My secret total adoration of artist Barry McGee is out of the bag now i guess…


We have a local SF artist by the name of Barry McGee who is one of the godamn coolest artists i can think of. I have this secret crush on him or his work or his attitude or something. He is just so fucking amazingly talented and so down to earth and true. He is an authentic street graffiti artist as well as an Art Institute of San Francisco (the oldest art school west of the Mississippi!) grads and now is one of their highly regarded alumni. I would give my little pinky to be able to watch him in action. I believe that creativity just flows through those highly trained eyes and hands.

His story is of success but also tragedy due to his loss of his (also super talented and AI trained artist) Margret Kilgallen with whom was married to and just had baby, to a quick acting cancer in 2001. She was only 34 years old.

Margaret Kilgallen

Thankfully Barry McGee forages on with the new role as parent but with success surrounding his every step.

I heart you Barry McGee!

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