The reason you MUST vote NO on prop. 29 California!!

In an era of economic instability and financial collapses both on the large scale and in families lives around the US, we have seen greed on a scale that hasn’t been seen in DECADES.  It has become so egregious that it has gone after all and any funds that they can get ahold of.

This means that YOUR hard earned money has been hijacked by someone.  Many people in fact.  But all of that money (the almost 50% of earned income tax, the general funds, the inflation, the energy and gas industries etc) does not just evaporate.  It has to actually be somewhere.  Where could ALL OF OUR MONEY GO??  It has gone to the ones that have been overtaken by a greed of an unseen magnitude.

It has so far been successful and a LOT of people that used to have savings and or a home and or a job and or good schools and or well kept infrastructure, now are living hand to mouth or is on life support.  The separation between the rich and the poor is getting farther and the middle class is disappearing because of things EXACTLY like Prop 29.

This is one of the more brazen attempts to steal your cash on some bullshit presumption disguised as some smoking research farce.  This is simply a legal request for us, Ca. taxpayers, to give our money over to a small group of people that are going to take that money (our money) out of the state and even the country to build labs so that they can do genome testing (which, if you didnt know, is VERY lucrative and VERY competitive for the control of the pattens of every discovered genome’s function. )  I personally believe that this has very little to do with cancer.  If it did, they would be using funds to treat or help with succession of smoking… OR criminalizing the TOBACCO INDUSTRY.  Not their victims.  Who of course are more likely to be the poor.  Surprise surprise!

This prop does not allow the chairman to be audited to start with.  The structure of the proposition can not be changed for 15 (yes that is fifteen!!) years making it until 2027 to change any of its rules or the way it is run.  It allows a board to be hired and the chairman to acquire what ever staff at what ever salaries the board chairman decides as well as to build or acquire what ever property and supplies needed  that the chair requests.  Basically it is a free money dispersement plan where one guy gets a group of his crooked greedy cronies to be “hired” so he can pay them whatever “salaries” he choses to give and build whatever facilities to do what? who knows!

The taxpayers of California are already seriously in the red here.  We have had our schools lose their music, sports and art programs all while condensing classes into super large classes.  Our roads and bridges are falling apart.  Our police and fire are seeing major closes.  We are selling off state parklands and buildings for godsake!  We clearly just recently got swept out.  No one seems to have the cash… the people, the governments, the non profits.  It has been flowing out of california at a hemorrhaging rate over the last decade especially.

How can we justify voting yes on prop 29 when our own communities need that same money oh so badly?   No matter how much you hate smoking, this is not going to do a damn thing to stop or help stop smoking.  It is more like it is funding a smoke screen!

If you want to make a difference and give more of your own money away, donate it to something that actually helps with the issue of smoking.  Please do.  Send it to the American lung assoc.  Or the local non-profit emergency clinic in your own community.. even better!

But for most of us (i believe or at least hope!), we do not think that studying smoking in a lab in Bangladesh is going be at the top of our lists of to do’s when feeling a little extra flush!  And, i am going to be really disappointed if the citizens of the State of California are so ignorant and lazy that they watch a commercial or read a corporate sold out newspaper to base their decision and on 3 seconds of campaign propaganda.

If you do not believe me or want to find out for yourself if i am lying, PLEASE go read the actual proposition.  Not the arguments for or against it but the writing of the proposal.  Then tell me that you feel comfortable sending our state further into its debt abyss!


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