Oh my gosh! I want this so bad!! (and i also want to 25 as well to while i am at it, if i am going to flashback in 2012).

With Kodak going bankrupt (or out of business or something like that.  I know they dont make kodachrome film anymore.) I have been thinking about how sad it is to not have a little envelope / folder thing with a whole roll of film and the strips of negatives.  My box of photos is in the second on the list of what to grab if there is a fire (sorry but the kitty has to be first!).  I love how if you are lucky, there is a date stamped on the back.  I also think about how fun it was when i had my Poloroid camera that shot the long rectangle photos that i took on my second trip to Hawaii.  I loved the smell of those photos.   I loved the waiting anticipation of everyone gathering around to see what the picture was going to develop into.  And i loved that there was a big place to write whatever on the edge of the photo.  I loved those dang Poloroids.  Needless to say i have been mourning the loss of that slowly dying industry for a little while now.  

So, imagine how excited i got when i came across this… on Photojojo.com. (by the way, this is a really cool little company that i stumbled upon that turns out to be based right out of here in San Francisco.  It is a company i am going to keep my eye on.  They find the coolest stuff and i think that they just may have the stuff to make it for the long run.  Watch for a post i am going to be doing regarding a job posting of theirs and you will see kind of what i am talking about.).

It is a DIGITAL POLOROID CAMERA!!!  YIPPEE!!  I am going to be saving all of my loose change and maybe in a while i will be landing my hands on one of my very own!  In the mean time, i am here to share it with you while i am waiting (and preparing for all of the fun and memories i am going to be able to create some day soon!)




CORPORATE CAPITALISM: The Truth About Bottled Water That You’re not Supposed to Know

What has happened to the SF Bay Guardian?? I think it has been hijacked by the NIMBY elite!


As i was reading this weeks edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, after the first story i read about the Haight’s recycling center (Reduce, Reuse, Replace May 30-June 5, 2012) i read on.  Out of the next 5 articles i read, 4 of them were not written about the city or reviewed by someone even in the city!  Lets start with Wall Up, Joints Down.  This is about a pot shop in GERMANY!  WTF?!  

Then i went on to read L.E. Leone’s Fit As A Fig article.  This is an article that is talking about things that they did on their birthday in NEW YORK!  About 2/3 of the way through it goes on to its restaurant review..  Word for word here… “Oh, hey, this reminds me about Blue Fig on Valencia St….  WTF??!!  Bad form to write about a vacation and a 4000 mile away restaurant review.  Why did they not get a fill in for the vacationing writers??  

Now onto Deep Dish by MARKE B.  It is in the Arts+Culture+nightlife section, but it is so bizarre.  They are hinting at the fact that they are talking about the windy city.  It has been windy here, so it was possible, but, no… they WERE talking about Chicago.  The article has nothing to do with anything.  It would make for a better blog post for a creative writer… NOT good for a SAN FRANCISCO LOCAL RAG! 

And Finally.  I KNOW i know!! that our paper for the people has been hijacked because they are voting YES on prop 29!!!   This is the most corrupt proposition since PG&E did their counter 2 props to try and confuse voters from voting for public power.  THIS ONLY TAKES A LOT OF CA. RESIDENTS MONEY AND PUTS IT INTO THE POCKETS OF ALREADY SUPER RICH ASSHOLES THAT ARE PLANNING ON TAKING IT OUT OF STATE TO USE.  THEY SAY IT GOES TO CANCER RESEARCH BUT NO CANCER TREATMENT!!  AND it can not be audited or changed for 15 years!  This is another political money grab from the societal villans with another sin tax.  


Let me say something about sin taxes.  You may find a sin that you are opposed to and you vilify it and make the sinner a villan for doing what they want (which in turn usually only hurts themselves if at all).  Be careful about casting stones.  Your vice (and everyone has something that they rely on that if society choses to do an anti PR campaign against is going to put you into the villan role too.)  It is a dicy thing to be doing to our fellow neighbors if you want there still to be legal crack (caffine, sugar) and your extra value meals etc.  Tomorrow, they could be the thing that is killing every toddler and YOU are helping the demise of society.  No one likes to be made an outcast of society because they have a bad habit.  We all have them, some are more visible than others and some are way more destructive.  I would rather have a smoker live next door any day than have to live next to a guy who beats up his wife.  Just because they guy who is a beater doesn’t get exposed, you look to him as a pillar of society while the poor quiet smoker poet is cast to the hallows.  There is something very dangerous and ignorant to think that people who have lives that could include addiction should have their savings extorted to some bastards because they drugged this person early on and they are fully clinically addicted.  If you want to hate on smoking, outlaw cigarettes, and their tobacco companies.  Do not vilify the victims of the tobacco companies after the companies themselves victimized them in the first place.  Why is this so hard to see?  Well, it wont be if and when it happens to you with one of your most desired vices!


The view from my mom’s house in Santa Cruz in INCREDIBLE!!


I took this video about 4-6 months after the Japan Tsunami of March 11, 2011 took out part of the harbor. It also captures one of the Blue Herons that nest every winter in the grove of eucalyptus trees in a grove next to the house. Whenever I visit, you can have a good % chance that if you travel over the bridge over the harbor, you have got a pretty good chance of seeing me on the upstairs deck with a pair of binoculars looking north towards the trees. I could watch the “little Teradactyls” for HOURS! Livin large Ma! Livin large!

