ¬†which has become a bit foggy in areas which is always surprising (remember… WRITE IT DOWN NOW!! You will not remember it in 20 years most likely no matter how sure you could not forget!), and right into my old beloved home away from home…The Endup!

The Endup is a SF Landmark and now thankfully a little more protected for the future generations to use and experience and find themselves as the last almost 4 decades of generations have. ¬†The Endup sits right under the Hwy 80 overpass and merging onto the Bay Bridge part of the freeway that runs right between Harrison and Bryant at 6th St. ¬†Ironically it is also across the street (and on the opposite side of the 80 overpass from 850 Bryant, AKA the Hall of Justice (the popo station and jail.) ( Infact, now days, when you forget to move your car at 6am for commute flush down 6th, and your car get towed, you only have to go one block to not only retrieve your car, but pay your tickets that release your car. ¬†In the old days, you had to go to 850 to pay and release and then (usually back) to 11th and mission to get your car from the infamous City Tow… unless you were REALLY having a bad day and they were full at City Tow and they took it to the city overflow lot at Pier 70 (way out down by Bayshore/ HP.).

When reading different articles about the crazy end of the era that i was there regularly (1992-1998ish) attending, i came across this AWESOME article that is truly the pre-curser to my writings regarding the fear and sadness in the changes i have seen in this city.  It brought it all back.  It is incredible that i forgot truly how horrible the dot com loft explosion fucked up our town.  It really took a huge blow.  One that was so immense that i did not know if it ever could truly recover.  I guess we will never know now because it hit before full recovery.  I was watching closely, but never imagined a just few years later it would happen all over again only instead of the all the industrial and lot spaces being made into these so called live/work-loft conversions all over town and especially SOMA and China Basin, but now, the only difference is that it is vertical.  They are putting up more high rises than i had ever realized until i watched a video on utube of the city from 1992.  It was so sparse then.  It is filling in and in and in and in!  And not picking the most beautiful of high rise structure always either unfortunately.  Hopefully the ugly ones will soon be covered  by yet another new layer of bldgs. OR, an earthquake takes em back down!

I am so upset by this, because i have lived this before!  How could I have forgotten so soon?  It is like tangible Deja Vous.  The kind that you can go back into for hours and bite onto.  I have watched the soul of this beautiful bohemia get sucked dry one time already and now i am horrifically watching it happen all over again.

To give you an idea of what it was like, you must read the article. ¬†It was so close to home for me because i know a bunch of the people mentioned in the article (Kato, Charlotte the baroness, Martel & Pollywog). ¬†These were my people. ¬†This was my 20’s-30’s. ¬†Now all over again for my 30’s-40’s only unfortunately now, without any real kind of kick ass underground or at least grounded parties:(. ¬†Heart breaking i am telling you. H E A R T B R E K I N G !!!! ! ! !

Now re-live the boom that was the 90’s dot com invasion….

A huge THANK YOU and BRAVO to Michelle Goldberg circa 1998 in its full form….



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All We Want to Do Is Dance

[whitespace] IllustrationSan Francisco may not be facing the end of nightlife, but we are looking at the end of the mega-club, the end of the club-as-institutionBy Michelle Goldberg
Illustrations by Katherine Streeter




At 3pm on a Saturday, the EndUp is still going from the night before. On the dance floor, a girl–totally bald except for a tiny gelled spike of hair like a baby unicorn–gyrates in lime-green platform shoes and fluorescent orange hip-huggers. A stunning white-blonde from Austria sits on a banister and sways while her boyfriend, a compact man from Ethiopia with a long, black goatee and tiny rectangular glasses, moves with funky, serpentine grace on the dance floor. He’s been at it since midnight the night before, she tells me. The dancers spill out onto the Edenic back patio, where the sound of fountains mingles with the insistent thump of house music. Bright and lush with palm trees, the back yard of the EndUp is a kind of country club for the underground, where people who still look shockingly attractive after nearly 20 hours of partying stretch out in the San Francisco springtime sun. No wonder local scenester Miss Polly called her book¬†I Found God at the EndUp.

But the EndUp, like nearly every other club South of Market, could be gone by 1999, forced out by a locust-like invasion of lofts and their attendant noise complaints. “It’s a basic struggle for life. It’s almost like the Native Americans that were overrun,” says Carl Hanken, the EndUp’s avuncular, white-haired owner, a former research chemist. “The EndUp could go. It’s a distinct possibility. It’s almost a week-to-week existence for the club industry. Each week I hear of some other problems.”

San Francisco may not be facing the end of nightlife, but we are looking at the end of the mega-club, the end of the club-as-institution. It’s one of many ironies in this unfortunate situation that San Francisco’s booming economy is threatening the very vitality that accommodated so much of our region’s famed technological development. The fate of SOMA could indicate something much larger–whether bohemia can coexist with our decade’s gonzo postindustrial hypercapitalism.

