What has happened to the SF Bay Guardian?? I think it has been hijacked by the NIMBY elite!


As i was reading this weeks edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, after the first story i read about the Haight’s recycling center (Reduce, Reuse, Replace May 30-June 5, 2012) i read on.  Out of the next 5 articles i read, 4 of them were not written about the city or reviewed by someone even in the city!  Lets start with Wall Up, Joints Down.  This is about a pot shop in GERMANY!  WTF?!  

Then i went on to read L.E. Leone’s Fit As A Fig article.  This is an article that is talking about things that they did on their birthday in NEW YORK!  About 2/3 of the way through it goes on to its restaurant review..  Word for word here… “Oh, hey, this reminds me about Blue Fig on Valencia St….  WTF??!!  Bad form to write about a vacation and a 4000 mile away restaurant review.  Why did they not get a fill in for the vacationing writers??  

Now onto Deep Dish by MARKE B.  It is in the Arts+Culture+nightlife section, but it is so bizarre.  They are hinting at the fact that they are talking about the windy city.  It has been windy here, so it was possible, but, no… they WERE talking about Chicago.  The article has nothing to do with anything.  It would make for a better blog post for a creative writer… NOT good for a SAN FRANCISCO LOCAL RAG! 

And Finally.  I KNOW i know!! that our paper for the people has been hijacked because they are voting YES on prop 29!!!   This is the most corrupt proposition since PG&E did their counter 2 props to try and confuse voters from voting for public power.  THIS ONLY TAKES A LOT OF CA. RESIDENTS MONEY AND PUTS IT INTO THE POCKETS OF ALREADY SUPER RICH ASSHOLES THAT ARE PLANNING ON TAKING IT OUT OF STATE TO USE.  THEY SAY IT GOES TO CANCER RESEARCH BUT NO CANCER TREATMENT!!  AND it can not be audited or changed for 15 years!  This is another political money grab from the societal villans with another sin tax.  


Let me say something about sin taxes.  You may find a sin that you are opposed to and you vilify it and make the sinner a villan for doing what they want (which in turn usually only hurts themselves if at all).  Be careful about casting stones.  Your vice (and everyone has something that they rely on that if society choses to do an anti PR campaign against is going to put you into the villan role too.)  It is a dicy thing to be doing to our fellow neighbors if you want there still to be legal crack (caffine, sugar) and your extra value meals etc.  Tomorrow, they could be the thing that is killing every toddler and YOU are helping the demise of society.  No one likes to be made an outcast of society because they have a bad habit.  We all have them, some are more visible than others and some are way more destructive.  I would rather have a smoker live next door any day than have to live next to a guy who beats up his wife.  Just because they guy who is a beater doesn’t get exposed, you look to him as a pillar of society while the poor quiet smoker poet is cast to the hallows.  There is something very dangerous and ignorant to think that people who have lives that could include addiction should have their savings extorted to some bastards because they drugged this person early on and they are fully clinically addicted.  If you want to hate on smoking, outlaw cigarettes, and their tobacco companies.  Do not vilify the victims of the tobacco companies after the companies themselves victimized them in the first place.  Why is this so hard to see?  Well, it wont be if and when it happens to you with one of your most desired vices!


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