Joseph Smith, Con Man Extraordinaire

And to continue my rants on religion, here is a posting by Jason Drexler writes blog. Thank you mr. drexler!

Jason Drexler Writes

In judging any worldview or belief system, I think it’s necessary to examine the system’s founder; his character will, in my opinion, tell me everything I need to know about his trustworthiness, and thus about the reliability of what he’s proclaiming.

In the case of Mormonism’s founder, Joseph Smith, a close look at his life reveals that he was not only a polygamist but a world-class scam artist who spent most of his life looking for the perfect con, failing at the task several times before, regrettably, striking gold with Mormonism.

Smith was born in Vermont, but his family moved to Palmyra, N.Y., when he was about 12. His career as a con artist began when he was a young man, when he took up work as a “seer,” also known as a “glasslooker,” in the Palmyra area. Smith told people that he, with the help of a special “seerstone,”…

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Hello. My actual name is Emelie. I am an artist in San Francisco. I started out my early life deep in the Santa Cruz mountains. I left Santa Cruz shortly after graduating High School in 1992 and moved up to the city. I have been in sf ever since and more specifically Bernal Hts. since 2009. I work in a number of mediums usually depending on the space i have to work in. In SF that can vary greatly! I look forward to sharing my thoughts, observations and photos with you all. Hopefully at the very least i will give you a little chuckle once and a while. Thank you for stopping and reading my little blog. I encourage all who stops by to leave comments. I will read them all and appreciate the time you spend with me! Sincerely to you all! Emelie (aka, Bluepearlgirl) To see some of my artwork, please check out ........... Another blogger Mskatiekins sums my blog up pretty well... here is what she said.... "BluePearlGirl’sWorld – This is one diverse blog. This sassy gal tackles big issues as well as posting funny and uplifting little pick-me-ups. I’d love to learn more about you and your art/creativity!"

2 thoughts on “Joseph Smith, Con Man Extraordinaire

  1. You’re welcome. And thank you for reblogging my post on Joseph Smith! I read your post about religions vs. cults, and would like to join your conversation, so instead of leaving a long reply here, I’m composing a post about the issue over on my blog. I hope you can come check it out, and receive it in the right spirit!

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