“Money has destroyed San Francisco’s bohemia and attitude,” says Hanken. “Young people were once more driven by idealism; these are more driven by the buck. They operate more with the head than with the heart. That’s why we have the confrontation.”

Hanken says that it would be impossible to open up a club like the EndUp today, and most club promoters agree that for the last few years the club scene has been moving to smaller bars and lounges. There’s currently a moratorium on after-hours permits in SOMA, and while some of San Francisco’s best parties are held in small bars–Kate O’Brians, Liquid, The Top–they can never approach the grandiose decadence of a 1015 or a Club Townsend.

Whether or not SOMA nightclubs are able to survive depends on whether the notoriously apolitical nightclub scene can pull together to fight a gentrification process that has become so ingrained in big cities that it’s seen as inevitable–first the “pioneers,” the nightclubs and artists, move into an industrial wasteland, making it both habitable and hip and popularizing its new name. The yuppies follow, rents skyrocket, and the nomadic creative types start the whole process again somewhere else. Many see it as a foregone conclusion that what happened in New York’s SoHo–where an artists’ neighborhood became a shiny maze of chichi boutiques–will also happen to San Francisco’s SOMA.

“What happened in SoHo is clearly happening here,” says San Francisco senior planner Paul Lord. “In New York, Alphabet City wasn’t far behind. Here, Alphabet City could be the back side of Potrero Hill or the South Bayshore, but where’s Manhattan’s Alphabet City now? That’s gone yuppie, too.” New York’s quality-of-life-obsessed Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been padlocking nightclubs and yanking licenses for years now, and San Francisco is following in his ignoble footsteps.

Of course the greatest irony in all this is that SOMA is becoming a victim of its own coolness. The professionals who are moving into SOMA lofts go there seeking hipness–the new live/work spaces are essentially condos built to look like converted warehouses, their faux-industrial chic as transparent as that of an Urban Outfitters or a Starbucks. And just as the notorious coffee monolith has strangled so many of the boho java joints that inspired it, so SOMA’s culture is being trampled by developers selling “authentic” hipster lifestyles for half a million bucks.

As a result of land-use laws passed in the ’80s in order to make SOMA more hospitable to artists, the area is zoned for both living and light industry. That means that nightclubs are being forced to comply with the same noise-abatement limits as residential neighborhoods. SOMA lofts were supposed to go to artists, people who really did live and work in their spaces. But here we have the situation’s second great irony–there are no guidelines in place to decide what constitutes an artist because the artists themselves resisted efforts to legally define them. They didn’t foresee that SOMA would become a hot address for technology professionals who can afford to plunk down the $250,000 to $500,000 asking price for the area’s new lofts or “live/work units.”

Loft development has risen exponentially–there are 1,000 units pending right now, according to land-use attorney Sue Hestor. And as new residents with early bedtimes move in, they’re calling the police and demanding enforcement of noise laws. As a result, the VSF is close to having its permits revoked, the Holy Cow has had its permits temporarily suspended, and other clubs are feeling an increased police presence. “We haven’t had a noise complaint in 10 years, until last weekend, when noise abatement was knocking on people’s doors and asking them if they had a problem with us,” says Robin Reichert, owner of the Paradise Lounge. “In large cities, noise ordinances are a way to select or select out what kind of businesses are going to be in an area. In the next three or four months, we could lose all the clubs.” The officer in charge of noise abatement, Edward Anzore, responded that Reichert is “a pain in the butt” and said that knocking on neighbors’ doors is standard during noise-abatement investigations, which are conducted “the same way we would do a criminal investigation. We knock on neighbors’ doors and say, ‘Do you hear the music?’ If the noise can be heard inside a person’s apartment, it’s a violation of the noise ordinance.”

SOMA loft-owners don’t see themselves as interlopers but as a fledgling community. “Longtime SOMA residents are bitching and moaning about yuppies like me moving in,” says one new-media professional who recently bought a $350,000 loft at Seventh and Brannan. “There’s a core group of people who won’t be satisfied until SOMA returns to what it was five years ago, an industrial no man’s land, but the bottom line is that people like me outnumber people like them 10 to 1.”

He continues, “The fact that they close SOMA’s nightclub district doesn’t mean that San Francisco is going to lose all its nightclubs. They’re just going to have to find a new place. If you go to China Basin, it’s like SOMA used to be. Very few people live there, and more and more nightclubs will be moving into that neighborhood.”

But the yuppification treadmill has speeded up tremendously in the past few years, and San Francisco is only about 50 square miles. Perhaps the clubs could move to China Basin, but the lofts will surely follow, and after that, there’s just ocean. “We are right now in the middle of a white-hot economy where the pace of change is very fast,” says Richard LeGates, director of the urban studies program at S.F. State. “Processes which may have taken 20 years in Greenwich Village are happening in the space of a few years in San Francisco.”