Another bizarre bit of San Francisco PSA: Traffic edition. Enjoy!


Whoever thought up this idea for this commercial giving SF Bay’ers a heads up about some bridge construction traffic changes. I think the board that approved this add may be as kooky as the bunch pitching it! But, still, i like it in a strange way….

There are a lot of things that are wrong in this BART train impromptu dance performance! Ha!


First… Of the three ladies, there is one that is CLEARLY still in training. She (in the black pants) not only has two different colored sox and only sox on, but she is still learning about the words grace and elegance.

The second in abilities i would have to give it to the one with the boots on. She clearly has more skills and talent than her mismatched sock friend, but it seems a little odd that she came wearing a tutu! Like this was the big performance she got dressed up for!

Finally, The performer with the best chance of being a prime time dancer (pole? I didnt say it! It could be a circus with a pole!) is wearing a HELMET!! Probably in case of an untimely Bart emergency stop, she will not receive any severe head trauma, but i bet it is incase people riding bart start herdeling bottles and books and lunch bags at her while she is giving a spread eagle crotch shot split at the back half of the train.

Regardless, at least they were quiet and did not send around a collection helmet! Things could have been worse (although not for the poor uncoordinated chick in the black pants who Oh So wishes she was a headliner like her helmeted & tutu’d friends!)


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Do not travel around the bay area this weekend… It is going to be a HUGE NIGHTMARE!

Ok… Lets start with the bridges… Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 and the bridge will be closed on Sunday between i believe 6-10pm.

Dumbarton Bridge (Hwy 84) will be closed until Tuesday morning at 9:30am unless work finishes early.

Then, within San Francisco, Muni is going to be shutting down several lines including the N Judah which is the busiest transit line in the MUNI system.  Along with the N, the J Church will be closed (except from Market to Embarcadero), the 22 Fillmore and the N owl will be rerouted until June 4th. (that is 9 yes NINE days!).  

So, needless to say, the traffic in and around the bay this weekend is going to be HORRIBLE!! 

If you are planning a trip into SF to join in the festivities of the 75th birthday party, i HIGHLY recommend that you take cal train, bart or ride your bike into the city.  Because i live on the opposite side of the city, the traffic is going to be so bad that i think that i will just watch the fireworks from the top of Bernal Hill if fog (lack there of) permits.  

Also, if you come into town, come in early, plan to spend the day, and BRING SUNBLOCK!!

Happy travel on this Memorial Day Weekend!

Ok. It is time to call out San Francisco Govt. on its quest to rid its self of all progressive(s)

Ok.  Lets just call the big pink elephant in the room out.  It is so obviously clear that there is a strong movement coming from the anals of our high ups in the corrupt world of politics & greed.  Now SF looks like a circus in the world views of city govt. all in order to squeeze out ANYTHING standing in their way of under the table deals, political back scratching and money making crony appointments.

It started with our dear mayor Ed Lee.  Lee was appointed to the post upon the early departure of sitting mayor Gavin Newsom.  When this happened, Mr. Lee made NUMEROUS promises not to actually run for the position when his appointment ended.  He waited until most of the candidates had burned out most of their funds to campaign with and then came on with HEAVY heavy advertising.  He also (and most importantly) had the backing of the political powers that (although not in office, hold more power than those in politics now) can hand anyone that they chose the position.  Some of these powerhouse names include Mr. Willie Brown, Ms. Nanci Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and his backers the Gettys to name a few.  Needless to say, Ed Lee somehow won the mayoral election although i do not personally know of one single person who did vote for him (which doesnt mean a thing i know.)

Next it was the vicious attack on Sheriff Elect Ross Mirkirami and the BS domestic violence charge and the character slaughtering of our former Supervisor in the court of public opinion.  I of course do not condone any act towards women of violence… However, when the spouse of said abuser says publicly that she is NOT being abused and this is a political witch hunt, after watching the BS unfold, i would say she is absolutely right.  When on earth does a DA put into place a protective order for some one other than themselves?  Ms. Lopez said publicly did not want any order of protection put onto Mr. Mirkirami but DA does it anyway, that is shady if nothing else.  The political left is after total domination of the San Francisco govt. landscape and tearing a family apart is just part of the casualties of its war… No big deal right?  NOT!

Now, the most recent in the push out of progressiveness is an ambush on the Sunshine Ordinance.  The Sunshine Ordinance was put into place in the 1990’s as a move towards open government.  Open Govt. is the wave of the future and is oh so needed in maintaining a govt. without egregious corruption.    Greed and corruption is what is taking the soul out of this city to turn a penny for a few powerful players.  This city has had a history with backroom dealings and shady plays.  Every time it starts getting out of control, it takes its toll on the long term residents that have made this place so attractive in the first place.  The Sunshine Ordinance has the requirement of placing a few appointments into our city govt.  However, recently, their appointments of the incumbents as well as well qualified new possibilities for their appointments were denied or to say it in the phrasing of the SF Guardian “refused to seat two candidates” and told them to come back to them with a new list of possible apointees.  It is all messy and super shady and now to me very obvious that OPEN GOVERNMENT AND ANYTHING THAT MAY STAND IN THE WAY OF WHAT THE BIG MONEY PLAYERS ARE UNDER ATTACK AND ARE TRYING TO BE WIPED OUT COMPLETELY.  This is not good at all.

