I am so perturbed by missing Morgan Hill teen Sierra LaMar’s mother Marlene.

When I first heard the news release about Sierra LaMar’s disappearance, i initially thought that she had been taken by some sick serial psychopath similar to the fate of poor Petaluma teen, abducted from her own bedroom, Polly Klaus.

I unfortunately believe that the result of their fate is one in the same, but i am starting to become more and more disturbed by Sierra’s mothers statements, demeanor and especially interview with Nancy Grace… check it out and you will see what i am talking about….

I had been noticing something that has been bothering me before seeing this interview… and it is almost ALWAYS a sign that deception is afoot.  That is those crocodile tears.  There is a sniff and a kinda wipe to the cheek, but not one speck of moisture emitting from those eyeballs.  No redness to the face, no puffy eyes.  No emotion.  At least not the kind of emotion that i think any mother who truly does not know where, what & who has their child!

I have always thought that this is the worst thing one could possibly have happen to them.  The not knowing is, i believe, worse than knowing that your child is dead.  No closure is the ultimate worst thing one can have to go through.  I do not have any children, however (i know i know this sounds so pathetic but he was my family!) when my cat went missing for a week when i was in my early 20’s, it was excruciating thing to endure.  I was given a tiny glimpse of the type of anguished anxiety that is present 24 hours a day until that loved one is found.  After flyer-ing and checking the shelters and asking neighbors and re-flyer-ing, there is nothing else one can do but hope and pray that you get your loved one back.

Where is that stress in Marlene Lamar?  What i do see is someone who is way too calm,  WAY too defensive of her boyfriend Rick Gardiner period and her constant diversion of any possibility of any suspicions or questioning of her live in boyfriend.  As well as already speaking in past tense when talking about Sierra and right from the very beginning.  She lived on a dead end street and the search dogs said her scent went dead at the end of the driveway.  Very unsettling.

There are a LOT of red flags about this case, i feel,  the more i looked at it.  I am no criminologist, but am definitely a person with a bit of an obsession with studying human behavior.  I tend to get really interested in a case when it strikes a nerve as something smelling fishy.  It is tuna time here!

Poor Sierra.  I think that law enforcement (as well as the mother. The dad has no stink meter that was going off at all.  He seemed very honest and disturbed by the nightmare he is going through with not knowing where his little girl is.) knows that she is dead.  L E clearly have a lot more information than they would ever report to the press, but the fact that they are searching for Sierra in the local perk ponds and bodies of water near to the home, it tends to lead me to think that they are looking for her not for possible discarded evidence (ie: missing shoes or other items).  They are looking for her body.  They dont want to come right out and say it like that but otherwise, why would they be spending so much time and money on these water ways?

I think this mystery will be solved.  I do not see there being a happy ending unfortunately. although i will always be hopeful!  I am too much a realist for this to be my deluded belief.

It is so sad for such a beautiful and seemingly smart (although a lot street) girl to be taken at the young age of 15.  She had so much going for her and her whole life ahead of her. It is just such a waist.  My heart really goes out to her friends.  Not only did they have one of their friends disappear, but they have to now be a little bit paranoid about the circumstances.

It is something that is not easy to understand or come to grips with ever and if they are smart, they would talk to a greif counselor as soon as possible or it could end up undermining their lives as adults.   This happened  with me when i did not talk to somebody after my best friend took her life when we were 19.  I regret thinking that i did not need to talk to somebody about it and that it would not effect me down the road.  It  did let me tell you!  And it does not go away until you eventually do, so it is gonna have to happen at some point.  May as well learn what to expect in the future stages of grieving and how it will manifest its self down the road.

Remember, knowledge is power and the truth WILL set you free!  Do not be afraid to seek it out and own it!

Sierra LaMar, you will remain in our hearts  and in the press until there is resolve to your disappearance.

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