IllustrationBesides, club owners who have owned their buildings for decades can’t just pick up and move every few years–the EndUp has been on Sixth Street for 26 years. The argument that neighborhoods necessarily go from clubland to yuppieville is just “onanism of the mind,” says Hanken. “They like to massage themselves in comfortable places. It’s a sugar-coated excuse. These people are nine-to-fivers. They’re not involved in the club scene, and they see us as transient. That is their problem. They simply do not understand us. We cannot move. We have many encumbrances. There are handfuls of licenses to maintain. All they need is another buck, or five hundred thousand, and they’ll move. We’re stuck.”

Lord says that even if the clubs did move, they can’t be assured that the new neighborhoods will remain conflict-free. “Until we get some controls in place, the club owners don’t have a high degree of certainty about where they can locate and not be in proximity to a residential development,” says Lord. “Right now all of the industrial areas are fair game for live/work development.”

The building that houses the Holy Cow has been a fixture in San Francisco’s nightclub scene since 1966, when it opened as The Stud. Last year it was bought by Jeff Thompson, Matt Goodrich and Bill Herrmann, three 31-year-old guys who met as barbacks in the club in 1990 and traveled the world together in 1992. The three work in the club up to 20 hours a day, and under their ownership the Holy Cow had been an overwhelming success. Then, a month ago, they lost many of their permits–they can no longer allow dancing, DJs, pool or pinball. While they wait for provisional permits, their business is down 70 percent. It’s like some kind of twisted version ofFootloose–they’re forced to patrol their club and make sure patrons don’t start dancing.

“Moving for us means bankruptcy,” says Thompson. Adds Herrmann, “For the people who have told us to move to China Basin and Hunters Point, my answer to these people is that if you like that area so much, you move down there. That’s a long way for people to go just to go dancing, especially for tourists. There’s a need for residences, but you can’t blanket the whole city and turn San Francisco into a suburb.”

Then there’s a third irony. Tourism is San Francisco’s No. 1 industry, and the nightclubs are a huge part of our city’s draw. Mayor Brown is often criticized for being wildly pro-business, yet he’s sitting back as developers blithely destroy one of San Francisco’s most vital industries–entertainment. What’s even stranger is that Brown is known as the party mayor–he’s been spotted at the EndUp and at the New Year’s Eve Treasure Island rave, and his son, Michael Brown, is one of the city’s biggest club promoters.

“Maybe Willie Brown’s son should be sensitizing him to this problem,” says Lord. “If you have that natural sort of entry, maybe the nightclub owners really need to get to the mayor’s son and say, ‘Look, you’ve got to bring this to his attention or get us a meeting with him so we can bring it to his attention.’ “

Lord continues, “What seems strange to me is that this city will sit and watch while certain types of nighttime entertainment disappear for youth, while things like Crazy Horse and the Gold Club are going in their place. I don’t understand the city’s priorities when it comes to giving young people an alternative. Dancing is a healthy thing to do. A lot of people have seen that if young people do not have some place to go and let off all this incredible energy that they’ve got, it’s going to lead to trouble in one way or another. I don’t know what the state of the rave scene is anymore, but that was something where people said, We want to keep partying, and we’re going to do it after-hours, we’re going to get into buildings that maybe we shouldn’t even be in.”

The club owners will need an economic argument to counter the financial powers behind loft development, says Lord. “One of the major industries in San Francisco, one of the things that drives our office market, is insurance and real estate,” he says. “Mortgage brokers and financial institutions, they’re making the loans on these properties that are selling from anywhere from a quarter of a million to half a million dollars. There are literally billions of dollars involved in the live/work development process. If you look at the major downtown businesses that are involved as brokerage agencies, as mortgage companies, as title companies, as lawyers representing the condos, these are major, major players in the San Francisco political scene.

“The club owners themselves need to be organized to protect their rights,” Lord says. “They are a legitimate business concern in San Francisco that brings large numbers of tourists and visitors to the area. In fact, a case could be made that the proximity of the nightclubs to the Yerba Buena center has an influence on people deciding to have conventions in San Francisco of one sort or another. The club owners need to let their decision-makers, from the mayor to the Board of Supervisors to the Planning Commission, know what is at risk. If you look at the gross receipts, payroll taxes and other influences that the clubs have on attracting visitors and tourists to San Francisco, it’s an important aspect of the richness that is San Francisco and the diversity that is San Francisco. Visitors and tourism are the No. 1 industry in S.F. [Clubs] need to be able to demonstrate that they are a significant and important player in that sector of the economy and, in doing so, show the city what’s at risk if they aren’t here anymore.”