For those who have recently moved to this city, it may not be as apparent to you what is happening.  You may think that all of this city growth and redevelopment areas are great, you are wrong.  Not saying that growth is bad or that building and redeveloping is bad too, but when it is to eradicate an entire community that has been living in their neighborhood for generations just to get greedy hands on that lucrative property it is WRONG.  This has been done to every single corner of our city except the lower eastern corner of Bayview/Hunters Point and Visitation Valley (vis. valley has been spared due to its such south local.)  This is systematically ridding SF of more of its ethnic residents and their neighborhoods has been going on (think western addition redevelopment) for a LONG time leading us to now where the percentages of black and hispanic populations have been cut down to single digits where in the past, the black and the spanish community has been a major part of the city’s fabric.

It is just like a slow bad dream coming to fruition.  Greed and power has got to be put into check and seen for what it is right now in San Francisco.  We have a heavy and colorful history of fighting against ‘the man’ and hopefully it will continue on in activist movements and rebel voices.  Remember that there is a lot more to any story coming from city hall than they are going to ever advertise.  And that sometimes it is not worth the pretty skyline and high property values to lose its soul and flavor of the great city of San Francisco.

English: San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom at S...

Former mayor Gavin Newsom 

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A sad but needed outcome in the Sierra LaMar case


UPDATE** An arrest has been made last night in the disappearance of Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar.

It has been over 2 months since LaMar went missing on her way to school.  Although a body has not been found yet, they have charged Antolin Garcia-Torres with kidnapping and murder.  

Law enforcement has been watching Antolin Garcia-Torres since March after finding forensic evidence pointing to him in her bag that contained her clothes neatly folded along with her medication.  They impounded his car several weeks ago as well.  

Antolin Garcia-Torres is a 21 year old Morgan Hill resident.  They think that there is no connection between him and LaMar and that this was a random stranger abduction.  Law enforcement has also linked Antolin Garcia-Torres to 3 other assaults on women/girls in the Morgan Hill area although police remain tight lipped about who these other victims are.

Searches still go on to find the remains of Sierra Lamar.  Extensive searches have been conducted in the local waterways in the last 8-9 weeks.  They have yet to come up with any remains and the perp. has not cooperated so far revealing any of this information.

This is a sad day for the family of Sierra LaMar.  However, a huge relief to know that a very dangerous man to any woman has been taken off the streets.  Garcia-Torres was arrested last night at around 6:30pm at his job at Safeway without incident.  He still has claimed innocence since the arrest.  

Hopefully this guy will be put away for life so he is no longer a threat to society via him.


San Francisco’s best holiday… Bay to Breakers!

Today is the day when Halloween comes to San Francisco in May.  It is my still favorite holiday here in SF.  Partly because for almost 15 years the panhandle was my hood and one can not avoid B2B if living by the park.  It is/was also the one thing that until 2 years ago (the 100th bay to breakers they seriously tightened up the rules so that there could be no liquor or kegs, no nudity and i believe no floats. Boooo!!)  Regardless, it might be because a serious party starts at 7am, or that it is only us that are having a full on costumed holliday on a day in the middle of May, or maybe because it is a SF tradition that paraded itself through my neighborhood and i got front row tickets and the free afterparty to go to.  But I LOVE Bay 2 Breakers!!  Here is to you B2B!!


1980's b2b

Follow below link to see whole slideshow…

Best of Bay to Breakers.

the debate continues… Camel toe or Moose knuckle?

The Camel toe strikes again!

The dreaded camel toe!


This is really funny here this topic because it has been a running joke between myself and one of my former roommates/ current friends.

It has always been to my understanding that a WOMAN wears the camel toe.

The MAN wears the moose knuckle.

However… I have heard the term moose knuckle a lot lately.  Often to describe a women’s camel toe.  I believe that they are just missing the mark with their attempts to be hip to the slang… but others think differently.

For instance, Reader x says…

“Then again, there is this thought on the topic from another reader… “As a woman, I always thought cam toe was part of the reason for wearing tight pants. Just like cleavage is part of the reason for wearing a low-cut top.”


Another reader (we shall call him reader Y) shares with us…

“I’ve seen some toe that looked more like a knuckle personally. There was one time I think I almost went blind from it and told my friend that’s not a cam toe, it’s the whole damn foot!”

hahaha.  That is a good one reader Y!  f-u-n-n-y!

Now to all the ladies out there.  Since this is my forum to host, i am going to start and give a tiny piece of my own advice to you.

The camel toe should be avoided at all times.  And… Ladies, be a pal ok?  Let that friend that may be unaware that they are showing off their labia in silhouette.  They may be totally unaware!

It is just like how no body wants to see a dude in high cut mens short jogging shorts from the 80”s with no underwear, jog past you, as he blinds you with the blaring whiteness of a nut that flys up when he steps down with his left foot!  Same thing,  Leave a little mystery ladies!

