Now which is the more intelligent animal again?


Get it Monkey!


The truly magical Magic Eraser. …I am not usually one to plug items, but this is something to behold!

This is the magic that is the legendary Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.  This product is truly a remarkable little piece of technology.  I had heard about these “Magic Erasers” way back about 7 or 8 years ago from a friend who cleans houses for a living.  I had not been overly impressed by the advances in cleaning products thus far and heeded little notice.

Mr. Clean Magic eraser.

That was until my roommates who are both men and not the neatest guys (this picture i am going to show you is A. Yes… Disgusting, but also in all fairness, B. due in part to the fact that this roommate is a bike mechanic with regularly dirty hands. (still no excuse in my book, but whatever….) and i had scheduled an inspection from the landlord.  Clearly we hadnt done “spring cleaning” in a while, but this door was the worst.  I went to Lowes and stocked up on every cleaning supply we would need to tackle this job.  One of them being 4 boxes  of magic erasers.  1 box for each and 2 for me :).

This is what the door started like… be prepared!…

…Can you believe that filth?  I told you pretty gross.  Now mind you, i have my own work cut out for me, but i decided to give  Roommate’s door 3 minutes of my and my ME’s time.  All it took was a tiny bit of elbow greece and a little bowl of water.  In less than the given 3 minutes, …This is what i was able to do…

At this point, i was fascinated!  I had to know how this magic worked.  I was sure that there must be some sulfuric acid or something in this little sponge.  Something that could whisper filth like that into a little bowl of filthy water.  There was no smells of any kind of chemicals and you just need to use it with water.  I knew it had to be something awful contaminating bad chemicals back into our water supplies through ground fill drainage.  It had to be something that had to be unhealthy to breathe and the pets to be around… Something.

To my absolute astonishment and amazement this little sponge’s secret weapon is how the fiber structure in the sponge are arranged.   No cleaning solvent needed, just water, maybe if you really wanted to go for it you could use a little light soapy water, but i just used plain water (and rubber gloves) and this marvel of modern science.

Just some of the uses for this little gem are according to the Mr. Clean Website:

tile | vinyl | drywall | stainless steel | laminate | plastic | painted wood | painted metal | synthetic leather | glass | porcelain | sealed granite | other

I have also found a rather awesome use for the Magic Eraser… Crispy white sneakers!


Dont they look brand new again?  AND Non Toxic!

The only complaint that i have and they seem to be working on, but is also part of its genius construction, is that they seem to crumble apart quickly.  If you have anything with any texture to it, it will really tear it to shreds and if not, it will dissolve and break down.  I see that they are working on fixing this enate quality that goes with its genius, but i tell you, I used the 1st generation M.E. and then used the newer tougher M.E. and the newer one really held up a lot better (the first photo shows the tougher ones.  The earlier ones were just rectangular squares with no line impressions.)  As i was on the Mr. Clean website, (  I also found that they have expanded their line to include kitchen, bath, and a mop.  They also have a multi pack which i would like to try soon and do the true Magic test!

I hope that you take a chance and find that dreaded tough cleaning thing that you have been oh so avoiding… and just see how much easier that horrible cleaning task ended up being!   It is one of my favorite new things of the 21st century.

Book. Lovers. Must. (Watch.)


If you are a book lover, then you must watch this 2012 Oscar Award Winning animated film short, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

(It’s 15 minutes long, but if you ask us, watching the whole thing to the very end is well worth it!)


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WordPresser Documents Her Mission to Overcome Agoraphobia

This is really inspiring to anyone and everyone. Way to go Arlynn and WordPress!

The Blog

For nearly thirty years, ArLynn Presser avoided leaving her neighborhood in Winnetka, Illinois, as she would experience debilitating anxiety and panic attacks when visiting public places and interacting with people outside her home.

But once she turned fifty, the romance writer decided that she was tired of living in isolation, and ready to face her greatest fear. On December 31, 2010 she started a blog at and wrote in her first post, “My New Year’s resolution is to meet every Facebook friend I have.”

And so she spent 2011 visiting friends all over the world (and meeting some for the very first time). Her son Joseph accompanied her on the journey, recording video clips for ArLynn to share on her blog, which she’s been updating regularly since announcing her resolution on New Year’s Eve 2011. By the end of the year she had been to 13 different countries and…

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Best Funky and Modern Boutique Hotels in San Francisco


CBS San Francisco

San Francisco does boutique hotels like it does everything else: vibrant, eclectic and a little sexy. Whether it’s a single-night stay or a extended vacation venture, this city has everything you never knew you’d love.

[cbs-foursquare business=”Hotel Diva ” address=”440 Geary St. ” address2=”” city=” San Francisco” state=”CA” zipcode=”94102″ phone=”(415) 885-0200 ” url=””]

Chic and sexy Hotel Diva sits on Geary Street just two blocks away from Union Square. Enter the Diva via its celebrity-signed sidewalk of fame, into a modern, sophisticated lobby. Rooms include curvy, custom shades and sculpted, stainless-steel headboards. Directly across the street are two of the city’s best performing arts theaters: The American Conservatory Theater (ACT) and the Curran Theatre. Take advantage of the artist-designed “diva” lounges and a Starbucks just off the lobby.