The organization that Lord spoke of has already started. On a recent Tuesday night, a hundred or so club owners, musicians, artists and old SOMA residents gathered at the Transmission Theater to form a coalition aimed at fighting development in SOMA and saving the area’s businesses. Hestor, who’s been in the thick of the loft controversy for years, explained the conflict’s history to the crowd of political novices. Said Brainwash owner Susan Schindler, “We need to know what we’re talking about besides knowing what pisses us off.” The crowd got increasingly passionate as Hestor elaborated on live/work abuses. One girl shouted, “They’re for people who want to live like pimps with their exposed brick walls!” Someone else added, “We created the fad, that’s the whole problem!” To which a third person replied, “We can’t help it if we’re cool!”

But despite Tuesday evening’s energy, some in the club scene feel that it’s not necessarily the city government’s job to safeguard hipness, and others are just giving up on San Francisco. Even Martel Toler, who with his partner Nabil Musleh is the owner of Sushi Groove and the club mogul behind parties like Release, Eye Spy and Leopard Lounge, says he was thinking about splitting. “San Francisco already is not a major party town or a town where there’s a ton of places to go out at night. I was even thinking about moving, especially in the last year, to Miami, New York or L.A.”

Some of the city’s biggest promoters and DJs believe the club scene thrives on adversity. “I don’t want it to happen, but I also believe in the natural evolution of things,” says Kato, the impresario behind Royal Jelly. “Until alternative art culture and club culture have no place to go, it’s a matter of not holding on to situations and realizing that maybe we do need to be uprooted sometimes. I actually have been getting tired of the same old spaces.”

DJ Charlotte the Baroness is reluctant to blame gentrification for destroying the nightclub scene. “You haven’t been able to open up a major nightclub in this city for years, but we have a Catch-22, because while the gentrification that’s going on in SOMA is definitely affecting the ability to have more nightclubs, at the same time gentrification has really helped the nightclub scene. Those people are the ones going to clubs and spending money on drinks. Those are the people who are paying our bills.”

She continues, “This challenges people. The rave scene has now moved back into the big club scene, and now if there’s going to be a problem there, it will motivate people to start doing underground parties again. It’s just another chapter in the dance-music scene. I would welcome people starting to get more innovative about parties again.”

DJ Pollywog says she’s so frustrated with the lack of venues to play at in San Francisco that she’s planning on moving to New York. “Clubland for the most part has been pretty weak,” she says. “It’s the same old clubs doing the same parties. I love San Francisco and I wish there were more opportunities out here. If there were a more thriving nightlife here, then there would be no reason for me to leave.”

Like Kato and the Baroness, Pollywog thinks that clubland could find new energy away from the SOMA corridor. “When you change to a different location, you change the vibe of your party. That’s why, in a lot of ways, San Francisco nightlife is tired. It’s ‘Oh, same club, same thing.’ It’s a little bit stale if it’s the same spaces over and over. Part of the underground is wanting to stay fresh, and it takes those creative, pioneering types to build up something. Established clubs make it easier because all you have to do is show up. Creative people in the underground are almost against that, because it’s important to have fresh energy.”

Still, Pollywog says that without the big clubs, San Francisco can’t attract big-name DJs. “If we lose these big clubs, we’re going to lose so much credit on the international scene. No small club has the capital to fly in Dimitri from Paris or Dimitri from New York. Some underground people are like ‘Oh, the big clubs suck,’ but I know that they definitely have a place and are vital in keeping the scene alive. It’s important to have yin and yang.”

Back at the EndUp, DJ Jason Hayes says that the lack of replacements for the big clubs is affecting his career, and his friend Peter Letourneav fears that San Francisco is being turned into a kind of faux-chic Disney World. Inside, though, manager Alison Page is smiling as she surveys the crowd, convinced that bulldozing developers are no match for the ecstatic energy that keeps people dancing through the dawn and into the next evening. “After the comet hits,” she says, “after the earthquakes and tidal waves, the EndUp will be left standing.”

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From the May 18-31, 1998 issue of the Metropolitan.

Copyright © Metro Publishing Inc. Maintained by Boulevards New Media.


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berg who wrote the following piece written in i believe the mid late 1990’s.

I find it (not surprising but…) very frustrating that i can not seem to find ONE actual poll that i could vote on the Ross Mirkarimi situation…

But i sure do find a lot of articles referring to these so called “polls”. ¬†Where are these elusive polls exactly? ¬†I want to know! ¬†I have lived in San Francisco for approaching 2 decades and have voted in EVERY ELECTION not missing one (i feel or should i start to say felt that it was my civic privilege) ¬†and have been in even almost every hard years hard print phone book until they pretty much stopped making them for residential. ¬†I have been RIGHT HERE! ¬†Where was my opportunity to give my vote? ¬†I already did it once officially. ¬†They dont seem to want to honor that one. ¬†But when you say “the residents of San Francisco have answered the poll on Ross Mirkarimi’s future”, DONT. ¬†Because that is not what i feel and it is not what the majority of people i have spoken to around the neighborhood feel (strangers… no… neighbors, but small talk in the checkout line type talk, not talk with my own group of friends who would most likely at the very least know how i feel about this and feel at least some points are valid. ¬†These are the people in my little community of Bernal Heights mostly.). ¬†I am really sick of these “credible news sources” taking a poll of probably 35 of the people in their own lunch room and say it is how the citizens of SF feel. ¬†And then when i take time out to actually search out one of these polls so my voice could be heard with the rest, i can not find a single one!?! ¬†INFURIATING!!