Otherwise we all may go prematurely blind!

The only thing i can come to think of as a compromise is maybe a moose toe… If it is really that bad… I like camel foot better tho.

Hahaha.  Tell me what you think.  Is it a body is beautiful thing or is it a Hell No! issue for you?  Join in on the debate!

The Moose Knuckle

Moose Knuckle 2



*note.  This is an unusually raunchy topic for my blog i know, but this is a real issue! And it  needs to be discussed and clarified 😉

Have you attended City College San Francisco within the last 10 years? If so, they may owe you some $$!

Image Detail

CCSF just reported yesterday that the courts ruled against them and they may owe you some money!!

An insert in the San Francisco Examiner Monday listed 35 pages of names, and the amount owed, dating back more than ten years. Some had more than $2,000 headed their way.

 If you believe the school owes you money, you have until June 25thto request payment. You must file a claim with the SF Community College Business Office, 50 Phelan Avenue, e103, SF 94112. Or call (415) 239-3760 and provide proof of your claim. The claim form is available online.
You had better do it soon too.  They are only responsibility to hold it until the middle of June.
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I found this in…


I found this in 2008.  It was elevated to status of “Best of Craigslist”.  I got together with my old roommate this week and he reminded me of it.  The computer i had it on, got stolen, so i had him re-send it to me so i can share it with you.  It is seriously one of the funniest things i have EVER read.  It NEVER gets old!  AND it is so ‘right on target’!  I hope you all enjoy a good chuckle like i am just posting it for you.  I wish i knew who this guy was.  I would find him and marry him!  Haha.

Image Detail

Coffee C*nt @ Royal Grounds

Reply to: 
Date: 2007-05-08, 3:01PM 

You came into Royal Grounds, Russian Hill 
You are the 30ish, 5’5″, 120#, “Blonde” girl with the spackled foundation and knock-off bronze-metallic Prada bag. You were on your cell, blabbing with an artificial “Laguna Beach” accent and blissfully absorbing the “attention” of everyone else in the joint. You’ve been in line for about eight minutes. 
I’d like to inform you of a few things: 
1. We are not staring at you because you are hot or cool, or interesting. We (read: everyone else in the joint) are trying make you burst into flames by focusing our searing hatred toward your shellacked mary-jane wedges. Believe me, most of us could care less about your insipid desperation to appear cool. We care much more about you leaving. Now. 
2. Royal Grounds does not serve “venti latte’s”. You’ve gotten all dizzy and come to the wrong place. You’re looking for McDonald’s, or Jenny Craig, or Fresh Choice. Stupid twat.
3. Make a decision before you get to the front of the line, bitch. I know… you’ve got low blood sugar so its haaaaard to decide, but settling on a fat-free muffin and a low-fat latte shouldn’t take one hundred twelve seconds at the counter. Especially since you’ve been in line for eight minutes saying, “I knoooow. Ohmigod, I KNOOOWWWW! Really? I know…”. Its not like you’ve been on hold with Comcast. You’re in line for coffee at 7:55am. Die. Now. Or at least spontaneously bleed or do something interesting and painful like a seizure. 
4. Leave a freaking tip. That little jar isn’t there to TAKE CHANGE FROM. If you need change for the bus, simply ASK the nice gal behind the counter. Don’t dig around in her tip jar for quarters while drawling about losing your Muni Pass to your feeble-minded phone-mate. We all know you lost your Muni Pass along with the tattered remnants of your shriveled dignity at the Royal Joke last night at 1:12am. It is just at the end of Bonita Street under that pile of wadded Kleenex. You know, near where you woke up, skank. 
5. Get your fucking bag off my table! Damn, now you’ve done it. You’ve taken me from focused disgust to personal rage. Just because I’m seated at the table next to the no-calorie sweeteners doesn’t mean I want your greasy, cum-stained whore-sack on my paper; nudging my coffee and getting dangerously close to contaminating my bagel. Not even an “excuse me” or a “do you mind/”. In fact, I might have let it pass with simple hatred had you bothered to engage some semblance of decency. But, there you go, no concern for my space or belongings. 
6. It was not an accident that my coffee “fell” onto your feet while you were adding the Spleda to your beverage. I purposely removed the lid. I carefully planned knocking it “just so” in hopes of getting at least one of your feet covered in scalding bean juice. Did that burn a little? Don’t worry about the shoes. Pleather cleans up nicely. The sugar should get nice and sticky soon. Kind of like your thighs and tits felt before you used a handi-wipe on them this morning when you came to. 
7. It was funny to watch you drop your phone into the bus-tray, prance on your little feet, and protest with “Ohmigod! Ohmigod!” while everyone else took delight in your suffering. Did you believe me to be sincere when I said, “Oh, wow. That must hurt.” Notice how I didn’t apologize? Of course you didn’t. 
8. Yes, I purposely chose that moment to get up and leave. I definitely meant to bump you ever so slightly with the table and knock your bag to the floor with my laptop and paper. I admit it: I wanted to cause you as much inconvenience as possible without actually breaking any laws. 
9. The people behind you in line were purposefully rude in pushing around you to get lids, sugar, cream and stuff. They grinned when they observed my work. They wryly smiled. They hate you as much as I do. Probably as much as your mother did when she dropped you off at the orphanage. 
10. Even though I had significantly slowed the pace of everyone’s day, there wasn’t a bit of anger directed at me. Rather, there was joy, gratefulness, even one woman who mouthed, “Awesome”. You are disgusting and unwelcome. Move away. Get crippled. Go blind. Just leave. 