[cbs-foursquare business=”Hotel des Artes ” address=”447 Bush St. ” address2=”” city=”San Francisco” state=”CA” zipcode=”94108 ” phone=”(415) 956-3232 ” url=””]

Find the Hotel…

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Emelie Koshland’s spring 2012 collection looking for feedback! ;) thanks!

I  am so excited to FINALLY share with you some of my more recently finished pieces of jewelry.  These pieces have a special place in me because of the truly enormous amount of time and work that it takes to complete one of them.  Mind you, i do not forge the copper or hammer it into nice even round wire, but beyond that, i do everything else.

The beads are these pieces main focus.  The process for these (which i think is the funnest part of it all!) is to start with (usually) a piece of translucent polymer clay.  From there they get hand mixed with other polymer clay to create 100% unique beads.  There are not 2 alike.  I make canes sometimes and slice those into discs, (you can see these in the photo of the bracelet at the bottom of the page) which allow for a repeating pattern, but even those are hand tooled and slightly different from each other.

The wire chain is hand made links assembled by hand.  This is probably the hardest part on my hands.  When i am working on assemblage, my hands are usually blistered and cut up.  I do not mind though.  It is exciting to see these creations start to really take form so, on goes a band-aid as well as the show!

The final part is creating the clasp and clear coating the piece.  I used to buy clasps to use on my pieces until i started to see a trend in weak material.  They just didnt hold up so i began making my own clasp.  It works well because it allows a continuity to the piece.

I used to sell these at a gallery here in the Mission District in San francisco but havent in a while (after the inventory started to get thin and needed to do a new collection).  I would love to hear any feedback on wether you think it worth my time to try and sell these again.  Otherwise, i am stocked up for all of the females in my life for all kinds of gift needing holidays.  It is kinda a known thing.  I have been giving gifts like this for many years.  But it is okay as long as your motto is you can never have too much fun durable jewelry!

handmade by Emelie Koshland

bracelet by E. Koshland

supplies that have already been made.

the process of making a necklace with hand made links

e.koshland necklace

bracelet with discs.

Friday Motorway Music™, Feb 17 – Mixed sweets (and a quiz question)

Isnt it crazy that someone straightened out all of those little candies! Wow. That must take some up keep!

Cobblestone - a blog

Three mornings this week where I saw the sunrise framed in a plane window – departures 06:30, 06:45 and 7:00, respectively. Add the time needed to appear ahead of departure – not a favourite week for a night owl. Ugh.

I’d concur that sunrises above clouds are a pretty thing. Nevertheless, it  called for musical goodies to stay reasonably alert on the motorway this morning.

Bonus quiz: Honour goes to those who can name the link between the first and the last song on the list (there’s a hint in the post title… and now I may have made it way too easy).

A.C.D.C. / Joan Jett
All Or Nothing At All / Diana Krall
Bring Me Some Water / Melissa Etheridge
Black Betty / Ram Jam
Peppermint Twist / The Sweet

Photo courtesy of chrismetcalf on Flickr

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[Video] Naked Fat Albert Steals Socks In Walmart

omg! lol!!

Political Incorrection - News For The Politically Incorrect

This is worse than the “wally-world” video that was “viral” on the web, except the ass in this video is blurred out and causing 6 elderly people in aisle 4 throw up on their motorized scooters. This maybe the act of every black guys best friend since the 80’s, angel dust. They give you hulk like strength and this man was afraid of ripping through his clothing.

At least we all have a reason to add to our lists of reasons to go to Target instead of Wal-Mart. Right below the fear of being robbed and not knowing how to revive the front door greeters.

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The breakup letter. You know who you are.

It personally hurts me when you take out your feelings on this poor creature

terrified little Arthur at the rescue.

while trying to punish me.  It could now be at least another 2 maybe 3 monthes that Arthur will

  1. not be able to go far outside my room and at all outside and
  2. can not get a new friend for him.

I hope that this punishment for me is also truly meant for Arthur because he is the one that you truly hurt.  It is HIS quality of life that i was trying to make better.  He has not had an easy road and either have I or you.  I thought you might want to help end one of ours suffering. This is an all new low from you.   And you have had many with me.

I suppose that i should be thankful that you and I did not waist more than just under a year and i am glad i suppose that it happened 2 days before Valentines day and not on the dreaded VD.

I thank you for testing my bridge to insanity.  I thank you for never seeing how good i was to you.  I thank you for almost convincing me that i am a lousy person.  Thank you for being jealous enough of a cat that it justifies you putting your hands on me.  And i thank you for showing me your crazy rage delusional paranoid filled out leashing personality one last time with such a stage entrance and exit.  Thank you for making me see how clear a life with you would be a life of forever pain and delusion not to mention domineering and controlling the miserable existence  that we were (or at least for sure i was) to have.  Thanking you for hurting me enough to know that i must totally break free and find myself, my love for life and my spirit again.  It is hard when suffering depression to do these things, but i think it will be a heck of a lot easier to do that without you and your manipulative vengeful ways trying to thwart any attempt.

So thank you.  For setting me free.  Free to love myself again. And love the world again.  Life is what you chose to focus on and what you surround yourself with.  Make it the most you can!  Do not accept being unhappy.  You do not have to.  Just make sure your happiness is only reliant upon yourself.  That way no one will ever to have that power and control over you.  Here is to brighter days and more beautiful sunsets!sunset at Mt. Sutro