It makes me worried about the fate of this beautiful thing that i take advantage of practically every day called FREE SPEECH!  First it is the vote of the people to go, then their right to speak out about it!  We will be living like they did under Stalin soon at the rate we are going!!


At 38 years old and One fish can still create One Thousand tears! (this can’t be normal is it? Who cares! I loved my damn fish!)

He was a part of my family… Me, my kitty Arthur and Tyrone. ¬†Now i guess Arthur and I must go on alone. ¬†At least Tyrone had a much better end of his life but i also fear that i may have killed him because i just cleaned his home yesterday and he was ok. ¬†When i received Tyrone, he had been living in a Dixie cup and had been being fed oatmeal! ¬†After getting him into a proper fish apartment, with proper food, he almost doubled in size! ¬†Tyrone was a TOUGH FISH and a survivor big time! ¬†At least i know that i made the last half a year of his life a much better existence with clean water and food and play. ¬†I would talk to Tyrone every day to say hello and i think he knew we were his new family. (Arthur sure did! ¬†Whenever he heard me talking to Tyrone, he would come out into the kitchen and give me this look like.. “you better not be talking sweet to some other animal!” ¬†But i think he got used to Tyrone being part of our family too. Anyway, I just dont know and will never know if it was something in my doing with the cleaning of his water yesterday, and can not go back in time if it was my fault. ¬†All i can do is mourn the loss of a little fish spirit that brought me and so many others a little bit of joy.


I will you miss you my tough guy Tyrone! ¬†Thank you for allowing another cross species interaction/ friendship to take place and may you go to a better place… (maybe next time coming back a little higher up on the food chain?). ¬†May you rest with the fishes and in peace!


i will miss you!

Is it really just coincidence or are there really days when…?

I have always wondered this and i have also noticed it for most of my life. ¬†It could be all the brain. ¬†It could be randomness that it just happens to be a large number of them that day. ¬†What you are probably asking yourself, on earth is she talking about?!? ¬†I am talking about days being in theme so to say on some days. ¬†…Let me explain….

Ever wake up and go outside and start going through your life in the world for that day and it seems like everywhere you go you happen to see almost all… say for instance… guys. ¬†Even hot guys!. ¬†Then another day you go out and all you see is elderly people. Another day you go out and all you see is young mothers and babies. ¬†When i say “all you see”, i do not really mean every single person, but there are enough of them to clearly mark a theme and really a large enough number for it to be made aware of all afternoon.

I know this is such a silly thing to even be writing about, but it is something i have noticed for years.  You never know what you will get either.  They reveal themselves to you if it is their day!  I know that this could not be twitter fed flash mobbed because i have noticed it since before even the internet existed.

Since i live in San Francisco, i do not need a car and therefor do not have a car, but i have had a few and i had to commute for a year from the south bay to SF after an appt. fire left me on my dad’s doorstep and commuting to school 3 days a week…. ¬†When i drove, i noticed it too. ¬†Sometimes in driver and car demographic, sometimes it was the mentality of the drivers, but just about every other day it seemed it was themed.

Tonight it was couples (without kids which is rare in my neighborhood.) and 1 man and his 1 dog-ers were sharing the night. ¬†(unfortunately the dogs were so darn cute today, they out looked the men ūüėČ and the couples were very unaware of anyone surrounding them. ¬†Almost to a blind, rude, bumping into you because they were too congealed to actually adjust form to allow them to move through space without taking out some poor chick who just happens to be there shopping alone. ¬†*”how very dare she not see we are so in love that the world outside our eyes does not exist to us at all? ¬†Afterall, everyone wants to be like us because we are so lucky we are so in love!” they thought to themselves*

Anyway, I was just wondering, am i the only one that sees that life goes through themes? ¬†Have you ever noticed this? ¬†I wonder if so, if it is a different demographic in a different part of town? ¬† I never thought about it… what if it was the theme was the same all over and we just dont know it? ¬†How random! ¬†How bizarre.

This kind of thing leads me to know that we still know so very little about the things and knowledge or understandings that we have that are not really visible.  There is so much more to how this whole life and universe and love and communication and laws of nature than we even have one whole % of a clue about!  It is like blind leading the blind but the blind think that because they can actually hear, they know everything there is to know.