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

FoundSf has helped me bring you another few more interesting words regarding culture in SF and the world in general.


Image:Cdc no tenant is safe bbalteration.jpg

California Dept. of Corrections’ altered billboard, 1990s.

Martha Senger, a Goodman Building stalwart, describes briefly the history of small artist residential hotels in San Francisco.

In his book The Philosophy of Social Ecology anarchist philosopher Murray Bookchin wrote:

“The terrible tragedy of the present social era is not only that it is polluting the environment but also that it is simplifying natural eco-communities, social relationships, and even the human psyche. The pulverization of the natural world is being followed by the pulverization of the social world and the psychological.”

In the growing recognition that the world ecological crisis is rooted in runaway industrialization, which itself is rooted in the reductionist-materialist mindset that established the modern era, various thinkers are looking to pre-modern and tribal cultures for healthier constructs. Constructs whose economies are integral aspects of multidimensional lifestyles. Lifestyles whose rewards are intrinsic rather than extrinsic, with notions of growth that are equated with aesthetic and spiritual satisfactions rather than material expansion. In short, the kind of organic growth that emerges from within, rather than from without.

This is about such a culture, but rather than being distant in time or place, it exists today in our urban midst, although constantly having to reinvent itself as its underground and illegal environments are continually turned to more profitable uses. A cell within the counterculture, it is the artists’ living and working cooperative.

And you thought it was a bitch to have to move!!

I would like to thank FoundSF.org for allowing me to share a great photo essay showing what a re-development compromise (mind you a very VERY tiny victory for this poor Fillmore neighborhood destroyed by the SF Redevelopment Agency) can look like.  Pretty crazy to think of them up and moving these homes over several blocks so to be able to build the geary cut.  I also find it kind of interesting that they chose (at least a few of them) to be really unremarkable and plain victorians.  I know what this city has to offer and these have got to have been built with the low bargin bid developers because they are barely victorians minus the bay windows and the railroad flat floorplans, when i know that they demolished some beautiful full gingerbreaded doll houses and chose to save these.  Well… at least they saved something!

Anyway… on to the article (which you can see on its original site here (http://foundsf.org/index.php?title=Moving_Victorians_in_the_Fillmore)


Moving Victorians in the Fillmore


Unfinished History

In the mid-1970s the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency stopped the wholesale destruction of venerable Victorian buildings. Instead, they picked them up and moved them around the neighborhood. One well-known example is the building that housed Jimbo’s Bop Cityon Post Street which was moved to its current location on Fillmore near Sutter, housing Marcus Books.

In 1976-1977 Dave Glass took these remarkable photos of the Victorians on the move.







Secrets at the Library: Know the Past, Find the Future

This is so cool. We take no notice of our public libraries (unless in school) and it is something that i really think we take for granted. Libraries are oh so super cool and one of the last free places in the universe! Lets hope they stick around.

Mr. Wright ended up being Mr WRONG!!

Per example…  I met this guy named… shall we call him Mister Wright.  He was foreign and hot and sweet and funny and available and we hit it off when he was introduced to me at a party.  He was getting ready to go back to his home country in a couple days.  I had a huge 3 storie loft and my girl friend Tracy was staying with me at the time so it was safe enough to offer to have him save some money and stay at my place for the next 2 nights until he had to leave.

The first night we all were there, was Tracy’s birthday.  I threw a little dinner party for her and then we went out to a neighborhood night spot for a couple hours.  Things seemed to be fine still….

We saw my next door neighbor down there and I offered to give him a ride back and we all hung out for a while longer.  Well, almost all of us.  All but Mr. Wright who was pouting  next door.  I didnt feel bad.  This was Tracy’s night after all.

The next day, he transformed into this gushing begging to be loved and to love me type guy.  I had known him for less than 2 DAYS!  AND, he actually said the words “let me just love you. I just want to love you”!  He was actually crying. Real fucking tears!


I knew that he had to go.  I had to get this guy out of there and quick.  It is usually not one of my easier tasks (well, back then. I have gotten much more of a spine over the years and hopefully forceful tact!) to have to be the bad guy or the mean one and deal the bad news, but it was not an option at that point.

Bye bye Mr. Wright who turned out to be oh so Mr.Wrong for me.

But that led me to think about it over the years.  Why did i not feel any empathy or sympathy?  He clearly was hurting and i shut off like installing a concrete wall.  I did not have the patience and understanding and to this day, his vulnerability that i witnessed still feels more pathetic than powerful.

