Friday Motorway Music™, Feb 17 – Mixed sweets (and a quiz question)

Isnt it crazy that someone straightened out all of those little candies! Wow. That must take some up keep!

Cobblestone - a blog

Three mornings this week where I saw the sunrise framed in a plane window – departures 06:30, 06:45 and 7:00, respectively. Add the time needed to appear ahead of departure – not a favourite week for a night owl. Ugh.

I’d concur that sunrises above clouds are a pretty thing. Nevertheless, it  called for musical goodies to stay reasonably alert on the motorway this morning.

Bonus quiz: Honour goes to those who can name the link between the first and the last song on the list (there’s a hint in the post title… and now I may have made it way too easy).

A.C.D.C. / Joan Jett
All Or Nothing At All / Diana Krall
Bring Me Some Water / Melissa Etheridge
Black Betty / Ram Jam
Peppermint Twist / The Sweet

Photo courtesy of chrismetcalf on Flickr

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