These are ramblings from my brain.  This is the type of thing i sit around thinking about all the time.  No wonder i am a little on the wacky side!

…And, the best part is that i do not even care if i am alone. ¬†I am not afraid of sounding like a nut. ¬†There are nuts out there who are probably stoked to finally be communicated with!


Have a happy Thursday! ¬†(And look for the theme if it is a ‘theme day!’)

This was a gentrification invasion themed day.

An open letter to San Francisco Supervisors. This vote against Mirkarimi will show if you have been bought off too. We are watching!

San Francisco has been a part of me since before i was ever born. ¬†I came here at least every month as a child and teen because my grandma lived here and we were pretty much her only family. ¬†My parents met while my dad was working at Perry’s the first year they opened in the 1960’s while my mom, she worked at The Cooperage. ¬†And not only that! ¬†I am also an ancestor of Levi Strauss, Sigmund Stern and Daniel Koshland Sr. and Jr. as well as the Haas’s.

My ancestors helped build this city that has been my home ever since i could get away after graduating high school down in Santa Cruz.  I have lived here in San Francisco myself now approaching two decades.  It was always home.  There was never any question.  It was the place i could be me and feel inspired not shunned.

What made this town so different was its modern, diverse, and accepting, progressive mindset.  It was like a little european city right here in America.  Free thinking, individual, intelligent, independent and accepting of all and anything no matter if it was not just like you or me.  It had this sense of class and worldly-ness about it.  It was beautiful in physical aspects but also in its symbiotic diversity.  I was so fucking proud to have had the path that lead me to this place that i have been researching this town just to know it as well as i possibly can ever since.

I sit here with anger, shame and fear in my heart after seeing the representatives of my fair wonderland bow to the political pressure that this conservative hijacking has laid on.  Shame on you!  You work for us.  I know that your future career moves and possibilities is i am sure important, but you have sold out and sold us down the river to big money and political wranglings.  When exactly did we swap out the leaders of our people who knew what was right and what was WAY WRONG for those that are willing to go against the want of their own people or the government bylaws?

You know it, I know it and a lot of other long term or just saine and aware people know it… that this is a witch hunt. ¬†To get out a progressive who would actually hold some power so that you can cash in on the selling out of this city. ¬†You should be feeling a little twitch in the base of your abdomen when you read this because you know it is the truth and you know it is YOUR selling out that is doing long term detrimental harm to us all.

I lived in 94117 for about 14 of the last 2 decades and let me tell you.  We LOVED having Ross Mirkarimi as our district rep.  He was out in the neighborhood all the time.  He was approachable and always had time to talk with anyone who wanted to talk with him even if he was having a coffee or going somewhere.  He IS a great leader who TRULY CARES FOR SAN FRANCISCO.  Or at least what we all thought San Francisco was.

You all alone, are solely responsible for tearing a family apart.  Both parties were forcibly separated for political reasons.  That is far more abuse than any single piece of this actual situation.  You should feel sick.  You should feel the shame.  You should know that with every dollar of OUR money that you spend and or make, make you are a fraud.

You have one more chance to make things right.  One last vote to allow Ross Mirkarimi to keep his well earned job.  You know that the guidelines for having him removed have not been met.  If there is one progressive left out there with deep pockets to back him, he could take it all the way to the top courts in this state and would win and you know it.  Prove to us, YOUR REAL BOSSES, the CITIZENS, that you still have a kernel of credibility and gusto and vote for what WE WANT AND VOTED FOR!!  You have no right to take away our vote.  You rendered the citizens vote worthless and the reprocussions of that reach farther than you or even your generation could possibly know.  Do NOT hand over this last piece of utopia to those who are truly evil because greed is their motivation!  Please!  Please let our votes be heard!

Please do not vote Ross Mirkarimi out of office! ¬†Dont break the hearts and souls of your people. ¬†Show us why San Francisco is so great! ¬†…Or show us that there is nothing left here. ¬†Nothing. ¬†No soul, no voice, no pride. Nothing.

Please dont break the dreams for many by giving in to this coup!  I beg you!

Thank you for listening.  I am counting on you to think for yourself and vote with your conscience in clear view.  Every move you make is going to determine wether you are a worthy leader or a fraud.  We are watching very carefully.  This is your only chance at salvaging any possible reputation you may have with us, the citizens who know this town and KNOW what you are actually so far, getting away with, is a SHAM!

The vote of the people has got to be worth something to you all.  It is afterall what you needed in order to be in this position that you are now in.  If you take away our vote and the power and credibility of our vote, please think about how many generations that are still to come that you are taking from.  This is not just about the now, not about Ross Mirkirami.  This is about the basic foundation that created this country to be what we all think (or thought) it was.  The free vote of the people.