After sleeping on it and thinking about this one for a little bit, i think that i know why i did not feel empathy towards his vulnerability.  I think that the whole scene was just the excuse for something else that had nothing to do with me or his staying at my place.  He clearly had some other ‘issues’ he was dealing with and it may have been easiest for him to use me as an excuse.
Either that or i am just too damn fabulous!  JUST KIDDING!!
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some beautiful (art) studios… (although being an artist, i KNOW these places look nothing like a real studio.. WAY too clean!

 This is a post NOT written by me.  I have to thank Alison Nastasi for this great compilation and posting!

Beautiful and Uniquely Designed Art Studios

by . Posted on 8:00 pm Tuesday May 8, 2012

An artist’s studio is the site of invention and an influential environment where form and function are of equal importance. My Modern Met’s post about one uniquely designed studio on rocky Fogo Island fueled our creative juices. The photos inspired us to search out other incredible art studios around the globe that emphasis beautiful design, integrate nature, or just wowed us with their interesting use of space. Each one becomes a work of art in and of itself. See them all past the break. If you know about an amazing studio, please fill us in below.

Squish Studio

On the offshore Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is Squish Studio — a gorgeous workspace jutting from the scenic, rocky coastline. Saunders Architecture gave the studio solar panels — something that becomes particularly beautiful at night as they light up the structure like a lighthouse — a compost toilet, and other eco-friendly touches.

Tower Studio

We might be joining Team Saunders soon if the architectural firm keeps creating beautifully designed studios such as the Tower Studio, also located on Fogo Island like the aforementioned Squish Studio. The angular, twisted exterior is completely windowless (but gets plenty of interior sun thanks to a massive skylight) and black, and can only be reached by hike. Three levels tall and featuring inclined surfaces — making it appear as though a mad German expressionist created it — the studio features all the same eco-savvy tools as Squish. Be sure to visit Bridge and Long studios also from Saunders Architecture to imagine further creative possibilities.

Shipping Container Studio

Most people generally don’t think of shipping containers as attractive structures, but MB Architecture does and has created a functional, but inviting workspace. Aiming to blend the boxy studio with the surrounding environment, the architects kept things simple and clean — allowing white walls to act as enormous blank canvases highlighted by ample natural light.

Image credit: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

Greek Studio

Boeotia, Greece boasts a dome-shaped workspace, complete with sculpture gallery, balcony, storage area, and cantilevered concrete steps that can also serve as an exhibit area. Inspired by the “spirit of the Greek landscape,” A31 Architecture wanted to create something that felt timeless — recalling antiquity and modernism. Unique construction considerations — including the sun’s trajectory — make the art warehouse a truly special place for one local painter/sculptor.

Airstream Studio

We’re big fans of mobile everything, and repurposed Airstream trailers are near the top of the list. One artist transformed her iconic recreational vehicle, updating the 1963 trailer for art’s sake. The furniture and décor pays homage to the vintage Airstream, but doesn’t sacrifice workspace for style.

Image credit: Undine Pröhl

Bridge Studio

Safdie Rabines Architects wanted to minimize the impact their beautiful structure would have on the natural environment, so they created an actual “bridge” that connects the two-person workspace to an adjacent house. Perched atop a canyon, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors create openness while providing a killer view of the San Diego area.

Image credit: Ole Hein and Poul Høilund D. Cruise

Stable Studio

Looking at one Denmark stable from the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the space is a haven for artists. Copenhagen firm Svendborg Architects have built the workspace inside an existing stable, preserving the structural walls and roofline. One half of the gabled interior is fitted entirely with mirrors in order to reflect things into the studio via the skylights on the other side of the pitched roof. It’s a progressive way to transform an old farmhouse, respecting the surrounding environment.

Painting Studio

One artist’s studio looks like the house that Ikea built, and we approve. The brightly lit painting workspace contains a large storage area, its own workshop, a garage, and a garden shed. You’d never guess the sleek, modern studio was located in the burbs of Melbourne.

Carport Studio

Architects Edwards Moore designed this translucent fiberglass carport studio in Melbourne. The simple, lovely design has a clean façade, allowing it to seamlessly blend with the adjacent first floor, art deco-style apartment. The workspace features porthole windows, a shower/wet area, and canoe storage (jealous!), among other amenities.

Portland Studio

Dangermond Keane Architecture wanted to “capture and add warmth to the silver Oregon daylight,” which judging from episodes of Portlandia does seem to need a little sunny oomph. This Portland painter’s studio is a single-person structure, and the stylish design doesn’t detract from its intimacy.

Forest Studio

If you’ve ever dreamed about quietly working away in the middle of the forest like Snow White, then behold one New York artist’s studio surrounded by trees and silence. A transparent roof allows you to daydream while painting, and the interior design is minimal, putting the emphasis on your work.

Ivy Studio

This ivy-covered workspace looks like it sprouted in the garden on its own. It recently won an Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects for its impressive marrying of organic and modern. The old garden shed was fitted with an exterior metal frame for the ivy to cling to, and the results are utterly charming.

No. 19 Studio

Kortknie Stuhlmacher Architecten of Rotterdam collaborated with artists BikvanderPol for a municipal art program in Utrecht. The mobile studio “doesn’t aim at being a piece of art in itself, but mainly offers a practical and affordable place to stay.” The massive structure maximizes space and function, allowing its inhabitants to divide the long interior however they please. Don’t worry, the behemoth structure is safe for transport and is permitted on public roads. We dig the studio’s dungeon-like trapdoor opening.

Ultra Modern Studio

Architects B+U, LLP’s art studio looks like it landed from outer space, but the ultra sleek and modern workspace is located in Los Angeles. On a hillside, the structure was built onto an existing single story house and is flexible enough to be easily transformed into a guesthouse (complete with wine cellar, jacuzzi, and more decks than any human being really needs). The curved steel might look out of place initially, but the firm explains their intent:

“The main design emphasis was a variety of trajectories that explored different movements and paths through the trees and the landscape, preserving the existing oak trees and minimizing modifications to the ground. The trajectories became the circulation path that in the areas of the studio and the cellar formed spatial enclosures, but mostly articulated as a trail through the thriving landscape.”

Tree House Studio

Hidden in the forests of Scotland, this tree house art studio is accessible by way of a bridge and wooden pathway, constructed to match the workspace. Part of the studio was built from the trees cut down to make space for it, aiming to minimize waste. Large windows and simple design make it an inspiring place for creative collaboration, as commissioned by the London Fieldworks art association.

Modern Tree House Studio

Rockefeller Partners Architects’ is a modern interpretation of a tree house, inspired by the branch-like steel pylons the art studio (and part-time sanctuary) is built on. The design shapes itself around the contours of the trunk — an homage to its California surroundings. Wood features prominently throughout the studio’s design, which features a fireplace and private outdoor shower for when things get really messy.

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My anxiety is moving from orange into red alert levels with upcoming travel!

I am starting to feel the pit of my stomach start to get all bunched up in knots.  I know like a subconscience meter as the days get nearer to the day i must travel.  Having to leave town has always stirred up an ocd tendency in me to PANIC!

The first and biggest panic is my separation anxiety of having to leave my little pet.  I always have an excuse no matter when and what pet i have at the time.  It is really more about me not wanting to be without them rather than them thinking that i left for good and they will hate me forever.  With my new kitty Arthur, I am going to challenge that separation anxiety more than ever because he has such fear issues.

Arthur the day I adopted him. Picture taken of him at the shelter. Please adopt an animal and do not buy one! Save a life why dont you? 😉

I adopted Arthur about an hour before he was about to be euthanized.  Not, might i say, because he is a problem kitty.  Actually anything but.  But he is terrified.  He has abandonment and trust and massive fear issues.   Since i have gotten him on Christmas Eve last year, i have gotten him to not only come out from under the bed, but he actually hangs out on the bed and sleeps with me.  He has some bad days where he wont come out, but he always can be bribed with cheap cat food with lots of gravy.  (i have tried everything!  He has yet to taste one single human food, not even bacon, butter or chicken! I am afraid to try the last resort… tuna.  If he doesn’t like it, i could be screwed if at any time i run out of food.  I did live through the 89 earthquake so i think about things like this.)  So far it is me and only me that he trusts.  But, i will have to change that, because i have to go to Portland to attend my grandma’s memorial.  I can not justify that one… Can you imagine?  “Sorry, Emelie couldn’t make it to grandma’s funeral because she is afraid of causing her cat more psychological damage, so she blew off the flight and is not here to say goodbye.”  To me even, that doesn’t fly.  However, it does not mean that i am not dying inside missing my little kitty and worried that he thinks he has been abandoned again.

This leads me to anxiety #2… the flight itself.  Ever since 9/11, i HATE having to fly.  It is so gosh darn stressful!  It was bad enough for a girl like me back in the day to pack alone, but now, to have to downsize, evaluating the fluid ounces of all products and potions and getting them into that stupid ziplock bag. (you know that any real girl who likes her products is going to have a hard time with this one!).  Making sure that  i have all chargers, medications, makeup, hair, shoes, book, journal etc. and making it fit in a cary on sized bag… BIG CHALLENGE!  And the fear assists me throughout worrying that i forgot SOMETHING.  And it is probably something really important.  It always is.

The only way i can get through the packing trauma is to start about a week early with lists.  Those lists get longer and multiply as the days near.

The separation anxiety and the having to pack when it is not a regular activity and one has a system that they are familiar with, it becomes nothing but one huge nightmare.

Things get better once i arrive and settle in, but then to go through it all again to get back home…. UUGH.  Not to mention having to be dealing in confined quarters with parental units at the age of 37 is always an interesting dynamic.  We all do just fine when we just visit, but being together full time under stressful situations, it has been a bit of a fiasco in the past.  I do believe that we are all at a better more mature and cohesive place when we travel together, but that is still mom and i am still her baby.  I want to be extra patient though this trip because it is her mom that passed.  So far she has not expressed any sadness over the phone, but i know this is a big loss for her.  Losing a mom is a blow to everybody and an especially big blow if there is a great relationship with them even if they are 90 when they do go!  I am pretty sure she accepts it and is very at peace with it, but it has to be really sad too.  No matter what.  Gosh… it is sad for me too.