I understand how on a national scale, the power of the people has little power, but in our very own neighborhoods, it is crucial!  It is the only way to have a composed functioning metropolis.  This is so important i just do not know what else i could try to say in order to impress this to you.

Please DO NOT VOTE TO REMOVE ROSS MIRKARIMI FROM OFFICE.  If that is what was to happen, you would have to be then knowingly not going by the legal guidelines to do so.  So you would be making up the laws as you go and that is NOT democracy!

We will wait and watch and pray that we still have the city we all love so much and not another plastictopia.

Thank you for your time!


Emelie Koshland

It is time again for The X Factor UK… These are how to do it right!

I started watching The X Factor last year as a faithful patron because my friend’s little brother ¬†and sister (unfortunately Gina was cut after boot camp) were on the show. ¬†Chris Rene actually made it to the finals being cut 3rd. ¬†Anyway, i would watch online and doing so, i also started watching the UK’s concurrent X Factor. ¬†I would watch both of them usually on the same day. ¬†What i discovered you ask? ¬†I discovered that i believe that the UK’s version pulls truly more talent than we have here in the USA. ¬†Maybe it was just the season, maybe it was just that group of people, but i found myself completely caught up in the UK’s and felt almost obligated out of duty in comparison to the USA’s show… (No offense Chris!)

So, when this seasons X Factor UK finally rolled around, i could not wait to watch.  I wanted to see the immense talent show through.  And i was NOT disappointed!  These two young singers are how it is supposed to be done.  With just the first episode of auditions giving up minimally these two some day to be stars, it is gearing up to be one heck of a singing competition.

I know this is really frivolous and in the big picture of life, just entertainment.  But i think that we all could use a little entertainment to brighten up our days.  Keep a watch out because i am most likely going to share the share-worthy contenders and the ones to watch.  I hope you like my first two!


Why can’t we find someone who can think and speak like this, to run for president?? Kinda makes our current candidates seem kinda shady? No?


From “The Newsroom” the new series on HBO

I thought that house in that commercial looked familiar!


I thought that house in that commercial looked familiar!

As i have shared this (one of my absolute favorite) commercials (ever!), by Sony Bravia that took place right here in san francisco, i noticed a shot that looked really familiar. Turns out this is at the top of my block one street over on Andover… See if you can spot the familiar shot!

(… you may have to click on a link below to get to the video again… sorry!)

(&, Katiekins… this one is for you!)

Why this generation’s yuppies suck so much more than the generation that was around first in the 1980’s….

¬† I was down on my main shopping street this morning shopping at a little childrens consignment store that also have womens clothes in the back. ¬†There were 2 couples inside shopping with each of their one child. ¬†They were SO LAME! ¬†The husband was like a nerd finally getting to go to the science fair he was following his wife and child around like a dog looking for a snack saying things like… “oh honey, do we need to get her some rain boots? ¬†I know she has snow boots, but not rain boots.” ¬†…I live in San Francisco, what on earth would you do buying snow boots for a one year old? ¬† They were also totally unaware of anyone else shopping in the store. ¬†I was in the corner looking at a rack and stepped backwards 1 step and stepped on the guy. ¬†PERSONAL SPACE? ¬†MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU? ¬†Not to mention, he was just blocking me in back in the womens clothing section. ¬†Go wait outside for godsake! ¬†This place is tiny and you are following your wife and child around like you are leashed to them. ¬†I heard probably close to 20 “honey”‘s. ¬†It was really pissing me off! ¬†So much to the point that i turned around and gave them a look of pure disgust.¬†

By now you might be saying to yourself… ¬†Boy, this girl has a really bad attitude problem or …It doesn’t sound to me like they are doing anything wrong other than shopping. ¬†Both are probably true, but there is more to this than that.


I am becoming so angry with the selling out of San Francisco that it is becoming true hatred of these stupid people that have bought out our town. ¬†They think that they are so fricking cool living the awesome young startup life. ¬†The thing that they are totally ignorant about is the fact that a family or long term resident was probably made homeless thanks to them. ¬†They march into this city and say “Ooh! ¬†It is so cute and pretty!” ¬†“it has such a cool style and the people here are all so… well… affluent and mostly white with some asians in there too. ¬†Phew!

What makes this round of yuppies different than the original yuppies of the 80’s? ¬†A LOT! ¬†You see, the yuppies in the 80’s were a direct rebellion of the hippies of the 70’s. ¬† They took everything that was associated with hippies and did the opposite. ¬†What was really earthy became really glitzy. ¬†While it was cool to recycle in the 70’s (clothing especially!) in the 80’s it was new or nothing! ¬†And in the 70’s, thanks to the vietnam war, you never could have gotten away with flaunting one’s wealth like became popular with the 80’s yuppie generation. ¬†

This round’s yuppies are not about flaunting their wealth, but instead, quietly judging and feeling oh so important. ¬†This generation of yuppies are the ones that have been listening to the media’s fear campaigns for the last 20 years and actually bought that load of crap. ¬†Now they walk around in life absolutely terrified of ANYTHING that they think will splatter bright red paint on their precious white picket fence. ¬†

So, now, YUPPIE = NIMBY. ¬†They are the “not in my back yard” types that are thinking that as long as they keep their bubble of protection safely secured around them, then all is well. ¬†They do not even think to look and see if they are stealing someone elses dream in order to fulfill their own. ¬†They do not understand that it is diversity that has made this town so beautiful not the South of Market lofts. ¬†They dont realize that the town that they think that they bought into, they are actually part of the process which is destroying it. ¬†Not to mention all of the people’s community’s that have been here for generations. ¬†They just think about what a deal they got on that 1million dollar 1 bedroom flat that they bought out of city held auction that was a victim of foreclosure. ¬†Not that 3 generations of people lived in that foreclosed unit for 45 years before the twats bought it. ¬†

Now the new yuppies dig in their heels and proclaim that this is their neighborhood and they refuse to allow anything to possibly bring their property value down or be a possible risk for lowering the quality of the neighborhood.  May that be a venue that plays live music or a pot club.  

These people do not think with the mentality that being an individual is what makes this world so beautiful.  They think that they all should be buying a Prius and that the only color to paint a house is one of 20 shades of sand.  They are ruled by fear and fear alone.  They havent seen strife, they havent ever had to give up their creature comforts and they think that they are VERY important people.

This leaves me with a little vomit in the base of my throat. ¬†These people do not know shit! ¬†They just came in and took over… Just like the Spaniards and the White man. ¬†So, i suppose that this is nothing new. ¬†But i bet we feel all a similar feeling of invisible loss. ¬†And sometimes visible loss. ¬†

This is for me, mostly the loss of a collective soul that has been what drew people to San Francisco. ¬†My ancestors were the Levi’s family who helped build this town back in the 1800’s. ¬†It is amazing that after living here for 18 years, if I have to move, i have to look outside the city because the rents are so fricking high. ¬†The town that i have actively been a part of and has been a part of me AND my ancestors help build! has been sold out… and mostly not even to people from this state let alone this country. ¬†It just makes me really depressed.¬†

So, if you see me around the city and i have a foul scowl on my face and you hear me saying bad words like gentrification and sell out and nimby, know why.  It goes deeper than me just being a bitch.  I am being a bitch with something to lose!

Vietnam celebrates their first gay pride! It is so cute to see the gays with only rainbows and balloons and no hot pants and assless chaps!










Check out these make-up transformations! One of the things i loved most about doing makeup was the transformative aspect. So do these drag queens!








This next one quite scares me!


as does this next one!



This one has a good chance getting a job at Asia SF Restaurant.


I am starting to think i maybe should have posted these picts prettiest to scariest because… Be prepared! ¬†A bit bear is next!

And finely, tiny but mighty!


I dont know what is happening. Since i turned 38 last month, I have changed my life.

  I think it actually has as much to do with a 20 year high school reunion and surviving the family reunion, but i have (without much thought mind you) totally changed how i am living.  

So, What have i done might you ask?  Lets see, i have started hiking 2-5 miles a day every day.  I have been maping my walks too so i can see that i have accented/descended 200-400 feet in each walk (It is a benefit of living at the top of a really high hill in San Francisco!)  Next, i have totally changed my diet trying to eliminate as much starch and processed food as well as high fructose corn syrup and fat as well as slimmed down on my meat intake.  Equaling= LOTS of fruit and vegetables, good fats, whole grains and rice and no sodas or candy.  I am getting more and more paranoid about what my food is made out of as life goes on!  I am trying to avoid roid rage at all costs!  

Today i have an appointment with UCSF spine specialists which i have been waiting for since May, to try and see what is really going on with my back pain.  It is a long coming appt. that should have been done YEARS ago!  

Why am i doing this?  I do think it may have something to do with my age (and that i need to start soon or it is going to be so much more excruciating to expedite  the older i get, but more so, my metabolism is slowing to a fricking crawl as i am getting older.  If i dont find a way to turn it back up, i will be gaining weight drinking water for gods sake!  And finally, if i have more strength, it may help relieve some of the discomfort from chronic pain.  I have known this all along, and have stayed active, but never THIS active on a daily basis.

Will it last?  Who knows, but i am going to guess yes.

What have i discovered since starting?  I enjoy it!  It is a great escape and it is a lot easier to do than i thought!  

I have less cravings by eating before i am actually hungry!  Go figure!  I know.

I have SO much more energy!

I feel a lot more like one of normal society!


So, bottom line, It is all good!  Not as painful as i expected and much more rewarding.  I can see why people get addicted to exercise!  It is as good a high as any drug i have ever done!Image