Anyway, i doubt that me complaining out loud on a public forum is going to help me really at all, but i am here to be real with all of you, as well as myself and this is what i am dealing with right now.  It will be interesting to see if the extreem anxiety increases my writing or blocks me up and makes it unable for me to write really.  I am bringing my computer (of course) so we all can just wait and see what happens in about a week.

Travel is not my #1 anxiety activity.  It is #2.  #1 is moving… the king daddy of travel!  Moving destroys me with anxiety (as i am sure it does lots of others!.  I am curious (and help me keep my mind on other things! Please!!), what is it that hits your biggest anxiety triggers?  Please share with me!  I am sure a lot of people have no problem traveling, but there has to be something that they avoid like the plague because it kicks the anxiety into high gear.  Come on, share with us all.  After all, they say confronting your fears is healthy!  🙂

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A day in the life of Christian Louboutin

I will do a more in depth posting on Mr. Louboutin and his great accomplishment regarding his museum show, however, i will get you warmed up with this re-blog. Enjoy!

Curating Fashion

A short film directed by Claudio Conti and edited by Christopher Kinsman

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Typical walk to go to the store…. Welcome to my neighborhood of Bernal Heights.

I decided that i would take some photo’s of what i see when i walk to the store.  It is about 8-10 blocks away and down a huge hill to get to.  So i take my time when at all possible.

One of the first things i come across upon my descent is one of my more favorite houses… the “red house” as i call it.  It sits on a strange triangular piece of property which makes this house a little unusual.  And totally adorable!

You can see the red house and its strange property shape here by looking straight ahead beyond the bushes and shurbs.  There is a walkway on both sides of the house and i am about to show you the left walkway next.

…shortcut stairs to Virginia Street.

This is the view from the middle of the path on the way down.  Notice our beautiful Mount Sutro lounging in a little fog….



After going down, one has to come back up.

And this is now where i introduce you to my little park… the Eugenia Steps….  These steps are great because, first, they are wonderfully cared for by a caring neighbor who takes pride in his work (birdie told me that there was nothing but weeds until he had gotten ahold of it.  Now it is really clean and well tended!  Thank you sir!)  We start at the bottom looking up in this first photo

Now we are looking down the steps from closer to the top.  This is probably about 300 ft. rise from the store at the bottom.

…and because we are so far up there now, it affords us some beautiful views and a place to sit and enjoy them! Yea!

…looking west….

looking north towards the mission.

and on to the last little leg of the steps….

and one last departing shot while the branches of the trees swing apart in the wind long enough to get a photo….

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my route to the store at the bottom of the hill.  It being so beautiful sure helps the pain of walking up almost 400 feet straight up.  Keeps one from needing a thigh master though!

In memorial of my dear sweet Sasha who i lost 4 years ago today.

I know most people give me that off slanted look when i talk about a cat that died 4 years ago.  They think i am 1. a bit crazy (which may not be wrong), and 2. going to grow into one of those crazy old cat ladies who wears a lot of purple & hats and the kids are afraid to trick or treat at’s house on Halloween (this may become true too.  Who knows!).  All i know is that the friendship and commitment that this little critter and i shared for over 14 years, left a huge HUGE impact on my life.  I have never had another living creature effect my life since in such positive ways.  I now have little rescue kitty Arthur who is still terrified of everything (except me now.  Yea!) but, he is coming around.  Just because Sasha and i are cosmic friends, doesn’t mean that Arthur and I will not build one either, but no one or anything will ever replace the love i have for that darn little cat.  Here is to you Sasha!  May the afterlife be treating you beautifully.  Wait for me, i will be looking for you!  I still do miss you so.

Sasha and me just before he died. 2007.

Sasha and i when he was younger and healthier in 2003.

Sasha and Emelie in 2003.

Everybody should own some Resource Furniture pieces! You can expand even the smallest spaces.


I bet my lifesaver that you will be shocked and taken aback by the beauty and cleverness of these space saving pieces of furniture. Myself personally, having lived in San Francisco, have been salivating over these pieces for a long time. One of them could double my usable space!

An adorable little film from Charles and Ray Eames.

Thanks to our friends over at the LaughingSquid.com, I wanted to share this wonderful piece by the Eames.  Beyond furniture, Charles and Ray Eames were prolific in a lot of other mediums from miniteures to films to animation etc.  Here is a piece of hand drawn animation.

“The Expanding Airport” by Charles and Ray Eames is a 1958 educational animation about the novel design of Washington Dulles International Airport, the country’s first airport designed to accommodate jet aircraft. The film coincided with the beginning of the airport’s construction—the airport would go on to open in 1962.

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Design Taxi: PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors

have to re-blog anything pantone. sorry.;)

Quieter Elephant

So here’s a bit of a philosophical question for you… can there be such a thing as a new colour? Pantone believe so, and have a selection of 336 new ones to prove their point: PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors

I’ve been thinking a lot about copyright of late. How to balance the protection of someone’s work with “reasonable use”. If I wilfully copy a grand master intending to defraud some mark by passing it off as genuine, then I shouldn’t be too surprised if I end up eating jail food. If on the other hand I try to duplicate it merely as a method of improving my own painting technique… is it the same offense? What if I show my efforts to others? What if they like it and offer to buy my work?

Is it more about what we do with the copy than the actual act of…

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